Sherlock angrily muttered to himself as he sat across from his older brother at the Slytherin table. The grand feast had begun already and the first year Slytherin's seemed to be getting comfortable already unlike Sherlock who was still pissed. And placed a hand on Sherlock's shoulder

''Stop whining Sherlock and eat or I'll stuff this bloody corn in your mouth if I must!'' Sherrinford growled at Sherlock ''Don't you think it's bad for me too ! having my little brother in the same house as me ? If you would have ended up in Ravenclaw Mycroft would be the one…'' Sherrinford went silent as Mycroft approached the table and placed a hand on Sherlock's shoulder. One of the other older Slytherin's saw this and stood up.

''Hey why don't you let go of him…a Ravenclaw has no place here…'' Mycroft raised a brow and let go of Sherlock's shoulder, turning to fully look take a look at the Slytherin boy

''Excuse me?'' Mycroft asked politely and raised a brow, his wand at the edge of his sleeve ready to be brought out at any instant if the boy made a foolish move.

''I said to get away; can't you get that through your thick head?'' The boy barked and spit horribly with each word. Mycroft reached into his robe pocket, took out a handkerchief, and wiped his face before folding it, placing it back into place.

''I don't care if you were the minster of magic himself I'm talking to my brothers and you will stay out of our business...'' With that, Mycroft grabbed the hood of Sherlock's robe and made him stand up and walk away with him. Sherrinford didn't hesitate to stand and follow. Imogen on the other hand was stuck in-between two muggleborns.

''Sherrinford, though you are now fifteen years of age I don't fully trust you to take responsibility of our child brother. I admit I would have been proud if he would have ended up in Ravenclaw , but so be it, I am still in charge and I will take care of him but I ask you Sherrinford...don't let him get in any tro-'' Sherlock had had enough of this and pushed Mycroft away and huffed angrily.

''I am not a baby! I can take care of myself!'' he said angrily and walked back towards the Slytherin table. His robes billowing behind him catching the eye of a curious Gryffindor.

''Who does he think he is ?'' Sherrinford said irritated. Mycroft reached over and placed a hand upon his shoulder squeezing it slightly.

''He's a Holmes of course'' Mycroft grinned before striding over to the Ravenclaw table

Sherlock still sat silently ignoring the other Slytherin students. Sherrinford decided to ignore him as well and talked to his friends. Before he knew it the prefects where showing the first years the way to each other's dorms. The Slytherin's and Hufflepuff's belonged down in the dungeon. Sherlock looked around the gloomy green themed dorms and sighed, he remembered Mycroft telling him about the Ravenclaw dorms and how the ceiling was charmed to look like the night sky , that they had some of the most beautiful views of any. But now he was stuck with the murky lake water, delightful.

The next day at breakfast once a much to cheerful , round-bellied man named Professor Slughorn handed them their schedules somebody had the brilliant idea to throw spoonful's of oatmeal at Sherlock. The youngest Holmes brother simply stayed put and glared down at his plate filled with nothing.

"ay ! Won't you stop it" a familiar voice barked at the perpetrator. Sherlock finally looked up at John who stood tall , though quite short , and proud in front of Orion Black.

"And who are you to tell me ? Mudblood" Orion sneered placing his hand on John's chest to push him back , when the shorter boy suddenly grabbed his hand and twisted it roughly. Orion screamed out in pain as John announced.

"If I wanted to I could break all the bones in your body, while naming them!" with that little reminder, the blonde haired boy let go of Orion and backed away. Walburga Black and the other Slytherin girls tried to comfort.

"You shouldn't have done that" Sherlock said getting out of his seat and taking ahold of John's robes, reaching down and grabbing his own bag.

"where are we going ?" The blonde asked looking around "I didn't finish my breakfast". Sherlock rolled his eyes and strode by Gryffindor table. They threw glares at him as he reached down for a bag.

"This is yours correct ?" Sherlock asked but kept moving not even listing to John's answer. They walked out of the great hall not noticing the dark haired Slytherin boy watching their every step.

''Where are we going ?'' John asked again trying to catch Sherlock's own pace.

''Well we have some minutes before we must leave to class so I suggest an adventure !'' Sherlock turned to the shorter boy and grinned , just as John was about to point out to watch out for a man who was examining an odd looking wand. They knocked into each other, the dark haired man growled and got up quickly. He was a ghostly color but still handsome.

''Watch out where you're going you bloody-'' The man eyed the Slytherin emblem on Sherlock's robes , eyes narrowed in thought. He than looked over at John and raised a brow. ''A Slytherin and a fascinating'' The man grinned.

''And who are you ?'' Sherlock asked , trying to work out who and why the man was here when it suddenly clicked. ''The post for the D.A.D.A , you're here for an interview aren't you'' Sherlock asked with a raised brow. The man looked absolutely amazed and terrified at the same time.

''You know legilimency'' He asked suspiciously and gripped the wand in his hand.

''It's called deduction, let me tell you...'' Sherlock took a breath in and began ''You're robes have no signs of wrinkles on them which means you must have been extra careful not to dirty them along with your pants , your shoes seem freshly clean as they have a sparkle to them and they don't seem to have any dirt. Theirs a piece of parchment that seems to be sticking out of your left pocket on your robe , a letter from the headmaster ? also your direction as well is going straight to the headmasters , if you where from the ministry you would have a uniform but you do not and you would not have stopped to talk to me'' Sherlock grinned as the man stared.

''Sherlock !'' The man and two students turned to see Mycroft , red faced and out of air, catching up to them. ''I saw you leaving the hall'' He stopped as he noticed the older male. ''Riddle...'' He asked a bit surprised but than he smiled.

''Holmes ?'' The man named Riddle suddenly rushed over and noticed the badge he wore ''You took my place of head boy didn't you you little...'' he chuckled and shook his hand. ''It's been sometime hasn't it ?'' John stood back , confused.