30 Worlds: Megaforce, Episode XVIII: "Golden Voyagers"

A Special Novel-Length Adventure

by William "Blissey" Raymer

Based on the CBS Television Distribution series

Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation

Created by Gene Roddenberry,

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Created by Rick Berman and Michael Piller,

Star Trek: Voyager

Created by Rick Berman, Michael Piller and Jeri Taylor,

Star Trek: Enterprise

Created by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga

and the Paramount Pictures Corporation/Bad Robot Productions motion pictures

Star Trek

Written by Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman,

Star Trek Into Darkness

Written by Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman and Damon Lindelof


Star Trek Beyond

Written by Simon Pegg and Doug Jung

"Queen Scarlett" character taken from the Sofia the First fanfiction series "The Scarlett Saga"

Written by Ben10Man (f/k/a jakevoronkov1)

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story will feature the Second Doctor as portrayed by the late Patrick Troughton on Doctor Who from the first installment of "The Power of the Daleks" (first transmitted on November 5th, 1966) to the final installment of "The War Games" (first transmitted on June 21st, 1969). The choice of the Second Doctor for this story was made because of the fact that the Second Doctor was the incarnation that was active on Doctor Who during the majority of the three years that the original Star Trek was on the air. However, like always, the Neo-Second Doctor will retain the knowledge and experiences of all of his incarnations.

Previously on 30 Worlds: Megaforce...

The Ambassador arrived in the Unaligned World of Godzilla on a mission to prevent the Army of Inter-universal Chaos from sabotaging a scientific research facility and unleashing the giant monsters (or kaiju) that were kept on the island for both security and scientific research.

As William, Sofia and the other Rangers continued to investigate the facility, an explosion nearly a thousand kilometers away from the island the facility was on revealed a version of Godzilla—the most notorious kaiju that has ever lived—from another dimension and that was under A.I.C. mind control. Thanks to assistance from the island's monsters and a unit of the Cinnabarian Shadow Guard comprised of enemy kaiju, Legendary Godzilla was freed to take up residence on Sollgel Island while the Scarlett Army investigated a way to return Legendary Godzilla to his home dimension.

However, as the Ambassador prepared to depart for their next destination, a dimensional fold deposited a ship in the Ambassador's path that could have easily passed for the late Dimensional Defense Vessel Enterprise. The ship was identified by its commander, Captain James T. Kirk, as the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A...


Unaligned World of Star Trek, Kelvin Timeline

Aboard USS Enterprise NCC-1701-A

Systems Shakedown Cruise, On Course to New Vulcan

Stardate 2263.032 (March 2nd, 2263)

Commander Spock sat in the command chair and watched as the rolling waves of subspace energy flowed past the Enterprise. Ever since learning of the death of his elder counterpart and during the events surrounding the destruction of the original USS Enterprise, Spock had contemplated retiring from Starfleet and taking his elder self's place in rebuilding the Vulcan race, which had been endangered by the Romulan Nero's destruction of Vulcan some five years prior.

But, Spock remembered the picture he had received amongst Ambassador Spock's belongings, which had been delivered to him aboard Starbase Yorktown. It was of the crew of the Prime Timeline Enterprise from decades into the future. Spock realized that Ambassador Spock had given him one last lesson: cherish the times you will spend with your fellow crewmates.

"We're approaching the coordinates for the tactical systems tests," Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu said from the Helm console. Sulu's voice brought Spock from the past back to the present. "Very well, Mr. Sulu. Proceed," Spock said.

At that very moment, Captain James T. Kirk stepped out of a turbolift and onto the Bridge of the Enterprise. As Sulu pulled the lever that would bring the Enterprise out of subspace, the ship shook with an unknown impact.

Sirens began to blare and alert panels began to glow red as the Enterprise slowly righted itself. "Report, Mr. Sulu," Kirk said. "There seemed to be a momentary upset in the matter-antimatter intermix," Sulu said.

"Kirk to Engineering," Kirk said after tapping a control on the arm of his command chair. "Scotty, is my ship going to blow up?"

"No, sir," the voice of Commander Montgomery Scott said from the Enterprise's Engineering section. "The intermix hiccup has already been corrected." "All right, Mr. Scott," Kirk said.

Lieutenant Nyota Uhura turned from her communications console and reported, "Minor damage to all systems, Captain. Repairs are already underway. Dr. McCoy reports only minor injuries to crew." "Captain, this is not logical," Spock said from his science console.

