Chapter 20: Justice Will be Served

Justice walked inside the dock hangers and looked from left to right. Everywhere she looked was deserted. The only sounds present were those of their footsteps and the occasional deep breathing. They were all anxious to see what they would face. Would their enemies fight like mammoths trampling down anything in their path, or be harmless flocks of feathers easily blown away by a simple whisk of the wind.

The whole group stopped at the sound of gun fire. Justice looked all around and signaled to her squad with hand signs. They all dispersed in different directions to investigate the facility and report back. She headed for the crash site that was reported thanks to one of the consoles when she entered inside the dock hangers. The gunfire seemed to get louder with every step she took. Stuck to a corner, she peeked her head out to study her surroundings and to her surprise she found the targets. That was faster than I anticipated. "Come in squad, I have found our targets. Rendezvous on my position quickly and we will coordinate a strike on them."

The BGC shot the security staff left and right. Everyone contributed equally to the increasing non-lethal casualties. They looked all around for an opening to escape from, but everytime hope seemed to be prevalent, it was quickly shot down by more enemy reinforcements. Grif was increasingly becoming frustrated. "Dammit, is there no end to these assholes?!"

More came running into the hanger. Simmons let out a heavy sigh as he stared at Grif in irritation. "You just had to open your mouth didn't you?"

"Less talking and more shooting!" shouted Wash as he reloaded his rifle. Even for Carolina, fighting this long without any feeling of progress was getting irritable. Epsilon had to remind her from time to time to be calm. Her time for revenge will come. Her mind felt overwhelmed by this increasing distance between her target and those who stood between them.

Carolina became so frustrated that she had begun analyzing her alternate options. Leave the crew here and go off on her own for the hunt. Easy there Carolina, Epsilon's voice echoed in the back of her head as she looked at a potential ventilation cover. Come on, we don't want to take any actions to abandon the guys here.

You don't understand anything Epsilon, she shot back in her inner conversation with him. But he did understand her emotions. It was something he had learned to do quite well when he was first materializing himself based on Church's recordings. He suddenly materialized beside her and said. "You may not like hearing this but there are other things at stake here aside from just your revenge."

Wash took notice of the argument and felt unsettled by the thought of Carolina delving back into that revenge mindset she had with the Director. He called for the others to lay on the heavy fire and went to her side to verify her condition. Simmons seemed to be doing very well in combat. Unlike Carolina, he wasn't getting worked up nor was he impatient. He understood that there will be troubles along the way and that it is still very important to stay together with the group. No matter how strong their desire for vengeance maybe, making sure that his family is safe always came first in his mind.

"Hey guys," Donut called out to the crew pointing out to the last of the enemy soldiers dropping to the ground. "Check it out, an exit!"

"Then let's peddle on out of here my homimes!" said Muffins leading the escape. They all began to run out of the ship but such a victory was cut short by new combatants. Justice and her squad approached the wanted criminals and gave them one warning. "Put down your weapons and surrender!"

Grif looked at Wash and snickered. "Yeah right, as if that would happen."

He drew his weapon aimed for her and everyone opened fire! Thanks to the help of Gamma and the other fragments, they landed clean shots on the soldiers. Everyone but Justice was down on the ground. She studied the futility of their efforts in trying to gun her down. Simmons gritted his teeth and informed the others. "Guys, she has the same armor as that guy we fought in the factory back on the planet. Normal bullets won't do any good against her. She can only be defeated by extreme heat temperatures I think."

Carolina and Washington looked at one another and threw away their guns. The grey soldier drew a compact weapon given to him by Ben before and handed it to Carolina. "Use it when the opportunity is right. Just press the grey button on the handle and the device will extend and charge itself."

Carolina studied the weapon and stored it behind her. Epsilon appeared behind her to give her a quick warning. "Remember Carolina, I won't be able to run multiple armor enhancements at one time. We will have to cycle through the ones you will need so use them wisely."

Washington looked back to the group and motioned for them to run away. "We will hold her here, you guys go after Equal."

Carolina did not like this one bit. She wanted to go after the bastard Equal, but she knew that Wash would need her here to help hold Justice back. She balled her hands into fists and aimed them in front of her eyes. I will have to finish my fight with you quickly then. She bent down spreading her legs and took a defensive pose.

Justice was not about to just let them do as they wanted though. She quickly blocked their escape route just as the crew began to run. "All of you will stay here and watch one another fall. Now, who should go first?"

