Chapter 2: Samuels' Reason

Samuels stared all around him to see if he was tailed. The coast was clear. Good, he pondered to himself and entered the door leading to his underground product of hard labor. He knocked on the door and gave the password to enter. Inside he was greeted by several familiar faces and a sense of relief came over him, he was in a place where his heart could be more relaxed. Outside, up above he had to be always careful and aware. Down here, he can be more at ease and treat this place as though it were his home.

He walked into the intelligence room and found Tucker standing by the small memoriam Samuels spent some time setting up. The blue soldier seemed deep in thought, so much so that he didn't even notice Samuels' presence. Samuels noted the completed documents neatly placed as instructed of Jake. The lad is fast, he thought walking over and picking up the folder. He opened the cover to see many detailed notes inside made on a photocopy of the original document, as well as a detailed report.

And he is very meticulous, Samuels pondered putting the report away. This should make for an interesting bed time reading tonight. Samuels saw the fixated gaze that still hovered over Locus' picture from Tucker's visor. He quietly walked up behind him. "Thinking about something?"

"Agh!" Tucker jumped nearly waking up the whole base. Samuels mischievously smirked noting. "I didn't know a soldier outfitted in an advanced armor could scare so easily."

"Jeez, don't do that man," Tucker replied rubbing the back of his helmet. "Even Locus had the nasty habit of sneaking up on people."

"That nasty habit I'm sure helped him survive to the point he did."

"Maybe," Tucker replied crossing his arms and feeling his mind fall back down into the pit of deep thoughts. Samuels motioned towards Locus' picture and asked. "You visit here often during the night like this?"

"When is it not ever night in this place?"

"Good point," Samuels chuckled. Tucker looked over his shoulder to see Samuels staring back at him with a relaxed look. "Tell me something, why did you ever join this rebellion to begin with? Was it because Locus created it?"

"Locus never created the rebellion," Samuels corrected Tucker earning a stunned look from behind Tucker's visor. "The rebellion existed long before Locus even came to this station. It's just that with Locus' help the rebellion grew dramatically. He had his ways of spreading information and persuading others to join us, just as he did with me."

"That's a surprise. I always thought that Locus would do something as crazy as starting his own organization built for war."

"He figured you would say something like that," Samuels mused crossing his arms. Tucker turned to face Samuels with his fullest attention. "You mean he said that to you?"

"More or less," Samuels replied and looked back towards Locus' picture. The man was still in his armor. A look most befitting a warrior. He cleared his throat and thought of where to begin. "Now, where should I start?"

"How about telling me how you got involved in this organization."

"Hmm, truth be told, that was only thanks to my meeting with Locus. Before meeting him and how he helped open my eyes to what was really happening, I was just another one of those citizens you see on the surface."

"Hard to see you fitting that bill," Tucker joked with a wide grin plastered over his face. Samuels grinned himself waving his hand in the air. "Don't let appearances fool you. Anyways, I met Locus when my curiosity got the better of me."

"You get busted by the New Order or something?"

"I suppose something along those lines," said Samuels looking at Locus' picture. "It was when I tailed a member of the rebellion to their hideout, and I was caught trying to sneak my way inside. It was Locus who caught me and at first I thought that 'since he is from the New Order, I will be fine. All I have to do is be honest about my findings and surely they will let me go.' Turns out that wasn't the case. He instead ended up questioning me quite heavily and even went as far as to threaten me to never go near that building again if I knew what was good for me."

"And you didn't listen."

"I didn't listen," Samuels confirmed with a wider grin. "I must admit, both as a young lad and even now I manage to get up to my own misadventures and mischief every once in a while. Although that was one hell of a misadventure I got myself tangled into."

"What happened after Locus warned you?"

"Have you heard the phrase 'Curiosity killed the cat'?"

"Um…sure," Tucker replied shrugging his shoulders, as he pondered where Samuels was going with this line of statements. Samuels seemed distant now. He came back to reality and turned to talk towards Tucker. "Well my curiosity got the better of me, almost to the point where my head was nearly blown off."

"Come again?"

"Yeah, I followed Locus inside the tunnel. Thankfully while I was stupid to take such a risk, I was smart enough to maintain some distance between us. Sadly that wasn't enough, not against the master of stealth anyways."

"Yeah, he had a way of always sneaking up on people," Tucker agreed recalling all the times Locus managed to surprise him. Every damn time he would make my heart jump. Tucker turned to look at the picture and asked. "So you said that it was because of Locus that you joined, what did he do to get you to join? He didn't promise you a revolution or some shit like that now did he?"

"Something like that. To be fair when he caught me and brought me before everyone else, I was questioned about why I was here. Obviously I was struck speechless and so he even went as far as to pull out his side arm on me. According to him it was for the sake of the rebellion group but I think he was also doing it to protect himself. Although luckily my dumb mouth spoke something sensible at that time that caused him to withdraw his weapon and I volunteered to join the cause."

"Seriously, just like that?"

"Just like that," Samuels replied shrugging his shoulders. "Why, were you expecting something fancier?"

"No, it's just that when you talked about this before you hyped it up so much."

"I suppose I may have," Samuels said looking at the passing figures in the door frame. He looked back at Tucker and thought deeply about the moments he spent with Locus afterwards. "I wasn't entirely convinced nor invested in the cause to begin with. I always thought of this as a means of prolonging my life, but that all changed when Locus showed me footage of what was happening beneath the veil of 'truth' the New Order had us believing all this time. It took a lot of convincing but he finally got me."

"So now you are here stuck with us."

"Now I'm here stuck with you all…yup. But it's not so bad," Samuels stated with a wide grin as he remembered back to his promise with Locus. 'Keep them safe Samuels, for they will be the only hope of ever releasing the station and its inhabitants from the illusions and hatred they have been fed,' echoed the voice of Locus in his head. Even now I can still remember your voice so clearly Locus. Life and death are truly mysterious and fearful concepts. Was it karma that caught up to all your past actions and gave you your just dues or something else? Either way…life can be a real bitch sometimes.

"Do you see him still? In your dreams I mean," Tucker asked in a hesitant tone diverting his gaze from Samuels. His conversational partner looked at the aqua soldier and let out a huff. "I can't say that I don't. Grief has weird ways of manifesting in one's mind."

"I wonder if things could have been different had he never come to this station in the first place."

"I doubt they would have for him. According to him, he and Equal had been in contact for a long time after the war ended. Equal even asked for his advice from time to time even if Locus wasn't directly involved in matters. It was only a matter of time that he came on board, but had to leave for a job on Chorus. After that he ended up coming back, but then there was something different about him. Well that is at least how he tells it," mused Samuels turning to walk away. Tucker stopped Samuels midway and stated. "You still didn't give me a clear answer about your reasons."

"My reasons huh, I guess it's because like Locus, I also know what loss is like. The only difference being, the people he lost still live, where as the ones I lost are gone forever at the hands of the New Order. I guess I'm not doing this for any noble reasons, but more or less to avenge the death of my loved ones. Not something you can exactly proclaim for a group designated to free others now can you?" Samuels stated pushing to walk past Tucker. He looked back one last time at his conversational partner and said. "Get your rest Tucker, you will need it. Tomorrow will be a busy day. One I'm sure Caboose would love."

"Knowing him, he would probably treat it as a field trip or something," said Tucker shaking his head. Samuels let out a small laughter and agreed. "Yeah, he probably would."