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Deep, deep beneath LazyTown the echoing cackles of resident villain Robbie Rotten filled his lair. He danced around a churning and chugging machine as he twisted knobs and punched buttons. At last with a final clang the contraption expelled an enormous slice of cake. Robbie held up the plate with a triumphant chuckle as he admired his dish. He took a big scoop out with his fork and swallowed the mouthful whole. The sugar made his shoulders roll back with the delicious sensation.

"Mm-hmm!" he deemed this slice a success. Nothing like a sweet and chewy, frosted gooey dessert for breakfast!

But there would be no peaceful meal for Robbie Rotten. Just as he opened his mouth to take another bite the large rusted speakers hanging from his ceiling dropped down with a clatter and blared out with a child's shouts and screams. So sudden and loud was the interruption that Robbie gave a shout of his own and threw up his hands to send his cake flying. He growled and straightened up stiffly.

"Now what is it?" He stomped across the room and up the ramp to the control center of his lair. "Well, let's take a peek." He pulled down his periscope and peered into the lens. The view came into focus and gave the villain a look at the town sitting over his head. He spun the viewer around, darting through glimpses of the town square, the garden, the sports field. Quickly he found the source of the commotion.

One of those noisy kids had managed to get himself up the tree again. It was the smallest one with the round head, what was his name? Zagget, Wiggy, Ziggle? Candy-Boy was up there with a big lollipop in one hand and the tree branch in the other and it looked like he was going to fall off at any moment. The grating shrieks of laughter were quick becoming more frightful cries and calls for help. Robbie turned away from the periscope a little less annoyed.

"Well, this isn't so bad," he said. Another loud shriek from the boy made Robbie jump in place and he frowned again. "But can't he fall more quietly?"

If anything the kid seemed to be getting louder. Shouldn't LazyTown's annoying sporty hero, Sportacus, be coming any moment to shut the kid up and save him? Was the kid not in enough trouble yet to warrant the blue elf making an appearance?

It was too early in the morning for all this yelling. Robbie couldn't take anymore of it. With a heaving sigh he decided then and there to leave the lair and see that this got over with one way or another.

"HE-E-E-LP!" Ziggy yelled out as long and hard as he could. Getting his lollipop stuck up on the branch had been a bad idea, but trying to climb up and get it had been an even badder one. Now the little kid's grip on the branch was starting to slip and it was a long way down.

"Must you be so loud when people are trying to have their breakfast!" Robbie Rotten shouted as he stormed across the grounds to stand under Ziggy's branch. "Hurry up and let go already so I can get some peace, and a new piece of my cake!"

A swooshing sound overhead pricked Robbie's ear and he looked away from the tree with an aggravated groan. There at last was Sportacus coming down from his airship, pedaling furiously fast on his sky-chaser. First this kid interrupts Robbie's morning, and now he can't even enjoy seeing the brat fall down?

"Ziggy, hold on!" Sportacus called out as he swooped through the sky. As hard as Sportacus pedaled however it was not fast enough. Ziggy's fingers slipped off the branch one by one until with a final cry the child plummeted down towards the earth!

Robbie realized a moment too late where the child would land. Frozen to the spot he let out a strangled yell and raised his arms to shield himself belatedly as Ziggy dropped on top of him, knocking the villain down in a heap.

Within seconds of the drop Sportacus had flipped off of his sky-chaser and raced over to the tree in somersaults and handsprings. He grabbed Ziggy's flailing arms and pulled him up off the ground. With the weight off of him Robbie scrambled to pick himself up.

"Are you okay?" Sportacus asked the shaken child. Ziggy wobbled on his feet and panted to collect himself.

"Yeah, I'm fine now!" Ziggy exclaimed. He turned and pointed at Robbie with his lollipop, "Hey, Robbie!"

"What is it now?" Robbie snarled as he swatted the dirt and wrinkles out of his pinstriped pants.

"I just wanted to say, Thank-you! If you hadn't been here when I fell I would have been in a lot more trouble!"

