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Cerberus Threat Index: Shyeel T'Voth

Compiled by Mars Cell

Security Level Red

Illusive Man,

Unlike the other three members of the Blades, Shyeel Ushen (Currently going by Shyeel T'Voth) has a broad history behind her and more than sufficient public records to gain an accurate understanding of her personality.

Operative Chambers

Basic Profile

Name: Shyeel Ushen

Species: Asari

Race: Thessian Clan

Skin tone: Light-Blue

Markings: Black; Batarian Brand on left cheek

Age: 517

Height: 5'7" / 1.7 m

Weight: 115-135 lbs / 52-61 kg

Eyes: Blue

Homeworld: Palaven

Parentage: Aressa Ushen, General Hessia Ferrin (deceased)

Siblings: Numerous

Offspring: Vessa Ushen, Ikidia Ushen

Languages Spoken: Low Batarian, High Batarian, Thessian Standard, Khellish

Sign Languages: Khellish

Medical Analysis


From a strictly physical diagnosis, I would describe her as the picture of health for an Asari matron of her age. However, there do seem to be some unusual factors at work over the past few years that I cannot adequately explain outside of conjecture.

Over the past two to three years, her biotic usage has undergone an unusual shift. Nearly all recorded instances of her during her time with the Silver Blades have her utilizing them only in fashions that apply directly to her body. For example, biotic charges/flash-steps, or enhancing her melee blows. There are few if any instances of her creating a singularity or utilizing warp-fire, which is a direct contradiction to her prior patterns.

I include this as a probable medical issue, as Operative Lawson has assured me that such a dramatic shift in combat styles is not something that would occur to an Asari of her age so quickly; especially as there have apparently been numerous moments where it would have been advantageous to utilize her more powerful biotics.

There are numerous conditions that can limit Asari biotics, but few that would apply to someone of her age and health. The most likely culprit is some kind of recreational drug overdose that damaged her secondary nervous system. Such damage can be repaired, but takes a great deal of time and therapy to overcome.

History and Psychological Profile


Shyeel Ushen was born as the second daughter of Turian General Hessia Ferrin and Aressa Ushen, then acting as the junior undersecretary to the Asari ambassador to Palaven (currently acting as the Senior Huntress of the embassy).

Her first century could best be described as typical for a daughter of a Turian/Asari pairing, with her father working hard to turn her into a little soldier and her mother enabling the behavior. Along with two of her sisters, she volunteered for service in the Hierarchy and served for two decades in an all-Asari unit. After the conclusion of her service, she dipped in an out of public life on the Turian homeworld before departing to explore the elder Turian colonies shortly after her one hundred and fiftieth birthday.

She remained within the Hierarchy for the following century, meeting and bonding with a Turian archeologist and producing both of her daughters with him. During this time she did two more stints within the Hierarchy's foreign volunteer units, and seemed to find that she enjoyed the military life. After her bondmate's death, she sent her children to live with her family on Palaven before departing the Hierarchy entirely.

Appearances become sporadic for the following several decades, and I can only assume that she was operating primarily as an independent mercenary during this timeframe.

She eventually reappeared in 1954, Citadel calender, acting as the newly named Harath'krem to House Nishikenna within the Batarian Hegemony, a position she would retain for nearly two centuries before being cast out just after the Blue Suns conflict. Her family seems to have split with her over this, as we cannot find any public records of her contacting them after this point, and she began referring to herself as T'Voth rather than Ushen.

Stolen records of Batarian media seem to indicate that she acted as her house's assassin and enforcer, and that she was exceptionally good at her job. I can only believe that it was during these two centuries that her core personality solidified, reinforced by the nature of living within the Hegemony during both its rise and fall.

Shyeel T'Voth, currently, seems to be a relatively stable individual though there is a definite coolness to her personality that is outside of Asari norms. I would feel comfortable in stating that, of the four Lancers, she is the least likely to feel any pity or mercy for anyone outside of her tight circle of friends. Her opinions on Hegemony institutions such as slavery are also unknown, and she likely prefers to keep them private given her friendships with Kean and Voya'Chi.

While I can only speak to what I have observed, I would describe her as the proto-typical Terminus Asari. She had firmly established the other Lancers, and possibly Blades as a whole, as her personal social group, and she will likely be polite and engaging if encountered in a civil setting. With that being said, she would also be cold, distant, and more than prepared to messily murder everything around her should she feel that her life or those of her companions are threatened.

And she likely wouldn't lose any sleep over the last.

Benihi Update – Lawson

Unfortunately I have no real addendum to the above. T'Voth spoke little, if at all, to any of us. She did converse with General Petrovsky to a very limited degree on their ship, but according to him the subject matter was entirely focused on the mission and the capabilities of myself and my fellow soldiers.

