Johnny and Brenda…..." mommie divorced daddy."

Johnny could not believe they had gotten to this point. He looked over at Brenda, who was trying her best to ignore him.

"Who's moving out of the apt?"

Brenda yelled. "He should move, I have the children!"

"They are my children too Brenda."

She ignored him. "I think he should move."

"No, I'm not going anywhere. I'm not going to be a part time father. I'll take the children, she can move out."

She glared at him. "You are not getting my children."

"They're not only yours, they are mine too. And you know I love them. Why are you doing this?"

"I'm not doing anything, you did it, when you cheated!"

Johnny shook his head. "I never cheated on you."

Brenda glared at him. "LI-AR!"

"You are crazy."

Brenda threw her purse at him, he caught it.

Johnny's lawyer intervened. "Look, you two are going to have to find away to get along. At least, until the judge decides who gets to keep what. In the meantime, one of you should definitely move, because it is obvious you shouldn't be living in the same house."

Brenda's lawyer agrees.

Brenda got up and snatched her purse out of Johnny's hands. "I'm not moving." She turned to her lawyer. "I pay you a lot of money, you need to do something!"

"Miss Barrett, I'm trying. I can't make him get out. It doesn't work like that. You two can make this a lot easier...just compromise."

Johnny leaned back. "I'm not making things easier for her, she wants the divorce, I don't."

She rolled her eyes, and stormed out of the conference room.

Her lawyer threw his pen down, and shook his head.

Johnny smiled. "I know how you feel." Brenda's lawyer threw the papers in his brief case, and left.

Johnny turned to his lawyer. "Drag, stall, do whatever you have to. She's just having one of her crazy episodes, it will pass."

"I'm trying Mr. Zacchara.

"Try harder..."

It was late, when Johnny finally made it home. He hated not being home, in time to tuck his girls in. He went into the room they shared, and kissed the top of their heads. Jada was four now, and little Claudia was two. They were so beautiful. They both looked just like Brenda. He turned on their nightlight and left.

Brenda was in bed, when Johnny walked into the room. Her eyes followed him. He had been sleeping in the guest room, she had no idea what he was doing in her room. He removed his clothes, and went into the bathroom, seconds later she heard the shower. About fifteen minutes later, he came out. He threw on some boxers, and got into bed.

Brenda sat up. "What do you think you're doing?"

"I'm going to sleep."

"Oh noooo! Not in here. We are separated."

"No, we are not."

"Oh yes we are."

"Brenda, I am not going anywhere, I have just as much right, to be here as you."

She jumped out of the bed. "I am not sleeping with you. You cheater!"

"Suit yourself." He pulled the covers up to his neck, and closed his eyes.

Brenda was fuming. She grabbed the covers, and yanked them off the bed. "I'm leaving, but I'm taking these with me." She opened the door, and left.

Johnny shook his head, and laughed. He got up, and went into their closet to get another comforter...

It's the next morning, and Johnny is just waking up. He threw on some pajama pants, and headed to the kitchen. Brenda and the girls were already up having breakfast. The girls had no idea that they were having problems. It was because, they acted normal around them. And it also helped that they were so young.

"Good morning sweethearts." He kissed them both, then smiled at Brenda. "Good morning." And kissed her on the lips. Her eyes darkened, but Johnny knew she would never throw a fit in front of the girls. He sat next to Claudia. Picked up her spoon, and started feeding her.

Brenda couldn't lie, and say that Johnny wasn't a good father, he was the best father that any child could ever want. Up until awhile ago, she thought he was a good husband too. She remember the day, she decided to surprise him. He was at work. He didn't own any strip clubs, but he had several night clubs. She didn't bother knocking on his office door, she just went in. And there he was, sitting in his chair, with some girl hovering over him. He had her by the arm. He was shocked to see her standing there. He jumped up, and tried to tell her it was not what it looked like. Brenda grabbed the first thing she saw, and threw it at them. Turns out, it was a bottle of scotch. The girl screamed, and Johnny ducked. Brenda ended up pouncing on the girl. Johnny eventually pulled her off. Then she turned on him. She kept telling him, how she knew he couldn't be trusted, and how she would never forgive him.