"How about us two?!" shouted Wash as he landed with a heavy punch. Carolina followed behind him and used his back as a jumping stone to gain more height. She landed a clean blow onto Justice's helmet and she heard the enemy grumble in irritation. She looked to the others and quickly shouted for them to go while they still had the chance. Just as Justice was about to again stop them, she was held back by Carolina's strong grip around her waist. Being sensible, Justice decided that the BGC will have to wait as the freelancers took higher priority.

Hijacking two cars and a motorcycle, the BGC followed the directions from Gamma based on Locus' data of the station's architecture. Grif smiled in satisfaction saying. "You know what, I am so glad that I had you keep a copy of Locus' data Microsoft Sam."

"How do we even know he will be there?" asked Simmons keeping a watchful eye out for any enemies on the turret. Donut matched the speed of Grif's car on his motorcycle and said. "We will only know once we get there. Worse come to worse, we course correct later."

"Let's go get this party started, whoo!" shouted Sis as they drove off towards Equal's tower in Sector-C.

Inside the tower, the BGC crew slowly worked their way through the narrow hallway. Caboose was still on his wrecking spree, and that aided them a great deal in discouraging the enemy. Theta guided the team up another flight of stairs and finally to the top floor. They were only a few feet away from Equal's office now.

Inside the office, Equal studied the mob ready to burst down his doors. It won't be that easy. He pressed a set of buttons to activate several turrets outside the room. The BGC scattered and hid behind several pillars before the turrets could get a lock on them. And now for your laser weaponry. Equal reached over to another set of controls and activated a special blast that disabled laser weapons. He could already hear agitated noises from outside and with a grin he stood satisfied at his work. The only thing to deprive all of you with is now your lives. But that shall come with time soon enough I suppose.

Tucker threw down his laser gun and drew his assault rifle. The others did the same regardless of how frustrated this sudden change made them. The laser weapons were an edge that they had over the New Order weapons. Now they have lost that advantage and are reduced to fighting on what questionably could be considered equal grounds. Lopez stuck his head out to do quick analyses and almost got his head shot off. "[Guys, here are my results. Those turrets are total dicks.]"

Grif drove into the building's garage and came to a stop. Simmons studied the area with the spin of his turret and saw no hostiles. "Guess they must have gone into the shelters with the others."

"Maybe," Grif remarked as he exited the vehicle and the others followed behind him. He peeked his head through a set of doors, the coast seemed clear and he looked back to the group. "So, who should go in first?"

Everyone kept their stares aimed at him. Of course it would be me. He shook his head and pointed to Private Buttmunch and Boyscout. "Shouldn't the experts be leading this operation?"

Muffins stood between the three of them with a defensive gaze towards Grif. "You leave my boys out of this. I need them for my galaxy domination plans."

"Also, isn't it harder to kill the stupid people? It would explain after how all this time we still create shit to kill ourselves with," said Simmons earning a sharp glare from Grif. "Hey Simmons, did you also know that nerds die alone and virgin?"

Simmons held up the middle finger for Grif who held up two for him. "Two can play at that game Simmons."

"Ugh, I will just lead the way myself," Donut insisted pushing past the rest and into the hallway. Grif turned around with a sigh of relief. Maybe he will infect the enemy with his stupidity and make them flee. The rest followed suite through the dimly lit hallways. They kept their guns pointed out always scanning the area. So far there were no enemies, and so far things went well. Donut stopped to press the elevator button. There was no response from the various lights on the panel.

"Maybe it's broken," suggested Sister. Private Boyscout pointed to a stairwell and said. "We can take that to the upper floors."

"Hold on," Muffins called out stopping the group in their tracks. "Do we even know where this living zombie man known as Equal is?"

"Microsoft Sam?" Grif questioned looking to his right. Gamma suddenly appeared sliding over to Muffins' left. "We do not know for sure. But based on the data from Locus for Sector-D specifically, his office was on the top floor. We can deduce from that information that his office may very well be on the top floor again."

"No harm in trying," Simmons interjected heading up the stairs. The others followed to the very top. Expectedly, they had to start carrying Grif halfway through the climb. Simmons was impressed that the fat orange soldier could last that long without complaining to stop. Sister and Donut put Grif down as they saw Muffins and his crew positioning on the sides of the door. Muffins kicked open the door and the two Privates swung around ready to open fire. Instead they were met with unexpected turret fire.

Tucker looked at the open door with uncertainty and shouted. "What the fuck was that?!"

"Hey, that sounded like Tucker," Simmons commented in a quiet yet audible voice. Tucker's ears perked up at the voice and took a closer look behind the door. "Simmons?"


