Naruto: Megatron's Resurgence

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Darkness was all Naruto saw, all that he felt was nothing, it was like he was floating in an endless abyss.

"Damn that Kusa-nin, what did that crazy lady do to me?" Naruto asked himself.

Not too long ago, Naruto was fighting a Kunoichi from Kusagkure. Sasuke was uncharacteristically quivering like a coward, leaving it up to him to fight her alone. The last thing he remember was tapping into the Kyuubi's chakra to block a snake that the Kunoichi summoned to attack Sasuke, before being wrapped into her tongue and slamming her fingers onto his abdomen.

As Naruto was pondering where he was and how he got here, he heard suddenly heard a voice coming from the darkness.

"How pathetic, to think I would be reincarnated as a human and a very pathetic one at that," The voice said from the shadows.

"Who are you?! Show yourself you coward!" Naruto shouted as he frantically looked around for the owner of the said voice.

"Impudent brat, it doesn't matter who I am, because we'll be becoming one soon enough," The voice said before a giant mechanical arm came out of the darkness and grasped Naruto tightly in its grip.

Naruto looked up at the arm to see a giant humanoid machine that had a dark white and black body with bits of red in it, a purple symbol on it's chest as well as a dark purple face with glowing red eyes. Naruto didn't know it, but this was Galvatron the former leader of the Decepticons before his death at Optimus Prime's hands, and one of the greatest evils in the universe.

Soon a yellow aura enveloped Naruto while a black aura surrounded Galvatron before they combined and engulfed the two in a sphere that was made of their respective auras, before it shrunk down revealing a single figure.

Once the aura completely faded, the figure revealed to be Naruto, though on his face was an uncharacteristic calm and serious look on the normally hyperactive shinobi's face.

Flexing his hands, while looking at them for a moment, Naruto muttered, "Interesting, it seems that there has been no physical changes, though I do feel immensely more powerful and it seems that my personality leans more towards Galvatron's though there are still some elements of my old personality there," before placing his hands to his sides.

Feeling slight pain from his chakra flow being disrupted, Naruto channel his chakra and the power he got from fusing with Glavatron, forcefully shattering the Gogyo Fuin that was placed on him.

"Now who shall I be referred to as, I refuse to go by Naruto, that name just has too many bad memories with it, I can't referrer to myself as Galvatron, my current level of power is nothing compared to that form," Naruto muttered to himself with a thoughtful expression, while scowling for a moment at the thought of all of the abuse he suffered from as Naruto.

"Megatron," Naruto muttered to himself, before a smirk formed on his face, "Yes, that's perfect, I'll be Megatron once again and this time there are no Autobots to get in my way," the now renamed Megatron said before he started chuckling then broke into a full blown laughter.

Once he calmed down, Megatron gained a serious look before saying, "Though despite the lack of Autobots on this planet, I shouldn't get over confident. I already have numerous enemies in this very village, just by being a Jinchuuriki and I'm pathetically weak right now," with a scowl.

"I may have gained a great amount of power from the merger, but it's unrefined and from what I've seen I'm nowhere near Kakashi or Zabuza's level and their A-Rank Shinobi, if I want to bring this world under my control I'll need reach a level of power that surpasses a Kage and gather loyal subordinates," Megatron said, before letting out a sigh, "Oh well, nothing in life is easy and I'll just have work my way from the bottom, back to the top, though most of it will have to be done in secret."

With all said and done, Megatron started fading away from void, signifying that he was starting to wake up.

-With Sakura, Team 9, Team 10 and the Sound Trio-

Sakura didn't know what to make of all of this, though it seems that things were now within her favor. She spent a couple of sleepless days & nights, guarding her teammates before she was attacked by the Otogakure team, if it wasn't for the timely arrival of Rock Lee then later Team 10 she would be dead by now, though they were soon caught off guard and overpowered both the Otogakure team's sound based jutsu along with their disregard for their comrades. Though with the arrival of the rest of Team 9 it seems that things are starting to go in their favor.