Brenda snapped back to the present, at the sound of Jada's voice. "Daddy, are you still going to take me to the circus?"

"Of course Sweetheart."

"Yaay! I can't wait. Today?"

"Not today, it doesn't come to next Wednesday."

Jada starting pouting. "I want to go today."

Brenda spoke up. "We can go to the park today."

She smiled. "Ok."

After finishing breakfast, Brenda took the girls off, and they all got dressed. Johnny was in the living room, when they came back. The girls ran over to him. Jada started pinching his cheeks, and he started tickling them.

Brenda called out to them. "Claudia…Jada, say goodbye to your father, it's time to go."

They gave him a hug. Johnny stood up, and they all walk over towards Brenda. He kissed them both on the top of their heads. He smiled at Brenda, and winked. "Your turn mommy." He kissed her hard on the lips, but he quickly pulled away. She bit him. He pulled his lip into his mouth, in an attempt at hiding the blood.

"Best kiss you ever had. Bye honey." Brenda giggled, and left with the girls. Johnny walked over to the mirror, and looked at his lip. That was his fault, she let it slide the first time, he should have known she would do something, if he did it again. He laughed, and walked to their bedroom.

When they returned, Brenda couldn't believe Johnny was still there. They were gone for a long time. She just knew he'd be gone when they got back, but he wasn't.

After giving the girls lunch, she put them down for a nap. She went into the room, she shared with Johnny. He was sitting in the chair, watching a football game. She turned on the radio, and popped a c.d. in. Brenda started taking her clothes off. Rihanna's "Take a Bow," started playing.

You look so dumb right now

Standing outside my house

Trying to apologize

You're so ugly when you cry

Please, just cut it out

Johnny didn't say anything, he just looked at her.

Brenda rolled her eyes at him, and started singing "…..but it's over, go on and take a bow…" She went into the closet, and the song continued to play.

And the award for the best liar goes to you

For making me believe that you could be

Faithful to me, let's hear your speech

How bout a round of applause

Brenda walked out of the closet, and into the room. She continued singing "… put on quite a show, really had me going. But now it's time to go, curtains finally closing…."

That was quite a show

Very entertaining

Brenda looked at him. "….but it's over now…go on and take a booooow."

Johnny laughed. "Brenda, you are crazy."

She threw her shirt at him. "No you are! Cheater!" She disappeared into the bathroom. Seconds later he heard the shower. It had been awhile since they had been together, probably about a couple of months. She thought that song was bothering him…not at all. Her parading around naked in front of him, bothered him more. He stood up, and took his shirt off. He went into the bathroom, and took the rest of his clothes off. He pulled the sliding door back, and got in.

Brenda turned. "What are you doing?"

"I need a shower too."

"Johnny, get out of here. You can't solve this with sex."

"Why can't I?"

"You cheated on me, why would you think, I'd want to have sex with you?"

"I don't want to have sex, I want to make love."

"Make love to your bimbo mistress."

Johnny smiled. "I don't have a mistress, but we can play pretend if you'd like?"

Brenda stood up under the water, and rinsed the soap off her body. "Look, you can do whatever you want, I-." He grabbed and kissed her, then moved down to her neck. "Stop it Johnny."

But he didn't, he wore her down with his kisses. Johnny was a skilled lover, and he new what to do, and how to do it, to turn her into putty. And he did just that. Brenda tried to resist, but it had been a long time. Eventually, he picked her up, and he found her. She hung on, as he gave her every inch of him. He felt her tighten around him, and she tried not to moan, but she couldn't stop herself. It was a wrap…

Brenda and Johnny got dressed. She looked over at him. "I hope you didn't give me an STD."

"I hope I did."

She threw a towel at him, and he chuckled. "Crazy Brenda."

"Cheating Johnny."

"Brenda, if you honestly thought I cheated, I don't think you would have let me make love to you."

"Maybe you didn't stick your king kong ding dong, in someone else, but you wanted to, and that is considered cheating. It's in the bible."

"When have you ever read the bible?"

"I read it all the time."

"I've never seen you."