"Simmons, guys!" he rushed in with his arms wide open in relief and excitement. Sarge moved tactically behind the pillars avoiding the gun fire and entered the stairwell with a wide smile under his helmet. "Simmons, it's so good to see that you made it son. Donut, how have you been?"

"Meh you know, the usual boss. Trying not to get blown up when I am minding my own business."

Grif noticed he was being ignored. He raised his hand catching their attention. "What about me Sarge?"

The red leader let out an exhausted sigh. "I see Grif still survived. Why won't the lord ever listen to my prayers?!"

"Nice to see I was missed," Grif replied in a sarcastic tone. He stood up and looked outside. Caboose was breathing heavily and shouting various threats at the turrets. "I will commit genocide on your kind turret!"

"What is up with his voice? It's all deep and shit," Grif asked pointing out to the blue soldier. Tucker shook his head and walked closer to the door frame. "It's a long story. I will have to tell it to you guys some other time."

"Yeah, he sounds like when he was taken over by Church that one time before," added Simmons only to quickly hear O'Malley butt in. "But I did it first!"

"Oh hey Doc, great to see you are still alive!" shouted Donut with excitement. The whole crew was coming together. The purple medic walked inside greeting everyone one by one. "Hey Donut, you speak Spanish right? Could you get Lopez to calm down? He has been shouting like crazy ever since he heard your guys' voices."

"That's just his fiery Latin temper. I will calm him down, leave it to me!" the pink soldier exclaimed walking out to where Lopez was ranting his head off. "Hey Lopez, I heard you weren't do so well. What's up buddy?"

"[AND THEN THERE IS THIS JACKASS COMING ALL OVER HERE LIKE HE GIVES A FUCK. My nightmare has come full circle, someone please just kill me. No, seriously do it. I cannot self-terminate.]"

"Gentlemen, if I may," Sigma appeared besides Tucker and looked all around. "We have an obstacle that requires overcoming."

"Let me try to hack into their weapons systems and disable the turrets," Gamma offered as he turned into a small blue blip and flew into the turrets. Everyone looked at one another nervously at what the hack would behold. Tucker took this time to ask about Carolina and Washington to which Muffins briefly replied. "Those two are holding back the mean women."

"Mean woman?" Doc inquired looking around for answers. Simmons quickly replied to save them from any more confusion. "He means a high ranking officer from the New Order. According to Locus' data, she is one of the founders of this whole thing. Justice I think was her name."

"The turrets are down," said Gamma retreating back to the storage in Grif's suit. Sigma nodded his head and pointed at the machines. "I recommend we shoot them down to ensure complete nullification."

"Don't have to tell me twice," Sarge noted walking out of the room with his shotgun in hand. A few shots later, the turrets were down on the ground smoking from their assembly joints that held them up to the ceiling. Delta loosened his grip on Caboose who began to calm down and expectedly suffered a major gap in memory. "How did we get up here? Did you guys bring me up here to show me a surprise?"

"We will let you know when we do that Caboose, if ever," Tucker said preparing his sword. Caboose tilted his head in confusion. "But that wouldn't be a surprise anymore…"

"My god he finally says something of sense," Muffins mumbled only to get questionable stares all around. "What?"

Grif prepared his sword getting a curious look from Tucker and Sarge. "What?"

"Since when did you get such a huge sword dude?" Tucker leaned in closer and compared it to his. "That this is huge!"

"Got it off of a dead guy."

"Gross," Sarge commented standing back for the two to cut the door down. Inside the office, there he stood. Did Justice fail? If they are here…then she did fail. But more than trying to correct your failure I can only hope for your survival Justice. His figure was outlined by the sparse light entering the office through the shutters. The lights shined brightly paving details on his armor for the crew to observe. His emotionless eyes glazed over them all with intent of destruction and his body moved with hate for their very existence.

"Your very existence has caused me no ends to my troubles. Ever since you all showed up, it's been nothing but a shit show here."

He walked over to a panel and activated the lights in the room. His face wore an expression of indifference, and yet his words held such malice aimed against the BGC. Before the crew could get a good look of his face, he folded out his helmet and completed the look of his armor. "Now I think it's time to do what could not have been done by others."

Simmons felt his heart race, his anger boiled and the hate he felt he was slowly beginning to calm and control again began to swirl with conviction. His thirst for vengeance began to resurface and no amount of positive words could fulfill this thirst. Only revenge could and he was ready to take it, even if it meant bloodying his own hands neck deep into it. Before them all stood the long awaited showdown they had all been fighting towards all this time. In the center of the office stood Equal, welcoming them all to the final battle.

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