Firstly; This is a Naruto OP story so if you don't like that, don't read.

Secondly; This is a harem fic that has 5-6 women in it.

Thirdly; This fic contains Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi and Leaf Village bashing so don't like, don't read.



In a world that has people performing impossible feats like walking on water and manipulation of the elements, Magic has never come across in anyone's mind. Not a single living soul in all of the Elemental Nations know of Magic or the power one has when using it. Thousands of years ago, long before the time of the Sage of Six Paths, the world was full of all kinds of Magic until it eventually died out along with its civilization. With Magic being obsolete, Chakra has taken over as the world's new form of power.

However, deep underground, thousands of feet below the earth's crust lies and ancient library which holds information of Magic before its destruction. Scrolls, tomes and artifacts, long lost through time lay underneath everyone's feet, containing powers that nobody can even imagine.

Nobody but Naruto Uzumaki.

( Leaf Village - Hokage's Office )

"When did everything go so wrong?" wondered the current Hokage of Leaf, Tsunade Senju who looks out of the window of her office to stare at the Hidden Village that has seen better days.

Rain, never gets old in her opinion. After all, its a constant reminder for the biggest mistake she did five years ago.

The banishment of Naruto Uzumaki, the former Jinchuriki of the Kyūbi.

Five years ago, Naruto Uzumaki successfully accomplished his mission and retrieved his rogue teammate, Sasuke Uchiha from deserting the Village and joining the ranks of Orochimaru. Unfortunately, a week after the successful mission and unknown to Tsunade, a letter was sent to the Fire Daimyo with details of a certain mercenary group known as the Akatsuki. It contained information on their strength, who is among their ranks and their goal of capturing the Jinchuriki and how they'll do anything to get them.

It wasn't too hard for Tsunade to figure out that the goal of the letter was the frighten the Daimyo into banishing Naruto from the Village and the country altogether just so he won't have to deal with the Akatsuki causing havoc in Fire Country.

And it worked.

News of the Akatsuki taking down an entire country by themselves were quick news, especially after hearing that it took only two members to take down the small country, a feat nobody else can copy.

The flash of memories of the look of betrayel and hurt in his blue eyes brought her to clench her eyes shut in hopes to block them out and while it seems to work, it dies nothing to take away the guilt that has been eating her for the last few years.

The way he left with his head down while the Elders, Civilians and even a few of the Clan Head smirk down at him like as if he was dirt brought back anger she continues to holds back, even though she still has to go through meetings with them every week, knowing that they were the ones to send the letter to the Daimyo. She still can't understand the way they all think, after all, they just got rid of the container of the most powerful Bijū in the world. An asset that they should have been kind to and nourishing, unlike how they treated Naruto like as if he has the plague.

Not only that but a merchant who was apart of the Civilian Council spread the word of Naruto's Jinchuriki status since he had thought that it would be safe to tell the younger generation about his status as a container for the Kyūbi. He thought wrong because after a session with Ibiki, he was executed in secret but the damage was already done.

As Naruto left the gates, his so-called friends were there to 'greet' him out.

Ino, Kiba and Sakura weren't hiding the fact that they hate the blond as they glared and talked trash about him, even while he left the Village he loved so much. The others didn't even look him in the eye as he left, seemingly afraid or ashamed to look at the recently discovered Jinchuriki.

"I should have done something... anything!" she thought in grief. Truth is, she did absolutely nothing for him after the banishemnt was called out. She didn't try to fight back against the order, she didn't try to find out who sent the letter, she didn't even give him any money or a place to stay outside the country. Instead, she buried herself into her alchohol, more than ever.

Naruto was even forced to wipe his name off of the Toad Contract since they are allies to the Leaf Village and therefore, an asset that a banished Nin cannot possess.

Years have gone by and there hasn't been any news of the blond Jinchuriki which brought fear into Tsunade's heart. Why shouldn't it? There's a group full of S-Rank Missing Nine who are all searching for Naruto and there is most likely a high chance that they got him. A underdeveloped and untrained Jinchuriki, on his own with no Village to back him up, how can they just ignore what is almost literally a gift wrapped present for them, signed by the Daimyo himself.

Nothing else has been strange, except for the silence of all of Jiraiya's spies in the Hidden Cloud Village. They were obviously found out and killed or imprisoned but it wasn't anything too surprising as a Village taking too long to find spies isn't much of a Hidden Village then. What was odd that no matter how many spies she sends that have different profiles, they always seem to get found out the next day which makes her wonder how they're doing that. However, that's the least of her worries until she can get the time and resources to look into how Cloud is discovering their highly trained spies before they can even set up shop.

Too bad that everything in the Village has gone down hill ever since the banishment of Naruto Uzumaki.

Countries like Wind, Spring and Wave have all cancelled their alliance contracts with Fire Country and Leaf after their discovery over Kyūbi Jinchuriki's banishment. The same Jinchuriki who has saved two of the countries from horrible dictators while also saving the life of Sand's Jinchuriki who is now the current Kazekage. With those alliances gone and the trade agreements being null and void, Leaf's economy has fallen over the years.

Sadly, that wasn't the end of the Village's torment because two years after Naruto's banishment, the weather had turned for the worst. Black clouds now cover the Village while occasionally flooding it with the endless amount of rain that continues to pour out of them. Tsunade can't even remember the last time the sun shined over the Village that her grandfather help create.

Many Villagers believe that Naruto is the cause of the bad weather, saying that he's using his 'Demonic Powers' to curse them. Tsunade just ignored their complaints, thinking it's idiotic to even try persuading them to think otherwise.

Unknown to them and Tsunade, they aren't far from the truth.

It was during the third year that the Daimyo decided to see what was going on since the lack of trading with other countries is costing him a lot of money. It was quite funny to see him barge into the Council Chambers during a meeting with a dozen of his Samurai. He had demanded to know why the other countries are hating Fire Country and sending their trades and missions elsewhere. Upon discovering Naruto's role in saving not only two countries but being friends with the Kazekage. He wasn't too happy to hear that he was tricked into banishing someone with so much influence in the Elemental Nations. To the horror of the Council and amusement to Tsunade, he had split half of the Village's monthly budget and rejected Naruto's banishment so he can hopefully save the influence the Jinchuriki has.

Now, Jiraiya's spy network is working overtime to find Naruto's whereabouts with nothing to show for it. All they got was a report of a person matching his description in Frost Country before he suddenly vanished in thin air.

Sighing, Tsunade writes her signature onto another piece of paperwork and places it in the 'Done' pile. Beside her is a large pile of paperwork which she still has to finish before she can take the rest of the day off.