Though before anyone could do anything they all soon heard a pulsing sound from the tree that her teammates were in and saw that it was coming from Naruto as his a black aura soon surrounded him. This made Sakura worried, what did Orochimaru do to Naruto?

Soon the young Uzumaki got up, before looking at his right hand and started to flex it, seeing that everything was in order he soon turned towards Sakura and saw that she was covered in bruises and other injuries.

"Sakura, what happened when I was unconscious, who did this to you," Megatron asked, before he looked around the clearing with a calculating gaze.

"That was me you tree-hugging loser, what are you going to do about it?" Zaku said in a smug tone, before lifting his arms to blast the blond to Kingdom Come.

Seeing the holes in the Oto-nin's arms, Megatron disappeared in a burst and appeared right in front of him, grabbing Zaku's arms and redirecting his hands to point at his elbows. Zaku's face immediately went to one of shock and then fear, he knew what the orange clad shinobi was planning and unfortunately for him it was too late to stop his attack, soon Zaku's arms were sliced off by his own attack, from the elbow down.

Soon a cruel smirk appeared on Megaton's face before he tauntingly said, "While cheap tricks like that would work on some of the other Genin in this exam, it'll take more than that to land a blow on me. Especially now that I've been reborn," and with that said, Megatron grabbed Zaku by the collar of his shirt and socked him right in the jaw with a chakra enhanced punch, soon a sick snap was heard from Zaku's neck and he fell to the ground, limp and unmoving.

With that arrogant piece of shit dead, Megatron turned towards Dosu who had just snapped out of his shock and began charging towards him. Looking at the charging Oto-nin with as much interest as staring at an insect, Megatron held out his hand and soon a torrent of lightning shot out of it, causing him to scream out in agony from Megaton's attack. Soon Dosu stopped screaming and fell to the ground unmoving, causing Megatron to stop his attack.

'Interesting, not only did the merging increase my physical capabilities, but it seems that I still possess powers that I had when I wore the Armor of Unicron, but I don't feel the Chaos-Bringer's personality being merged with mine. This means that I have full access to the armor's powers without Unicron's influence,' Megatron thought to himself, before letting out a roar of laughter at his discovery.

Seeing that Naruto was distracted, Ino quickly canceled her Shintenshin no Jutsu before Naruto could set his eyes on Kin. Once the Oto Kunoichi was free, she soon saw that her teammates were dead and Naruto laughing as he stood in between their bodies.

It didn't take a rocket scientist to know what just happened and Kin never felt so scared in her entire life, not even before or after when she joined Orochimaru. She has heard what happened to captured enemy Kunoichi and with the fact that she was outnumbered and her chances of escape was zero at best, Kin hoped that when they caught her, they will be kind enough to give her a quick and painless death.

Though before anyone could do or say anything, a feeling of pure evil covered the clearing causing them to look towards Sasuke as he stepped out of the tree with strange markings on his body. Taking a moment to look around, he saw that Naruto was stand between two corpses. Angered by the dobe taking away his chance to test out his new power, he rushed at him with great speed while having his fist cocked back.

Megatron would admit, if it was before his rebirth, he wouldn't be able to keep up with Sasuke's speed, but unfortunately for the Uchiha that was not the case. Right before Sasuke's punch could connect, Megatron grabbed the Uchiha's fist and with a flick of the hand, he snapped Sasuke's wrist causing the Uchiha to let out a scream while grabbing his wrist in pain.

Before Sasuke could regain his bearings, Megatron followed up by sock him straight in the gut then landing a right hook to his jaw, sending the Uchiha back to the land of dreams.

"You there, which one of you had your team's scroll," Megatron asked Kin, causing the Oto Kunoichi to walk over towards Dosu's corpse and pulled out two Earth Scrolls and one Heaven Scroll.

After taking the scrolls, Megatron picked up Sasuke's body before turning towards Kin and Sakura.