I do, however, find it interesting to note that the woman has children in addition to a fairly large family. I would believe the fact that she evidently does not contact any of them to be highly significant. (It is, but having never met her or them in person, and lacking any real details, I do not wish to guess at the reasoning for the lack of contact. ~ Chambers)

Hegemony Centuries

Dictated by Analyst Franks

Right... shit, this thing on? Right, Operative Chambers spun her pretty little freckled ass down here and said she wanted a report on Shyeel T'Voth's time in the Hegemony, so here it goes.

This blue bitch was the personal murderer of House Nithikar for most of two centuries, and she was damned good at it. Taking out rival Patriarchs, kidnapping heirs too young to defend themselves, putting collar on heirs who could, smacking down uppity midcaste, leading raids, you name it, she fuckin' did it.

Not sure she ever really did the slaving thing, but figure it had to have happened. Not going after aliens, Nithikar doesn't get off Khar'shan much, but I'll go ahead and assume she hauled more than a few poor schmucks from other houses back home to be thrown in chains.

Skipping to the end just so I don't have to come back to this shit later. It all came crashing down when the latest heir took a fancy to her and decided he wanted a piece of the family heirloom. When she told him to fuck off, he tried to slip her a date-rape drug, but the idiot gave her shit that only works on other Batarians. She apparently burned his dick off with warpfire, which lead to her getting the brand and the boot since she'd just sterilized the only bloody heir the family has. Fucking squints can be jack-asses like that.

Where fuck was I... right, what she did in her time there. The biggest brawl she was involved in was a feud with House Shaaryak that came up about fifty years ago, and saw her get stuck in a running fight across the capital with both of Shaaryak's own pet Asari Harath'krem. Those two, I think their names were Iyate and Ghai, were real pieces of work too. Fought their way into the Nithikar's manor and burned half of it to the ground before Shyeel managed to rally the guards and drive them off.

Both houses got some nice sanctions off of that shit... highborn houses killing each other isn't anything new, but the Patriarchs don't like that crap being done so openly. Especially when neither side really wins the fight, makes the lower castes start to wonder if the Highborn are really all that superior.

That's the basics, should be... damn, says here I'm supposed to go into details about her kills and crap... Christ that's going to take a while. Hey, EDI, how much do you think she really wants on all that?

...shit. Find me a yeoman, I'm going to need another pack of cigarettes for this. And a drink.

...Brandy, thanks love.

Threat Index


Shyeel is easily the most combat experienced of the four Lancers, though she curiously seems to have little or no desire to actually lead or command the group. Knowing what little of Kean's personality that I do, I can only assume that she is concealing much of her past in order to avoid him trying to foist off the role onto her. (Entirely possible ~ Chambers)

According to both the records we have and the latest 'documentary' episode, her primary weapon is a Kishok model sniper rifle, with a Xenthan made Heshten Type Five pistol as her backup weapon. During the engagement on Benihi, she switched out the heavier weapon for a carbine. As with the other Lancers, she maintains an extensive supply of grenades and is not afraid to use them in rapid order.

Close Combat – No recorded instances of her willingly engaging in close combat, an unusual contrast with the other three Lancers. Given that all of them are highly adept at such fighting, and given her age, I assume that she must at least be passable in hand to hand but prefers to avoid such circumstances.

Small Arms – She is easily the best shot of the four, which is far less surprising once I became aware of her history. It is likely she received specialized training as a sniper during her time in the Hierarchy's military, which she then put to good use during her 'career' in the Hegemony. Her usage of a Kishok denotes her as the team's de-facto heavy killer.

Defenses – Just as she is the best shot, she is also the hardest of the four to pin down thanks to a combination of a tactical cloaking system as well as her flash-step capability. While her distance seems to be only moderate, she has more than enough experience and fine control to ensure that each flash is highly energy efficient.

Unit Cohesion


T'Voth appears to be the most independently minded of the four, behavior that the others do not seem to mind as her maneuverability allows her to act as their scout with very little real danger in most circumstances. As far as her teamwork, she seems to be adaptable enough to partner with any of the other three should the situation warrant it.

With Kean, she compliments his technical usage by finishing off his targets and keeping his flanks clear if he is engaged in close quarters battles. With Chi, she acts as the heavy sniper of the pairing, dropping heavier targets while the Quarian clears out those with weaker defenses. I have no recorded instances of her operating solely with T'Donna, but I find it likely that they have some operational scheme in place to compliment one another.

She is the only Lancer who would require anti-biotic weaponry to combat, and is also the most likely to survive any kind of attempted ambush. In this I disagree with General Petrovsky and instead propose that Shyeel T'Voth be the first target in any conflict between our forces and the Lancer unit. If the others were killed first, she would almost certainly flee (and succeed in escaping); then plan her revenge once she was secure.

Biotic nullifiers to keep her from flashing away would open the engagement, followed by a two-member sniper team to first cripple her barriers before the second eliminates her. As with the other Lancers, she prefers light armor for maneuverability, so heavier weapons will not be required.

End Report

And here's some more teasing about Shyeel's extensive background, and another reference to her past encounters with Ghai. Next chapter will be the last for this Those Who Fight, and will just be an update on their analysis of Cieran.

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