Alright this story is a joint effort on my part and my friend Carrie's, the diehard GH and Alias fans that we are. It's amazing what happens when you start discussing Alias and GH all at once late at night and how cool it would be to mix the CIA up with the WSB and more importantly Jason/Robin and Syd/Vaughn.

Alright, for Alias, this is exactly on track up until where the last eppy (end of SD-6) ends. For GH it's completely and totally AU. Jason never came back home, Sonny never married Carly, Johnny has never worked for Sonny, but he's in here. Some people aren't so dead. Basiclly we took the past five years and rewrote them, with certain things remaining the same. There are a few characters that Carrie and I have made up, and are recognizable from some of our other stuff.

For those of you who may be a bit confused about history and such, it will all be explained as we go along, we promise.

So read and enjoy.


Chapter 1

CIA Offices: LA-11:15

"Steph come on. We have to meet Devlin and Kendall in five minutes." Johnny O'Brien called out to his wife Stephanie.

He heard her mumble something, but couldn't make out what it was exactly she was saying. A minute later she walk out of the bathroom and into the hallway. "Can you tell I was thrown out of a third story window yesterday morning?"

"You look beautiful, you always do."

"You're so sweet." She said with a smile. "But seriously did I cover up all the cuts and bruises."

"Yes, now come on we're going to be late."

They rode the elevator to Devlin's office. His secretary told them he wasn't ready to see them yet, and directed them to the waiting area. Two other agents were already waiting. "I don't know why you always worry so much about being on time. Devlin is never ready to meet with us anyway," Stephanie grumbled as they were sent to the side.

Johnny looked at his wife with a pointed look. "Steph, we have to be professional, and being professional means being on time."

Resiting the urge to roll her eyes Steph looked around the room. "Johnny, isn't that Bristow and Vaughn over there?" she asked, changing the subject.

He looked at the other agents for a minute. "Yeah."

They sat in silence for a few minutes. Steph occasionally stole a glance at the other agents. "Johnny look." She said quietly.


"Look at those two. With looks like that resistance is futile."

"You can play matchmaker after we're done with the briefing okay Steph."

Devlin's secretary came into the waiting room. "Agents O'Brien, Agent Bristow, and Agent Vaughn Mr. Devlin is ready to see you now."

The foursome went into the office and sat down around the large table, Johnny and Steph on one side, Sydney and Vaughn on the other. Devlin stood at the head of the table looking none to pleased with the entire arrangement. "We need the four of you to go on a highly dangerous and highly important mission." Devlin said tensely.

The four shared a look immediately knowing how serious the situation was. "What exactly will we be doing?" Vaughn asked.

"The four of you, along with a pair of agents from the WSB."

"The WSB?" Stephanie interrupted him, definitely curious as to why they would be involved with anything CIA. "Sorry sir," she said after seeing the cold look he gave her.

"As I was saying," he began with a pointed look at Steph. "The four of you along with Agents Morgan of the WSB will be going to Hawaii. We recently found out that DVX and KBG have formed an alliance. We believe they are using Hawaii to import and export weapons."

"What kind of weapons?" Johnny asked.

"Chemical weapons, including a particularly deadly strain of Anthrax and other assorted firearms and weapons of such," he told them as he passed them files that contained all the information that had been collected on the smuggling ring.

"Where do we come in?" Sydney spoke up.

"The six of you are going to be going on a working vacation to Hawaii. You will be going as married couples on vacation. I assume that won't be a problem for Agents O'Brien and Morgan. But Agent Bristow and Agent Vaughn you have to look every bit as married as they do. No one can suspect that the two of you are anything but blissfully head over heels in love." He paused for a moment, before continuing on. "This mission is a matter of international security. There can be no mistakes, this must be flawless."

"Are the six of us supposed to go there like we are all together, or are we supposed to meet there and hit off?" Steph asked, trying to digest the seriousness of their mission.

"Glad you asked. Stephanie you and Sydney are going to be best friends from college; maid of Honor at each other's wedding, and all the other things that best friends do," Deviln explained. "Because the two of you are so close, your husbands are close as well. The four of you should get together and get each other's lives memorized. This mission is going to begin in two weeks that gives you guys ample time to get to know each other. In addition, it might be a good idea to spend time with each other's family in your hometown."

"What about Agents Morgan?" Vaughn asked, already not liking the interference. "How do they come into the picture?"

"They will be flying into LAX tomorrow. The four of you will pick them at 11:30am. Agent Vaughn you and Agent Morgan are going to be brothers. Here are the files of Agents Morgan." Devlin said handing out the folders with the information about Agents Morgan. The six of you will meet here tomorrow afternoon at two, and we'll further discuss the mission, and travel plans."

