So this is so far a random one shot that I made because honestly I was bored and had nothing else to do. It started when I was doing my research on Darkseid for my stories Old Hero and World Breaker that I discovered that at one point he tried to marry a princess as a way to get the resources of that planet, but Doomsday came and jacked everything up so he left.

Then later I was watching Justice League: Gods and Monsters and after seeing the whole red wedding part I was like hmmm Darkseid using a kid to secure an alliance… interesting. After a while the random gears in my head began to turn and then I realized that this site has numerous stories where Spider-man is the son of like Tony Stark, Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers, and even Natasha Romanov. But what if Spider-man had less than benevolent and humble origins.

What if Spider-man was a son of… Darkseid?

And what if Darkseid had in the past visited Earth and met with the Olympian Pantheon Gods and secured an eventual marriage contract between the two factions and gain their support? And so now we have this little one shot that I put together and am now throwing it out into the web to see if it catches any kind of attention. If it does, then it will continue like my last two Spidey and Scarlet and A Web of Wondrous Meetings. Doubt this will become as popular but hey never know.

Disclaimer: I do not own any Marvel or DC characters seen, mentioned or used in this story

A family of five were currently in Washington D.C. on vacation on a nice bright sunny day in the middle of August. The mother and father were watching their three daughters run around playing and couldn't help but smile at their antics.

The mother was just about to call over her children when suddenly a large portal opened behind the startled girls. The mother and father gasped in horror as a large being soon emerged from the glowing vortex of energy.

The being stood at around nine feet tall and was covered in blue and gold armor and had grey rock like skin with red malevolent eyes. They had their arms behind their back as they leisurely walked out of the portal and into the small park while giving the area a brief if unimpressed gaze.

This was Darkseid, ruler of the hellish world of Apokolips and the greatest threat to the New Gods of New Genesis and the multiverse on the whole… well most of it anyway.

Darkseid saw the small family cowering at his presence and he smirked darkly before his eyes glowed red. The family screamed and ran causing the dark god to chuckle as his eyes stopped glowing. "Heh, never gets old"

Darkseid looked to a white building with a dome on top of its structure and began to make his way towards it, all the while making sure to draw as much attention to himself as possible, without destroying or killing anyone. He couldn't do that, not now at least.

In several minutes Darkseid was at the foot of the stairs that led up to the 'Capitol building'. Darkseid's eyes narrowed at the sight of the buildings design "Who in their right mind designed this?"

He sighed before taking a seat on the steps, which was rather difficult given his large form and waited. He saw dozens of people watching him and already he could hear the local authorities approaching. But he could care less for the miserable animal's curiosity of him, his mind was focusing on something else, someone else.

It was then a shadow appeared above Darkseid, causing him to smirk before his face went blank 'Right on time'

Darkseid looked up to see Superman floating there with a glare on his face, his body tense. Soon before he could speak another being appeared beside him, this time a woman and Darkseid had to resist the urge to smirk 'I'm going to really enjoy this'

The woman to appear was Wonder Woman and according to many of Darkseid's spies, the lover of the Kryptonian and… his fiancé.

Soon the Flash appeared along with Shazam (Captain Marvel), Batman, Cyborg, Aquaman and the Green Lantern. The group of heroes made up the team known as the Justice League, that several years ago came together and stopped Darkseid in his invasion of Earth.

"Darkseid! Why are you here?" Superman demanded as his hands formed into fists. His eyes glowing red as his heat vision began to build

Darkseid said nothing for a moment as he stared at the alien or more specifically the woman floating beside him. 'Yes, she'll make a fine consort for him… and a worthy addition to my military'

The Omega Effect user stood and turned his attention to Superman and called him by his birth name and giving a slight nod of approval "Kal-El… thank you for bringing me my future daughter in law"

Everyone went silent at that remark. Superman's eyes widened along with Wonder Woman's. Aquaman's eyes narrowed in confusion while Batman's reaction remained blank… on the outside, on the inside he was trying to wrap his head around what Darkseid just said

"WAIT WHAT!?" the Flash yelled out in shock, his eyes widening "DAUGTHER IN LAW!?"

Green Lantern kept looking at Wonder Woman then Darkseid before muttering "What the fuck did I drink last night?"

Cyborg seemed put off by the god like being's proclamation as he looked to Batman in confusion "Did I just hear right?"

Wonder Woman was gaping at Darkseid for a moment before her eyes narrowed dangerously "What are you talking about!"

Darkseid chuckled "Feisty, demanding, yes you'll do my son well"

Superman's eyes narrowed in anger "I'll ask you one more time Darkseid! Why? Are. You. Here!"

