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For this story, the Dark angel timeline is set back a few years. The escape in 2009 now happens in 2005, and Alec joins the originals in the escape.

In the story Dean has already met Ben and Alec, during the season there will be flashbacks to show how Dean met his clones. So, don't worry, you'll get to see his reaction to the boys

There will also be flashbacks on other stuff like the escape from Manticore or hunts that boys did with Dean and John, before finding Sam.

Please enjoy :)

Chapter 1
Episode 1 (Pilot).

Dean pulls the Impala to a stop in front of a block of apartments. Turing off the engine, he turns slightly towards the back seats.

"Okay Maggots" Dean jokes, making Ben and Alec giggle, "remember what we talked about?"

The boys nod.

Dean turns to face them fully, "tell me".

Alec huffs in annoyance before saying, "We are to call you dad all the time now, because you don't want to fill Sam in on the whole being clones and Manticore crap just yet".

"John is grandpa and we call Sam, uncle Sam" Ben continues.

"We need to act like normal, boring kids and not show off our skills. Basically, not be awesome" Alec sighs.

"We are 8 years old and our mother dumped us on you when she recognized you, as you and grandpa stopped in our 'home town' about half a year ago" Ben finishes.

"Good" Dean says and opens his door, "and Alec, your clones of me. No matter what, you're awesome"

Alec grins as Dean exists the Impala and walks towards the building Sam lives in.

"Remember to act innocent and childlike" Ben says.

Rolling his eyes, Alec replies "I wasn't genetically made yesterday Ben. I know how we have to act till Dean tells Sam what we really are".

"Just reminding you, as you have a bad tendency to not listen and not do as you're told. It's why you always got into trouble at Manticore".

Alec glares and resists the urge to punch his twin. Sometimes his brother really annoyed him with always reminding him that he was the perfect one, while Alec was not.

Dean didn't care that Alec wasn't perfect. In fact, Dean was always telling Ben to chill out with his OCD, cuz he wasn't going to yell at them or ditch them just because they asked some questions.

Especially after that big fight he and Ben had had a couple of months ago, when Dean and John had sat down and talked to them separately about what they expected and some heart-felt stuff.

Alec had hoped after the talk, that Ben would be better...

But Ben was still Ben. No matter what John or Dean said to him, everything still had to be perfect or else he thinks they'll get rid of them. That of course mean's Alec must be perfect too, or else Ben has a go at him, cuz John and Dean will make them go because of his 'bad behaviour'. Alec didn't think he was bad. He just liked asking questions... and maybe, just maybe he was a bit hyper, but transgenics have a lot of energy with all the training they do a day.

He left Manticore because Ben said that they could find somewhere better, somewhere where there were no rules or yelling. Yet Ben was trying to make Alec follow rules and yelling at him, calling him bad, when he didn't listen. His twin really needed to make up his mind about what he wanted.

Alec sighs... Okay, he was being a bit harsh on his brother. Ben has actually changed after the talk with Dean and John. He still wanted everything to be perfect and was worried about Dean getting rid of them... but Ben did stop making rules for Alec to follow, he just enforced the ones Dean put in place, and he stopped calling Alec 'bad' all the time. Sure, Ben still called him bad from time to time, but he had gotten a lot better at not doing it, ever since the fight. He was trying.

Plus... he could understand that Ben just wanted to make John and Dean happy so that they would let them stay with them, because they were really nice. They got them food and clothes and let them travel with them, even knowing they weren't fully human. Both Alec and Ben knew it was most likely because Dean was their DNA donor so he felt responsible, but it was still nice.

Manticore never treated them as good as this. That's why Ben wanted to be perfect. He didn't want to risk losing John or Dean.

He just had to hope that over time Ben will start feeling more confident in the fact that Dean doesn't need him to perfect.

Alec just wasn't as insecure as Ben was. Ben might have been the older clone, but he needed more comfort and reassurance. Alec didn't. Alec was big and brave. He could have survived all by himself after the escape... but it was nice having Dean and John around.

Alec didn't need the hug's and didn't need to be carried, like Ben always milked while in public. Alec was grown up... Though he did enjoy being up high whenever he was forced to be carried.

It was also nice being in public and having Dean act like their dad. Not that Alec would admit that. Ever. It would totally ruin his street cred... Alec's been watching a lot of TV.

Alec remember when he first bumped into Dean and John, and he really did bump into them... ... ...

It had been almost 2 months since the escape from Manticore. Even though Ben's unit leader had told them to split up, Alec stuck with Ben. Not because he was scared, Alec doesn't get scared, but because he was making sure Ben didn't get scared.