The reason for so much paperwork is because next week is the start of the Jonin Exams and Leaf is hosting it this year. Chunins from Mist, Sand, Rock, Cloud and Grass have been slowly flooding the Village to get resident early. It's good because it helps the economy in Leaf since money will be coming in for hotel room as well as food. What isn't good is that the other Villages will have a good view of how Leaf has fallen from their top rank of the Five Great Hidden Villages. Leaf is now ranked fourth, just underneath Sand and over Mist while Cloud takes the top spot for strongest of them.

Businesses have close down, homeless and crime is at an all time high and tension fills the lives of people who can't afford luxury like they use to.

All Tsunade can hope for is that the current Chunins from Leaf can impress the Daimyos, nobles and rich businessmen so they can send more emissions their way.

( Outskirts of Leaf Village )

Walking up the dirt road towards the large gates of the Village is a group from the Hidden Cloud Village with two males and three females. Out of the group, only three of them are taking part of the Jonin Exams.

The first female's hair is blond and is tied back with bandages. She adorns a purple blouse and black Kant's and around her waist is a red belt. Covering her arms and legs are bandage wrappings and she has a pair of finger-less gloves on as well as red lipstick. She is Yugito, the Jinchuriki for the Nibi and the only Jonin within the group.

Beside her is a mocha-skin woman with long spikey red hair and amber eyes. She is wearing the standard issue Cloud uniform and a pair of orange earrings. What may catch peoples eyes is the sword that is resting in a sheath on her back. It's pitch black in colour and has a intricate and delicate design to it, making it look like a work of art that many blacksmiths could never copy down. She is Karui, one of the three Chunin who are attending the Jonin Exams.

Behind her is her best friend, Omoi who has short spikey white hair and adorns a darker version of his Village's uniform. Just like his friend, he has a sword on his back which matches Karui's own perfectly except for the fact that his is pure white in colour. He's currently sucking on a lollipop with a thoughtful expression on his face which changes to worrisome before back to thoughtfulness.

The other two members of the group are the most eye catching, due to their appearance.

The make stands a good 6"2' at the age of eighteen with long spikey blond hair that he has is a long braid that reaches just below his lower back while the front keeps its natural spikes. His eyes that have a beautiful shade of ocean blue contains wisdom that one his age shouldn't have. Both sides of his cheeks adorn set of three whisker marks that, along with his sharp canines give him quite an exotic look. What really catches everyone's attention is his strange sense of style. He is currently shirtless with the only thing covering his tone physique is a light brown poncho with white lining at the edges of it. He is also wearing a pair of black baggy pants with two interlocking red belts that are around his waist. He also adorns a pair of black, tight-fitting boots with bits of red on its edges. His only accessory is a necklace with a green gem that is tied around his neck, a necklace once belonging to Hashirama Senju himself. In his right hand is a large brown staff that he is using to help himself walk, even though he doesn't need any help.

( Irene's Staff - Fairy Tail )

By his side is a woman who is radiating beauty and serenity just from walking. Her long scarlet hair that reaches all the way to her shapely rear billows in the wind. Her jade eyes glance around mischievously, as if she's looking for something to mess around with. She stands just under a foot with the male and her attire consists of a tight red and black kimono which hugs her lovely curves, as well as showing off a portion of her D-Cup cleavage that slightly bounces for each step she takes in her expensive red slippers.

( Appearance of Rias Gremory - Highschool DxD )

To some, they are two of the most powerful people in all of the Elemental Nations.

To others, they are Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze and Akiko Uzumaki Namikaze who is also known as the Nine Tails Fox.

She is also one of Naruto's many lovers.

The group stops near the booth that stands beside the large gates.

Yugito walks forward and hands over her papers for entry into the Village. "Jonin Yugito from the Hidden Cloud. I'm here as group leader for the Chunin who are participating in the Jonin Exams" she smoothly said, acting professional as her rank requires of her.

"Ok, give me a second to look through your paperwork and we'll sign you all in. Just make sure you guys don't start any trouble when you go in" told Izumo while Kotetsu picks up a clipboard to write in the names of everyone in the group. Yugito nods in understanding before Izumo picks up the papers and read out the names. Everything goes well until he stops at Akiko's name.

"Akiko Uzumaki Namikaze..." he drawled out as his eyebrows rise up when he recognizes not only the surname of a certain Jinchuriki but also the name of their deceased Fourth Hokage,

"Is there a problem?" Yugito asked with a hint of amusement in her voice that neither Izumo nor Kotetsu notices.

Izumo shakes away the thoughts in his head and chuckles out an apology before calling out the last name. "Naruto Uzumaki Namik-" This time, he didn't even finish calling out the name and Kotetsu stops writing on the clipboard due to him recognizing the name as well as the last part of it. Both take a closer look at the group and while their eyes did linger onto Akiko for a few seconds longer, they centre in on the one with closest resemblance of their former Jinchuriki.

"If that will be all, we'll take our leave" called out Yugito who takes the papers from Izumo's hands and met with no protest since the man seems to still be processing everything through his head. She seals away the papers into a Sealing Scroll and heads into the Village while her group follows behind her. It isn't five minutes later until both Chunin get out of their funk.

"Was that really..."

"We need to inform the Hokage, now!'

The group walks through the open gates and follow Yugito to the hotel they made reservations for, something in which Karui and Omoi are grateful for, due to their Jonin instructor, Killer Bee forgetting to make reservations in Mist when they entered the Chunin Exams which led to them camping out for their entire stay in the Village, instead of sleeping in comfy warm beds. The Gyūki Jinchuriki still gets ripped on by his brother for such an amateur mistake. Thankfully, Yugito volunteered to be their group leader before he could offer to join.

"This is your former Village?" asked Omoi to Naruto as he takes in the surroundings of the area. Around him, he can see a few rundown buildings that look to be on the verge of collapsing. What makes the Village look even more dreary is how he can see quite a few homeless people, squalling in alleys and underneath anything they can find to keep themselves dry from the constant rain.

"It's a dump" bluntly said Karui, not caring who hears her rude statement. From the expressions on the faces of the other Chunins from other Villages, they agree with her assessment.

Yugito stops and turns around to look at the Chunin. "Karui!" she exclaimed with a light glare.

"What? It's true. Like, look at the weather. You'd almost think that we're in Rain country for crying out loud" she told her while she waves her arms around to emphasise the dark clouds and dreary atmosphere, even though the group is pitch dry.

Nobody notices Naruto's eyes shift back and forth, except for Akiko who smirks knowingly at him.

While the other guests and residents of Leaf are walking around and using umbrellas to keep themselves dry, a perfectly circular gap is open in the dark sky that hasn't shown light for years. The gap let's in a pillar of light which just so happens to land on the group from Cloud as keeps following them as they walk deeper into the Village. Of course, many people from Civilians to Ninja notice the phenomenon but do nothing about it since there isn't anything wrong going on, but the nearby ANBU are watching the group in suspicion.

