Chapter 21: Last Chance

The BGC walked into Equal's office, their guns were raised and they were on high alert. They all scanned their surroundings for any visible traps. Equal spreads open his arms and welcomed them into his abode. "Welcome gentlemen, shall we get started?"

Sarge raised his shotgun at the man and walked closer. "Yeah, that sounds good. I have a little something I have been itching to give to you all this time."


With an itchy trigger finger, he opened fire multiple times upon the armored enemy. Every shot fired meant a step taken closer. Equal patiently waited for the older man to finish. Emptying the shotgun into Equal, Sarge stood still dumbfounded at the nothingness his efforts had been reduced to. Equal stared at the shell casing and looked up to find the frozen bodies before him. "Normal bullets as your friends have discovered on the planet do our special armor no harm. So if you have anything else you would like to try, I would much rather prefer ending this child's play right now and get to the real bulk of this fight already."

Every fighter threw down their weapons and raised their fists. Many of them cracked their knuckles and neck ready to go toe to toe. Equal was severely outnumbered by eleven to one, but his armor easily made up for at least four people under his expertise direction. Equal spun his robotic arms and feet to better loosen them. Outnumbered, so much for doing this like men, but the more that come at me together, the more I can eliminate from the picture.

Tucker jogged back and forth between his spot and gave one last warning. "You can still stop this Equal. You can still stop from waging war any further and free those people on the planet."

Equal stood both startled and amused. "I'm sorry. Did something about my actions indicate I want to stop this? This is what I have been working towards all this time! I don't for us to stop, I want for us to go all the way, to see it through to the end!"

"You can still atone for your crimes," Tucker noted and while Sarge wanted to pummel Equal's face with all his might, he had to agree with Tucker. "You know, while you are rough around the edges, if we get to know one another you might not be such a bad fella."

Equal dropped his defensive pose and stared at those surrounding him with widened eyes. He began to laugh condescendingly. "How sweet of you all to say, but I have come too far to give up on your whimsical words now. So thank you for the offer, but I would much rather like to decapitate your heads with my hands now."

"You heard him boys, get those fists swinging," Sarge went in first swinging hard but was easily countered by Equal. He kneed the red leader in the abdomen. Following Sarge were Buttmunch and Boyscout from opposite directions. Both of them swung to hit the sides of Equal's face. But he ducked in time causing them to punch one another. Simmons lunged for Equal who flew up and out of the way. Instead, Simmons ended up tackling Donut who came in running fast. The two tumbled to the ground.

Too easy, thought the New Order leader with a smirk on his face. Grif stopped Doc and Muffins from attacking at the same time and voiced reason. "Guys, he will only let you beat one another up if you continue to attack at the same time!"

Changing tactics, they began to attack him one at a time. But even that tactic held no fruit for their success. Donut came in screaming like a woman, swinging and hoping for the best. Equal dodged every single swing and led the pink soldier against a wall. Taking him by the back of his helmet, he bashed the front against the wall. That's one. Equal ducked below a wide swing from Doc and held him by his neck. With a swift blow he landed a hard punch to the vertebrae causing Doc to fall down in extreme pain. That's two.

Equal ran towards the two Privates in the room and tackled them by the neck. He bashed their heads against the wall and stood up to meet the fury of Muffins. "No one does that to the Fuhrer Muffins' men and gets away with it!"

Muffins looked at an oncoming fist as one of his punches was stopped mid-air. Equal smashed Muffins' nose, blood sprayed all over his fist and with a look of disgust he pushed the Captain back. Shaking his hand he did his best to do away with the blood. That's three more down. He turned to look around at the remaining uncertain fighters. Weak the whole lot of them.

Sarge held Equal by his shoulder from the behind and spun him around. Bam! He landed a hard right hook which caused Equal to remain still for a moment or two. He recomposed himself and stretched his neck. "Not bad for an old timer."

Equal lifted Sarge into the air and threw him onto the table. The whole room could hear a crack, whether it was the desk or Sarge, it was clear that things were getting very serious. Equal took the desk and slid it to the side with Sarge lying still onto it. "That should give us more room to work with."

Equal studied the remaining six soldiers. But only five fighters remain. Sister hid behind Lopez too afraid to make a move, and Grif intended on keeping it that way. Last thing he needed was to babysit Sister even in this situation. Equal eyed Grif and Simmons and pointed towards them. "You two were the ones to kill Truth were you not?"

"If you mean the asshole responsible for Edward's and Elsie's death, then yea," Grif replied stepping forth. But before anyone could realize, Simmons lunged at Equal with every fiber of his being trembling in rage. "You will die for all those who died because of you!"

Equal side stepped Simmons, hit him in the shin which caused him to lose balance and pinned him to the ground. "I don't know how you two were able to do it but it seems that it may have been mere luck."

"More like because we are badass," Grif argued to which Equal could not agree. He motioned all around at their fallen comrades and said. "I find that hard to believe."

Kicking Simmons in the side, he stepped over the maroon soldier's body and approached the others. Simmons slowly picked himself up to the side and felt his legs shake under this immense strength. Even the strength of an enraged Caboose could not match since Equal had both the brains and the brawns at the same time.

"Hey asshole," Tucker called out as he walked closer to Equal. He reached for his alien sword and Grif did the same. "I seem to remember that I have yet to pay you back for all that hospitality from before."

By the station defense line, many New Order ships were picking up weird readings in space time ruptures. They all looked up from their computer screens to the bright dots of light forming several kilometers away from them. "What is that?"

Amidst the dark void of space, bright lights of hope shined to pave the path for the army to follow through. The ruptures in space and time allowed the safe passage of UNSC ships to enter the domain of the New Order. Everyone in the defense line panicked at the number of ships appearing into view. The UNSC easily outnumbered the New Order.

"Contact Equal!" the ships Captains shouted amongst many other orders. The big guns were brought out on both sides. The New Order however was armed with a greater advantage as they still had many EMP drones left at their disposal. But the UNSC learned from their past experience, this time they decided to only engage in long range battle. While their shields protected them, they took a heavy pounding by the initial blast wave. The defense Captains were beginning to question how long they would last against such a massive army. But that was to be the last of their concern based on what they saw next.

A massive tear opened in space. From within the tear came a humongous ship, bigger than anything man has ever built to fly. A Covenant ship entered the offensive front of this battle with Junior and his comrades taking the helm. Many of the UNSC soldiers cheered for this new and appreciated force of destruction coming to aid them in their fight.

The New Order defense line was already quivering in their boots. Many of the crew were shell shocked by the sight. A juggernaut was heading their way. The hope of survival and once again the opportunity to strike the UNSC seemed to diminish. Under this pressure, they could only despair. The Covenant ship opened fire and took out several of the New Order ships in one shot.

"God help us all," one Captain muttered a prayer to himself before closing his eyes and meeting his demise. Both sides launched smaller fighter ships to engage in jet warfare. The Covenant technology easily overpowered anything the New Order had as their technology was based off of the UNSC's work. They were weak and they knew it. Their final hour was slowly approaching, and the curtains to their vengeful ambitions were coming to a close.

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