Sherlock was silent as he walked down towards platform 9 ¾, his parents and siblings behind him as he sped towards the platform.

''Sherlock , sweetheart slow down we have plenty of time before the train leaves to Hogwarts '' His mother called out as she walked along with his sister Imogen who was already entering her 3rd year at Hogwarts.

''Mother he's just nervous can you not see that he's quivering in his underwear?'' His oldest brother Mycroft, who was in his last year, spoke in a mocking town. He hurried and rolled his trolley next to Sherlock's who scowled.

''Oh Myc why don't you try to encourage and cheer on your brother a little more? You should take care of him at Hogwarts and If he sends one letter telling me of you teasing or ignoring him I will send a howler with something embarrassing!'' she warned the older boy.

''Mother but Sherlock never cheers me on!''

''Go fatty!'' Sherlock muttered as he crossed the barrier of the secret 9 ¾, his sister and brothers following behind.

''Mycroft, Sherrinford, Imogene and Sherlock all you lot get together! Timothy darling get the camera!''

''On it Wanda Honey'' There mother instructed their father who quickly unshrunk the camera from his pocket , their four children got together uncomfortably and smiled for the camera which clicked as a bright light half blinded them from it.

''Bloody hell Mum when are you going to stop doing that stupid tradition we aren't children anymore except Shirley over here'' Sherrinford grinned down at this shorter and younger brother.

''Shut it you !'' Sherlock narrowed his eyes and let go of his trolley as one of the workers on the train grabbed it and began to load it on the locomotive.

''You two stop fighting I don't want any of this do you hear me!?'' Their mother warned again a bit more irritated that time.

''Ay Sherrinford look…a muggle…'' Their sister Imogene leaned over and whispered into Sherrinford's ear as she eyed the muggle man who walked with his witch of a wife and magical children. Though most houses where considered loyal and managed to be respectful around each other they certainly weren't to muggles , muggleborns or Half-bloods they understood ,but muggles themselves made them stay as far away.

''Disgusting isn't it how could someone marry a mugg-'' She was interrupted as their mother rushed past them to greet a friend.

'' Genevieve! Aurelius'' Their mother greeted the wizarding couple, they looked sophisticated and high class, but of course they would be. The Prince's where basically Wizarding royalty as their bloodline came from Merlin himself and much longer before that, they were noble and well respected even by the more pompous Pure bloods , the Prince's where scholars most of the family being made of Ravenclaws and Slytherin's.

''Eileen my dear'' Their mother looked down at the shorter girl , long dark hair reaching her waist and eyes a frightening shade of green , her nose was petite and skin fair. She was a beautiful girl indeed and Wanda always thought that her little Sherlock and Eileen where a good pair.

''Wanda, Timothy'' Genevieve smiled back at the couple and acknowledged their children. ''How have you all been? I haven't seen you in ages Wanda'' The two mothers struck up a conversation as the children awkwardly stood there and waited for the train to signal its takeoff.

''Hello…Sherlock'' A girl spoke besides him, he tried not to shuffle away from the awkwardness of her voice.

''Hello Eileen Prince, how long has it been since we've seen each other? 4 years?'' Sherlock asked not turning around to face her, he knew it was rude but he just couldn't stand it, did she expect to find Sherlock suddenly fall head over heels for her, start dating, get engaged and married and have the children both their parents expected? He suddenly found himself irritated by her presence.

''2 years actually, I left to America for a while because they have schools there that start teaching earlier but my parents decided to take me out and instead put me in Hogwarts once I turned 11 which was back in August, though my mom was very sad because you know I'm the only child except my cousin Hydrus they adopted when I was 2 because his parents had died in a car acc-''

''Eileen you're rambling….'' Sherlock said interrupting her.

''Oh sorry I didn't mean to ramble I just thought to inform you how long we haven't seen each other, though we were friends when we were little remember red bea-''

''EILEEN'' Sherlock finally snapped and turned to face her, his mouth was turned into a deep frown.

''Sorry Sherlock…'' She whispered and turned to leave, there were tears brimming her eyes that she tried to wipe away.

''You shouldn't be mean to girls you know, she was just trying to talk to you'' An unfamiliar voice spoke close to him. Sherlock turned to face a short dirty blonde headed boy whose hair was swept back.

''it really isn't of any concern to you…'' Sherlock rolled his eyes at the shorter boy.

''Yeah though I overheard the conversation you were quite rude, you won't make any friends if you keep that up'' Sherlock raised a brow and scoffed.

''You're that half-blood aren't you? Well for your information I don't need friends, their useless nasty little things'' Sherlock spat back.

''alright mate if that's what you believe'' The boy shrugged as he was about to leave.

''Wait, I want to know your name so every test I take I may show you how friends don't make my grades lower nor grow because I am a Holmes and a Holmes is a perfectionist !'' The boy grinned turning to Sherlock, he placed his hands inside the robes he already wore and shrugged.

''Figure it out yourself genius!'' He gave a curt nod before disappearing into the crowd leaving Sherlock to stand there annoyed.

''MUM!'' he called out and rushed over to her. ''I'm saying goodbye earlier I need to do something'' He said reaching up and kissing his mother, he rushed towards his father and hugged him before any of the two could say another word about it, he rushed down the rows of train carts and leaped into the one where all the luggage was organized by time of arriving, first letter of your first name and age. He would figure the boy's name out no matter what.v