( Cave - Unknown Location )

Standing in a circle in a dark cave are several holograms of Missing Nin who are all known members of the Akatsuki.

"Zetsu has informed me that the Raikage is returning to his Village along with the Two and Nine Tails Jinchuriki. They should arrive within a week" informed the leader of Akatsuki who goes by he name, Pain. The most noticeable feature about him are his eyes which are purple with several rings surrounding his pupils. "How long until the capture of the Eight Tails?" he asked as he looks over at the holograms of two of his more powerful subordinates.

"We've got him cornered at a canyon several miles away from any sort of civilization. We'll have him in a day or two, depending if Samehada wants to play with her food" said Kisame Hoshigaki with a toothy grin. He can smell the blood in the water and now, he's on the glorious hunt.

"I don't care for your fanatics, Kisame just get the job done. We can't afford having the Raikage intervene before the Eight Tails is captured" warned Pain while he narrows his eyes dangerously at the swordsman.

"Don't worry. We'll get the Bijū as fast as we can" said Itachi Uchiha with a nod. The last thing he wants is for his partner to bring upon the ire of their leader. True, he has never fought against the self proclaimed god but those eyes of his never fail to cause a shiver to go up his spine.

"Good" said Pain with a nod before he looks over at the other holograms. "What's the situation with the Five Tails?"

"Already got him settled in. Just waiting for all of you to help with the extraction" said Kakuzu with his arms folded.

"HAHAHAHAHA! He'll make a great sacrifice for Lord Jashin!" exclaimed Kakuzu's partner, Hidan who laughs merrily at the thought of sacrificing the Jinchuriki to his god.

"Very well. We'll begin once Itachi and Kisame have the Eight Tails in custody. Afterwards, you two will be sent to retrieve the Two Tails." He gazes over at the "Artists" of his group. "Sasori, where are you with the One Tails?"

"Deidara and I are nearing the outskirts of the Sand Village. We should have the Kazekage within the end of the week if everything goes well" said the hunched-over figure.

"All our plans are finally coming to fruition and soon, the world will know true peace" stated Pain with a confident smirk. "Now go and complete your tasks."

After several brief nods, the holograms disappear, leaving only the hologram of Pain and his partner, Konan. Suddenly, a third hologram appears, showing a man wearing the robes of Akatsuki as well as a orange swirl mask.

"Madara" muttered Pain.

"You don't sound too happy to see me" replied the masked man with a carefree shrug.

"I'm not."


"What do you want?" asked Pain, wanting the Uchiha gone already but he knows that he only makes an appearance whenever something catches his interest.

"I'm here to talk about the Nine Tails JinchurikI" said Madara while he folds his arms togethor. "Who are you sending to capture him?"

Pain narrows his eyes at the Uchiha, wondering why he has such a sudden interest on the Jinchuriki who he remembers to have barely any skill other than the Shadow Clone Jutsu and the Rasengan. "I believe Itachi and Kisame are the best to subdue him. Itachi's Sharingan can subdue the Demon while Kisame's sword can absorb any excess Chakra he may have" he explained.

Madara hums and seems to consider it, causing Pain and Konan to frown. "You clearly know something that we don't so why don't you just tell us" said Konan in frustration over the Uchiha. She has no trust for the Uchiha who she believes is hiding something from them but she can't prove it due to him being rather elusive.

Madara hums an extra minute before looking back over to the two. "I had Zetsu spy on the Jinchuriki while they were in Leaf for the Jonin Exams. What he told me has me... troubled."

Now this catches their attention since for once, Madara Uchiha doesn't look or sound as confident as he usually is. Quite startling in their opinion.

"What happened?" asked Konan, raising a delicate brow.

"The Kyūbi Jinchuriki has displayed several frightening feats during the Exam. One I want to mention being weather manipulation" said Madara.

"Weather manipulation?" gasped Konan is disbelief.

"Impossible" dismissed Pain since he knows perfectly well that nobody can control the weather. He tried many times to get rid of the rain in his country so in his opinion, if a "God" can't control the weather, nobody can.

"Afraid it's true. However, what has me surprised is his Chakra levels. They're too large for even a Jinchuriki. He might even surpass Kisame in that department" explained Madara with a shrug.

"You don't look too worried" said Konan, suspiciously.

"Why should I? Just send two teams his way and they should be able to immobilize him" replied Madara with what she can guess is a smug smirk underneath his annoying mask.

"You don't honestly believe that he's that strong?" Pain had to ask. Few years ago, he got Zetsu to bring back everything on the Kyūbi Jinchuriki. Nothing special about him other than his only two high rank Jutsus which he can easily defend against. True, the Jinchuriki did disappear from the face of the earth for several years but it's impossible for someone to suddenly become that powerful after spending years as the weakest link in their academy. It took the Jinchuriki three years to pass and from what information Zetsu brought back, it's mostly because of luck.

"I don't believe it but it's better to be safe than sorry, no?"

Pain narrows his Rinnegan at the Uchiha and after a few moments of thinking, he nods his head in agreement. "Very well, I'll have Hidan and Kakuzu sent out with Itachi and Kisame after they've captured the Nibi Jinchuriki."