"I do keep some things to myself. And you'll have to watch the girls tonight, I have somewhere I have to go."

Johnny pulled on a shirt. "Where are you going?"

"None of your business, we are separated."

"Brenda…don't get somebody knocked out."

She rolled her eyes, and walked out of the room. Johnny overheard her on the phone, confirming a reservation. After she left, and went into the girls' room, he picked up the phone, and dialed the last number she called. "Alexander's." He hung up.

Later that evening, after the girls were safely in bed, Brenda went and got dressed. Johnny walked in, and sat on the bed.

"Johnny, what do you want?"

"Who are you meeting?"

"None of your business. We are se-pa-ra-ted."

"No we are not."

"Yes, we are." Brenda had on a pencil skirt, with a fitted blazer. She put her hair in a low ponytail. She grabbed her purse, and headed out of the room. Johnny got up and followed her. "Stop following me."

"Brenda, you are acting ridiculous. You have proven your point."

She turned and stopped. "And what point would that be?"

Johnny looked at her for a couple of seconds. "Honestly I don't know, what your point is."

She thumped him on the forehead. "Don't lust after other women."

Johnny started laughing. "So, have you decided to call this stupid divorce off?"

"Nope, I'm still divorcing you."

"Why?! You know I didn't cheat."

"Maybe not physically. But you are having emotional affairs."

"I don't have emotional affairs. I either do or I don't. And I didn't."

"Why was she hanging all over you?"

"Because she….."

"Was hitting on you? How many women hit on you, at those clubs?"

"Brenda, it's the night club business, it happens all of the time. But, I did put her in her place, and then you showed up."

"Bye Johnny, I'm almost late. Let's hope, I don't have an emotional affair."

She opened the door, and left…."

Johnny didn't think she was seeing anybody, she was probably meeting with a girlfriend. He didn't know what she was up to, but he was determined to find out. He got the next door neighbor to look after the girls. She was an elderly widow, who was like a grandmother to them. They had been knowing her for years.

Johnny headed to Alexander's.

After walking in, Johnny scanned the restaurant. It was an upscale establishment. He informed the host, that he was looking for his wife. He gave her Brenda's name, and the host pointed him in the direction. He spotted her, having dinner with some guy. He walked up to the table.

Brenda looked up, and saw Johnny standing there. Johnny sat down. And grabbed her glass, and took a sip. "Oooh Don, he went all out."

The man having dinner with her, didn't know what was going on. He looked at Brenda, then at Johnny.

Brenda glared at Johnny. "What are you doing here?"

"I need to be asking you that."

Brenda looked across the table, at her dinner date. "I'm so sorry David."

"It's…ok, would like to do this another time?"

"Of course not."

Johnny looked over at David. "You need to leave, before that fork ends up in your neck."

Brenda's mouth popped open. She couldn't believe, he said something like that. "Johnny! What are you doing?!"

"Shut up Brenda."

David stood up. "Brenda, I'll be in contact."

Johnny stood up. "Are you trying to get knocked out?"

Brenda grabbed Johnny's arm. "Stop it, Johnny!"

David picked up his briefcase and left.

Brenda pushed him. "Why did you do that?"

"Sit down Brenda, you are causing a scene." He sat down, and pulled her down with him. People in the restaurant were staring, and whispering.

"I cannot believe you."

Johnny took another sip of champagne. "I can't believe you. Who was that?"

"Well…Mr. Zacchara, that was a representative, from a huge department store. You know I do have a line, that I'm trying to grow. But I can forget about that, given you just told him, you were going to stab him with a fork….in the throat!" She stood up, and grabbed her purse, and briefcase. "You can pay for that expensive bottle of Don." She leaves.

He lifted his hand. "Check!"

Brenda had managed to make it back home, where she found Mrs. Thomas.

"Hello, Mrs. Thomas. Thank you for staying with the kids."

"It was my pleasure, I didn't do anything. They're in bed, fast asleep."

"But still, thank you."

"No problem, I love my little cupcakes." Mrs. Thomas was just about to leave, when she stopped. "Brenda, is everything ok with you and Johnny?"

