Past to Present

A Coraline Fan-Fiction


Okay, so I am OBSESSED with the movie "Coraline". After watching it over a dozen times on Netflix this past month, I noticed some things about the movie. A lot of it actually surrounds Mel, Coraline's real mother. Now, by any means I am not normally one to be a theorist but there are a few things that I noticed, and have been studying closely.

How does she know what key opens the little door?

Why would she think Coraline would feel safer with the door locked again when it is clearly bricked up?

Why she was not surprised that the doll Wybie gave Coraline was identical to her?

How come she got so angry when Coraline discussed the other world?

My theory is that Mel has been to the other world when she was little, and the memories were repressed or passed off as dreams and as soon as Coraline began to describe it, it triggered her memories and escape from the Beldam. Which in turn makes her begin to become protective over Coraline (locking the door, trying to get her to disregard the other world etc.). This could also explain why the beldam was so obsessed with Coraline, and why her power was as low as it is.

Theoretically looking at the ghost children you could see that they clearly came from different time periods with Mrs. Lovatt's sister being the most recent. The house is 150+ years old. So this means the girl with the hat would have been the first victim, her clothing placing her most likely in the 1800's. The little boy would have been in the early 1900's and I am going to say Mrs. Lovatt's sister fell victim somewhere in the 40's-50's. This means that the Beldam has gone from the 50's to the 2000's without another soul to bring up her power.

Now the one inconsistency would be that the Beldam is seen in the beginning redoing the doll that looks like Mrs. Lovat's sister, but at the end we see a double sided doll of Mel and Charlie. This makes me wonder if the Beldam didn't have enough power through the doll to entrap Mel, thus having to revert the doll back so that Mrs. Lovatt didn't suspect a thing. I noticed as well that "Mini-Coraline" is stuffed with what looks like sand, whereas the doll before had a cotton filling. Could this be out of disdain for Mel (using the sand in a sandman like power to make sure that Coraline sleeps?) Or could this be a trap to keep both Mel and Coraline.

Near the end you can see that her power is depleting as she can no longer help "other father" keep up his appearance, and the world becomes scary and broken, even her own façade she can't keep up. So could it be said that her ultimate goal would be to devour the lives of both Coraline and Mel to revamp herself for the decades to come and then use Charlie's soul to revamp other father?

So without further delay, this is my take on Coraline, using my theory. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 1: Arrival

It was a gloomy day as the Jones family made their way up the steep hill to "The Pink Palace", a large old house, separated into apartment owned by Mrs. Lovatt. Their car spluttered and squeaked since it was weighed down by them and their belongings (along with a little bit of damage from Mel unintentionally hitting a truck). Coraline sat in the back seat, her face reading both boredom and curiosity.

Mel couldn't help but feel a shiver down her spine. Something about this place made her feel déjà vu. She felt drawn to this place, yet deep down she also felt the urge to run away. She shivered again as she delved deeper into thought.

"Are you cold darling?" Charlie, her husband looked at her with concern.

Mel just shook her head, attributing the dampness to her shivers. Her husband nodded and looked out the window. Coraline caught her mother's gaze in the mirror, she could tell her mother was deep in thought and decided not to pry.

Finally they arrived at the top of the hill. Immediately Coraline jumped out of the car, running off to explore. The ad had mentioned a well on the property, and Mel knew Coraline was eager to check it out. Charlie climbed out of the car next. He stretched and grimaced a couple times since he was stiff from the car ride. He looked around with a smile. He saw the definite gardening potential here, if he could get Mel involved that is.

Mel stayed in the car for a little longer. She stared up at the house deep in thought. Why did she feel this ominous familiarity? She was quickly brought out of her trance by Charlie tapping on the window, beckoning her inside to begin helping (as much as she could with a neck injury) figuring out where they wanted everything to go.

Coraline wandered around outside with a dowsing rod. Her and her friends always had fun looking for creeks, wells and rivers back in Michigan. She teared up at the thought of her friends, she missed them so much. She continued to wander, not really caring about the cold wind or the mud on her boots until she was startled by a rustling sound from behind a rock. Coraline picked up a pebble and threw it at the source of the sound only to be started by an emaciated and quite frankly, creepy cat.

Then she encountered Wybie. He had scared the living daylights out of her by honking an air horn when he charged down the hill on his bike. It took everything for her not to throw a rock at him. She was going to, but then he told her that his grandmother owned their apartment building, so she thought it best not to. Wybie couldn't stay long unfortunately as his grandmother began to call out for him to come home, but not before he pointed out that Coraline's dowsing rod was poison oak.

Coraline was about to explore further when she felt raindrops hit her face. Knowing that her mother had absolutely no tolerance for mud or mess, she quickly began to head to her apartment, where her parents actually set up quite quickly. When she walked inside Mel was sitting on her laptop, editing her father's newest article in his garden catalogue. She tried to tell her about the cat, the well, Wybie, and even the poison oak, but her mother was too busy. So was her father.

"Coraline! Some boy brought something for you!" Shouted Mel from downstairs.