"We walked two blocks and more than half of the shops I've seen are closed down. If this place isn't a dump, I don't know what is" she finished her ranting and folds her arms. She looks at Yugito and looks like as if she wants the Jonin to somehow prove her wrong. She doesn't expect a hand to land on her head and rubs her hair affectionately.

On most occasions, she would punch the fool who dare touch her but she knows that there's only one person brave enough to touch her without permission and honestly, she has no problem with it.

"Chill Karui. We don't want to put attention on ourselves" said Naruto with the same gentle smile that Karui loves so much. Everyone else watches on as Naruto weakens the stubborn and rash woman with just a few gentle words, a smile and a pat on the head. There's even a tinge of pink on her cheeks.

"Fine" she muttered in embarrassment before shaking off Naruto's hand. It's not like she doesn't like his touches but it's embarrassing when he does it in public. Makes her feel childish and sappy but she guesses that's to be expected from loving a god in human form. She's given up telling him after the fifth since he doesn't ever get the message.

There are those who say that he's a lover, not a fighter since he is more of those talk first and right second sort of characters. She can honestly say that they're wrong as he is both a lover and a fighter, its just that he tends to show his loving side more often.

"Thanks" he said, happily before giving her a quick kiss on the cheek which turns the tinge of pink on her cheek into a blanket which covers her entire face. He chuckles as she blushes away and comically punches him in the chest. A few minutes later, she calms down but not before she punches him in the arm for good measure. If he were someone else, that punch would have given him a nasty bruise but to him, it merely feels like the wind hitting against him.

Thinking of something nice to do for her, Naruto makes a suggestion. "If you hate the weather so much, I can help you with that." Yugito, Karui and Omoi's eyes widen and Akiko's smirk grows in size as Naruto raises his staff up. Before anyone can stop him, he slams it onto the pavement.

The effects are instantaneous.

The black clouds in the sky suddenly disperse and disappear from view, clearing the skies for the sun to shine down on the Village after five long years of rain and floods. It happened so fast that many are looking up at the skies in disbelief while a one or two are starting to think that they've finally gone mental. The only ones not confused at the sudden miracle is the group from Leaf that has a way too happy blond and the ANBU watching the group who just witnessed the former Jinchuriki clear the skies with ease. Something in which they intend to tell the Hokage.

"Happy?" asked Naruto but frowns when he sees Yugito shake her head at him. "What did I do?"

"I thought you said that we shouldn't put attention on ourselves?" deadpanned Omoi, referring to the men, women and children who are staring at Naruto in awe, disbelief and fear.

"Whatever, we were gonna get attention on ourselves anyway" dismissed Akiko with Yugito reluctantly nodding her head in agreement with the Kyubi. After all, the former Jinchuriki of the Leaf has suddenly returned and will most likely get the attention of their higher ups. After all, word has gotten out a long time ago about Naruto's banishment being null and void by the Daimyo himself. She guesses that he just wants to make their stay slightly more comfortable with the better weather which she is thankful for. His kindness to others has always been a trait she has found quite attractive in him, something the Nibi makes sure to rub in whenever she's around.

"I guess so but please refrain from showing off too much. We don't want any of you to show off too much to the competition." From Naruto and Akiko smirk, she can already guess what they're thinking. With the amount of skills the whiskered blond has, it's almost impossible for him to not show off. The way he just got rid of the weather wasn't him showing off but him trying to be nice to Karui.

"Anyway, you guys can go ahead, I've got a few people I want to see while I'm here" said Naruto to takes a left turn.

"Don't think you're going anywhere without me" stated Akiko who walks by his side and links her arm around his free left. While she does this, she inwardly laughs at the glares from Karui and Yugito but they know exactly who she is so it's not like they can do anything else but drill a hole though her skull with their eyes.

It's Yugito who gives up first. "Fine, but don't be gone too long. We need to get some training in before the week ends" told Yugito before she leads the other two to the hotel after she tells the pair which hotel they're going to. She grabs and drags Karui by the shoulder when it looks like she isn't going to follow her.

Shrugging, Naruto heads off to the food district with Akiko on his arm. Was they head to their distination, both ignore the looks of lust and leering stares from the population of both genders.

"If only they knew who they're perverting at" Naruto whispered into Akiko's ear which causes her to giggle a melody tune, a huge difference between a roar from her Demonic form. The irony in it when everyone is staring at the "Demon Brat" as well as the very same Demon that they thought Naruto to be.

A few moments later, he sees a ramen stand that is owned by the few people he knows who treat him like a human being. He's white relieved and even sighs when he sees that it isn't closed like many other businesses that he rememebers but like the other stores, he can see that the onslaught of rain and lack of trading has weathered the stand a bit.

Pushing through the entrance flaps, Naruto smiles as his eyes gaze into everything. While everything outside looks different, he's happy to see that the stand still has the same homey feeling to it. Nobody else is in the stand except for Teuchi who has his back turn to them and is stirring a pot at what Naruto guesses to be ramen noodles.

"Welcome to Ichiraku Ramen, what can I get for you today?" drawled out Teuchi who hears the flaps move but doesn't turn away from stirring the noodles.

"How about a bowl of miso ramen for your favourite customer?"

Teuchi stiffens and accidentally drops his ladle into the pot of boiling water. He slowly turns around and widens his eyes upon recognizing favourite customer who was unfairly banished from the Village years ago. Not hard to recognize him since he doesn't know a lot of people who have whisker marks on their cheeks. "N-Naruto?"

"Of course, unless you got a new favourite customer while I was gone?" he joked, fondly. Teuchi runs around the counter and brings the blond in a friendly hug and even lifts him up in the air.

"Naruto, my boy! It's so good to see you!"

"Good to see you too" he replied with a laugh as he pats the man on his back. Akiko takes a seat on a stool at the counter and watches the reunion in amusement.

Teuchi drops the blond back onto his feet and places his hand beside his mouth. "Ayame! Come out here! I have someone you need to meet" he yelled into the back of the stand.

"Whoever it is, can't they wait? I still have a lot of dishes to clean" said Ayame while she walks out from the back of the stand but stops when her eyes look into a pair of dazzling blue eyes that she finds herself lost into.

"Dishes are more important than me? That hurts Ayame, that hurts" said Naruto with a pout.

Shaking herself out of her stupor, she takes in the man's full appearance and soon comes into realization like her father. "Naruto?"

"In the flesh."

"Naruto!" she yelled and jumps over the counter to bring him into a hug. A few moments later, they separate and Ayame has to wipe away a tear from her eyes.

"It's good to have you back my boy" said Teuchi who gives Naruto a hard pack on the back which he barely feels. "But I guess you're a boy no more" he said, referring to Naruto's height and tone physique.

"I'll say" added Akiko, earning a playful glare at Naruto and the attention of the Ichirakus.

"Sorry about that, I got too excited for my own good" awkwardly said Teuchi who scratches the back of his neck.