They had been running pretty much none stop. They would briefly stop for a couple of hours for food and sleep. They stopped in a smallish town in Idaho to gather some supplies. Well steal some, much to Ben's dismay, but Alec joy. He loved the thrill of stealing. It was fun. Ben frowned upon it, but he accepted that it had to happen, as Alec had pointed out, if they don't eat, they would grow weak, and Manticore could get them.

It was just really bad luck that Manticore where searching the closest states to them, looking for the missing children. Hoping they hadn't gotten too far yet.

While him and Ben were in a store, their enhanced hearing heard the horribly familiar sounds of Manticore cars and soldiers close by. Knowing they had to get out know before Manticore found them and closed off the town, Ben and Alec took off out of the shop in a moment of panic, not noticing the two men just outside the shop door, and running face first into them.

If he wasn't in a hurry to get out of the town, Alec would have had tears running down his face from laughing at the men's faces. Both of them looked a mixture of shock and horror, and the younger one looked like he would have passed out.

Getting up off the floor both Ben and Alec try to take off, however the older, scary looking man grabbed them.

Both Ben and Alec knew they could have taken both men without even blinking, but that would have drawn attention, so they let the man drag them away, till they were somewhere private, so they could get away.

To cut the story short, there was punches and shouting and a heck of a lot of confusion, but eventually Ben and Alec were sat in the back of the men's car and were driving out of the town, away from the Manticore soldiers... ... ...

Good times, Alec grins at the memory of Deans face. The big, macho man almost fainting at the sight of him and Ben.

He shifts his attention to look outside, when he hears footsteps and arguing coming closer.

He can see Dean and a taller man walking down the stairs. Looking at Ben, they share a look, knowing it's show time.

The conversation, well argument, gets clearer now and Ben and Alec can fully hear it.

"The weapon training, and melting the silver into bullets? Man, Dean, we were raised like warriors" the taller man, Sam, says.

"So, what are you gonna do? You're just gonna live some normal, apple pie life? Is that it?" Dean says approaching the Impala.

"No. Not normal. Safe".

"And that's why you ran away".

"I was just going to college. It was Dad who said if I was gonna go I should stay gone. And that's what I'm doing".

"Yeah, well, Dad's in real trouble right now. If he's not dead already. I can feel it".

Alec and Ben can practically taste the tension in the air.

"I can't do this alone" Dean continues.

"Yes, you can".

"Yeah, well, I don't want to".

Alec huffs "he's not alone! He's got us"

"Shhh" whispers Ben, trying to keep his twin quiet so he could listen to Dean and Sam's conversation.

They hear Sam sigh, "What was he hunting?"

Dean opens the trunk of the Impala and digs through the clutter, "All right, let's see, where the hell did I put that thing?"

"So, when Dad left, why didn't you go with him?"

"I was working my own gig. This, uh, voodoo thing, down in New Orleans".

"Dad let you go on a hunting trip by yourself?"

"Dude! I'm twenty-six".

Finally finding what he needed, Dean pulls out some files.

"All right, here we go. So, Dad was checking out this two-lane blacktop just outside of Jericho, California. About a month ago, this guy", Dean hands one of the papers to Sam, "They found his car, but he vanished. Completely MIA".

Sam reads the files and glances up, "maybe he was kidnapped".

"Yeah. Well, here's another one in April. Another one in December 'oh-four, 'oh-three, 'ninety-eight, 'ninety-two, ten of them over the past twenty years" Showing Sam all the missing posters, "All men, all the same five-mile stretch of road. It started happening more and more, so Dad went to go dig around. That was about three weeks ago. I hadn't heard from him since, which is bad enough".

Dean pulls out a handheld tape recorder, "Then I get this voicemail yesterday".

Alec and Ben listen as Dean presses play and hear the recording they've listen to about time ten's, again.

"Dean...something big is starting to happen...I need to try and figure out what's going on. It may... Be very careful, Dean. We're all in danger" John's voice says before the recording cuts.

"You know there's EVP on that?" Sam says.

"Not bad, Sammy. Kinda like riding a bike, isn't it?" Dean smirks, "All right. I slowed the message down, I ran it through a gold wave, took out the hiss, and this is what I got".

"I can never go home..." Dean stops the recording.

"Never go home" Sam repeats.

Dean closes the trunk, "You know, in almost two years I've never bothered you, never asked you for a thing"

Sam sighs, "All right. I'll go. I'll help you find him"

"You're damn right you'll help" Alec says.

"Alec! quiet" Ben hisses, forgetting about being quiet himself.

Sam pauses before continuing, "But I have to get back first thing Monday".

"What's first thing Monday?"