The four of them went to Vaughn's office to discuss their plans. Vaughn sat at his desk reading Jason's file. "So the three of you can meet me at my place. And we can hang out with my roommate Francie and my friend Will." Syd said.

Stephanie bit back a smile. "That's not going to work. Syd you and Michael are married, that means you live together. You should probably move into his place for a while. Since he lives alone, you do live alone right Michael?" Steph asked, pretending not to be thoroughly excited at this excellent turn of events. Her husband nudged her leg a little less than gently under the table, and she sent him a glare back.

"Yeah I do. We can move you in tonight Syd. The four of us can move you in and then you two can hang around for dinner, and we can watch a hockey game or something." Vaughn said.

"Sounds great, the four of us can leave here together and get started."

Steph and Johnny turned to leave. "Oh wait." Steph said, turning back to the other pair of agents. "You guys are going to need rings."

"Ok." Vaughn said making a mental note.

After Steph and Johnny were gone, Vaughn and Syd sat reading the files of Agents Morgan. "Great we're working with the bad guy gone good." Vaughn said, scowling down at the file in his hands.

"What? You don't believe in redemption?" Syd asked with a smirk.

"He worked for the mob before he went to the WSB, as a common street thug. And he's brain damaged."

"There's that brilliant open mind," Syd teased, grinning at him.

"Watch it Syd." He said warningly.

"Vaughn." She said, schooling her face to be completely void of the previous mirth. "This is your brother you're talking about." She said with a straight face.

"I can't believe you're making me brothers with that brain damaged bad ass," he snapped.

"Me? Devlin and WSB Director Frisco Jones came up with this, not me. You got a beef take it up with them," Syd said standing and picking up her files. "We're leaving here at five, you got that?" And with that she headed out of the door, leaving Vaughn.

WSB Offices: Paris, France-7 PM

Jason and Robin Morgan walked down one of the WSB, Paris Contingent's many hallways, heading towards the office of Frisco Jones.

"Do you have any idea what this is about?" Jason asked, looking down at his wife.

Robin simply shook her head, she'd been curious when her uncle had called her personally. While she usually had numerous chats with him due to her position, it was rare he was the one contacting her. "No. I think it's about a new mission."

The walked into the waiting area out side Frisco's office and spotted Anna Devane-Scorpio. "Hey sweetie."

"Mom," Robin said, with surprise and happiness. "This is a nice surprise. I thought this was a new assignment for us from Frisco."

"Oh it is," "We're just here for the ride."

"We?" Robin asked.


"Dad!" Robin exclaimed before throwing herself into her father's arms for a hug.

Robert looked over his daughters head and spotted her husband and partner. He still wasn't exactly sure that Jason was the best think for his daughter. His wife on the other hand seemed to adore the young man. "Jason," Robert acknowledged the other man, with a slightly terse voice and a nod.

"Robert," Jason said, returning the same gesture with a slightly warmer tone. But not by much. All he could think of was that Robert had a urge to interfere in his and Robin's life.

"And oh so civil are we," Anna said with a laugh from the other side of the room as Robin wiggled out of her father's embrace and headed back over to Jason.



"Do we want to come in?" Frisco asked with his eyebrow raised from the doorway. "Or are you two going to harass each other all day?"

"Frisco," Anna said, going over to him with a hug and a smile, before everyone filed in.

Once they were all seated, Robin looked up at her uncle. "So what's the deal?"

"Right to the point. You're like your mother," Frisco stated affectionately. After a brisk look from all sitting at the table, he coughed and continued on with the explanation. "In our constant observation of the DVX, we have found that they have joined up with the KGB for the express purpose of smuggling of arms."

"I thought the DVX was all but dead?" Anna said, and felt slightly comforted when her husband squeezed her hand.

"Someone's revived it Anna, I'm sorry," Frisco said with sympathy, before reminding himself of his task. "Anyway, we have reason to believe that the spot where the arms are leaving is Hawaii, so you two, along with two pairs of agents from the CIA."

"The CIA?" Robin and Jason asked in unison.

"They've been monitoring this as well. Anyway, the six of you are going to head down to Hawaii as married couples on vacation and work to find the connection and take it down."

"When you say go down there with them, is it a meet in Hawaii or a good friends all going on vacation together?"