Brenda never lied to her, and she wasn't going to start now. "No, we are going through a divorce."

"Brenda, no. What's wrong?"




"Johnny would never cheat on you."

"It was an emotional affair."

"Emotional? Is he in love with someone else?"

"I don't think so."

Mrs. Thomas shook her head. "Divorce is not always the answer. You have to remember the vows you took. This is just a test, don't give up." She grabbed Brenda's hand. "Think long and hard, before you do something you are going to regret. You two love each other. And trust me, I know love when I see it. Well, I better get going." They hug, and Brenda walked her to the door.

Brenda sighed. She was so mad at Johnny. All she could think about, was getting back at him. She heard the door open.

Part 2

Johnny walked in, and spotted Brenda standing there, looking at him. He came in and closed the door. "The kids still sleep?"

"No, actually they went to the club." She turned and walked to their bedroom. Johnny followed her. He ended up stopping by the girl's room.

After kissing them both, he headed to the bedroom, he shared with Brenda. He heard Brenda in the bathroom. He took off his clothes, and got into bed. She eventually came out.

"Johnny, for being such an a**hole tonight, I think you should sleep in the other bedroom, and let me have this one in peace."


"Well, I'm not leaving."

"You don't have to, we are still husband and wife." He pulled the covers back. "Come on sweetheart, get in."

Brenda looked down at him. "I wish I could kill you, and chop your body up into little bitty pieces, and push you down the garbage disposal."

"You'd never do that, you love me."

"I wouldn't do that, because it would hurt our girls, and they mean the world to me."

"Well, if they mean the world to you, you'd call off this divorce. I didn't cheat on you, and you know it."

"Thinking about it, is the same as doing it."

"I didn't even think about it! I don't want anyone but you. I don't know why, because you are crazy as hell!"


Johnny closed his eyes. "Goodnight, Brenda."

She stood there for a moment. (Well, it looks like he isn't going anywhere.)

Brenda really wanted to sleep in her own bed that night. She hated the guest bedroom's mattress. She walked over and got into the bed, putting a pillow in between them.

Johnny opened his eyes, and looked over at her. "Brenda, a pillow wouldn't stop me from touching you, if I wanted to. And Sweetheart, you'd like it too."

"Shut up Johnny."

"And I will never give you a divorce. Baby…this right here, is forever."

"Don't call me baby!"

Johnny shook his head. "Goodnight, Brenda."

Brenda turned her back to him. (He's going to sign those papers.)

A couple of days later, Johnny came home, and found Brenda and the girls, sitting on the floor playing games. Jada and Claudia jumped up, when they saw him. He hugged and kissed them both, and they immediately started playing with him…...

Later, after the kids are in bed, Brenda went into the kitchen, to get something to drink. She looked over at Johnny, who is sitting in the living room watching TV. She grabbed a beer out of the fridge, popped it open, and took it to him.

"What's this?"

"A beer."

"Are you trying to poison me?"

Brenda rolled her eyes, sat it down on the table, and left...

It's the next morning, and Johnny is in bed sleeping. Brenda looked down at him and smiled. She shook her head and left, carrying a huge envelope with her...

It's a couple of weeks later, and Brenda is in the girls' room. She had just gotten them out of bed, when she noticed that Claudia was a little warm. She pulled out the thermometer, and checked her temp. It's 104. Brenda gave her a fever reducer, and called her doctor. She is told to bring her in, immediately. She takes Jada over to Mrs. Thomas. On the way to the hospital, she called Johnny, who had left earlier that morning. He informed her, that he'd meet her there. As soon as she got there, they took Claudia in the back. Brenda was pacing back and forth, in the waiting room, when Johnny arrived.

"Where is she?"

"They took...her to the back."

"What happened?"

"I don't know. I was getting them up, and she felt hot. I checked her temperature, and it was 104."

"I'm sure she is going to be fine. Maybe she has a virus."

"I hope so."

Brenda continued to pace, and Johnny just stared out of the window. About twenty minutes later, Claudia's pediatrician came in.

They both turn, and faced her.

"Mr. and Mrs. Zacchara, Claudia has pneumonia."