"Come one, we're heading for the tower. Don't think I'll stop if either one of you can't keep up," Megatron said before he took to the trees, not wanting to be left behind or left in the forest alone, Kin and Sakura soon followed after him.

As they were hopping through the trees, Megatron couldn't help but wonder why he told the Oto Kunoichi to follow him, back in his past life he wouldn't even bat an eyelash at the possibility of his enemies being forced to fend for themselves. The only time he would even think about saving them would be if they were of use to him or if he could convert them to his side, like he did when he saved Wheeljack.

'I guess that the remaining elements of my old personality have more of an influence on me then I thought. Oh well, as long as it doesn't get in the way of my plans, I won't let it bother me,' Megatron thought to himself as he and the two Kunoichi continued to head towards the tower.

The trip to the tower wasn't all that eventful, aside from killing an Ame Team that tried to ambush them and getting another Heaven Scroll, not much happened. It didn't take long for them to arrive to arrive at the tower.

Upon entering Megatron dropped and looked at the plaque on the walls before he created a Shadow Clone and handed one of the scrolls to it.

"Naruto, what are you doing?!" Sakura asked her teammate, worried that he's going to get them disqualified, but was too afraid to do anything after how easily he dispatched the two Oto Shinobi and Sasuke.

"We are supposed to open the scrolls now. The proctor said that we can't open them before we enter the tower so I can only assume that now that we're in it, we can open them," Megatron replied as he and his clone opened the scrolls.

Once opened the scrolls began to smoke, resulting in Megatron and his clone throwing the scrolls onto the ground then in a puff a smoke, Megatron and Sakura saw a familiar figure standing in front of them.

"Iruka-sensei, what a surprise," Megatron said in shock at the sight of his old teacher.

"Hello there Naruto, Sakura, may I ask what happened to Sasuke and why an Oto Kunoichi is with you?" Iruka asked in both shock and happiness, shock at this turn of events and happiness at seeing his old students.

Sakura immediately told Iruka what happened, their encounter with Orochimaru and the Oto Team, Team Ten and Team Nine's intervention, how Naruto woke up and easily dispatched the said Oto Team, then finally Sasuke's awakening and how Naruto easily took care of him also, to say the least Iruka was shocked.

"I see, are you alright Naruto? Those were your first kills after all," Iruka asked, his favorite student in worry.

"It's alright Iruka-sensei, after all it wasn't the first time I've seen death," Megatron answered, though while Iruka thought he was referring to his mission in the Nami no Kuni, Megatron was actually referring to his past life as the Decepticon Leader.

"Anyways, I'll have Sasuke be taken to have his mark looked at, but first," Iruka began as he immediately began explaining and ranting on the meaning of what was written on the plaque, but once he was done he saw that Sakura, Naruto and Kin already left, with the only person left in the room with him being an unconscious Sasuke.

At tick mark appeared on Iruka's forehead before he began muttering something about, ungrateful brats and how the things he teaches them are important to their futures as Shinobi.

-With Megatron, Sakura and Kin-

"Alright, Sakura take Kin to the Hokage, if what you said about her working for Orochimaru is true, we can get some valuable information from her, despite being just a Genin," Megatron told his teammate.

"What about you, Naruto?" Sakura asked a little miffed at having to look after the Kunoichi from the team that attacked them.

"There is something that I have to take care of first, I'll meet you once the second exams are officially over," Megatron answered, before he left the room.

Alright, the first chapter is over. Now I hope you liked it, personally I think this is a very original idea on the whole "Naruto awakening his Past Life" genre. Now for those of you who don't know Naruto is the reincarnation of the Megatron/Galvatron from the Unicron Trilogy, my personal favorite incarnation of the Transformers to be perfectly honest.

Now like I said earlier, this isn't connected to the challenge on my profile for those of you who've seen it, so please don't ask.

Now for those of you that are confused, the reason why Megatron was referred to by Naruto those times, in this chapter is because no one else knows that Naruto is now Megatron yet, so from their perspective he is still Naruto.

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