"Good. Was that so hard?" Madara's hologram suddenly disconnects, leaving the lone holograms of Pain and Konan to stew in his condescending tone.

"I still don't like him" Konan commented.

"Neither do I."

( Konoha - ROOT Headquarters )

"We can't just let him go like that! He's an important asset to the Village" exclaimed the Leaf Elder, Homura who slams his fist against the top of Danzo's desk. Koharu frowns in distaste of the recent developments of the Leaf Village while Danzo merely sits on his chair with his usual stoic expression.

"We all know what we saw, heck, we know what we all felt! That child has gotten powerful and we can't have him in Cloud as our enemy, especially now that he knows of his heritage!"

"And we won't" responded Danzo as he raises his hand to halt his fellow elder from continuing his rant. "While we may have banished the Jinchuriki, the Bijū is still the property of Leaf."

"What do you propose we do?" asked Koharu.

"We wait and bide our time" replied Danzo as he lightly slams his staff down to stop Homura from arguing. "I will send my ROOT to Cloud and in time, they'll capture him when he is most vulnerable."

"What of the Hokage? If she finds out about this, she'll ring us all up" asked Homura with a bit of sweat dripping off his brow.

Danzo doesn't look bothered by the thought of the Slug Sannin finding out about his exploits. After all, he has been doing underground dealings for years so why would he be found out now? "By the time she finds out, we'll already have our weapon." For once, he let's his emotions slip and gives off a hint of a smirk. With the powerful Jinchuriki under his control, Leaf as well as the rest of the Elemental Nations will fall under his rule.

( Lightning Country - Twenty Miles from Kumo )

"Wonder if Bee has a new rap ready for ya" said Naruto with a knowing grin as he eyes the Raikage who glares at him from over his shoulder. Everyone knows of A's distaste for his brother's pathetic raps and everyone also knows that Naruto enjoys teasing the Kage who will most likely be forced to listen to the raps. "We all know how much you enjoy them."

"You're seriously asking for a Lariat to the face, aren't you?" asked A while he tense up his muscles. Sparks fly between A and Naruto as they patiently wait for who makes the first move. Walking behind the two, Omoi, Karui and Yugito all gulp and sweat in fear of A's infamous temper going off again. The last incident when Naruto purposely pissed off A was a month ago and in the aftermath, two streets were destroyed along with a small mountain which suffered the wrath of one of A's S-Rank Lightning Jutsu which he missed. Luckily nobody was injured but the assailants both suffered.

A got an excess in paperwork by his assistant, Mabui.

And Naruto got a case of blue balls from his lovers.

"Looks like they'll need another lesson" thought Yugito who makes sure to mention the incoming incident to the rest of their "Family". A nod from Karui and an amused Akiko and she knows that she already has two on her side.

No words are spoken as in a split second, A's Lightning Armour surrounds him and he disappears and reappears to Naruto's left side, his fist already aiming to the blond's temple. Due to his immense speed, it looks like he instantly teleported so nobody should be able to see his movements. Akiko herself can barely follow his speed with her eyes.

And yet, he still can't hit Naruto.

In Naruto's vision, everything starts to slow down for him. He can actually see A's slowly moving fist which is slowly making its way to his temple. Looking over his shoulder, he notices that everyone looks to have stopped and are barely moving except for the slight slow movement of their brows and hands.

He is quite thankful for all the knowledge about the Unison Raid technique that was in quite a few books. While it is suppose to be the combination of two separate Spells from two different Mages, he took it to a new level and after months of having his Chakra blow up in his face, he finally found the way to combine two of his many Spells togethor, although it takes almost triple the usual amount of Chakra and he can only keep it up for a whole minute before the Spells weaken and break.

That is what he's doing now as he is combining both his Speed Magic and Slowing Magic. With his Speed Magic, his movements become a hundred times quicker which makes him seem like a white blur to most trained eyes while others won't even see him. His Slowing Magic forms an unseen dome within a mile radius of himself. Within the invisible dome, everyone's sense of time decreases significantly except for his own. In other words, they move much slower while in their perspective, Naruto moves much faster.

When he uses both Magic at the exact same time, the general effect is that time slows to a slow stop while he can move freely, well as long as his enemy is in his Slowing Magic range but even then, very few can keep up with his Speed Magic with A, Akiko and another one of his wives being the ones who can. The only ones to know about the combo are his lovers and the Raikage himself since he is too stubborn to admit that Naruto can beat his speed easily. He never told Killer Bee or any of his other friends because he can honestly trust his lovers to never speak of it. If word got out that he can stop use something similar to stopping time, a Fourth Ninja War is practically guaranteed.

After all, it's because of the fear of the Uzumaki Clan's skills with Fuinjutsu that Rock, Cloud and Mist all joined forces to destroy them.

If he was the same naive child who believed in being Hokage, he would most likely have charged into Cloud and destroy it for taking part of destroying his Clan. However, the only ones left that took part were the Council Elders who all sadly, had heart attacks after a month that Naruto joined the Village.


Good thing that A never cared for them since he found them annoying war mongers as they were quite insistent on getting a Hyūga for the Village. Pissed him off how they thought that they can control motive like they did with his father who was the previous Raikage and the one who ordered the kidnapping of Hinata Hyūga. Under the Elders orders of course.