"There's my girl. Good friends. They're sending in Agents Johnny and Stephanie O'Brien, Agent Bristow and Agent Vaughn," he explained handing out files on the other agents. "The other girls, Agent O'Brien and Agent Bristow, are going to be longtime best friends, who's husbands got close. You two fit in because Jason here is going to be playing Agent Vaughn's brother."

Anna and Robin shared bemused looks from across the table. "Alright. Is that it."

"You'll be flying into LAX tomorrow, leaving here at nine should get you there by about 11 PDT, they'll pick you up there, and you'll be debriefed again by the CIA. The first part of the mission is getting to know each other, inside and out, so you're going to explain about who you are, hit a few hometowns. Get some sleep you're going to need it."

Robert, who had been suspiciously quiet for the meeting finally spoke up. "This is quite a dangerous mission, especially for less experienced agents."

"What Robert is trying to get at is that he doesn't want his baby girl heading off on this mission because he's not sure she and her partner can handle it as well as Robert and I could," Anna explained before turning her measured glance back on her husband. "But we're getting older Robert, and the other two pairs of agents are young, we'd look so out of place. And learn to trust Jason would you? Have a bit of faith. Now come on. We're going to go back to the hotel, we'll see you tomorrow before you leave Luv."

Once everybody left, Robin and Jason were left alone reading the files. "Do you have any idea how straight laced this guy is? Robin, we are not going to get along."

"You don't know that. Besides, he looks like you. Not completely, but just enough. And even if you can't, its not any different from you and your real brother."


Robin shot him a look of innocence. "What?"

Jason simply shook his head. "Well lets hope this goes better than I have a feeling it's going to," he said, standing and holding out a hand for her. "Come on, we've got to go home and pack."

Vaughn's House

Vaughn looked around the mess that had been his living room once upon a time, and more importantly at the creature who was responsible. Sydney was busy flitting around from box to box making sure everything had made it in the move.

"Sydney did we have to move all your stuff to my house?" Vaughn asked.

"You never know what I'm going to need."

Vaughn, Johnny, and Stephanie sat on Vaughn's couch eating pizza, drinking beer, and watching the Kings game. Syd sat on the floor leaning back against Vaughn's legs. "So this is what normal feels like." Syd said.

"Yup." Steph said with a grin. "Isn't it great?"

"Great doesn't even begin to describe it."

"As great as it, we need to start really getting to know each other, so were ready for the mission." Johnny said.

"Leave it to my husband to bring us back to reality."

"Somebody has to, and we both know it isn't going to be you babe."

"Yeah, yeah." Steph said. "Where do we start?"

"Let's start with you Steph." Johnny said.

"Great, most likely to be mistaken for a soap opera character first." Steph said with mock enthusiasm. "Where do I even begin?" She mused aloud. "Ok, I'm thirty, I was born in Florida. My biological father is the one and only Harlan Barrett. My Mom Beverly was a maid at his mansion, they had an affair, and here I am. When I was six, my Mom and I moved to Bloomington, Indiana. Two years after that she met and married the man, who I consider my father, his name is Mark Anderson. My Mom runs a daycare out of our house, and my Dad teaches High School Chemistry and Physics, he also coaches girls varsity basketball. I have two sisters, Julia and Brenda, and a brother Alexander. We are Harlan Barrett's children; all of us have different mothers. I went to Stanford on a basketball scholarship, and when I was a senior, I won the Wade Trophy. Right after college, I started training for the CIA. Johnny and I became partners, and we started dating, soon after that, we said screw protocol and got married. Devlin tried separating us, but apparently, I can be a pain in the ass because I went through three partners in three months. Eventually they put Johnny and I back together, I suspect because he is the only one who is willing to deal with me." She stopped. "Still with me?"

"Yeah." Syd and Vaughn replied.

"Tell them about your siblings."

"My sister Brenda and I are the same age, and we are very close. Her name is Brenda Barrett Corrinthos."

"The international supermodel?" Sydney asked her eyes wide.

"Yeah. She lives in Port Charles, New York with her husband Sonny. This will work out for us, because Jason and Robin are from Port Charles too. Umm, anyway, Sonny he's, well, he's in the mob."

"Babe he isn't in the mob, he is the mob," Johnny corrected.

"Details, details." She said with a wave of her hand. "He loves my sister and he treats her right. "He makes one wrong move where she is concerned and he's dead. He knows that. He won't mess with me, because he is slightly afraid of me."

"He's more then slightly afraid of her. He knows she can kick his ass without breaking a sweat."