It was then that Darkseid actually looked at Superman "I'm here to go over the final specifics of the union between one of my sons and… Diana here"

"He speaks the truth" a voice spoke up loudly drawing attention from everyone

The speaker was a man with a gray beard, long salt and pepper hair, a powerful looking physique and excluded an air of power and authority. Diana's eyes widened at the sight of the man

"L-lord Zeus?" she spoke out in surprise

The king of the gods and father to Diana turned to the Amazon and gave her a nod "Daughter"

"Wait what the hell is going on here? Seriously it's like I stepped into the twilight zone on crack!" Flash spoke out as he sped in front of Zeus who raised a brow at the man before his eyes darkened slightly and distant thunder was heard

"I'd be more respectful if I were you boy" Zeus said quietly to the man who paled slightly before giving a sheepish smile and backing away


"I will accept that, given the… situation at hand" Zeus stated as he approached Darkseid and stared up at the slightly taller being "Your early"

"I have my reasons" Darkseid stated plainly while looking down at the smaller less powerful god "Let's get this over with"

"Very we-"

"Lord Zeus!" Diana spoke up as she landed along with Superman and addressed the god directly "What is the meaning of this? Why is Darkseid claiming me to be his daughter in law? Why are you even here meeting with him!"

Darkseid chuckled "No harm in telling her now, it's her future after all…"

Zeus sent the New God a look of annoyance before turning to his daughter "Diana… many years ago Darkseid came to earth seeking an alliance of sorts. At first we rebuked him and threatened to strike him down for daring to speak with us as equals nay… as his inferiors"

"Why didn't you?" Superman demanded with his eyes still on Darkseid's smirking form

"I offered them power" Darkseid said simply "When I first came to Earth the gods here were… weak. I gave them a small portion of energy from the source that has allowed them to reach the level that they are currently at. In return all I asked is that Zeus was to marry his most powerful daughter to one of my sons. For a time, I thought of choosing Athena or Artemis, but they have taken a vow of never marrying and I respected that"

Superman snorted in disbelief "You, respect for anything?"

Darkseid's eyes narrowed slightly "I will not force myself or tolerate any of my sons forcing themselves upon a woman in such away Kal-El."

"And yet you'll force me to marry one of your sons!" Diana shouted at the hypocrisy

"He isn't that terrible, and he's a much better match for you then this Superman is" Zeus spoke up and surprised many with his defense of the mysterious son of Darkseid

Diana gaped at Zeus's words while Batman approached and turned to Darkseid "Why now? Why seek this alliance with Olympus?"

The New God was quiet for a moment before speaking "That is none of your concern human. If you believe it is then you are a fool"

"What if I refuse to marry one of Darkseid's sons?" Diana challenged as she took her place by Superman's side

Darkseid remained quiet while Zeus spoke in a grave tone "Than I will go before Hades and ask him to allow Darkseid to take every child who resides there currently… and throw them into Tartarus"

Diana's eyes widened in sheer horror along with the other members of the Justice League. It was then that Darkseid spoke in a challenging tone "Could you live with yourself Diana, knowing that refusing to leave Superman, to forsake most of your ties to earth and marry my son, you will be condemning millions of innocent children's spirits to an afterlife of unimaginable pain and suffering?"

Diana stood there with a look of complete shock on her face as she tried to process this entire scenario. He own gods, her own father, estranged as he is, was willing to let Darkseid punish millions of children's souls if she didn't accept the marriage proposal

It was than the Superman spoke as he stood before Zeus and Darkseid in defiance "You won't get her, and you won't touch those children! I won't let you"

Zeus's eyebrows rose at the man's proclamation before saying in a calm tone "…Martha and Johnathan Kent"

At the names of Superman's parents named being called out he staggered slightly "W-what?"

"You try to challenge me and my decision and I will raise your parents' home to the ground including Metropolis, as a start." Zeus said in a hard tone

Superman looked like he was about to say something but Diana grabbed his shoulder and shook her head. Pain and confusion evident in her eyes.

'This truly is a good day' Darkseid mused silently as Diana dragged Superman away so they could speak in private.

Batman watched them go before turning to Zeus "Why her of all people?"

Zeus turned to the Dark Knight "She is my most powerful daughter. Stronger than any that have come before her and after. Both in body and in spirit."

Batman looked back to see Diana starting to tear up as she and Clark who also looked beyond upset tried to find something they could use to prevent this twisted perverted thing from taking place

"So Darkseid gains Olympus as some sort of ally from this marriage, what do you gain?" Aquaman asked as he approached the trio holding his trident

Zeus looked towards the King of Atlantis "We maintain our power and Darkseid will no longer attempt to invade and conquer the Earth. Preventing millions form dying"

"For now…" Batman said with his eyes narrowing behind his cowls lenses. The ruler of Apokolips will betray them eventually and if Zeus doesn't believe so then he really is an arrogant fool

Darkseid chuckled "And as a bonus I gain the Justice League as allies"

"What makes you say that?" Zeus questioned

"They will not abandon her and will come to her aid and by proxy mine as well" Darkseid shrugged as he folded his arms across his chest and resumed watching the tragedy that was befalling Superman and Wonder Woman's romance.

