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The morning came in slow motion, it seemed like everything was going by so slowly. The movements of people, the conversations of students...All so very slow...

*You think you're Special. You do...* The next monday morning Serena and her friends walked down the hallways, staring at each member of the student body. Their eyes penetrated the souls and minds of the students. Never glancing at them for more than a mere split second. *I can see it in your eyes.* Suddenly, Serena whispered to the two girls behind her and they laughed at each other, then they looked at a few girls. They were trying to act like they were better than Serena and her friends, but soon gave up as they saw the smirk on the three girls faces.

*I can see it when you laugh at me...* Just then a girl with glasses and braces walked by. Some snobby girls knocked her books from her hands. Serena stopped and looked back at the scene. Slowly, she walked back and helped the girl pick up her books. As soon as she was done, she smiled at the girl then got up and walked back to Raye and Mina. They were still glaring at the group of girls who knocked the books out of her hands.

*Look down on me...*

Serena, Rei and Mina kept walking down the hallway. Just then, guy stopped Mina. She raised an eyebrow at him and then kissed him. Meanwhile, Serena and Rei had stopped to watch the scene unfold. As Mina continued kissing the guy, she grabbed a piece of gum from his from his front pocket. When they broke their kiss, Mina stuck the piece of gum her mouth and rejoined the girls.

*Walk around on me...*

Just then, the group of girls walked over to Serena, Rei, and Mina. They pushed Rei. Rei didn't respond. She just stared. Another smirk appeared on Serena's face. Mina glanced up at Rei. Rei stared at Mina through the corner of her eye. Serena walked around the girls.

"Give it up Ann, you'll never be better or as good as the Majestics..."

Serena smiled and then walked away. Rei narrowed her eyes at the group before leaving. Mina raised an eyebrow at the ugly brown nail polish one of the girls was wearing, then walked away.

*Just one, more fight about your leadership*

Serena looked back at the group of girls with disgust. She gave them a look saying "Next time, there won't be a next time"

Their heels made a clicking sound on the ground, their hair swished behind them. Guys stared, girls awed.

*And I, will straight up will leave your shit. Cuz, I've had enough of this. Now I'm pissed*

Serena continued to stare at the rest of the student body. She smiled at those who were her friends or those who were less fortunate not to have beauty like hers. She glared at those who angered her, hated her, or were jealous of her. Everyone loved her, or so people thought. But in this world of riches, it was all a competition.

*This time I'm a let it all flow out. This time I'm a stand up and shout. I'm gonna do things my way. It's my way. My way or the highway* And there was a new competitor in this years race, Darien Shields. Awe, good ole Dare, he proved to be a worthy opponent. But, she knew this is one race she would lose. He had her, no matter what she had on him, she would have to marry him. She knew it deep down, but she didn't want to let him know that she knew. And like magic, he turned into the same hallway as her, looking as good as ever.

Their eyes met, and all of a sudden they were in their own world. Midnight met the ocean and didn't want to let go. She brushed back a few bangs from her forehead. The corner of his mouth curved upward. She licked her lips. And slowly, smoothly, they glided past each other. Never touching, glancing back, or blinking. Just as if they were strangers. Strangers who were woven into the deepest love affair ever...
"Earth to Serena?" Rei waved her hand infront of her best friends face.

Serena didn't even blink. She just sat their staring at the glass pebbles in their water fountain.

"I think she's in love." Mina nudged Serena in the side. Doing so caused Serena to jump up.

"What? Were you saying something?" She asked.

"Yeah, just about you being in love." Mina put another spoonful of yogurt into her mouth.

"I am not!" Serena jumped to her feet.

"Denial is not just a river in Russia." Mina pointed her spoon at Serena.

"Isn't it Egypt Mina?" Rei looked up from her salad.

"Whatever, that's not the point. You like somebody. And we're going to figure out who!" Mina stood up.

"Who's we?" Rei put her chin on the palm of her hand and looked up at Mina.

"Me, myself and I of course." Mina smiled at Rei.

Rei smiled back sarcastically.