Naruto calmly takes a few steps forward before he clicks his fingers. Time returns to normal as A barely has time to slams his feet against the floor to stop himself.

"Pfft, someday" grumbled A who marches past Naruto but not without sending him a sideway glare.

Before Naruto can make another smart comment, a Cloud Jonin stops in front of A. "Lord Raikage!"

"What is it? What's wrong?" demanded A as he looks up his frantic Jonin up and down.

"The Akatsuki" he gasped, causing everyone's eyes to widen in shock except for Naruto's which turns cold. "They came out of nowhere and attacked Bee. He led them away and we tried to go after them but we were stopped by Itachi Uchiha." This captures Naruto's interest since Sasuke's brother is in the area.

"Where did they go?" demanded A who grabs his Jonin by the shoulders and does his best to literally shake the answer out of him.

"They've headed to the direction of the canyon but that was days ago."

"Naruto" called out A as he turns back to his strongest and recently promoted Jonin.

"*Sigh*, no rest for the weary" Naruto sighed before bending his knees and jumps up high into the air and disappears within the clouds. The powerful jump blows storing wind against everyone's faces but mostly ignore it.

"Now, brief me on the situation in the Village" ordered A who heads back to his Village.

( Canyon )

"Water Style: Shark Bomb Jutsu!" called out Kisame who spits out balls of water which all take shape of sharks.

Three tentacles grow out of Killer Bee's lower back and slither around him in a protective dome. The sharks all latch their teeth into the flesh which makes Bee hiss before shouting in pain when the sharks explodes with force. He grabs the last two of his swords that haven't broken yet and charges at Kisame while sending the tentacles at him in hopes to distract him.

Kisame smirks and runs at him with Samehada on hand. When the first tentacle attacks, he ducks underneath it and jumps on top of the second one to run on. With a flick of his sword, the third tentacle is knocked away, giving him the perfect shot at the Jinchuriki. With a shout, he jumps off the tentacle and brings down Samehada which is barely stopped by Bee's crossed swords.

"Just give up now and I'll make your death painless" mocked Kisame with a toothy smirk.

Killer Bee grunts as the pressure against his sword increases but he presses on. He would like to go full Bijū on him but his opponent's partner who he recognizes as Itachi Uchiha is still standing a few feet away with his damn Sharingan watching his every move. The few times he did try to go into his Bijū form, he spat out black flames from his eyes which hurt like a bitch. No point giving him a large target but with that large sword on Kisame's back taking away his Chakra, he isn't sure how long he can last.

It's true as both Bee and Kisame are littered with cuts and bruises after several days of playing cat and mouse. The chase ended at the dead end of a canyon but before Bee could have climbed up, the two Akatsuki members appeared and blocked off any chance of getting away. Now, he's stuck with two Shinobi who can either take away his Chakra and block off his connection to his Bijū partner.

With a grunt, both jump away from each other to get distance but Bee runs ahead, hoping to hit something vital. Unfortunately, there's a reason why Kisame is known as the most powerful Swordsman of the Swordsmen of the Hidden Mist.

Bee's strikes all miss their marks once Kisame deflects them all with his large sword. The force from the blows slowly crack Bee's swords who doesn't seem to notice until they finally shatter. With his weapons gone, Kisame attacks by throwing a left hook to his face. Bee crosses his arms to block but do little to defend against Kisame's superior strength. Bee would have hit against the wall of the canyon but Itachi Uchiha appears behind him and kicks him back to Kisame who hits the Jinchuriki in the stomach with Samehada who greedily eats up his Chakra when he makes contact with Bee's skin.

Bee flies in the air, only to land on his back in pain. From the last hit, he can feel that almost all of his Chakra is gone after several days of fighting and running and from the strange sword that continues to gorge itself on his Chakra and Gyuki's as well. Thinking of the Bijū, he still isn't responding after Bee took a glance to Itachi's Sharingan which somehow blocked his connection to his partner.

"Oh wee~, I hope someone comes to save Killer Bee" thought Bee who gets up to one knee and glares defiantly at the pair of S-Rank Nin. He could have taken one of them on but with two, he admits that he stands no chance against them, especially since they both have ways to stop his Bijū Chakra.

"Oh? Someone looks like they still have some bite to them" said Kisame with his shark-like teeth glinting against the sun. "I'm gonna have to do something about that."

"Just make it quick, leader expects us back soon" remarked Itachi in a monotone voice and expression.

"You ruin the fun out of everything" replied Kisame who doesn't lose his smirk. He raises up Samehada over his head to bring down on his prey.

Before Kisame can finish off his prey, the sound of something cutting through the wind interrupts them before something lands between Kisame and Bee. Kisame jumps back and blocks his face from flying rubble with his partner being far enough to not need to copy him. When the rubble clears up and the small cloud of dust disperses, they all see a strange staff sticking perfectly into the floor. While Kisame and Itachi don't know what it means, Killer Bee grins.

"Haha! Kami listened to my prayers and sent me the S-Rank Slayer!" rapped Bee, not noticing is awful skills.

Both Itach and Kisame blink and to their shock, someone appears, balancing themselves on the staff within the time frame of their blinking.

"Oh? Someone came to be a hero did they?" said Kisame, not once losing his confident smirk. Samehada's scales bristle at the chance of tasting more delicious Chakra.

