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Right now at this moment, it helped me realize how lucky I am. Dreams really do come true if you wait long enough, my parents failed to tell me this at such a tender age. My job as an officer of the law prepared myself for a life of close calls and strange occurrences, but training as a cop helped me learn how to deal with them.

So how do I deal with this? The best way I knew how is it to be calm under pressure. When you have Nick Wilde carrying me out of bed in our new house together would be classified as a strange occurrence, but a very sweet one. I was going about this all wrong, I shouldn't be worried about who's next door because inside these walls we are truly alone.

My mind should be focused on the fox of my dreams, finding out he possibly likes me back. I didn't hear him say it yet, nut the way he acted tonight I have the feeling I might hear it tonight. But, if I come clean now would that be rushing it? He's been my partner for a year now and the first night we spend together makes me want to bombard him with my romantic feelings.

Overthinking causes me to sweat so I put it to rest, now were in the living room.

"Looks like your still deep in thought," he told me.

"Oh, you can say that!" I exclaimed giving him a toothy grin, "So what are you in the mood for." I'm talking about a movie choice of course. He carried me to the couch, placing me right in the center. I felt very special.

"I think you know what I'm in the mood for" he turned around attending to his TV. My heart fluttered as he said that as if he wanted me to know that he meant me. "I rented this movie while you went to sleep, only seen like five minutes of it and heard great things about it." He nervously said.

I didn't blame him for feeling this way because my heart is racing as well. He managed to place a single disk into the DVD player tray, closed it while switching inputs. The TV started to project the DVD's movie previews after Nick sees this he walked back towards me.

Nick sat between me and at the end of the couch, my heart nearly dropped as he placed his arm around me respectively. I got closer to complete his intent to cuddle by covering his chest with my face. I couldn't believe it; we were cuddling now and by the pace were going hopefully our actions will flourish.

The movie began playing; I immediately recognized that it's a horror movie that just came out. One of those not so scary found footage ghost movies. Nick would scoff at the corny banter the actors were giving, and I would match his laughter.

I look up at him and he looked at me, "This was a great idea, Nick, I'm having a fun night so far"

Nick replied, "As you should be only because I'm the best roommate ever." He's being cute again and god I loved it. I landed a playful slap on his leg only to leave my paw there to grip on.

Our eyes glued to the movie as we shared our warm embrace on the sofa. Periodically, he would rub my right shoulder which made me shudder under him. I can tell that he's enjoying that but then the rubbing suddenly came to a halt. I looked up to see if everything was cool.

His eyes wandered off the screen and onto the carpet below us. He noticed me noticing that he felt conflicted, so he grabbed the remote to pause the film.

"I really need to get something off my chest, Judy." He said seriously. I lifted my back as he removed his arm from around me, now we are facing each other.

"Yeah I have something to say to you as well" I replied with a lump in my throat. Right now all I wanted is for my dreams to be a reality, I noticed his eyes widened as he picked up on the advance I gave him.

"Please," he said grabbing hold of my hands, he's shaking his cuteness is literally too much, "Let me go first."

I allowed him to speak, holding a sympathetic grin for him to see. I can't believe it's finally happening, thought. Tonight is my personal Judgment Day.

"Judy I'm sorry for how I made you feel earlier, that really wasn't my intent. After you went to your room I felt so terrible and I didn't know what to do next. I tried to come up with what to say when the next time you came out. My true feelings got in the way of that" he explained.

His true feelings, the way he uttered that phrased only caused my mouth to open in awe and my face went pink right in front of him. He's saying all the right things so far, except it was his ex that made me feel so sour earlier, not him. Right now I'm not even going to correct him; I didn't want to bring her up because I think he's about to proclaim his feelings. Those three words you wouldn't think a fox would say to a bunny like me. He waited for me to say something, so I think it's time to settle this.

"Nick you've known me for quite some time now, you know I can handle anything you dish at me. So we are going to be living with each other now, and that means we should be nothing but honest with each other." I grabbed his paw tenderly; hopefully, what I said will ease him to spill the beans.

"Honest, huh?" he said

"Yeah, Nick just let me know what's on your mind" I replied.

"It's you Judy and you have been on my mind for a very long time," he told me. He said it so perfectly that my breathing becomes erratic. He continued to speak.

"You came to the city and you made it a better place. Along the way you met and made my life better each day."

I felt like tearing up because of Joy, I gave him a wide smile when he opened up to me. His words were very poetic as if he's been planning this for a long time. I took his words to the heart as it rattled my soul preparing me for what he's about to say next.

"So um…what are you trying to say, Nick?" I moved closer to him ready for him to say it.

"Judy, I'm falling for you. You are the only one who was ever really there for me. I didn't want to seem too eager being our first night under our roof and all. But I don't want to hide it anymore Judy, I don't have it in me anymore. And I don't care what others think of us when were together like this I only care about you. What I'm struggling to say is, I love you, Carr-"

I cut him off with my lips pressed against his; I couldn't help myself to give in to him. Kissing Nick felt like I overcame the largest hurdle in a race, a lifelong dream coming true. He opened his mouth slightly while bending my head back as he took control by deepening the kiss. The world crumbled before me as our tongues made it first contact. After a few minutes, we broke our first kiss saving each other's taste until we began to look at each other.

"I have waited a long time to hear you say that" I confessed. We were both panting a little as we began to breathe, I awaited his answer.

"So you don't mind being in a relationship with me?" He asked.

"Nick you proved to me that this can work out, you want me and I have been waiting for you to make the first move," I said. We still smiled hard at each other because of what happened.