"You guys this my love life. Not a the mystery of the eighth wonder of the world." Serena looked at Mina and Rei.

Rei put her hands up infront of her. "Hey! I had nothing to do with this. Tell that to miss multi personality over there." Rei pointed her thumb at Mina.

"Miss multi personality is the name, love lives are my game. Now is he short, medium, or tall?" Mina laughed.

"I'm not telling." Serena crossed her arms.

"Oh come on Serena, give me a character trait at least!" Mina put on a puppy face.

"Fine fine he's- Wait a minute! I don't even like anyone!" Serena argued.

"So, there is a guy! Well, at least I know it's a guy! Thanks Serena. I'll see you back in the room." With that Mina walked off.

"Serena, you do know she's going to find out sooner or later about Darien." Rei stared into the water fountain.

"How'd you find out?" Serena sighed and sat down next to Rei.

"I just know. Anyways, you didn't even flinch when he walked by you. He's gorgeous and smart from what I hear. The Serena I know would have accidently bumped into him or sneezed by him. You didn't even blink. So, I figured he was the one." Rei took a bite of her tomato.

"It's just the whole situation with him between me and the whol-" Serena was silenced by Rei's index finger on her lips.

"You don't have to tell me. Some people just need to have secrets. And I take it this isn't just any secret. You need to work this one out. Without me or Mina. And I think that's the best for you right now." Rei looked at her reflection in the water.

"You're right. Thank you Rei for stopping me." Serena smiled down at Rei's reflection.

"Anytime Serena...Anytime."

"Hello?" Ami opened the door.

"Hey, Ami. It's me Serena! Do you remember me?" Serena smiled.

"Oh hey Serena, Mina's not with you is she?" Ami peeked out in the hallway.

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Mina stepped out from behind Serena.

"Give me a second." Ami disappeared behind the door.

Ami appeared back with a piece of french fry in her hair. "I think I got everything cleaned."

Mina and Serena stared at her hair for a moment, then looked at each other and broke into a fit of giggles.

"Am-Ami." Serena pointed to Ami's bangs while trying to gasp for air.

"W-what?" Ami left the door and checked the hallway mirror.

"Oh dear!" She started laughing. "Guess I missed one thing." She picked it out of her hair and dropped it into a waste basket.

"Okay, now that we got that settled." Serena was trying to calm down. "I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with Rei, Mina and I. You know, become one of the majestics."

Ami looked back into the apartment. "Let's talk about this inside." Ami widened the door and allowed Mina and Serena to walk into their apartment.

"Where's Lita?" Mina asked as she looked around the apartment in attempt to find Lita.

"In the kitchen." Ami waved her hand to a door.

"Great be right ba-"Mina was stopped by Serena pulling the back of her tank top.

"Oooh no, missy. You are still having hunger attacks from your diet. You're going to stay right here." Serena sat Mina down next to her.

"So, Serena you want me and Lita to hang out with you guys?" Ami asked. "Lita?! Can you come in here?"

Serena scrunched up her eyebrows. "This isn't a negotiation. We were just wondering if you wanted to." "Yeah, I know. I think. The truth is. We started hanging out with someone else." Ami admitted.

"Oh, who may I ask? Are they telling you shit about me?" Serena now turned into a very serious tone.

"Ann Whittingston. Yeah, she said that you're just wannabe's. And that you just wanted to be like them. Them being her and her friends." Ami looked down.

"Are you serious? Don't believe what they say Ames! They just don't like Serena, ever since-" Mina started but then Serena covered Mina's mouth with her hand.

"Are you serious? They just don't like you because of an argument." Ami said in disbelief. "They made it sound like you just looked up to them."

Serena shook her head. "No, something happened. And they got pissed off at me."

"I'm so sorry. I didn't hear your side of it all. I didn't know..." Ami started off.

"It's okay Ami!" Serena smiled. "Now you know."

"Well, if you don't think I'm being nosy. What was the argument about?" Ami meekly asked.

Serena and Mina exchanged glances. "Okay, we'll tell you. But we are kinda curious about your backgrounds. So could you tell us?"