"My sister Julia and I aren't close at all." Steph said jumping back into her life story. "She didn't even come to our wedding. But I am close to my little brother Zander. He lives with Brenda and Sonny, and he has a girlfriend Lacey Smythe who I haven't met yet." Steph said with a gleam in her eye. "I don't really know what else to say about my life. I'll add more if I remember anything else. Johnny you go next, your life is so much simpler then mine."

"My parents were Irish immigrants who settled on the south side Boston. They own a pub, my mom teaches elementary school. My parents and I aren't real close anymore, they didn't agree with my decision to join the CIA. I mean we love each other, but our relationship is strained. I have a younger brother Danny, I love that kid. He is a junior at Boston College, and he hates it, but the folks want him to be there. Want him to have a good safe job. My sister Angela is twenty-seven, she went to Boston College as well, and has a degree in journalism; she does the sports on the six o'clock news. She loves being a female sportscaster. She played field hockey. My sister Eileen is the baby and has thrown herself into Tufts University pre med. The girl works to hard some days, and at 19 is more excitable then most people I know. We all dote on her. And me, I went to Michigan on a football scholarship, I played Quarterback. A torn ACL ended my football days. I joined the CIA right around the same time Steph did." He said taking her hand.

"I went to Michigan too, I played hockey though. I loved going to the Big House for football games too." Vaughn said. "We were probably there at the same time. I bet if I really thought about it I could remember you."

"How about the success Tom Brady is having?" Johnny asked. "Have you been back recently?"

"Brady is awesome. You must love his success even more, because he is Pat. It's probably been five years since I've been back."

"New England winning the Super Bowl was awesome," Johnny said with a smile, thinking of the gigantic party he'd gotten time off to go to in his father's gigantic pub. "Its been about five years for me too."

Stephanie and Sydney exchanged amused glances. "Boys, you're getting off topic." Sydney said laughing.

"Right." Vaughn said laughing. "I was born in France. My Mom was French and my Dad William was American, he was a CIA agent, he was killed in the line of duty. I love hockey, the Kings are my team. I joined the CIA to feel closer to my Dad. I was Sydney's handler, that's how we met."

"He was my handler because I joined the CIA after finding out that SD6 wasn't part of the CIA," Sydney explained, remembering those days all too vividly. "SD6 killed my first fiancé Danny, and that's how I learned they weren't what they said they were. My Dad Jack was also a double agent. I recently learned my Dad programmed me to be a spy. I also recently learned my Mother who I thought died in a car crash is really alive and well. She faked her own death, because she was a spy and an assassin for KBG. She killed Vaughn's father." Syd felt Vaughn grab her hand and give it a gentle reassuring squeeze. An action that did not go unnoticed by Johnny and Steph.

Steph looked at her watch. "That's enough for tonight." She said with a small smile. "Its getting late, and Johnny and I need to get home. So we'll go to the office as usual tomorrow, and then leave together to meet Jason and Robin, and then go back to the office for our meeting with Devlin."

Hugs and handshakes were exchanged, and then Steph and Johnny left.

"Ooh they're way too easy," Stephanie whispered to Johnny as they headed down the steps and towards the car.

When they were gone Sydney and Vaughn looked at each other awkwardly not knowing what do now that they were alone. They had never really talked about the kiss since it happened. "Well, I guess we should probably go to bed." Vaughn said. Sydney looked at him with her eyebrows raised, and a blush creeping onto her cheeks. "I have a guest room." Vaughn stammered.

"Yeah, ok, bedtime." Syd said the full impact of their situation hitting her.

They looked at each other nervously for a few minutes before Sydney said, "Well, goodnight."

"Yeah. Um, you're bedroom is in there. The bathroom is right down the hall." He turned back to her and found she wasn't paying attention to him, but struggling with three of her huge suitcases. "You need help with that?"

"Yeah thanks."

Vaughn went and took two suitcases from her and lead her back to the bedroom. He couldn't help but wonder why she needed to have all this stuff with her now when she never brought this much stuff on her normal missions. And it wasn't like she was going to be here for that long.

He placed the two bags by the dresser as Syd threw the one she had on the bed. They stood there staring at one another for a little longer.

"Um, the bathroom's just down the hall," Vaughn said rather awkwardly.

Syd just looked at him like he was crazy. "Ok. Goodnight." Syd had put just enough accent on the word goodnight, that hopefully Vaughn would get the point that she wanted to change.

"Goodnight," Vaughn said, but didn't move.

They stood there for a few more minutes. "That does generally mean you leave. I'm going to change," she explained further.

Vaughn got a sudden image of what Sydney would look like naked. He swallowed with difficulty. "Oh.okay. I'll see you in the morning."