"It's fine, I didn't want to ruin the sappy reunion." Ayame giggles and Teuchi laughs away before the Ichirakus go behind the counter and Naruto takes a seat beside Akiko.

"I don't recognize you. You here for the Jonin Exams?" asked Ayame who believes that she would recognize a beauty like her if she lived in the Village. In fact, she's starting to feel quite insecure from the woman's beauty.

"Nope, but I am here to watch my husband dominate the competition" she said while pecking Naruto on the cheek, making it quite obvious who she means.

"Husband!?" gasped out Ayame who places her hands to her mouth in shock.

To further prove her statement, Akiko pushes out her right hand which has a golden ring on her finger with a shiny diamond glistening from the lights. Ayame shrieks and takes Akiko's hand to get a closer look of the ring, unknowingly holding the same hand of the most powerful Demon in the world.

"Hahaha! Gone a few years and already married. With such a beaut if I may add" laughed Teuchi while he slams his palm on Naruto's shoulder and is radiating what seems like pride. "As a celebration, the ramen is on the house" he said while making sure to use his "Don't argue with me" tone.

"Thanks. It'll be nice to have a bowl from the best ramen chef in the world."

"Damn straight and don't you forget it!" The cook looks down into his pot of boiling water and goes to drain it so he can get the ladle out.

A whistle takes his attention away as he turns around and sees Naruto lean against the counter with a cool and dry ladle in his hand. "Looking for this?"

"How did you..." murmured Teuchi but shakes his head. "Never mind, I'll never understand you and your Ninja tricks" he said, thanking the blond for the ladle.

"It isn't Ninja tricks but he doesn't know that" thought Akiko with a smirk.

"I'm sorry but I didn't ask for your name" apologized Ayame after she spends five minutes admiring the large rock on her ring.

Akiko thinks about just transforming into her Demon form but she knows that Naruto won't be too happy if she did that so she relents and says "Akiko."

"So~, when was the wedding and where was my invitation?" Ayame asked with a dangerous glint in her eyes which stares at Naruto who is ignoring the dangerous aura around the Civilian woman.

"Ayame! I need some help back here!" called out Teuchi in the back of the stand.

"Coming!" yelled Ayame and heads back but not before giving Naruto the "This isn't over look".

"I like her, for a weak human anyway. She's got a mean look on her" complimented Akiko with the same mischievous smirk on her face.

While they wait for the ramen, both husband and wife make idle chit-chat. Behind them, an ANBU with a bird mask appears in a poof of smoke and walks into the stand.

"Naruto Uzumaki, you have been called by the Council of Leaf and Hokage to attend an emergency meeting" he said but the former Jinchuriki and Demoness ignore the intrusion and continue to talk with each other. "I've been ordered to use force if need be so come along quie-" He grabs a hold of Naruto's shoulder but he suddenly vanishes from sight upon touching Naruto.

Ayame walks back into the front of the stand with a steaming bowl of miso ramen and looks around in confusion. "Was there not someone else here?" she asked since she was sure that she heard the flaps and someone else's voice.

"Nope" Naruto answered with a simple carefree smirk.

"Strange, I guess I must be hearing things" she thought before placing the bowl in front of Naruto. "Now tell me, how did you two meet?"

( Council Chambers )

Tsunade nervously taps her finger against the head table in the Council Chambers. At her right side are the five members of the Civilian Council and to her left are the Clan Heads with Sasuke Uchiha sitting at the end of the line in the Uchiha Clan seat since he became the Clan Head after turning eighteen. Something in which Tsunade isn't too happy about since he is literally whoring himself out with any fan girls who are willing to let him into their pants. Sakura Haruno being one of them. Thankfully, there hasn't been any pregnancies since she can already guess what sort of father he'll be. Not like Fugaku was any good of a father either.

She shakes away the thoughts of the arrogant Uchiha to brings herself back into the current scenario. Beside her, she can feel the nervousness off of the Elders, except for Danzo of course. Behind her and leaning against the wall with his arms folded is Jiraiya who is looking almost as nervous as she is.

The reason for the tense atmosphere is because their former Jinchuriki has just arrived back into the Village with a group of Cloud Nin which they are hoping is just a coincidence. While the Clan Heads and Civilian Council are up for the idea of enlisting Naruto back into the Ninja Corps so they can hopefully get back their alliance and trading contracts with the other countries, Tsunade, Jiraiya and Elders are more worried about something else.

That something being Naruto's parentage which he seems to know about due to the Chunin having written down his full name at the Village's entrance. Minato Namikaze is Naruto's hero so finding out that he is the son of the Yellow Flash might either make the Jinchuriki very happy or very, very angry. What they really want to know is how does he know and who told him since that information is a S-Rank secret that promises death of execution if someone were to let that information out. After all, Minato had a lot of enemies during the Third Shinobi War and if Rock knew that Naruto was his son, they would attacked Leaf as a form of revenge against the deceased Hokage.

Tsunade thinks of what to say to Naruto after not seeing him for so long. Hell, she didn't even say goodbye to him when he left the Village. She just went straight to he office and drank away her troubles like she normally does. What's she going to say to him for that?

Before she can think deeply onto the matter, the ANBU they sent out to pick up Naruto just suddenly appeared in the middle of the chamber with his hand outstretched.

"-ly" said Bird but jerks his hand back when he realizes that he isn't in the ramen stand anymore and now in front of his superiors.

"What is the meaning if this?" one of the Elders, Homura demanded as he stands up from his seat. From the way Bird just appeared, it was similar to that of Minato's Hiraishin and he knows for definite that Bird doesn't know that Jutsu.

Bird drops down to his knees and salutes. "I-I apologize sir. I found Naruto Uzumaki and was going to bring him in like I have been ordered but upon touching him, I found myself here" he admitted.

"What does that mean? Does Naruto know the Hiraishin?" whispered Inoichi into Shikaku's ear. Bird's entrance was most definite instant teleportation and the only Jutsu that can do that is Hiraishin, a Jutsu that has been lost since the death of Minato.

"Impossible. Naruto would need access to the Uzumaki/Namikaze Clan compound and he hasn't come back since today" stated the Nara with a shake of his head. "Besides, the Hiraishin can't teleport separate people and he would need to have the Hiriashin Seal in this room to teleport Bird here."

"No matter, we need to reinstate the Kyūbi Jinchuriki if we have any hope to earn our forms allies trust again" said the second Elder, Koharu with a light scowl that further shows her wrinkles.

"Where was the Jinchuriki's last location?" Danzo asked the ANBU.

"Ichiraku Ramen."

( Ichiraku Ramen )

"Don't forget my proposition" said Naruto before he and Akiko leave the stand to let the father and daughter think about his offer. The last hour has been spent with him telling his own version of how he met Akiko and how he came to he apart of Cloud. Of course, he didn't think to mention Akiko's true identity or a certain library he found and emptied years ago since that kind of information could them killed if certain individuals find out that he told them.

