In 2002, the Digital World lived in terror of the Digimon Kaiser, a child driven megalomaniacal through the death of his elder brother, the disappearance of his closest friend Ryo Akiyama, and the curse of the Dark Seed. He used the Digital World as his playground, enslaving thousands of Digimon, and slaughtering countless others, as though it was a game.

            Then, one day, his dark reign finally ended.

            Five children, the Chosen Children, defeated him, forcing him to return to his true self. The grand robes of the Kaiser disintegrated off his back, leaving an ordinary boy in place of the tyrant. For his crimes, he paid numerous prices: the death of his Digimon partner, the torturous recollections of his brother's death, an amnesiac state of consciousness, and the distrust of the Chosen Children, with whom his destiny lay.

            In the January that followed, the former Kaiser watched his evil alter ego suffer and perish at the hands of those he had tortured and enslaved. But, however, he didn't see who had murdered the evil being. Just after a red laser fired at the Kaiser, the deceased elder brother appeared, offering redemption. But the amnesty—as well as the Kaiser's demise and torture—was all an illusion devised to distract him.

            Upon learning of the vicious trick played on him, the boy joined forces with his friends—the very children who had brought about the Kaiser's defeat in the first place—and destroyed the evil that threatened their world.

            But in the end, one must wonder of the fate of the Kaiser, who truly was a being all of his own. Unlike the boy he possessed, he had a soul as black as night. The Dark Seed remained alive inside its host, as well as the other Seeds spawned from it. Millenniumon, the creature that had first spread the Dark Seeds, had finally been defeated and sealed within a jogress called Cyberdramon, who now remained in another universe with the boy's friend Ryo.

            And if none of them died, who was to say the Kaiser had too?

            He hadn't. After a long journey, his spirit entered a black hole's maelstrom, and allowed its vortex to lead him to a third universe, where he eventually came to Earth. There, he found another boy, identical to his first host in spirit.

            And this boy's name was Kouichi Kimura.

Akino: I know, another of those "Digimon Kaiser takes over someone new." But this one definitely has a twist—instead of Osamu like it usually is, I'm using Kouichi! Each chapter of this is named after one of the image songs of the Digimon characters. There are quotes from each song as an introduction. The title of the series is the translation of Kouichi's image song. Unless stated that the translation is by KarenSedai, all image song translations are from, while the ones translated by KarenSedai are from her site. I have to credit Nic (Ken's luver) for writing "Dopplegangland," which was somewhat of an inspiration for this. Can't wait for the new version to come out, Nic! Well, you know what to do: review and tell me what you think. But remember, if you flame, Kaiser Kouichi's gonna come for you!