"I have this...I have an interview".

"What, a job interview? Skip it".

"It's a law school interview, and it's my whole future on a plate".

"Law school?" Dean smirks

"Ha! Law school. He's a nerd!" Alec laughs.

"Alec be quiet! Dean is having an important conversation" Ben glares.

"Yeah but Dean wants us to act like normal kids, and normal kids aren't quiet" Alec pokes his tongue out.

"You'll get us in trouble! Don't be bad" Ben raises his voice slightly.

"You're not allowed to call me that anymore! Dean says so" Alec fully yells.

"Dean... What's that?" Sam says as he hears small voices coming from the car.

"Uh..." Dean rubs his neck, "That would be Ben and Alec. Most likely Alec though".

"Ben and Alec?"

Dean nods and he walks over to the back door. Opening it, he signals for whoever Ben and Alec were, to get out.

Sam's eyes widen in disbelief as he sees two little boys crawl out of the Impala, and almost fall out of his eye sockets when the boy's face him.

He found himself staring at a face he hasn't seen in like …15 years, give or take. But not just one face, two faces.

Finding his voice Sam asks, "What did you do Dean?"

Smirking Dean replies, "Don't you mean, who did I do?"

He watches as one boy laughs at what Dean said, while the other shakes his head, though has a slight smile on his face.

"Oh my God" Sam says.

One boy suddenly has a smirk appear on his face before opening his mouth, "Nice to meet you, Uncle Sammy".

"Holy Crap" Sam mutters.

The other boy speaks up, "That's a bad word Uncle Sam".

"Uh huh" The other one nods, "Now you have to put a dollar in the treat jar".

"Alec, we don't have a treat jar" Dean says.

"Well we should".

"Stop being demanding" the other boy glares.

"Stop being bossy".

"Boys enough" Dean interrupts the auguring children, before turning to Sam and gives him a shit eating grin, "So... how you feeling Uncle Sammy?"

"Haha, dad. He looks as pale as you did!" Alec grins, while the other, Ben, rolls eyes but does give a smile.

"I was not pale" Dean protests.

"Sorry dad, but you were" Ben says.

Dean ignores the warm feeling he has recently been feeling whenever Ben or Alec call him that.

"Dad?" Sam says, "They're... They're really yours?"

"Thought that was kind of obvious Sam" Dean grins.

"Does dad know about them?"

Dean nods, while Alec answers "Grampa's cool. Kinda grouchy sometimes, but cool".

Sam's eyebrows reach the sky, "Grampa? What the hell has happened since I left?"

"Well you're in college uncle Sam, so your smart. What do you think happened?" Alec says.

"Alec" Dean says with a slight warning in his voice making Alec sigh.

"Wow..." Sam says watching the interaction, "this is...this is weird".

"I know" Dean nods, "but can't change what's happened so, Sam meet your nephews, Ben" Dean puts his hand on the boy wearing a blue jumper, "and Alec, "he puts his hand on the red jumper boy.

"I don't even..." Sam struggles to find words.

"Don't worry, after a while you get to know which one is which, just by the look on their faces or their actions".

Alec narrows his eyes, "What's that supposed to mean?"

"It mean's Al, that you're one of a kind... And that I know you and what your like" Dean says, then looks at Sam, "If you ever need to know which ones which, just look for a mischievous look, and that's Alec. Benny's less likely to cause mischief".

Ben took that as a complement and smiles at Dean.

"How... When..." Sam begins.

"Story for later. It's late and time for bed"

Alec groans and complains, while Dean looks at Ben, giving him a message.

"Are you going to be coming with us on our road trip uncle Sam?" Ben says understanding what Dean wanted. He even threw in a yawn at the end, to look like a cute kid.

Alec understanding what was going on, joins in, "Dad said grandpa had to go back to work, so you might want to come with us. He said we might go see the biggest ball of yarn! How cool is that!"

Dean had said that weeks ago, as one of his cat jokes, because of Ben and Alec's cat DNA. He like to make jokes about it from time to time, much to both boy's irritation. He brought up the ball of yarn, saying that Ben and Alec would love to play with it because they were half cat. He just got groans of annoyance from both clones at the poor joke.

"So, you in or out?" Dean asks.

Sam sighs, his brain working over time trying to understand everything that's happened. He looks from Dean to the children... His brother's children... He doesn't remember Dean ever being as good at the puppy eye as Ben and Alec seem to be.

Sam groans, "Just let me go grab some stuff".

He finds it completely freaky seeing three of the same grin looking back at him.

"It was the ball of yarn that won you over, wasn't it uncle Sammy!" Alec concludes.

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