What he did tell them is that he has several more lovers which got humorous wife Ayame could only gape and Teuchi cries tears of pride.

"We won't" said Teuchi as he waves off the pair.

"So~, how about a spar while we're here?" asked Akiko with a challenging grin.

"Oh? Trying to catch up with my score are you?" Naruto chuckles when Akiko pouts cutely and pokes her sharp finger into his side. With her enhance strength, her finger would usually pierce through a human's flesh and bone.

It just tickles Naruto.

"What was the score again? 84 - 67 in my favour if I recall correctly." he said while mockingly taking a thinking pose.

"Do you want to sleep on the couch tonight?"

"I'll be good" he laughed out his reply, enjoying his mess around with his wife. Offering his free arm to her which she takes, Naruto and Akiko head down the road and take a right into a alley. Once they are covered enough in the darkness of the alley, they disappear. Two ANBU jump down in the alley and look around to see if they can find any clues on where the pair have gone.

Miles away, both Naruto and Akiko reappear in the centre of Training Ground 24 and jump away from each other to gain some distance on one another. Naruto spins his staff in his hand before he slams it into the floor and sticks it in place.

"How about we just stick to Taijutsu for now. Don't want the Village to get excited over your Chakra."

"You worry too much" said Akiko, waving off her husband's concern.


"Fine" she sighed. He may be caring enough to even soften herself up but sometimes, it's just annoying.

"Ok then, let's dance!" Naruto exclaimed with a hint of excitement. No more words are said between them.

Instead, both run at each other with speeds a Kage could have trouble keeping up with. To others watching them, they just look like two blurs, one goldfish yellow and the other a blood red. Both throw their right fist at each other and clash. A shock wave cuts through the air as Naruto's fist meets Akiko's. They start to push against each other in order to overpower the other. While neither are backing down, the ground underneath simply can't hold the amount of pressure being pushed against it.

It starts off with spider web cracks underneath their feet before it starts to stretch out until the cracks cover a circle of forty feet around the pair. The floor breaks apart as rocks fly off in different directions in the air.

All the while, Akiko and Naruto keep pushing against eahcother, seemingly ignoring that their fight over the first punch has made a deep crater that they are now in. A few moments later, the pair move in rapid tempo and start to release a barrage of punches and kicks at each other which always gets countered by the exact same move the other uses. When Naruto kicks up high, so does Akiko. When she punches towards his stomach, Naruto counters with the exact same move to her. All the while, each counter causes smaller shock waves to deal move damage to their environment.

The crater they're fighting in gets deeper at the minute and each shock wave pushes against the walls of the crater, widening it even more.

The similar fighting changes when Naruto throws a straight punch that Akiko tilts her head to the side to dodge and grabs onto the offending arm. With a flick of her wrist, Naruto is thrown across the floor of the wide and deep crater which now makes more than half of the Training Ground. The force of the throw is string enough to not only have him bounce off the floor several times but to also find himself thrown underneath the earth before escaping out and landing against the wall of the crater. Said wall, cracks from the force of Naruto's impact as he also finds himself embed into it. Just before he can push himself out, Akiko kicks off the floor from the centre of the crater and drop kicks him in the chest, destroying the wall in the process.

From a birds eye view, the wall of the crater which just leads to the underground of the Training Ground floor explodes as well as a straight skid mark which stops at the nearby river. The river explodes and Naruto and Akiko appear up high in the air with water surrounding their floating forms.

Even from the attack that would have killed anyone else, Naruto looks to be fine, except for a few scratches that are slightly bleeding. Both begin another assault against each other but this time, they are up in the air. The first attack causes a shock wave to blow away the surrounding water and several more shock waves follow. A few seconds later, when the pair is floating up higher than the Hokage Monument but are starting to feel the effects of gravity, Naruto surprises Akiko by forcing his body to spin while twisting his body to his X-axis. Her surprise doesn't last when Nwruto stops his spinning which he uses to drop kick the top of her head.

The force of the spin, Naruto's strength as well as the force of gravity is enough to have Akiko's face meet the floor in under three seconds as well as destroy the floor, as well as the crater they already made. From the Hokage Tower, anyone facing the window can see what seems to be a mushroom cloud made of dust from Training Ground 24.

By the time Naruto's feet touch to uneven floor, he takes in the view of rocks sticking out of the unsalvageable training ground floor, uproot and even soon bisected trees ly dying and it looks like it effects at least a mile in diameter of the surrounding area.

"Maybe we should have held back a little."

"You think?" growled Akiko, poking her head out of the beaten earth. She climbs out and shows that she is barely injured with a few scratches that are already healing, just like Naruto's that have healed already but not from her Chakra. "We may as well go on since the place is trashed already" she said, referring to the mass of destruction they performed from a half hour of fighting in Taijutsu.

"I would but it seems like we have a guest" said Naruto as his eyes turn towards a mass for destroyed trees. He doesn't have to order the intruder out since they jump out and land in front of them. "What do you want, Jiraiya?"

Jiraiya flinches from the bitter tone his godson and former apprentice uses on him. He was already here by the time the fighting started and to say he was impressed would be the truth. With the amount of destruction that happened here, one would think that Lee and Guy fought here while releasing at least six of their Gates. To see Naruto of all people as well as his partner fight with such speed and strength almost terrifies the Sannin but he quickly remembers that he's here for a reason. "Good to see you two again, Naruto" he said in a jovial tone that he hopes will ease the tension in the air.

"I can't seem to say the same to you, what do you want?" Before Jiraiya can answer, he reaches out his hand and to Jiraiya's surprise, Naruto's staff flies out of a pile of wreckage and into his hand. "Well?"

Seeing as he doesn't seem too happy to see him, Jiraiya gets straight down to business. "I'm here to bring you for the Council meeting that you were suppose to show up to."

The way Jiraiya said it like as if he did something wrong didn't sit well with Naruto who's eyes have turn cold. "And I didn't. Where are you going with this?"

"Why didn't you come when you were told to do so?"

"I don't know, maybe it's because I am no longer a registered Leaf Nin so I don't have to follow the orders of anyone here." To further prove his point, he reaches into his poncho and takes out a headband with the Cloud insignia. "And maybe because I am a proud Nin of Cloud."

"You're with Cloud!?" gasped the Sannin who looks at the headband like as if it has a explosive tag on it. Things have gotten a lot more difficult for him.

"And so is my lovely wife."

"Flattery will get you everywhere" said Akiko with a flirtatious smirk. Naruto smirks as well while he places his headband into his poncho, although it doesn't look like it has any pockets to hold the headband.