"Sorry to keep you waiting then, Carrots," He said holding my left cheek, "So we are official now?"

"Yes. You are mine and I am yours" I needed this night to become way more special so I gave it some thought and said, " So you must know what comes next, right?"

Nick choked a little upon hearing my impulsive desires.

"I love the sound of this, maybe we should go into my room because your bed is a little small for me"

We both laughed and I gave him a quick peck on the cheek. Hopping off the couch I began to walk towards the hallway, I looked back at Nick on the couch.

"Don't keep me waiting too long" I whispered seductively then walked into his room.

It is my first time going into Nick's room and it is surprisingly clean. I look around and notice it that it is the same size as my room. His queen sized bed is neatly made with not a single moving box around because he finished packing.

I removed my nightgown allowing my underwear to stay on for Nick to worry about. I hopped onto his bed and noticed he has a framed photo of us that we took on my birthday last year. I picked it up recalling how great that day was, and far we've to get here. Tonight, he is going to deflower me.

I remained persistent throughout my life by giving my virginity to the guy who most deserved it. I felt nervous what if it hurts and I won't be able to enjoy it? In order to relax before he arrives, I lay back on his pillows.

I felt something paper-like poking me under the covers, I lift them up to see it was only a magazine. The cover read, "Naughty bunnies in Heat" I whispered, and "Looks like my Nick is a perverted prey chaser" I laughed ironically. My curiosity began to peak as I began to flip through the pages of the porn mag. The bunny models were completely bare to the fur with their legs spread eagle like.

Nick walked in wearing nothing but his boxer shorts and sees me reading through his magazine.

"Looks like you found out I like rabbits," he said and laughed.

"Yeah I think it's cute, do you ever think of me while skimming through this?" I asked as he walked towards me.

"Yes all the time, but those models don't compare to the half-naked bunny on my bed right now," he said.

Hearing this pushed me over the edge into heat. I curled my finger at him motioning him to kiss me.

For what seemed like an eternity, we were involved in a heavy make out sesh. My quiet moans are uncontrollable as Nick's wandering paws on my torso and below.

Somehow, I found myself mounted on top of him and feeling I got felt oh so natural. Like the motion of his hips on my own fueled the very desire by dry humping his pelvis. The tongue sport came to an end when I rose back up for air.

Nick reached behind back to unhook my bra making it fall onto the sheets.

"You're so damn perfect, Judy" he excitedly said.

I began to laugh nervously as my face became red like an apple when he shared compliments like that it made me feel loved.

"They aren't too small for your tastes are they?" I protested.

He pulled my chest into his face to answer my silly question. Nick's primal instincts became known, he began to lick my pink nips. I threw my head up from the sheer force of pleasure he gave.

"Mm… don't stop, Nick" I told him, giving Nick the green light to suck me harder. I struggled on top of him earning a sly grin.

My privates have become exceedingly moist like terribly drenched. So wet that I leaked onto his boxers that acted like a sponge to me.

Obviously, he didn't seem to mind it, he was too busy enjoying the taste of my teats. I couldn't stop moaning, his experienced tongue made me see stars and blurred my vision. As I fell back to reality, my paw searched for his awaited his hard member.

My fingers made it underneath his shorts and I felt pleased to feel how iron hard he is and not to mention the broad size enough to fill me to the very core. Touching his genitals made Nick unlatch from my breast to let loose a powerful groan.

"Hold on there is something I want to try, stand up for me." He said I was too busy removing his shorts for a better view. Then I complied and stood above him. While placing two claws on both sides of my underwear, slipping them over my ass. Now, my sex is presented to him, my slit matched the drool he made upon watching my wetness come out.

"You're so wet, Carrots. Do I really have that effect on you?" He said slyly.

I rolled my eyes while smiling, "You know me well, Nick" I said, "So what now?"

Nick regained control by saying, "Now sit on my face, Judy."

I smiled at his request and presented my full naked rear to him. He grabbed on to my hips and drove his muzzle straight into my genitals.

This earned him a loud crescendo moan on my part, his head fell back onto the pillow and my ass followed.

I noticed his penis is at full attention when I opened my eyes, so I decided to share the love. Seeing Nick completely naked is a beautiful sight to behold, I mean the size of his dick could match my forearm. I gripped that sucker with two paws, he started to man with me as I stroked him.

I gave Nick's tip a few kisses when I leaned forward to complete our first sixty-nine. Out of nowhere, I shoved his length down to my throat like some sort of sexual champion. I knew I'm doing a Fantastic job as he began to whimper my name against me. Nick ate me out like a pro as he never stopped working that awesome tongue of his.

We both picked up the pace wanting more from each other. Bobbing onto him while he began to use his fingers around my sensitive clitoris.

"Oh shit, G-God Nick, I need to (inaudible), I'm going to burst" I struggled so very hard to say.

"Keep going Carrots, I'm so close." He trailed off as I sucked his pre-cum beginning to pour into my mouth. I stroked his shaft begging for more until I felt my nether regions beginning to build with heat. That did it, I jerked back as Nick delivered my orgasm.

"Nnn-Nick, mm I love you!" I squealed until I saw my boyfriend's seed shoot out onto my face making it cling to my fur. I gave it a taste and immediately fell in love with the taste, very uncommonly sweet. We both caught our breath, then I began to face him as we shared our post sex kiss.

"Maybe we should get a one bedroom apartment." He said jokingly and we both shared a laugh. He covered me with his blanket and turned off the ceiling fan light. He began to spoon when my fatigue started to set in.

My eyelids felt heavier as they closed drifting off to the best sleep ever.

(End of Day One)