Brenda covered her mouth, and sobbed.

The doctor went on to tell them, that they were going to admit her, and they should be able to treat it. Brenda didn't hear anything after pneumonia. She was really upset. The doctor informed them, that they would be able to see her, in a little while. The doctor left. Johnny went over and wrapped his arms around Brenda. She buried her face into his neck.

"Brenda, she'll be ok."

"How do you know Johnny?"

"Because I do."

She looked into eyes. He kissed her forehead. At that moment, she forgot that she was mad at him. All of her focus was on getting Claudia better.

Claudia was in the hospital for about a week. They brought Jada in, to make sure she was ok. She was fine. The whole thing brought Johnny and Brenda closer. It took awhile, but Claudia eventually returned to her normal self.

After spending a family night out, they returned, bathed the kids, and put them to bed. Brenda and Johnny's relationship had improved, but it was not where it once was. They had not made love since, the day in the shower.

Johnny knew if he started anything up, she wouldn't stop him, but he wanted her to make the first move. They were having problems, because of her, not him. He needed to know, she was all in.

Johnny was in bed, when Brenda came out of the bathroom. They had been sleeping in the same bed, but that was it. Brenda was really curious as to why, Johnny had not even tried to be touch her. They were in a good place. She was a little dumbfounded.

Brenda got in bed. Johnny was watching TV. She looked over at him.

"Johnny, you never told me what happened with that girl in your office."

He looked turned off the TV, and faced her. "I told you already. I don't think you were listening, but I'll tell you again. Brenda, I own a lot of nightclubs, I get hit on all the time. And that was exactly what that was. She touched me, and I removed her hand. That's what you saw."

"Why was she in your office."

"Good question, and I don't even know. I looked up and she was there."

"She was just there?"

"There was a knock at the door, I said come in. She said she needed to talk to me. I asked how did she make it passed security. She made her way over to my desk. And the rest I told you."


"Just ok? You believe me?"

"I have no choice."

"No, you have a choice. Brenda, I'll admit I was a ladies man, back in the day, but I'm not anymore. I have never cheated on you, nor have I been tempted. You are beautiful, smart, funny, crazy, and great in bed. And on top of that, you are a great mother, and I love you."

"Great in bed? Really Johnny?"

Johnny laughed. "Is that all you heard? I love you Brenda. I've never met anyone like you, and I doubt I ever will. And I'm not looking for anyone else. I have everything I could ever possibly want. No matter how insane you get sometimes."

"If that's true, why haven't you tried to make love to me?"

"Why haven't you tried to make love to me?"

"Cuz you're the man."

"That never stopped you before. If you want me, you have to make the first move. I deserve a little attention, after all the drama you've put me through."

"I didn't put you through anything."

"I don't want to argue about it." He moved to his back, and closed his eyes. "I'm here...IT is here, if you want it."

Brenda just looked at him. It had been a long time. And yes she missed him, but mostly she just needed a stress reliever. She sighed. "A girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do."

Johnny looked over at her, and smiled. "Well, girl…get to doing it."

"Johnny, shut up."

"Telling me to shut up, does nothing for 'it.' You should whisper sweet nothings in my ear. That will get a rise out of him."

Brenda glared at him. "Now I'm not even interested." She turned her back to him, and closed her eyes, "Goodnight Johnny."

Johnny shook his head, and closed his eyes. Eventually he fell asleep.

Later on, in the middle of the night, Brenda got up and went to the bathroom. After finishing, she came out, and got back in bed. She looked over at a sleeping Johnny. He was extremely sexy, when he wasn't talking. She reached over and ran her hand down his chest. Eventually it disappeared up under the covers. Johnny woke up, and looked over at her. She leaned over, and kissed him. She felt his love grow in her hand. She moved down to his neck, as her hand continued to caress him. Johnny pulled her back up, and kissed her hard. He flipped her over onto her back, and quickly moved down her body. He pushed her legs back. She moaned, as she felt his lips on her. He missed her, and he showed her just how much. Eventually, he moved back up. He wanted her so bad. She made sure to slow him down. She caressed his face, and leaned in and kissed him softly. He moved over her. She stopped him. "Slowly, that is a weapon of mass destruction, and I don't need anything getting destroyed."

