AUTHOR'S NOTE: So, I've been on a Fairy Tail kick lately and decided to go ahead and write this story. The concept has been in my head for days. I don't know if I want to follow the manga or anime through this yet though. Now the first chapter is just the introduction. It's a little short, but it's a start.

Disclaimer: I own nothing but my OC

It was an ordinary day at the guild. Laughter and shouts of joy could be heard from the streets outside, passing people looked towards the guild with slight annoyance. They were always so loud. People lazed around the guild hall, some drinking, some fighting and others just catching up with their friends. Others were running in and out of the guild, determination lining their faces as they set out on jobs or just came back from one.

A girl stood outside the massive building looking up at in trepidation. Her hands tightened around the shoulders traps of her bags as she swallowed nervously. She was finally here, after searching for so long she finally was here.

Green eyes blinked as the sun blocked her vision for a second. Taking a deep breath, the girl walked towards the building, pausing in the doorway as she took in the sight in front of her. The hall was huge, bigger than it looked from outside.

Her attention was drawn towards a fight that was taking place in the middle of the guild. A pink haired boy was yelling insults at another boy with dark blue hair. She couldn't see the face of the pink haired male since his back was to her. Quickly as she could she maneuvered around the fighting boys and approached the older man sitting by the bar. He looked down at her as she walked closer.

"Well hello their young lady." The old man greeted smiling fondly.

"Hello, are you the master?" The girls voice was soft, and the master had to lean forward just to hear her over the nonsense going on around them.

"Indeed I am. How can I help you?"

The girl looked down before looking back up with determination. "I'm looking for my brother! I heard rumors that he was at this guild."

The master sat back and looked down at the young girl in consideration. "Is that so? Well then, what's his name."

"Natsu Dragneel." The master's eyes widened. Could it be?

Said boy stopped his fight with the stripper and turned towards the bar when he heard his name being called. There was a girl standing there, she looked to be about the same age as him, pink hair fell messily to her shoulders. She was wearing a black dress, bare foot and had a backpack on her back. There was something familiar about her.

"Natsu, can you come here a moment?" The master called looking over towards him. Everyone's attention was focused on them as the noise in the guild hall died down. Slowly, Natsu walked forward towards the girl. His eyes widened when she turned around to face him.

"It's you..."

The girl turned all the way around and found herself looking at the pink haired boy from earlier. A small gasp left her mouth as tears gathered in her eyes. "Natsu!" Without hesitating, the girl jumped forward and latched onto him, wrapping her small arms tightly around his neck. "I finally found you."

Natsu stood there in shock for a moment before he wrapped his arms around the shaking girl. "Akira..." He whispered her name as he closed her eyes and hugged her tighter. His sister, his little sister was alive.

"Where have you been?" Natsu asked as he pulled away from her. "I've looked everywhere."

Akira looked down at the floor. "I don't know, I woke up a year ago by myself. I didn't know where you were or...or..." Her voice caught as she thought about her mother. "I started searching, I wasn't going to give up. I was in another town when I heard the rumors of a boy that could breathe fire in the wizard Fairytail. So, I came here hoping it was you, and it was, I finally found you."

Natsu hugged his sister again. "We won't be separated again." He looked up at the Master. "Can she stay gramps?"

The master smiled. "Well of course boy, that is if she agrees to become a member."

Akira looked up happily. "Yes. I'd love to."

"Excellent!" The master stood up and yelled to get everyone's attention. "Listen up you brats! We have a new member!" He motioned to Akira who was hiding behind her brother. "This here is Akira Dragneel! Natsu's sister and your new family member!"

The guild hall erupted into cheers and Akira had to fight down the flush of embarrassment staining her cheeks. Master Makarov jumped down with a stamping device in his hands. "Now, where do you want your mark and what color?"

Akira thought for a second before lifting here dress enough for him to put it on the right side of her lower right abdomen. "Dark Blue, please." With a magic pop, she now had a Fairytail guild symbol on her tummy.

"Welcome to FairyTail!"


"So, you don't know where Igneel went?" Akira was looking at her brother with sadness. After the excitement settled down for her joining, Natsu dragged her over to a table so they could talk. They were currently catching up on the last year.

Natsu shook his head as he touched the scarf around his neck. "No, he disappeared a year ago and I've been looking but I can't find him at all." He looked up at his sister. She was touching the necklace around her neck. "Did Midori leave you too?"

Akira nodded sadly. Midori, her mother. Her eyes misted over as she thought about the past.

"Who's Midori?"

Akira looked up to see the dark-haired boy from earlier, the one Natsu was fighting with. Blinking, Akira felt a blush rise to her cheeks. The boy was shirtless. Even though they were all around 10-11 years old the boy was still developed, she could see little muscles forming already on his stomach... That and the fact that she never seen a boy shirtless before. Not including her brother.

"Hey, stupid stripper! Put some clothes on around my sister!" Natsu yelled as he got in the boy's face.

"What did you say flames for brains!"

"You heard me ice princess!"

Akira watched in amazement as ice formed around the boy's hands. Fire appeared in both of Natsu's hands. With a yell, they started to fight each other, rolling around on the floor throwing insults at the other. They ended up bumping into some other people and before she knew it an all-out brawl formed within the guild hall.

Shrinking down, Akira did her best to hide behind a pillar as she watched the fights. Her eyes widened when she noticed two girls at each other's throats. A red head girl was face to face with another white-haired girl, they looked so scary Aria let out a small whimper.

"That's enough you brats!" The master yelled out over the commotion. "You've already caused enough damage, so CUT IT OUT!"

The fighting stopped as everyone broke apart and started to pick the guild hall back up.

"Akira, what are you hiding for?"

Said girl looked over at her brother. Deeming it safe, she came out from behind her hiding spot and sat back down at the table. The dark-haired boy sat down next to her, while the red head sat across for Akira and next to Natsu. Three others joined their table as well, a brown-haired girl with cards, the white-haired girl who was fighting with the red head and a white-haired boy.

"It's nice to meet you Akira, I'm Erza Scarlet. I use Spatial and Sword Magic" The red haired introduced herself.

"I'm Cana. I use Card Magic." The card Mage said smiling.

"I'm Mirajane and this is my brother Elfman. We both use Takeover Magic." Akira blinked at the white-haired boy as he shyly looked up and said a meek hello.

"And I'm Gray. I'm an Ice: Make wizard." Akira looked at the boy beside her.

"It's nice to meet you all." Akira gave a small smile. She knew she was going to be asking them what their names were again later, she was terrible with names.

"What kind of magic do you use?" Ezra asked as she took a drink of whatever was in the cup in front of her. "Do you use fire magic like Natsu?"

Shaking her head Akira looked down at her hands. "No, I use..."

"Akira's magic is soooo beautiful! I only ever seen it a couple times, but I remember it." Natsu yelled excitedly cutting Akira off. Ezra hit him in the back of the head and told Aria to continue.

"I use Nature Magic." Holding her hand out in front of her, she concentrated for a second before a flower bloomed in her hand. "My mother taught it to me."

"Yours and Natsu's mother?" Mira asked tilting her head slightly.

"No, my mother is Midori, she's a Nature Dragon." Akira looked at her brother. "I'm a Nature Dragon Slayer." Aria froze when an arm wrapped around her shoulders. She looked over at Gray as he leaned closer to her.

"Nature huh? Well I think your magic is beauti..." He was promptly interrupted by Natsu's fist slamming into his face.

"Hands off my sister you squinty eyed bastard!"

And just like that another brawl started up in the guild.

So? Not a bad start huh?

You all know what to do now.