Taking his attention away from Naruto since he arrived, he takes in the full appearance of Akiko. Everything from her large breasts that are threatening to pop out of her kimono and her curvy hips that look so alluring to him are scanned by his eyes, taking in every last detail of her. Without so much as a thought, he giggles away and takes out a open and notepad from his weapon pouch and starts to write in the details of the woman for his next Icha Icha book. He stops writing and opens his mouth to ask an inappropriate question but the question doesn't get out because he faster than he can think, an extraordinary amount of weight fell on his shoulders which causes him to collapse face first into the dirt floor.

"W-What's g-going on?" thought the groaning Toad Sannin who tries to push off the weight and gets up on his hands and knees. He turns his head to see that there's nothing on him, even though he can still feel like as if a boulder is on his back. He pumps Chakra into his arms and legs to help him up which help for a bit until the weight doubles down on him and he falls back on his stomach with even more painful weight.

"Were you actually thinking of putting my wife on that smut you call a book?" asked a not so happy Naruto who knows of Jiraiya's love on placing women in his books and the idea of other men reading up about his wife does not sit well with him. Flashes of memories of his past begin to resurface and none of them are good ones. Images of Jiraiya pushing him off a canyon to use Akiko's Chakra which he has never used before and when Jiraiya stole his limited and hard earned money to spend in brothels flash before his eyes, causing his temper to rise ever more slightly.

Pumping Chakra to the max through his body, Jiraiya barely lifts his head up to look up at Naruto and the woman since eye guesses that one of them is doing something to him. He immediately recognizes the one at fault but regrets finding out.

From his down position, Naruto's spikey blond locks shadow his eyes but instead, he can see two white glowing dots that have a menacing shine to them. Beside him, the woman has a bloodthirsty smirk and looks to be wishing for him to kick the bucket any minute now.

The notepad still in his left hand erupts his flames and burns his hand in the process. Jiriaya hisses his pain but can't do anything about the third degree burns since gravity doesn't seem to be liking him at the moment.

"Remember this pervert, I'm no longer the same naive fool everyone could bully. Any action towards me or anyone in my group will be met with extreme consequences" echoes Naruto's voice all over the destroyed training ground. Knowing that he got his message across, he wraps his free arm around his blushing and smirking wife before they both vanish.

The moment the blond leaves, Jiraiya feels the invisible didn't disappear and uses his new found freedom to take in breaths of fresh air as it was hard to breadth with so much weight on him. He pushes himself back onto his feet but almost falls in his ass. With so much weight before, he has forgotten now light he really is. After finally getting a grip with himself, he looks around the destroyed field but finds so sign of his godson.

The godson he promised to take care if something were to happen to Minato and Kushina.

Thoughts of guilt and wonder of how his godson got so powerful fill his mind as he leaves in a poof of smoke to report back his findings to Tsunade and the rest of the Council.

( Next Day - Grand Leaf Hotel )

Grand Leaf Hotel. Leaf's most prosperous hotel as well as one of the view that are still open for business. The only thing keeping it afloat now is its great service and five star rating and it looks like it's going to be open for a good while because all of their rooms are filled with the new coming Shinobi and Kunoichi who are hoping for the chance on becoming Jonin.

One room in particular is better than the others in the eight storey building. The hotel suite situates on the top floor of the hotel and is set up with enough luxury to impress a Daimyo. Snow white intricate wallpaper cover the walls, soft light blue carpet cover the floor, a fully stock bar on the right side of the large room, two bathrooms and a large window that shows a great view of the Village.

It also has a large queen-size bed that currently has four naked occupants who are all drenched in sweat and other liquids.

"We've... *pant* ... to try that... *pant*... again" panted an exhausted Yugito who snuggles up to the right side of her boyfriend.

"How about tonight then?" joked Akiko who is more content than exhausted. Her red fox years twitch and her nine tails lay sprawled over the bed and floor behind her. Being a thousand year old Demoness with enough power to shatter mountains with a single swing of her tail, she has a lot more stamina than Yugito can even comprehend.

Kurai would have said something I'd it wasn't for the fact that she's still sleeping on top of Naruto's naked chest while still being 'attached' to him, hip-to-hip.

"Sorry about that, after seeing Jiraiya after so long, I had to relieve some stress" apologized the former Jinchuriki with a chuckle.

"And relieve it you did" sighed Akiko in bliss, squeezing Naruto's left arm deeper into her large breasts.

"Well we should get up. Jonin Exams are in six days and I want you and the others to be prepared for everything" told Yugito as she pushed herself out of the bed and walks towards one of the two bathrooms for a shower. A noticeable limp interrupts her steps and fills Naruto's heart with a sense of pride that he isn't ashamed to show from the grin he has while watching her naked form disappear behind the door.

With a sigh, he gets up himself, much to Karui's displeasure who slowly wakes up to the feeling of her bed moving as well as Naruto pulling himself out of herself. Akiko pouts at losing her source of heat and to make it worse, she loses her show when a silver glow surrounds Naruto and in flash of silver, his training clothes appears on him. He's training clothes consists of black sweatpants, black sandals, Hashirama's necklace and a orange skin-tight sleeveless shirt. His long free hair is now back into a long braid.

"Don't go~, I want my cuddle toy back" moaned Akiko is disappointment, sounding a lot like a spoilt child in everyone's ears.

"Yugito is technically leader and you know I can't disobey her orders. No matter how pointless they are." He ignores the shout from the bathroom which is obviously from Yugito in the shower.

"Fine..., but we're finishing off that right from yesterday, no complaints."

"Fair enough."

Akiko grins and gets up from the bed and stretches out the kinks from earlier night's activities. She smirks amusingly at Naruto who's eyes are watching every motion her naked body makes. She can almost feel his eyes hungering for her. With a click of her fingers, flames erupt from her feet and envelop her. They disperse to show a now clean and disguised Akiko who is wearing the same clothes from yesterday.

"Shows over" she purred as Naruto frowns in disappointment. She walks away towards the kitchen with an extra sway of her hips, catching Naruto's eye all the way until she turns from the door but not before winking at him one more time.

"My Kami, I love that vixen" he whispered with a grin before he follows the Demoness to the kitchen to start breakfast.

Karui covers herself in the blanket and falls back to sleep.

( Five Days Later )

Six days have pass since Naruto's group have arrived in his former Village and so far, the time has been spent with Yugito and Naruto training Karui and Omoi, Akiko lazing about and them ignoring the ANBU who continue to try and get Naruto to a meeting. They can't take a message, even after he brought back their seventh messenger who got a broken arm and leg for trying to be too forceful with Naruto. Last night, the Council sent an entire squad of ANBU to take Naruto in by force.

Those ANBU are now no longer able to continue their careers as Nin.

At the moment, Naruto is hanging out at Ichirakus and Yugito is training Omoi and Karui again so Akiko decided to walk around the shopping district in the hopes to ease her boredom.