Behind the Swordsman, Itachi narrows his eyes at the individual as he feels something about him is familiar.

"I leave for a little while and you already have the Akatsuki after you?" said Naruto as he looks over his shoulder at Bee who chuckles and rubs the back of his neck.

"Not my fault bro. They came up out of nowhere and wouldn't take a no" replied Bee as he points to the S-Rank duo.

Kisame's bloodthirsty smirk grows and without a second thought, he blurs over to Naruto and swings his sword to take his head off.

Only for his sword to bounce off the air in front of the blond and launch himself back. He rights himself in the air but he smirk is now gone, replaced with a confused expression.

"That's a new one" thought Kisame who is curious over how his attack got blocked. It almost felt like he hit a wall, even though he clearly can't see one.

Behind him, Itachi narrows his eyes even more because his Sharingan had spotted something peculiar the second Samehada was going to make contact with the stranger. Said stranger turns his head back to them and Itachi's eyes suddenly widen in recognition when he notices the whisker marks on his cheeks.

"The Kyūbi Jinchuriki? How did he find us?"

Without a word, Naruto points a finger at Kisame. The finger glows a sick green before a green Magic Circle appears in front of it. A green and yellow mass of swirling energy shoots out of the circle and towards Kisame who lifts Samehada in front of him. The energy hits and to Kisame and Itachi's surprise, Samehada doesn't immedialty devour the Chakra which forces Kisame to skid back a few feet before the sword finally devulges on the Chakra, although it does start to cough.

"What sort of Jutsu is that?" asked Kisame with a wide grin. He can feel his blood pumping even more now that someone new has arrived and is using Jutsu without hand seals.

"Be careful Kisame, that's the Kyūbi Jinchuriki" said Itachi, surprising Kisame who blinks a few times to make sure he isn't lying but then takes note of the hair and whisker marks.

"Holy shit, it is him. What happened to being scrawny, huh?"

Naruto's eyes bore into Kisame's who doesn't notice the cold sweat going down his body. If it's someone else, Naruto would have most likely had a bit of fun fighting them but these two are Akatsuki. People who want to take the Jinchuriki and kill them for their Bijū. Something he has no love for since he has lovers who are Jinchuriki and Bijū and he is friends with Killer Bee and the Gyūki as well as Gaara. These are the men who want to take them away from him so now, they die.

Naruto waves his left arm across and Kisame jumps back just in time to dodge a spike of rock that suddenly grew out of the canyon wall to his right. He has no time to think because more spears grow out of the walls with the intention to skewer him. Both Kisame and Itachi quickly decide that running is the best option and so they jump away in Jonin level speeds which is barely enough to dodge the attacks. Several times, they find themselves in close calls when they get trapped or nearly gutted but a well timed Body Replacement Jutsu saves them.

"What the fuck! I can't break the Genjutsu!" yelled Kisame while he pulses his Chakra.

"That's because it isn't a Genjutsu so keep running!" shouted Itachi who's using his Sharingan to help dodge the incoming spears. He tried using his Mangekyo Sharingan to see if he is in a Genjutsu but it didn't work so he can think of only two conclusions.

Reason one is that they are in a Genjutsu which is on par with Tsukiyomi.

Reason two is that they aren't in a Genjutsu and the Kyūbi Jinchuriki is somehow able to control the earth without using hand seals. Something that is quite literally impossible.

Funny enough, as he thought of the impossibility of it all and as he and his partner are about to make it out of the canyon, something very strange happens. The canyon walls starts to melt in a way that ice-cream melts in the sun. And like a dam, the liquefied walls collapse, giving the S-Rank Nins very little time to counter.

"Fire Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!"

"Water Style: Water Wall Jutsu!"

Kisame spits out a wall of water to his left and Itachi spits out a wall of fire to his right. Both use up more Chakra to fend off the waves of liquid rock which continue to fight against them. Luckily for them, the liquid suddenly dries up and after they cancel their Jutsus do they realize that they are now surrounded by a thirty foot wall of harden rock.

"I'm really starting to get annoyed" muttered a sweaty and tired Kisame. Days of chasing and fighting a Jinchuriki and now fending for his life is starting to catch up on the Tailless Bijū. Itachi can only nod his head in agreement since he is using his spare time to take in deep breathes after feeling the exhaustion of using so much Chakra in one go.

Before they can think of climbing out of the hole they are in, they notice a shadow looming overhead so both look up to see Naruto standing on top of the surrounding rock with his staff on hand. His cold eyes glare down at the two as he raises his staff over his head.

A blue Magic Circle glows to life over him before a similair one appears overhead with the same thing happening three more times. Sparks connect each Magic Circle togethor as the Spell gets ready to activate.

Clenching his teeth, Itachi reaches into his pouch and quickly takes out a Chakra Pill before eating it in one gulp. Already, he can feel his Chakra levels increasing and hopes that he has enough Chakra for his next move.

"Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song."

The top Magic Circle releases a beam of energy down which connects with the second Magic circle which only increases the speed and power of the Spell. After hitting the last three Magic Circles, the beam of energy falls down to the earth with a lot of power behind it. Said beam of energy is the perfect size to fit through the hole that has the Akatsuki members in it and so, Naruto teleports himself in the air to avoid the aftermath. From his position, he can see blue glowing cracks grow along the lines of the rock before everything suddenly erupts in a large explosion which disintegrates the rock and everthing around it.