Kirk moved over to the science station and gazed at Spock's instruments. "We seem to have arrived at Earth," Spock said. "You're right, Spock. It's not logical," Kirk said. He looked up at the viewscreen. "And that's not all." Kirk gestured to a mysterious ship on the viewscreen.

"Hail that ship, Uhura," Kirk said. "Aye, sir," Uhura said. "Channel open, sir." On the viewscreen, the Bridge of the unknown vessel appeared. "This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise to unknown vessel," Kirk said. "We were on course to New Vulcan during our systems shakedown cruise when a malfunction in our warp drive system sent us here."

"Captain Kirk, I am Prince William of Cinnabar, commanding the Dimensional Defense Vessel Ambassador. You might want to beam over to our ship. We have a lot to talk about," the commander of the unknown vessel said.

"All right," Kirk said. "Spock, come with me. Mr. Sulu, you have the conn." Spock followed Kirk into a turbolift as Sulu took the command chair.

Unaligned World of Godzilla

Aboard DDV Ambassador SAV-10521, Transporter Room 2

William and his wife, Princess Sofia of Enchancia, stood in the transporter room as Alex Russo activated the transporter, bringing Captain Kirk and Spock aboard. "Welcome to the Ambassador, Captain Kirk. I am Prince William of Cinnabar, and these are two of my officers," William said as Alex joined William and Sofia.

William first gestured to Sofia. "This is my wife and executive officer, Princess Sofia of Enchancia," William said. "A pleasure to have you aboard, Captain," Sofia said. "This is our transporter chief, Alex Russo." Alex smiled. "A pleasure to meet you all," Kirk said. "This is my executive officer, Commander Spock." Spock nodded, then held up his hand in the Vulcan salute. "Peace and long life to you, Prince William, Princess Sofia, Miss Russo," he said. "Live long and prosper, Spock," William said, returning the salute. Sofia and Alex struggled to complete the salute and finally simply nodded.

"Follow us, and we'll conduct you on a tour of the ship," William said. Alex resumed her post behind the transporter control console as William and Sofia led Kirk and Spock out of the transporter room.

The tour ended up in the Observation Lounge, where William, Sofia, Kirk and Spock sat down for the discussion that William had promised. "This is a remarkable ship, Prince William," Kirk said. "That is because to you and Spock, this ship is from the future—nearly 100 years in your future to be specific," William said.

"William, I'm gonna have to stop you there," Sofia said, tapping a few keys on the pad in front of her chair. A holographic projection formed over the lounge table. On it was a comparison between the Captain Kirk seated across the table from William and Sofia and another Captain Kirk. "The Captain James T. Kirk and Commander Spock seated before us are from a timeline different than the one that the Ambassador came from," Sofia said.

William leaned forward to get a better look at the comparison and noticed the notation "(Kelvin Timeline)" under the image of the Captain Kirk they were speaking to. The comparison switched to one of Spock and another Spock.

There was a sharp intake of breath as Spock looked at the image of his now-deceased older self as he was at his current age. "Is something wrong?" Sofia asked Spock. "Ambassador Spock-" Spock gestured to the image of his other self. "-passed away recently," he finished. "I grieve with thee," William said in Old High Vulcan.

"Thank you for your kind words, Prince William," Spock said. Sure enough, the "(Kelvin Timeline)" notation appeared below the image of the Spock seated before William and Sofia. "Curiouser and curiouser," William muttered.

Spock cocked an eyebrow. "What do you mean, Your Highness?" he said. "He means that something is happening in your world, Commander Spock—something that may destroy it all," a voice called out. The observation lounge filled with bright white light, which resolved into Master Yen Sid.

"Master, what do you you mean?" William said. "I mean that the Army of Inter-universal Chaos is causing a level-10 spatio-temporal anomaly in Captain Kirk's world," Yen Sid said. "The Unaligned World of Star Trek is in chaos, with timelines in collision—ships and crews meeting who were never supposed to meet."

"By that, I presume you mean that ships and crews from the past, future and other timelines are appearing in our world," Spock said to Yen Sid. "Exactly, Commander," Yen Sid said. "Fascinating," Spock said.

"Captain Kirk, we need to travel to your world and investigate what is going on," William said. "Get back to the Enterprise-A and travel back with us." "But how can we return to our world?" Kirk said. "Scotty has already repaired the warp imbalance that put us here."

"The Ambassador has a technology that can do the trick," Sofia said. "We use it to travel to the many dimensions that the A.I.C. is threatening." "All right," Kirk said before reaching for the communicator on his belt. "Kirk to Enterprise. Two to beam back."