"Have I ever destroyed anything?"


He leaned down, and kissed her. "Shh…..This is where I take over." He moved down her neck, as he slowly guided himself in...

Over the next couple of weeks, Brenda and Johnny managed to make up for lost time. Everything was pretty much, back to normal.

Brenda was at home with the girls, when she got a phone call from Madison.

"Madison! I miss talking to you. How are you and the family?"

"We're fine. How are you and Johnny?"

"We're fine. We've worked everything out."

"Good. He'd never cheat on you Brenda."

"I know. I don't know what I was thinking."

"Me either."

"Forget about that, I have something to tell you."


At that moment Johnny came through the door. "Brenda, I need to talk to you."

"Can it wait? I'm talking to Madison."

"Oh no, this can't wait."

"O...k." Brenda told Madison she'd call her back. She disconnected the call.

The children were playing, a couple of feet away. Johnny walked over and kissed them both.

"Hey, Jada, take little Claudia into the room, for a minute."

"Ok, daddy." She grabbed Claudia's hand, and they head into their room.

Johnny looked down at Brenda. "Guess what?"


"I got a phone call from my lawyer."


"He said congratulations, your divorce is final. Do you know anything about that?"

Brenda covered her mouth. "Ahh...Johnny...I'm sorry?"

"You're sorry? I didn't sign any papers, did you forge my name?"

"No, you...signed...them."

"No I didn't."

"Yes, you did. Do you remember...the night, I brought you...that beer?"

"You drugged me?"


"Sorry? Brenda, I wish I could break your neck."

"I'm sorry Johnny. I forgot."

"You forgot?" He shook his head. "Brenda, tell me this…..Who has custody of the kids?"


Johnny laughed. "I could have you arrested."

"I'm sorry. I was really angry with you, and I just wanted to get you back."

"Oh, you did that."

"We could get remarried."

"I don't know if, I want to be married anymore."

Brenda stood up. "Are you serious?"

"Yeah, I am. Oh, but that custody agreement, will have to be changed, or you are going to jail. And one more question, who keeps the apt? Oh wait, I'll answer that, you do." He shook his head.

"Johnny, I'm sorry."

"Me too Brenda. So, I guess single Johnny is back."

"You are not single."

"Oh yes I am. We are divorced."

"Not for long, we're going to the courthouse tomorrow. We'll get a marriage license, and get remarried."

Johnny glared at her. "I'm not marrying you again, once was enough."

Brenda walked over to him, and grabbed his hand. "Johnny, I'm sorry."

"Me too."

"Johnny, you can't leave me with three children."

"Brenda, we only have two children."

"Well, we are about to have three."


"I'm pregnant."

"How? We just started back being intimate a couple of weeks ago."

"There was that one time in the shower."

"I thought you were on birth control."

"I stopped taking them. Because I had no intention of sleeping with you….ever again."

Johnny just stared at her, shook his head, and walked to their bedroom.

Brenda followed him. "Where are you going?"

"To lie down, I have a headache."

"Can I get you something?"


"Johnny, please don't be angry with me."

She watched as he sat down on the bed. He looked up at her. "When did you find out, that you were pregnant?"

"Today. I was going to tell you tonight."

He leaned back.

She stood there, just looking at him. It seemed like forever, before he spoke again. It was actually only a couple of minutes. "We'll go to the courthouse tomorrow."

"Really, Johnny?"

"Yes, Brenda." He sat up. "I'm not marrying you because you're pregnant, I'm marrying you because I love you."

She smiled. "I love you too."

Johnny smiled. "I think my sperm really loves your eggs."

She grinned. "It's because they belong together."

"Come here." She walked over and sat own on his lap. "I am really happy, you're pregnant. I always wanted a big family."

"Well, you're going to get one."

He kissed her. "Let's go tell the girls."


"And we can also tell them, how mommie divorced daddy."

"Shut up Johnny..."

The End

*Take a Bow-Lyrics by Eriksen, Hermansen, and Smith*