What's left is a smoking crater which is around half the size of the canyon but Naruto frowns in disappointment. Not because he believes that he didn't cause enough destruction as he knows he's a master at that but because he can still sense two Chakra signatures within the smoking crater. He lowers himself and lands into the smokey crater and with a wave of his hand, strong wind blows away the smoke to give him a better view of the large glowing orange fist that is now an inch to his body. With no time to dodge or block and feeling a tad surprised, he takes the full front of the punch which not only takes the wind out of him but leads him straight to Kisame who has appeared behind him a few feet away.

"Die asshole!" roared a now shirtless Kisame as he swings Samehada upwards which launches the stunned blond up high into the air. With no more enrgy left, Kisame falls onto his back to gasp in air. He smirks as he waits for the firework show that is about to happen.

With one eye closed and the other bleeding, Itachi collapses to one knee but refuses to release the hold he has on his Susanoo form which is covering him in a protective layer of Chakra. His ultimate defence and offence is the only reason why he and Kisame still breathe. His Susanoo also carries the Yata Mirror in its left hand which can block all attack while in its right hand is the Sword of Totsuka, a sword that can literally Seal anything away. While the Susanoo is his most powerful Sharingan technique, it also requires a lot of Chakra to simply construct it.

Which is why he wants to end the fight now with his next and final move which will surely exhaust him of his strengh and Chakra.

The Sword of Totsuka disperses away which leaves the hand empty. The free hand opens up and moderately, three balls of reddish orange Chakra start to build up. Thin lines of Chakra connect the three balls and to the eyes, they look like a Magatama necklace.

"Yasaka Magatama!" declared Itachi who uses the rest of his energy to have his Susanoo throw the magatama necklace at the flying Naruto. The blond simply can't do anything as the spinning necklace looms at him while he is still stunned. Once it reaches its designated target, the necklace exploded in a large red orb of Chakra which blows the winds back from the amount of power in it.

Itachi copies Kisame and falls on his back after using up everything he has and sighs when his Jutsu ends to show not even a scrape of Naruto.

"Leader is gonna get so pissed when we tell him that we killed the Kyūbi Jinchuriki" gasped Kisame, his smug smirk back in full force.

"I believe that we did the smart thing. Having a Jinchuriki with those strange abilities is probably the last thing we need at the moment" replied Itachi after taking a minute to catch his breath. "Jiraiya is gonna need to know about this."

"So what about the Gyūki?"

"We'll have to retreat for now. Although I'm sure that the Village will put a tighter hold on their Jinchuriki now" remarked Itachi before he pushes himself up with his tired arms. "We'll have to plan an attack if we're gonna get the other two Jinchuriki."

"That's not going to happen."

Itachi's heart skips a beat when he hears a voice he never thought he'd hear again. He slowly twists his head to the side and to his horror, there stands Naruto without a single scratch. Kisame can barely lift his head up but Itachi can guess that he also has the same shock and horrified look on his face.

"H-How?" Itachi can only ask as his mind is going a mile a minute to think of a way to escape.

"A little illusion I picked up along the way but it works quite well when nobody expects it" Naruto replied with a smirk.

"Bullshit! I would have known if I was in a Genjutsu" shouted Kisame in anger. Naruto doesn't answer him as his eyes flicker to the down swordsman and flicks his hand. A blade of wind forms in the air and flies towards Kisame who can do nothing but ly there and embrace death as the blade of wind cuts through his neck.

Itachi watches his deceased partner's head roll in disbelief. He never imagined the swordsman would die so easily and most likely thought of him dying from a stab to the back by himself whenever he defected. Itachi tries to gather the strength to crawl backwards and away from the Jinchuriki who slowly makes his way towards himself. His fear of death only worsens when a ball of what looks to be black lightning appears in his free hand, ready to smite him down like a vengeful god.

Naruto makes his way over the the Uchiha with the thought of ending his life. He killed his entire Clan without mercy and only left his brother alive who is an embarressment in so many levels. He is also a member of the same Clan of the man who forced Akiko to attack the Leaf and kill his parents. And honestly, the main reason is because he wants to gloat to Sasuke that he killed Itachi before he did.

Before he can finish the job however, tendrils of wood shoot out of the floor underneath him but miss him since he uses his Speed Magic to dodge.

Beside Itachi, what looks to be a humanoid version of a plant grows out of the floor. It has green hair along with a face with half of it being black and the other being pure white.

"Hello Itachi, you're not looking so good" it said in both a light and deep voice. It looks over at Kisame's corpse and grunt. "Better than Kisame at least."

"Zetsu" For once, Itachi isn't troubled over the strange cannibal appearing. Especially since wherever Zetsu is, he is usually nearby.

While such a thing might surprise or shock many people, it's the black half of the creature that disgruntles the Wizard since he can sense something very malicious coming from it. Zetsu seems to notice the look it's getting as it smirks at him, causing a vein to show on Naruto's forehead.

"Now, now Zetsu, don't be rude."