Kirk and Spock dissolved in their ship's transporter energy and resolved back on the Enterprise-A. "Kirk to Bridge," Kirk said after tapping a control on the transporter panel. "Go ahead, Captain," Sulu said from the Bridge.

"Mr. Sulu, coordinate with the Ambassador and prepare to follow them into an anomaly they will be creating momentarily," Kirk said. A note of confusion appeared in Sulu's voice as he said, "Aye, sir." Kirk and Spock left the transporter room.

On the Bridge of the Enterprise, Kirk and Spock strode onto the Bridge as the Ambassador angled away from the Enterprise. "All systems report ready," Sulu said. "Very well, Mr. Sulu. Divert all non-essential power to the shields and structural integrity field," Kirk said.

"Power transfer complete, sir," a crewman at the Engineering console said. On the viewscreen, the Ambassador shot a bright blue and yellow beam from its central deflector dish, which formed a multi-colored tear in subspace. "Match the Ambassador move for move, Mr. Sulu," Kirk said as the Ambassador sailed into the tear.

"Aye, sir," Sulu said. "Taking us in." The tear began to fill the viewscreen before it disappeared, indicating that the Enterprise had completely entered the anomaly. A few moments later, the viewscreen cleared, revealing the Ambassador.

"The Ambassador is hailing, Captain," Uhura said. "On screen," Kirk said. Prince William and Princess Sofia appeared on the Enterprise's viewscreen. "The operation was a success, Captain. We've arrived back in your world," William said.

"Captain, sensors detect several vessels approaching. All broadcast Starfleet identification codes, yet their designs are not listed in the database," Spock said, checking his scanners. One by one, the new arrivals began to come out of warp drive. The first arrival caught Kirk by surprise—while the design was unfamiliar, its hull livery read "USS Enterprise NCC-1701," the same as the destroyed Enterprise he once commanded.

"The first ship is hailing," Uhura said. "On screen, and broadcast to the Ambassador," Kirk said. The Bridge of the initial arrival appeared on the Enterprise's viewscreen. "This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise," the arrival's commander said.

Kirk turned to Spock, who had a bemused expression on his face. "It seems Prince William was correct," Spock said, gesturing to the figure behind the other Kirk. "If my calculations are correct, that is my departed elder self behind the other you, Jim."

"This is Captain James T. Kirk of the Federation Starship Enterprise...at least, the Enterprise that is native to this time plane," Kirk said. "You and the other ships that are approaching this location have been brought here by a force known as the Army of Inter-universal Chaos. The vessel holding position opposite this ship has come here to stop them and restore this dimension to its proper order."

Behind the holographic viewscreen, Kirk could see the hull livery of the next ship approaching the two Enterprises and the Ambassador. Another unfamiliar hull design and the markings "USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D" slowly became visible.

Another window opened up on the holographic viewscreen, pushing the other Captain Kirk and Prince William to other windows. "This is Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the Federation Starship Enterprise to the vessel claiming to be the USS Enterprise NCC-1701," the new arrival's captain said. "You are in possession of a stolen vessel from the Qualor II shipyards. Stand to and prepare to be boarded."

"Captain Picard, I am Prince William of Cinnabar, commander of the Dimensional Defense Vessel Ambassador," William said. "Captain Kirk did not steal this vessel. It was legally acquired from Qualor II."

Captain Picard turned to a black-haired woman in a blue-colored uniform seated nearby. "Counselor?" he asked. "I sense no deception from any of the three ships' commanders," the woman said. Picard turned back to face the visual sensors. "That still does not explain why your two ships are here," Picard said. "By our sensors, your ships appear to be either a century out of date or from another quantum reality altogether."

"I believe I can explain, Captain Picard," Kirk said. "As I was saying to my other self, this dimension is being attacked, causing all of its various timelines and 'quantum realities' to collide."

"As evidenced by the other three ships approaching our position, Captain," a Klingon standing behind Picard said, checking the console he stood at. The registry markings "USS Defiant NX-74205," "USS Voyager NCC-74656" and "Enterprise NX-01" became visible on the new arrivals.

"Everyone, this sector is becoming crowded," William said. "Jim, is there a Starbase in this sector we can dock at and discuss this matter?" "Yes, William," Kirk said. "I'll have to contact Commodore Paris at Starbase Yorktown and ask for further instructions. Until then."

Kirk turned to Uhura and ordered that the hailing channel be closed. "Send our logs on this matter to Yorktown and ask for Commodore Paris' opinions on what to do next," Kirk ordered. "Aye, sir," Uhura said as she set to work.

The holographic viewscreen faded, leaving the sight of the six other vessels still visible out of the blank viewport.