After several minutes the duo approached them. Superman looked beyond crestfallen while Diana just seemed broken. Batman couldn't blame her really; he'd be less than thrilled to find out he was marrying Darkseid's daughter Grail or perhaps Maxima.

Diana approached Zeus and quietly pleaded "Is there no other way to prevent this? Some other agreement that can be made"

Zeus looked at her for a moment before nodding "There are…. But I won't allow it"

Diana closed her eyes in defeat while Darkseid pulled something from his belt, a mother box to take him back to Apokolips "I will be returning in two days with my son so you can meet. He is also offering you the decision on wheatear you want a wedding or not. Afterwards… your duties as a princess to Apokolips begins"

He activated the device and entered the portal and returned to prepare for Diana's arrival. Zeus watched him go before turning to Diana "I am sorry Diana, but it's for the best. Not only for Olympus but also the world as it longer as to fear another invasion from Darkseid"

Diana didn't respond as she stared off into space. Clark looked at her sadly before hugging her tightly, an embrace that Diana returned. Zeus looked at the two before vanishing n a golden flash, leaving the heroes on the steps of the Capitol building.

Aquaman, Cyborg, Flash and the Green Lantern all watched the duo quietly. None of them really didn't know what to say that could make this entire situation better.

Batman on the other hand was processing everything he gained from this 'Something isn't right, but I don't know what it is.' Batman thought before looking to see Diana slowly remove the engagement ring that Clark gave her only a three days ago. He vowed to get to the bottom of this and help Clark and Diana.

If only he knew what was coming…

Apokolips Throne room…

Darkseid had returned from making the necessary arrangements with his servants for Diana's arrival. It was then that he saw the son that would be wed to the Amazon standing at the base of his throne.


Several decades ago during one of the very few and rare meetings with New Genesis and the Highfather, Darkseid had stumbled across a rather attractive New Goddess. It was the anniversary of his first loves death, and he was feeling a microscopic bit of loneliness, a fact he will never reveal to anyone even if it meant survival and she was all too young, naïve and willing.

Long story short it did not take long for the woman to become pregnant with his child and the New Goddess was 'asked' to leave New Genesis. Almost a year later Peter was born or more accurately he tore his way through his mother's womb. It wasn't his fault entirely, he just happened to have been born with a few animalistic characteristics is all. Still it was enough for Darkseid to reluctantly take the blood covered child in and raise him.

While Peter may not have inherited his god like physical strength or seemingly endless raw power like some of his other children, he did inherit his intelligence to a great degree. Without it, Darkseid doubts Peter would have made it as long as he had.

The man was clad in a new sort of power armored suit that he's been developing for a while. The suit is capable of withstanding most high powered energy weapons and enhancing his strength. The suit also has a small cloaking device on it and occasionally deployed a sort of hard light energy cape that he can use to help him glide over considerable distances without the aid of the built in anti-gravity harness.

The suits colors were mainly red and dark blue with a pair of large lenses on the red clad head that looked to be a pale yellow. On the chest was a red spider that had its bottom four legs brought together into a sort of triangle while the second to top pair branched off from the spider and across the shoulders and down the arms that connected to the thorax of a small red spider that had a similar design as on the chest. The inner thighs were red down to the knees while the boots were dark blue with small red ridges on the calves. The suit's rib cage was also red in color.

"Peter" Darlseid addressed his son as he walked up to his throne and sat

"My lord" Peter responded by kneeling.

Another thing Darkseid has taken to liking about the man, he was respectful… most of the time.

"Are you ready to meet your future wife?" Darkseid smirked evilly

"I am… curious" Peter replied while still in a kneeling position

"Hehehehe…. I'm sure you are" Darkseid said before waving him away "Leave me"

Peter nodded before standing and making his way out of the hall and back down towards the laboratories that he normally prefers then the arenas and barracks that most of his 'siblings' prefer.

"Peter" Darkseid called out to the man before he reached the threshold

He stopped and looked over his shoulder towards his father's glowing red eyes "My lord?"

"…If you jeopardize this alliance with the Olympians and the Justice League… you will be longing for something sweet as agony" Darkseid warned his son as he sat back in his throne

Peter felt his blood run cold before he nodded and walked a little faster out of the room. All the while hearing Darkseid's chuckling

And done.

So this may be the first chapter in a potential story, don't know. I'll wait a few days and see if it gains any sort of base before making any updates.

Spider-man's suit is based off the Unlimited suit that he used in 'Spider-man Unlimited'. It was a pretty good show. As for powers, they'll be pretty standard but given his New God physiology and being the son of Darkseid he will be stronger than most incarnations. Nowhere near Captain Universe level but still fairly strong. The potential next chapter will deal with Darkseid returning with Peter so he can meet Diana.