Naruto ends up surprised when a Chakra signature suddenly appears right behind him, something that should be impossible. He turns around and tenses and sees an Akatsuki member who is wearing an orange mask that only has one eye hole.

"Kyūbi Jinchuriki, we meet at last" said the man with his arms spread out. Naruto's response is a beam of energy which shoots out of his finger and pierces through the man's heart. Only to Naruto's surprise, his attack seems to phase through him. "I'm trying to be civil here."

"Sorry if I disappoint you but you Akatsuki are the last people on the planet I want to have a civil consversation with" Naruto growled back while his mind is already thinking of ways to bypass his phasing. Behind him, Zetsu grabs Itachi by his shoulder and sink them both down into the earth. Naruto senses their Chakra signatures disappear but he doesn't care at the moment. He's sure that there will be another time where they'll meet.

"You're a strange one, Uzumaki" said the masked man who places his hands behind his back, clearly not feeling any danger with the man who killed Kisame and defeated Itachi, two of his most powerful subordinates. Zetsu relayed what he saw earlier and it didn't help to solve the puzzle that is, Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

"Oh, do say."

The masked man slowly walks around Naruto while keeping a safe distance between them. "When you were still a Genin in your home Village, you weren't known to be a powerhouse. I could count the amount of Jutsus you knew with just one hand." He lifts up a hand to make his point clear. "Then came Sasuke Uchiha's defection. You were ordered by you Hokage to retrieve the rogue brother of Itachi and by the way, impressive work with the destruction at the Valley of the End" he complimented with a humorous tone. "Then after completing your objective, you were banished because... what did they call you again? A dangerous liability."

As he speaks, Naruto inwardly wonders how he knows so much of what happened in that meeting room. The only idea he can think of is that there's a spy from within the Village, not so surprising if someone asks him.

"Then out of nowhere, you literally disappeared out of nowhere. Vanished from the face of the earth and not even my spies could find you anywhere." He stops his walking and turns around to face the Wizard who hasn't moved from his spot. "You come back and join a new Village and have strange abilities that don't make sense. Weather manipulation, enhanced speed and even black lightning that only the Third Raikage could use and I know he only thought that to one person." He takes a few steps forward until he is face to face with the Jinchuriki. "Which all begs the question, where were you when you left the Leaf?"

Naruto eyes the man and is somewhat wondering if he's actually expecting an answer from him. "I took the road of life and got lost, simple as that" said Naruto with a shrug. As if he's gonna tell him about finding the library.

"Hmm." The man hums and seems to contemplate his answer before taking a few steps back. "Shame, would've liked to know how you got so powerful."

"How about you find out right now?" asked Naruto before he takes a deep breath and puffs his chest out. "Flame God Bellow!" he roared as he belches out a beam of black flames that melt the earth in front of it before incinerating it completely.

"Amaterasu?" thought the man in shock as the black flames soon envelop him.

Naruto cancels off his God Slayer Magic and surveys the damage. In front of him is a perfectly shape trench which have bits of black flames adorning the sides and floor, melting away the rock. It looks like it goes on for miles and he notices how several far away pillar are missing and some barely standing with a smoking hole in them.

And standing in his exact spot a few feet away from himself is the masked man who doesn't even have a burn on him.

"Impressive. That would class as a S-Rank Jutsu for sure" the masked man complimented as he looks around the trench and sees that it goes at least a few miles away. "Amaterasu flames? No, the Jinchuriki doesn't possess the Sharingan and he spat it out like any other Jutsu." he thought with a hidden frown. "Just without any hand signs." Such a move should exhaust almost any Jonin and stagger a Kage but the Kyūbi Jinchuriki doesn't even look winded. "I guess being a Jinchuriki does pay off."

"Who are you?" Naruto can't help but ask. Being the first person to survive the second strongest Spell of God Slayer Magic, his interest has been piqued.

The masked man turns to him and tilts his head like as if he doesn't understand the question. After a few seconds, he straightens himself out and space itself seems to bend itself to his will when a swirl twists around the lone eye hole of his mask.

"Madara Uchiha."

With his name said, the vortex sucks him in and all trace of him disappears, leaving Naruto alone with the headless corpse of Kisame and the whimpering Samehada sword.

"Madara Uchiha huh?"

Luckily nobody is around to look at him because an excited grin slowly stretches on his face. Why shouldn't he be excited? The man who could go toe-to-toe with Hashirama Senju who was titled the "God of Shinobi" once upon a time is supposedly still man who helped to create the Valley of the End during his intense battle with Hashirama years ago. Someone who could possibly give him a challenge.

Maybe he'll be able to use more than 10% of his power now.

With a click of his fingers, a floating orange screen with a floating keypad appears in front of himself and he starts rapidly typing into it with one hand. What he's using right now is Archive Magic which allows him to convert and store information into magical data.

He clicks into a file titled "Akatsuki" and several more screens appear hovering. They are all his data on the Akatsuki organization which differs from possible members to definite members. There's even a file about Orochimaru who use to be a member. With a few more clicks to the keypad, he adds in the new information about the strange titan that Itachi could form around himself and how he can use it as a shield and a weapon He includes the clear weaknesses of it, such as large Chakra drainage.

