The howling of the wind outside shook the windows. It wasn't particularly bothersome, but it did start to wake him up.

Him. Ash. He was such a nice guy, a genuinely good person that I had fallen in love with. And now, we were together.

But it took so much for us to end up like this.

The lights flashed, the Pokemon moves rumbled, and all eyes were set on me. It was the second time that I competed against Aria, the standing Kalos Queen, for her title, and again, I couldn't believe that I had made it this far already. Ash had already completed his goal of being the winner of the Kalos League, but he one-upped it by destroying Team Flare, beating the Elite Four, and finally, defeating Diantha after a long and exhausting battle. He had done it. I just didn't know if he would stay in Kalos to begin his duties as the Kalos Champion, or if he wanted to relinquish his position back to the Elite Four in order to further his journey to be a Master.

I just didn't know, and it was tearing my heart apart. Part of me wanted for him to be forever happy by having him travel until he thought he had finally achieved his dream, but the other part wanted him to stay in Kalos, so I could be with him.

"And the title of Kalos Queen will be decided after the votes are cast! S'il vous plait, everyone!"

I nervously looked in front of me, knowing that it was useless if I looked above me to see the rising hourglass. Everyone's desires were already set, and there was nothing I could do to change any of it. I looked to my left instead, and met Aria's eyes. She beamed at me, and mouthed, "I'm so proud of you."

"Thanks!", I silently replied back.

"And… the title of Kalos Queen goes to… SERENA!"

I gasped as I looked above me to see the votes cast. There it was, the nearly full hourglass, with nearly double the number of votes cast for Aria. I looked at Aria with tears in my eyes, and said to her, "I can't believe this is happening. I can't."

"You did it, Serena! I… I… I knew that you could do it!", she said. She grabbed my shoulders, and with tears in her eyes, said, "You did it!" She started to cry, and I tried my best to comfort her while still trying to comprehend what just happened. I looked at the cheering crowd, and found the person I was looking for: Ash. He was looking straight at me, with the proudest eyes of all. Our eyes met, and he smiled, then nodded in recognition of me finally achieving my dream.

After receiving the crown from Aria, who insisted on crowning me because she was just so happy that someone she helped was able to reach her dream, I went backstage, where a growing crowd of journalists was starting to gather. "Oh! It's Serena! SERENA! What are your thoughts on…" I didn't catch the last bit as I quickly entered the changing room, desperate to stay out of the spotlight as I could finally enjoy my victory in peace. I walked to the other side of the room, and opened the door.

"Serena!", a happy voice exclaimed. She ran to me, and hugged me tightly. "You did it, you did it! Yay yay yay! I'm so happy for you!"

"Thanks so much, Bonnie! You know that I couldn't have done this without you!", I replied with gratitude in my voice.

"My heart's still racing from the voting process! That was amazing, Serena!", another voice yelled. His lightning bolt shaped hair bounced as he ran to me to give my a high-five.

"And it's all because you guys believed in me, Clemont!"

"Serena… I can't believe it. You did it. You… you achieved your dream. I can't tell you how proud and in awe I am right now, Serena.", the final occupant said to me.

I looked up from my hug and high five, and looked at him. Ash. His eyes were staring straight into mine, with that sincere smile and tenderness radiating from him. I blushed, and looked down. "O-oh… thanks so much, Ash… you know… without you constantly telling me, 'Don't give up', I wouldn't have made it this far, you know?"

Clemont smiled, but suddenly jumped. "Oh no! It's already 5PM?! I promised Dad that I'd be back to do some repairs at the gym! Bonnie, we gotta go now!"

"Okay, okay, big brother! Ash, take care of Serena for us, won't you?~", she snidely said. She gave me a wink as I blushed even more in Ash's embrace, and stuck my tongue out to her. "Bye bye! We'll see you tomorrow!"

Ash broke off his hug, much to my disappointment. "Oh, I wish that we stayed like this for a bit longer…", I thought. He reached into his backpack, and pulled out a package.

"This is for you, Serena. I was meaning to give it to you, regardless if you won or lost. It's… it's just a little something from me, and I thought that you'd like it!", he said with a smile.

"Oh! Ash, t-thank you! You really didn't have to…"

"You deserved it. Open it!"

WIth shaking hands, I started to undo the ribbon holding the delicately wrapped box.