Robbie looked cock-eyed at the kid, completely at a loss for what to say. Even Sportacus looked surprised by Ziggy's target for his gratitude, but he gave an energetic nod and thumbs up to the villain.

"That's right," Sportacus said. "You did a good thing for Ziggy today, Robbie. Looks like you were here at the right time. Good job!"

"Yeah, well," Robbie muttered through his teeth. This was not what he had come topside for at all and he moved to slink away. "Whatever."

"It looks like my help won't be needed after all," Sportacus said. He gave Ziggy a pat on the arm. "Be more careful next time, all right? I'll see you around."

"I will," Ziggy promised and waved as Sportacus back-flipped and twisted through the air back to his sky-chaser. "Thanks, Sportacus, see you later!" The little boy bounced on his feet. "Oh man, I gotta tell the other kids about this!" He ran from the tree to search out his friends.

Not so far away yet Robbie Rotten could hear Ziggy already yelling at the top of his lungs again. Didn't that kid ever run out of air for those pipes of his? He loitered around instead of returning to his lair right away and followed the noisy child's antics with resentful curiosity. Finding a discreet hiding spot in the hedge he waited to see what would happen next.

Sitting on a low wall Trixie and Stingy were engrossed in a heated battle of rock-paper-scissors while Stephanie refereed and Pixel watched. It was necessary for her to do it because Stingy kept claiming that every move Trixie threw belonged to him so that he always won. The argument was forgotten as Ziggy rushed over with his arms waving.

"Guys, guys! Guess WHAT?"

"What's going on?" Stephanie asked while Ziggy caught his breath. He gesticulated wildly with his lollipop as he told the kids all about it.

"I was up in the tree over there this morning, looking for lollipops, and I fell, off a branch! And do you know who saved me...?"

"Let me guess," Trixie drawled, "Was it Sportacus?"

"NO!" Ziggy crowed. "It was Robbie Rotten!"

"What?! No way!" Stingy's voice cracked at such a crazy story. Even Stephanie was giggling and giving Ziggy a playful shake of her head.

"Come on, Ziggy, don't be silly," she chided him. "It really was Sportacus, wasn't it? He's always saving the day."

"I'm telling the truth!" Ziggy insisted. "It was Robbie! He was right there under the tree and he told me to let go, and when I fell he caught me!"

The kids gawked at this claim, their eyes bulging and their mouths agape. Even Robbie, who had been there when it happened, looked stupefied by Ziggy's re-telling of the events. It made a pretty good story, though, didn't it?

"It's hard to believe Robbie would do something so nice," Stephanie said reluctantly.

"Yeah," Trixie said, "but if it is true then it's amazing. Robbie saved you even before Sportacus could! What are the odds of that?"

"By my calculations," Pixel mused aloud as he poured over the minicomputer strapped to his wrist, "approximately ninety-five thousand, eight hundred forty-eight to one."

"Wow," Ziggy said. "Is that good or bad?"

"It's pretty amazing," Pixel summed it up with a nod to Trixie. "It was probably just a one-time fluke."

"That's right," Stingy said. "Sportacus is the one who's supposed to do the saving. That's what he's here for, not Robbie."

The other kids laughed in agreement. Dismissing the topic they turned to other games. Robbie turned away with a disgusted snort and stalked off.

"A fluke," he spat, "is that what they think of me? Bah! As if the only person who's allowed to save anyone is that Sporta-KOOK. Why, these lousy kids are tripping and falling all over themselves so much, it's no wonder that over-energetic jumping bean is popping up all of the time and driving me crazy!"

His stomping march slowed to a halt and he stood still, struck by the thought. Slowly he raised one pointing finger up to the air, loosing a low chuckle.

"I think I just got the most BRILLIANT idea... Or is it a sneeze?" He waited motionless again before crowing with glee. "It is an idea! Yes, yes!" He strode off with renewed purpose now, eager to return to his lair and formulate his newest plan to get the better of Sportacus.