When he finishes, he sends away the file and clicks on Kisame's. With a click of the red X button on the corner of his keypad, the screen lights up in bright red before retreating back into the main file, indicating that Kisame is longer a problem.

Afterwards, he creates a new file and quickly uploads the image of Madara from his mind into his Archive. A picture of him appears and he types in what he knows about the Uchiha, such as his strength back in the day, the Jutsus he's known to use, possible family members, etc. He then makes a file for the strange creature who he heard is called, Zetsu. He made sure to type down that it could use Wood Style, something that nobody but Hashirama Senju should be able to use. He has Tree Magic as well but doesn't class as the same as Hashirama's Wood Style.

Once finished, he clicks away the file and scans the few others up in the air, several of them pitch black with a white question mark in the dentre which shows that he doesn't know who they are but has a bit of information on them. Other files show people who he knows are members of Akatsuki, such as Deidara from Iwagakure and Kakuzu from Takigakure.

Naruto turns around as the Archive disappears and before he can activate his Speed Magic to get to the Village, he hears something whimper. He turns his head to the source and sees Kisame's sword whimpering away at the loss of its master. "I almost forgot about you" said Naruto with a smile as he walks over and reaches for the sword's hilt but winces when spikes juts out of the hilt and poke out of his hand. "And it looks like I'm going to need to teach you a few manners." Samehada glows white before it disperses and ends up in his Requip dimension and makes a note to train it first before he gives it away. No point of him having it if he's not going to use it.

Bending his legs, a green Magic Seal appears under his feet before he hours away in a burst of speed. The Raikage will need to know about what he just learned.

( Konoha )

Shikamaru and Choji walk down a street with Ino in hopes to somehow uplift their depressed friend who failed to achieve a promotion for the second time, as well as the other Chunins. "Don't worry Ino, I'm sure you'll get it next time. Third time lucky" said Choji who is happily munching on a bag of chips. He didn't really mind about failing to get a promotion.

"As long as no more Kage level Chunins like Naruto appear, you should be good" sighed Shikamaru before he blows out smoke from the cigarette in his mouth. After the Village started taking a turn for the worse, he took up smoking like his sensei. Really helps with the stress of going on missions. Also helps his brain relax after hours of trying to understand the enigma that is the recently discovered Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

Ino frowns at the thought of Naruto. She knows she never treated him right but how was she suppose to know? Her mother told her he was bad news ever since he came to class so of course she agreed with her. It wasn't until after his banishment that her father took her to his office and told her the truth about Naruto. She remembers it perfectly because afterwards, she spent hours in the bathroom, puking her guts out. Her father made sure to explain in great detail about Naruto's life as a child and even brought her his medical file to show her his childhood life.

Being trained under several Medic Nin, she understood that something was wrong when she was shown Naruto's thick file which almost resembled a phone book. If that wasn't enough to disgust her, the contents were enough to finish the job since reading two pages really hurt her stomach. She can't help but wonder how he is still sane after so much physical and most likely, mental damage.

She has read many files under the tutelage at the hospital but none have ever described ten assassination attempts within half an hour of Naruto's birth. Nor the many broken bones, lacerations and internal bleeding. Kami, he even had frost bite in four different places after spending two years alone on the streets after the matron at the orphanage threw him out.

She was there in the stadium during the finals and while she did curse everyone who got through, she silently prayed a thanks to Kami after witnessing her fellow blonde's over the top entrance. She clearly understands that she has no hope against Naruto if the amount of suffocating Chakra he released was any indication. If it wasn't for the help of her father pinching herself, she would have fallen unconscious.

Although her father was barely on the verge of consciousness as well.

She can't stop the dry chuckle escape her lips. The Village banished someone with that kind of strength because of something he has no control over. She doesn't even want to imagine what would happen if Cloud went to war Leaf. She can't really imagine how Naruto could have been so loyal to the Leaf either before his banishment.

"NNOOOOOOO!" The large cry shakes Ino out of her depressing thoughts and after taking a few seconds to notice her surroundings, she sees that her teammates have stopped in front of Ichiraku Ramen. However, she notices that the stand is closed and Choji has dropped his umbrella and is on his knees, his tears hiding underneath the heavy rain.

"What's wrong with him now?" she asked Shikamaru who has one hand in his pocket and the other holding up his umbrella to keep the rain from quenching his cigarette. He doesn't answer verbally but does point to the closed stall. She looks over and notices a piece of paper stuck to the wall.

It reads "Closed for Good. Moved away. Sorry for the inconvenience." Ino slightly frowns since she likes the Ichiraku pair but she can't blame them for moving. They're not the first business to close up shop and move after all.

Although she would prefer to not have Choji dramatically cry his eyes out in the rain.

( Kumo - Raikage's Office )

The double doors open as Naruto walks in and close when he enters. A is already sitting at his desk while reading a form in his hand. From the expression on his face, it mustn't be good. Walking over, he takes a seat and lets go of his staff, allowing it to somehow stand on its own beside him.

A puts down the form and looks across to Naruto. "Seeing as you're still alive, I'm guessing everything went well."

"More or less" Naruto shrugged.

"More or less?" asked A, raising a brow.

"I took care of Kisame but Itachi got away" said Naruto, not seemingly caring that the S-Rank Missing Nin got away.

