This author's note turned out to be long so I figured it would be better off as an introduction chapter. Skip to Chapter 2 if you want to go straight to the actual story.

I have decided to try something new. This collection of stories is inspired by crinklybrownleaves' Alphabet Soup. I am going to write one story or drabble for each episode of Dr. Blake Mysteries. The chapters will be in episode order but will not be related to each other, it is just a collection of individual stories. I expect the writing to stretch on for months or longer, so make sure to click 'follow'!

Unlike most of what I write, the vast majority of these stories are not going to be about Lucien and Jean's relationship. These stories will delve into the other characters and plots and try to illuminate the dimmer corners of the Blake world. Some will be strictly canon, others will stray into the past or tell new stories within the original story. However each chapter will be connected to that episode. For characters that stretch over many seasons, I may take their "life" story into account, even if it hasn't happened yet.

Lastly, I am rating this 'T' because I haven't figured out all the stories yet and I don't know the future content, but I expect most of it will be pretty tame. Sorry, no begonias to garden here. :)

I hope you enjoy it. Please review or send me feedback.