Ami nodded her head in agreement.

Serena leaned forward.

"In my freshman year at Hawthorne Windsor Academy I met this guy name Stephen Katton. His family was this richest family in the school at that time. Well, we hit it off great. We were good friends and everything. Then, his friend and some of my friends, went on a date and dragged us along. Well, that's when me and Stephen hooked up. It was all great. Until, the end of sophomore year, he wanted to take our relationship a step further."

"Sex." Mina stated. Serena looked at Mina and just shook her head. "Yes to put it BLUNTLY."

"Anyways, so, one day we tried it. And well, we kept active for a few weeks." Serena stopped when Mina gave her a strange look.

"Okay, okay. So for a few months. Anyways, one day. My cycle stopped. And, I thought it was just slowing down. So, I didn't think anything of it til the next week. Then I decided to go to the doctor. And, well, I found out I was pregnant. And before you get a horrific face and think since I don't have a child now I aborted it. Which I didn't. Something was wrong with the baby. They could already tell. And what they told me was that it would stay confidential. Well, what ended up happening, was they eventually took the child out of me. Because, if it died inside me then, well, I could die too. So, it stayed confidential. And nobody know about it except Mina and Rei. Well, when I told Stephen. He got angry about me telling them first. So, we got into this fight. And he abused me for awhile. So, we broke up. And well, he left to go to our rival school Kennedy Academy. So, Ann thought I had hurt him. And she liked him for the longest time. So, she's tried to turn the whole school against me for the longest time. Although, no one really cares. Everyone, besides her, likes me. So..."

"Serena, I'll start hanging out with you." A voice from the back of the room blurted out.

Serena, Ami and Mina looked up to see Lita crying with a spatula in her hand.

"I just didn't want you guys to get involved with the wrong crowd." Serena smiled.

"We promise. As the new Majestics. To keep this secret quiet." Ami held up her left hand as a joke.

Serena laughed. "We can start a club."

Ami smiled. "Well, I think I know enough secrets about you now."

"Yeah, Ames tell us bout yourself!" Mina piped up. Lita came and sat down on the couch.

"Well, okay. I used to live in an apartment in the northern part of New York with my mum, when she got sick. This was in my freshman year too. Well, in my sophomore year, she passed away at the hospital. That's when my dad asked if I would come and live with him. I had seen my dad every other week since they divorced and I knew that maybe this would be good for me. But, I didn't expect him to be filthy rich. After he and my mum split up, he took a job as the head Doctor in the Neurology department of New Yorks'' main hospital. Well, I was suddenly put in all these nice shirts and clothes, and then school started and he stuck me in Hawthorne Windsor Academy."

"You mean, you were born rich?" Serena and Mina asked at the same time.

"Nope. I was brought into rich." Ami shook her head.

"I wasn't born rich either." Lita started.

"I lived in Colorado before I moved here to New York. I lived on this ranch with my parents. But, then they got into a plane crash on their way back from Wyoming. So, I live with my Aunt and Uncle. Who happen to be multi billionaires. Do you know them? Bill and Gable Charmaine?"

"Ohh, daddy's friends with them. I think I know them." Serena's eyes lit up.

"Yeah, well. Those are my guardians."

"You guys, meet us in the morning. We'll go out and have breakfast." Serena smiled

"Breakfast it is!"
When they left Ami and Lita's dorm, Mina and Serena decided to split.

"I have something to take care of. I'll see you tonight to study." Serena waved goodbye and headed out into the school grounds.

No one was out. With the exception of people doing it for extra credit projects or just out because they had nothing to do. Serena walked around for a while. Then she felt a pair of hands encircle her waist. She leaned back.

"We're not supposed to be seen with each other yet." She closed her eyes.

"I saw you walking around from my window. I thought I might join you." Darien put his chin on the top of her hair.

"Uh huh, yeah well. I'm not married to you yet. So get off." Serena pushed him away.

"Yeah, I suppose you got a point there...But the key word is yet..." Darien scratched his chin.


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