Now this catches A's concerns since there's one thing he knows and that's Naruto has never failed at anything before. The Uzumaki has always been a perfectionist in everything he does. Except for cooking of course but thankfully, Yugito is a good enough cook to prevent the Wizard from destroying another kitchen.

His few years as a Chunin of Kumo have been the best in all of the Hidden Village's history. He has always completed his missions within hours, no matter if they are D-Ranks to A-Ranks, something that nobody, not even his Jonin have done. Now that his Jonin and is liable to go on S-Ranks, he honestly doesn't expect a change to his schedule. Hell, it was him who found all of the spies within his Village with a majority of them being the Toad Sannin's. As we'll as that, he has hunted quite a few number of Missing Nin with no failure at all.

Hearing that Itachi Uchiha actually got away is a definite surprise.

"You're gonna need to run that by me" he said while placing his folded hands togethor on the desk.

"No problem, give me a sec" replied Naruto before a floating screen appears to his left and he starts quickly typing into it. A moment later, a empty orange bar appear overhead A before quickly filling up. When the bar is full, the word, "Complete" shines in it while A blinks to get his mind togethor after finding new information in his head.

"Give me a warning will ya?" grumbled A, rubbing his head to ease his headache. Those uploads from the blond's Archive Magic always gives him a bad headache.

"If I don't then I'll just get boring" is Naruto's response while offering his Kage a witty smirk.

"I hardly doubt that."

A clicks the button for the intercom that's connected to his desk. "Mabui, can you bring me the usual, thank you."

"Of course Lord Raikage, I'll be up in a minute" replied a remind voice from the intercom. Naruto perks up when he hears the woman's voice from the intercom.

As promised, the doors open and show A's assistant, Mabui who has her hand raise to know the door.

Mabui is a dark-skinned young woman with green eyes. She is wearing a formal long-sleeve, high-collared dress shirt and skirt, along with a pair of long earrings and sandals. Her light grey hair is pulled into a bun with two bangs that fall at both sides of her face.

"Mabui!" called out Naruto, having been the one to use his Telekinesis to open the doors. The assistant soons find herself floating in the air and drifts over to the Wizard before being plopped onto his lap. "An angel literally fell into my lap, it must be a sign" he said with a dreamy smile.

Only for it to be ruined when Mabui pulls onto his cheek. "Behave."

Like a child in trouble with his parents, he pouts as Mabui stands up from his lap and tries to show as much dignity as she can. Something that's usually impossible with the Uzumaki behind her. She sighs when she feels her bangs float up and shape into ears.

Naruto chuckles behind his one year running girlfriend while he messes around with her hair with his Magic. He can remember falling smitten with the assistant after meeting her once in A's office. It was quite the task to get her to even consider going out with him due to her serious nature and she wasn't fond of her having to share him either. However, with his Uzumaki stubbornness and of course, his irresitable charm, he eventually drowned her down enough for her to agree to a date which ended with another and another until she eventually gave in and they both officially became a couple.

"*Sigh*, could you just hand me the medicine" asked A with his hand put out.

"Of course sir" replied Mabui. Ignoring how her hair is now braided, she gives him a bottle of medicine pills.

"You're dismissed."

"Yes sir, I shall return to my duties" said Mabui with a short nod.

She turns around and glares down at Naruto with smiles innocently back up at her. "Hey dear~, miss me?"

"I'd miss you more if you would act your age" said Mabui before she leaves the room.

"She loves me really" said Naruto to A who shakes his head, not wanting to get into the fact that the Uzumaki has married his Village's most... odd women with Mabui being the normal one of them all.

Then there's her.

Ridding of the thoughts of Naruto's most exuberant lover and fiance, A gets back to the conversation on hand. "So the Akatsuki are making their move" he muttered, not liking the fact that powerful people are after Bee and Yugito.

Of course they don't know about Yugito's condition.

"Word of warning, watch out for the red clouds." With that said, Naruto stands up and grabs his staff before he walks out of the already open double doors that close behind him.

As much as he would like to discuss about the Akatsuki, there's a Clan Compound full of his lovers that he hasn't met for ages.

Naruto's Magic Skills:

Air Magic

Arc of Embodiment

Arc of Time


Black Magic

Crash Magic

Darkness Magic

Disassembly Magic

Doll Magic

Earth Magic

Enchantment Magic

Eye Magic

Fairy Magic

Figure Eyes

Flame God Slayer Magic

Flame Manipulation Magic

Giant Magic

Gravity Magic

Great Tree Arc Magic

Hair Magic

Heaven's Eye Magic

Heavenly Body Magic

Ice Magic

Illusion Magic

Iron-Make Magic

Jutsu Shiki

Light Magic

Lightning God Slayer Magic

Mass Manipulation Magic

Mirror Magic

Nullification Magic

Phasing Magic

Reflector Magic

Requip Magic

Rupture Magic

Sand Magic

Shade Magic

Shadow Magic

Sky God Slayer Magic

Sleep Magic

Snow Magic

Solid Script

Sound Magic

Speed Magic

Stealth Magic

Stone Eyes

Storm Magic

Telekinesis Magic

Telepathy Magic

Teleportation Magic

Territory Magic

Transformation Magic

Water Magic

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