Everywhere, men of all ages are staring at her with lustful gazes while some women are glaring at her for taking their men's attention away or because of the beauty she has that none of them can possess. While the lustful looks may flatter or even piss off other women, it means nothing to the Nine Tails. Why should she care about what the pigs think of her body when she knows that none of them will ever have her body for themselves. That right belongs to her husband after all.

With nothing in sight that may interest her, she decides to take go into the nearby coffee shop. Once stepping inside the building, all heads turn towards her direction but she ignores them and takes the booth in the corner of the shop that has a window view of everyone walking by. A waitress walks by and takes her order of black coffee before she looks out of the window to try and see something that looks remotely interesting.

An answer comes when the door opens and in walks a small group of one male and five females. The male is in front of the group with his arms around the shoulders of two of the women while the others follow him like lost puppies.

Akiko cocks a brow in amusement as Sasuke Uchiha who has the same smug smirk she remembers him to have walks in and seeing Sakura being in one of his arms further increases her amusement.

"Humans have gotten shallow so shallow lately. How pitiful" thought Akiko with a smirk that shows off a fang. The waitress walks back and places her order in front of her with the check. Never having coffee before, she takes a sniff of it to only scrunch her nose in discomfort of the smell. "Better taste better than it smells." She takes a small sip and frowns thoughtfully.

"Meh, I've had better."

Having gotten too deep into her thoughts, she doesn't notice Sasuke's entourage walk towards her until one of the women suddenly shouts at her.

"Oi, tramp! Get out of Sasuke's booth!"

"What was that?" Akiko asked while doing her best to keep her temper in check. It would not end well if she suddenly started using her Chakra in the middle of the Leaf. She has full confidence that she could destroy the Village if she wanted to now that Minato is dead but it would just end with a headache from A, Naruto and her siblings.

Before the woman could retort, Sasuke calms her down by placing a hand on her shoulder. "There's no need for arguing. It's a big booth so I'm sure that we can share" said the last loyal Uchiha who throws Akiko a look she recognizes immediately. It's the same look that all the other males in the pigsty of a Village have been giving to her since she arrived.

"Whatever, I'm finished here anyway" she said. Taking her cup, she chugs down the rest of her beverage, places the money on the table and gets up to walk out. She walks by Sasuke and his entourage but is stopped when a hand grabs her shoulder. "Take it off or I'll break it off" she threatened, glancing at the appendage with disdain. While she doesn't like being touched unless she's friendly enough with them, she despises an Uchiha's touch more than ever.

"You must be new here since you don't seem to know me so I'll forgive you for that" he placated and wraps an arm around her shoulder in what looks to be a friendly manner. The imahenis mistaken because his other arm is going towards her chest with his hand open to cop a feel of one of her large breasts.

He never got close to touching one because faster than he or anyone else in the shop can manage to see, Akiko swiftly grabs his arm that's about to cop a feel and snaps his wrist. Before the pain can reach Sasuke's brain, she grabs the arm that's around her shoulder and turns it behind his back in an angle which she pushes more into the angle and successfully dislocates his arm from his shoulder. She pulls back her left arm and palm thrusts his back which throws him through the shop window and onto the street while a satisfying crunch can be heard from where his ribs are.

"Sasuke!" screamed and screeched his entourage who all run outside to aid the Uchiha who is finally noticing the amount of pain he's in. As people make their way to help then yelling and cursing Uchiha, nobody notices the smug redhead who walks away from the crowds with an extra swing to her steps.

( One Hour Later - Training Ground 47 )


The earth shakes underneath everyone's feet in the training ground from Naruto's loud shout but they know that it isn't the shout that's causing the miniature earthquake but the flux of Chakra that is threatening the destroy the training ground, something they don't want because they've been banned from using other training grounds since they trashed the last three from spars.

"Took all my self control to not burn his skinny white ass to a crisp" said the Demoness with a scowl. Usually, she would have killed him with no hesitation but doing so would get them banned and probably have the Village bitch to them. The last thing they want is for them to get banned from the Jonin Exams since they want to send a message to Leaf.

You've fucked up.

"He'll get what's coming for him soon enough. Let's just head back to the hotel and see what everyone else is doing" Naruto growled.

( Next Day - Forest of Death )

"Welcome to your death sentence maggots!" exclaimed the examiner for the first part of the Jonin Exams who so happens to be Anko Mitarashi. She's standing on a small stand as sixty Chunins stand at attention to hear what she has to say. "Behind me is the Forest of Death, your home for the next week." She reaches into her trench coat and takes out a scroll with gold lining. "In my hand is a Heaven Scroll, your ticket to the second round of the Exams. Thirty of these have been given to the animals in the forest and your mission is to get one and make it to the centre of he forest. Just so you know, the animals are a lot bigger than you might think they are" she finished with a bloodthirsty grin that unnerves quite a few of the Jonin hopefuls. To make he point across, a loud roar can be heard from inside the forest.

Near the back of the group is Naruto with his friend and girlfriend, Omoi and Karui and neither are disturbed from Anko's sadistic look. Akiko is with Yugito since she isn't a Kunoichi of Cloud and technically a Civilian. Doesn't make her any less dangerous though.

Naruto's eyes glance to his left where he sees another group of hopeful Jonin's who are glancing at himself with different emotions. Worry, fear and anger being the main three emotions displayed on their faces.

Choji keeps nervously glancing at his direction while munching away on a bag of potato chips.

Hinata and Ino don't seem to know what to think as they're contemplating on if they should apologize, blush or in Ino's opinion, ignore him.

Kiba is the most hostile as he is glaring daggers at the blond, like as if he'll combust into flames if he does it just right. The way he continues to flex his hands gives Naruto an impression that he really wants to punch him. His enchance hearing can pick up a few whispering curses being directed his way. "Demon... monster... uckin beast.."

His past self would have been concerned for his 'friend' but now, he doesn't care. He can already guess that it was his mother who passed her hate onto her son since she never was kind to him in his childhood.

Anko's smirk drops when she catches sight of the bored looking Jinchuriki that use to live in Leaf. She's gotta admit that he changed quite a lot and for the better but it seems like he still has that arrogance that she remembers all those years ago. "Lady Hokage did tell me to watch him but she didn't say anything about messing with him."

With a flick of her wrist, a kunai flies at Naruto to cut his cheek like she did last time. She tenses to run up behind him before he can blink but widens her eyes when she feels someone place an arm around her shoulder.

"I think you dropped this" said Naruto, blankly from beside her as he holds up the same kunai she threw at him.

A lot of the Chunins, Anko and the other examiners look at the blond in awe and confusion since they didn't see how he made it behind the examiner until he put his arm around her. At the back if the group of Chunins, Kurai folds her arms and grins while Omoi is worrying over how much attention they'll get now after Naruto's actions.

