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Two soldiers sat comfortably on leather seats inside of a research facility. From out the window they saw a large alien tower and one of their own battle ships that hovered close to it. The ship's noises were hardly audible, almost as though it was non-existent, and yet their eyes could still see it. Therefore it must exist. As one of the soldiers sipped their drink, the other turned to look at a hazy camera feedback. It was an improvement from the previous static screen.

"Looks like they are starting," said the soldier watching the camera monitors. The other soldier turned to find the researcher adjusting the camera's zoom. His close-up face was an unwelcomed view as both of them were left wondering the same thing. Why can't the research team have more hot chicks on it or something?

In the background of the hazy image, they could see a man standing in his armor that was different from the rest. The helmet was retracted and the head attached to the armor's body was none other than Equal's. His eyes were half open in a sense of peace and boredom. He let out a long sigh and eyed the researcher to his right who was still fiddling with the camera. "Can we hurry this up?"

"Ah yes, of course sir," the researcher frantically replied getting the perfect settings inputted on the observation camera. He backed away with his hands nervously attached together. He looked behind him and pointed back to the tower. "Welcome all viewers alike, my name is Dr. Dane and I will be one of the researchers on this experiment we are about to conduct. Behind me you can probably see a huge tower, unlike anything mankind would be able to produce. Its inner workings are a mystery, truly worthy of the hundreds of minds we have needed so far to slowly, but surely help decode it."

"Ah-hem," Equal cleared his throat. That was a warning. The researcher shook in his boots in this man's presence. He quickly walked over to the panel nearest to his left and began to input some sequences of codes. If they didn't waste so much time on these nonsensical theatrics of theirs, we would have better results by now, thought Equal extremely agitated to have his precious time be eaten like this.

The researcher finished inputting the last of the codes and motioned for Equal to walk over to a panel that slowly uncovered itself from the floor panel beneath them. "If you will do the honors please sir."

Equal unhinged the sword attached to his right leg and looked at it momentarily lost in thought. He gripped it tightly and nearly felt overwhelmed by emotions. He shook them off rather quickly and activated the sword. He inserted it into a holographic display that popped up atop the newly arisen control panel. He held out the sword and slowly inserted it into the display. The display blinked from the light blue color it once was to that of bright green. The tower was unlocked and activated.

A bright light shot up into the sky piercing through the dark thunderous clouds. It created a hole into the grey dull clouds revealing the bright blue sky up above. Equal activated his communication module and spoke directly to the ship's captain. "You have your signal to go ahead captain. May luck see it fit to have you come out the other end safely."

"Yes sir, everything that we do is for the betterment of the New Order!" said the captain before moving the ship forward. Both aboard the ship and in the research facility, everyone felt the anxiety. Their chances of success were not exactly optimistic considering the numerous failures before them. As the ship slowly propelled forward, they all closed their eyes and wished the crew best of luck.

In the moment the ship began to cross over to the other side through the light, the captain's eyes shed a single tear. Was he not ready to give up his life for this mission just as he had proclaimed moments before? Or perhaps this was because in his mind the ship seemed to grow wings and fly through this beam of light like their last angelic hope.

Equal contacted Justice on another frequency, she was on standby near another alien tower. As instructed, she activated her tower as well, the one with the ability to communicate long range, more so than the normal radios. She sees the lights slowly light up and the tower AI appear before her. Instructing the AI, she waits for a successful link to establish.

The researcher turned to the camera to make a few more verbal notes and saw the ship halfway through the light now. Equal crossed his arms waiting for a confirmation from Justice. Just as he was about to contact her for her status, she reported back first. "The link is established, we should be able to communicate with them for now via the special frequencies."

I hope for everyone's sake, that is also the case in a few minutes, thought Equal. The crew aboard the ship all closed their eyes tightly. Back home, they all left a letter to their families, an act of insurance in the event this failed as well. They all shed tears together. Death was a fear that seemed to be universally shared amongst every sentient being.

The ship vanished completely into the light. All they could hear was static on the line they established. The researcher frantically worked to try and get some sort of favorable feedback. "Hello, can anyone hear me? I repeat, can anyone hear me?!"

Twenty more minutes of trying, and the researcher was quickly becoming discouraged. Not only in fear of their losses, but also for fear of what may happen to him should this trial end in failure as well. He froze up in his spot. He went completely silent and bit his bottom lip. Equal looked at the shaken man and heard the persistent static. The researcher with his head down started to turn his head like a rusty gear towards Equal. "Sir I'm sorry, but-"

"Another failure," Equal finished as he looked down in disappointment. How many more of our people must we send through that god forsaken light before we get resu-, Equal's eyes widened at the new sound that invaded his ears. He slowly turned to look at the radio communicator and heard the voice of the captain. Pushing past the researcher he leaned in close to make out what the leader of the brave crew was saying.

"Sir…made it…safely…"

"Captain, can you hear me?" Equal questioned calmly, doing his best to keep his excitement from getting in the way. After a few more minutes of static, the communication cleared up. "Yes sir, we have all made it safely to the other side. Thank the heavens that there were no casualties."

"Casualties? What happened?"

"We came out into an asteroid field when we exited the portal. We are currently trying to get the whereabouts of our position."

"Good," said Equal leaning backwards. He looked at the researcher and motioned for him to come close. "Take over communications, remains in contact with them every five minutes. Make sure we get them back safe and sound."

"Yes sir."

Equal re-activated the communication line to Justice's position and spoke. "The experiment, it seems was a success. The new chemical protective wax coating as theorized has worked against the aggressive properties of the portal."

"Awesome!" Truth exclaimed from behind Justice who was annoyed at his sudden rise in excitement. Equal smirked finding his friend's enthusiasm to be much welcomed in these dark times for him. "Truth, I need you to help speed up construction of our battle fleet. We are nearing completion, the sooner the better."

"Hold on boss, what about the space station?" Truth asked on the other end. Equal rubbed his chin in thought. "As it stands, we simply don't have enough resources on this planet to dedicate to both the reconstruction of the station and the battle fleet. On top of that, we have to keep resource management tight right now, especially to help keep the active sectors going. With the ability to travel around anywhere in the universe, and our advanced technology to warp back here over time, we can gather resources from other planets to put to use for ourselves. It is also an opportunity to grow the civilians of our planet."

"Smart thinking, no wonder you are the head honcho," Truth joked with a wide grin. Justice elbowed him in the chest causing him some grief. She shot a stern glare his way. "Show some respect."

"I'm showing respect," he shot back rubbing his chest. "Jeez, what's your problem? And you used your metal prosthetic arm to boot."

Justice turned back to Equal's image and asked. "What of the Simulation troopers that infiltrated our station once. We know that they are not dead from the footage we studied post-incident. They could be an issue."

"Focus on the tasks you are given Justice, they are not your concern."

"Oh rejected," Truth grinned from behind her only to be punched somewhere most uncomfortable. He was on the ground rolling in pain and tightly gripping his crotch. Justice was unsatisfied with the answer, Equal could tell from the irritated expression on her face. He let out a heavy sigh and crossed his arms. "We have a team of highly trained operatives on their case. What makes you think that you will do any better than them?"

Justice was left speechless, she couldn't answer that. She bit her bottom lip and caved in to his order. Equal cut off radio chatter and stared back up at the beam of light. A wicked smile seemed to slowly crack out from his lips. Plastering itself so innocently onto his face, and yet the intent behind it was deadly. This is it. This is where the final phase begins. A war is about to come. A war in which we will be left standing, we will fight for our survival and revenge with every tide of the battle.