Being the first to get out of her stupor, she takes the offered kunai and slowly places it back into her pouch. "T-Thanks" is all can say as she isn't sure what she saw was actually real. She didn't take her eyes off of him at all and before she got to go into action, he simply disappeared with no warning whatsoever.

"No problem." He falls from the stand and makes his way through the crowd that split apart of give him plenty for space.

"Anyway... let's get back to challenge."

After explaining that there's no rules on stealing other peoples scrolls, she tells everyone to follow an examiner to their starting point. Five minutes later and a green flare rises in the air, signifying the start of the Jonin Exams.

As everyone runs into the forest to find a scroll, Naruto calmly walks through the forest floor which is usually a death sentence because of the many large and deadly creatures that lie at the bottom of the forest floor.

He stops and turns to his right when he hears a loud growl from from a thirty foot bear that is looking down at himself with a hungry look in its eyes as well as drool spilling out of its mouth. With no warning, the bear charges at the former Jinchuriki with the intention to eat him.

However, Naruto throws a lunch with his free arm and it grows in length and size and by the time it connects with the bear's face, his fist is around the same size as its skull. The bear's head twists to the left from the force of the punch while spittle and a tooth fly out of its mouth. The bear hits a large tree and falls into unconsciousness from Naruto's single punch.

"That was pretty easy" he muttered to himself as he returns his arm to its right side. His sharp eyes catch sight of a golden scroll that he can see wrapped around the animal's neck and with a click of his fingers, the scroll disappears and reappears just over his hand which he grabs. "Now then, do I stay and look for others or head back?" he wondered to himself as he places his scroll underneath his poncho Before he can decide on what to do, eight blurs surround him and shows that the blurs are ANBU with blank white masks.

"Naruto Uzumaki, by orders, you are to come with us. If not, we have been ordered to bring you in by force" told the leader of the blank ANBU who unsheathes her tanto as the others pull out their own weapons.

Immediately, Naruto figures out that the ANBU aren't normal ANBU because of their blank masks as well as their monotone voices. Not even bothering to answer them, he raises his free hand into a half ram hand sign and smirks.

The ANBU see that as an act of aggression so they all charge to take him down. All of a sudden, they feel the ground underneath shake uncontrollably which forces them to stop running so they can use their Chakra to hold themselves down to the floor.

And then, everything went white.

( Hokage's Office )

"Is there anyway we can convince yoiu otherwise?" pleaded Tsunade in desperation. Standing behind the Hokage is Jiraiya with a frown and sitting in front of her desk is Yugito who does not look happy at the moment.

"I told you once and I'll tell you again, if Naruto doesn't want to speak with you than he won't. "It's as simple as that."

"I'm his godfather, I have a right to speak with him" told Jiraiya but a cold glare from Yugito stops him in his tracks.

"And a fine godfather you are" she remarked, sarcastically. Being with Naruto for two years, she has learnt how much Jiraiya did his role as Naruto's godfather. "Abandoning him at birth to only come back thirteen years later to train him in one Jutsu isn't what one would call caring."

"I had to spy for the Village. I couldn't do that while minding a child" he remarked with a glare.

"Yet you couldn't visit him once? Not even tell him that he has some sort of family in a world that wants him dead?" The more she spoke, the deeper Jiraiya flinches are. "To make it worst, even though you are wealthy from selling your Icha Icha Paradise books, you stole Naruto's limited funds to spend it all on brothels. Did it make you feel good to steal from a poor orphan?"

That seems to have done it as Jiraiya looks almost ready to attack Yugito but a cold glare from Tsunade stops him from doing anything. "We'll talk about this later" she said in a cold tone. It's the first time she heard of that and notes to have a long talk with her fellow Sannin about about other secrets he might be hiding from her. Jiraiya relents but throws one last glare at Yugito before he walks towards the open window to jump out of.

Wanting to get one more remark in, Yugito says "How's the hand?"

Jiraiya tenses as he unknowingly holds his bandaged hand, the same one that his godson burnt a week ago. He spoke no words and jumps out of the room.

Yugito sighs when Tsunade starts insisting even more to have herself get Naruto to meet with her. It has been going on for an hour and right now, she's just getting sick and tired of it. She knows about Tsunade as well and while she isn't as bad as her fellow Sannin, there is still the fact that she has an alcoholic problem as well as a violent hot streak that she regularly used on Naruto whenever he mistakenly says or does something wrong. There's also the reason how she did next to nothing about the banishment of Naruto, even though she has been constantly saying how she cares for him. She guesses that she should probably thank her since if she tried to stop the banishment, she wouldn't have met him and they wouldn't be living contentedly in Cloud.

"To think that the Sannin have all gone so low" she thought in disappointment. The three people who fought evenly with Hanzo the Salamander have all become disgraces in their own ways. One is a proud pervert who likes to peek on women in hot springs whenever he gets the chance, the second is a cruel and sadistic Missing Nin while the other is an alcoholic disgrace of a Senju.

Before Tsunade can insist even more, a tremor shakes the room and a cabinet falls while dusts falls from the ceiling. "What's going on?" wondered Tsunade who sticks her feet to the floor with Chakra, just like Yugito. She turns around to look out the window but to only gape at the sight of a massive pillar of white light that she guesses is coming from the Forest of Death.

She doesn't notice the Cloud Kunoichi smirk knowingly behind her.

For a five mile radius around Naruto, everything from the ANBU, large trees, vibrant forestry and even the unconscious bear have all disappeared and have been replaced with a blank wasteland of smooth but death soil. The only form of evidence of them being there is the bits of dust blowing in the wind.

"Now, I wait."

he thought as he sits on the floor and crosses his legs while he places his staff on his lap. With the amount of destruction he just made, three types of people will come to find the source of the destruction.

ANBU reinforcements.

Arrogant contestants.

Idiotic contestants.

And from who he can sense is running towards his direction, the incoming group are a mix ofof the last two.

( Forest of Death )

Naruto's Magical Skills:

Air Magic

Arc of Embodiment

Arc of Time


Black Magic

Crash Magic

Darkness Magic

Disassembly Magic

Doll Magic

Earth Magic

Enchantment Magic

Eye Magic

Fairy Magic

Figure Eyes

Flame God Slayer Magic

Flame Manipulation Magic

Giant Magic

Gravity Magic

Great Tree Arc Magic

Hair Magic

Heaven's Eye Magic

Heavenly Body Magic

Ice Magic

Illusion Magic

Iron-Make Magic

Jutsu Shiki

Light Magic

Lightning God Slayer Magic

Mass Manipulation Magic

Mirror Magic

Nullification Magic

Phasing Magic

Reflector Magic

Requip Magic

Rupture Magic

Sand Magic

Shade Magic

Shadow Magic

Shikigami Magic

Sky God Slayer Magic

Sleep Magic

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Snow Magic

Solid Script

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Stone Eyes

Storm Magic



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