Chapter 1: Dueling Declan

"Declan what's deal, we thought the Battle Royal was the next stage of the tournament and now its was just for a lame try out to become part of your Lancers, what are you trying to pull?" Yuya asked.

"I'm simply trying to save our world, once I learned that the Fusion Warriors were planning to invade our home I needed a way to stand up to them without causing a panic, the battle royal was the perfect camouflage for the real conflict at hand, I sent the LID best duelists to drive off the enemy but it turns out their best enough however you and your friends including Shay and his friends prove your what it takes." Declan replied.

"So you used us?" Yuya asked. "I simply used the resouces available to me, replusing the enemy away all of you prove your strength today but protecting our world isn't good enough, so we must take the battle to the Fusion Dimension, you Lancers will lead the charge." Declan declared.

"And end up like our friends turned into cards, Reed and Trout they didn't deserve this, nobody did, don't you see that and Zuzu what about her?" Yuya asked sadly. "She might be gone forever, its all your fault!"

"He isn't to blame." Celina said as the gang looked at her. "If anyone is responible for her fate it should be me."

"Zuzu is gone because of you, Gong don't know who you are lady." Gong said. "My name is Celina and I'm from the Fusion Dimension." The Fusion counterpart replied as the gang gasped. "If you're from the Fusion Dimension then you're one of our enemies!" Sylvio pointed out. "(Just great now that the cat's out of the bag, they'll never let Celina out of their sight so bringing her back with me isn't in the cards.)" Dennis thought.

Sylvio approached the look alike Zuzu. "So there's a Fusion Freak among us, dressed as Zuzu but your disguise is uncaddy but I saw through you when I saw you, so talk or I'll..." Moon Shadow stood in front of the Blonde LID student. "Hey get out of the way I'm interagating her, are you working for Fusion too?"

"No but I made a promise to protect her." Moon Shadow replied. "To who, you'd better give me a name ninja man or I'll..." Sylvio warned. "Celina isn't a spy, in fact the squad of Fusion Warriors was sent here to hunt her down." Declan answered.

"Its true, those were obelisk Force from Duel Academy, they were hot on my tail but since Zuzu and I switched outfits they probably thought Zuzu was me." Celina explained. "Wait, you and Zuzu switched duds?" Gong said looking confused. "why would Zuzu agree to do that?" Aura asked.

Celina turned and looked at Shay and his comrades who were standing next to him. "She wanted me to get the chance to met only Shay since his friends were busy."

"Why, did you want to meet Shay?" Yuya asked looking at the hostile Xyz Summoner. "Zuzu told me that Duel Academy attacked innocent people in the Xyz Dimension but I didn't believe her so she wanted me to hear the story from Shay so she would keep the Obelisk Force off of my tail." Celian replied.

"Then Zuzu is..." Yuya began to say cryy again. "If you don't want to lose anymore friends then you must join my Lancers then take the fight to them, this require all the strength and determination you all can muster, you can avenge them and I will provide oppotunity, so all of you follow my lead and trust me." Declan mused.

"You're asking us to trust you after all your lies, I don't care about your battles I just want my friends back." Yuya said clenching his fists. "Bring my friends back!"

He launched a punch at Leo President but Declan caught his fist. "A duelist settles his issues with a duel not his fists." Declan said as he threw the Dueltainer backwards. "Fine then, I'll duel you for dragging us into this fight!"

"Very well then if you defeat me then I'll accept any punishment you wish to seek for my misdeeds." Declan said adjust his glasses.

"First I must saying something to Sibella."

He looked at the human vampire. "Hey, are you the girl I met that the warehouse at the docks?" Sylvio asked. "Is it true that you're a part vampire?"

Moon Shadow and Celina gasped. "That's quite strange." Celina said. "Is this a joke?" Moon Shadow explained. "I'm afraid its no joke, in fact I heard that she and Shay's other comrades attacked the You Show school." Declan said. "Even dueled against Yuya."

"Is that true?" Sylvio asked. "Yes, our duel ended up in a draw." Sibella replied not looking at the LID blonde. "So how is that someone like you is part vampire?" Celina asked.

"Forget about why or how Sibella is part vampire, I want to duel Declan!" Yuya proclaimd angrily.

At the Leo Control Room.

Henrietta and Riley arrived and the latter was holding his Youth League trophy, as they ascend from the lift to where Claude was waiting Mrs Akaba sees Declan on the main screen. "What's going on?"

"Its clear that you don't understand the gravity threat to our world, I won't allow this world to meet the same fate as Xyz, I'll show you what I mean by activating the Action Field Spell: Neo Heartland City!"

The Action Field then materialized aroudn the assembled aroudn the group. "This is the city in the Xyz Dimension." Celina said.

"At least it was." Shay said as the gang turned to Shay who was angered along with his comrades. "Its nothing but a ruined shell." Leonardo said gritted his teeth. "Because of the Fusion Warriors!" Sibella yelled angrily. "Keep going, you and your friends tell Celina the whole story." Declan said.

Shay, Leonardo and Sibella including Katt, William, Maria, Jenna, and Raptor went quiet but they seemed very angry to answer. "Hmm I see must be difficult to re-live a tradegy, so I'll fill in the details, the people in the Xyz Dimension were peaceful but were completely helpless against Duel Academy's invasion, that's why we must take the battle to them." Declan began to explain until Yuya spoke. "Enough, I'm through hearing you talk, got it?" he asked hugging himself and began walking foward. "I'm simply inform Celina the details that happened in Xyz." Declan said. "I said enough." Yuya begged. "Not talking about isn't going to change the fact, that you and your friends will have join my Lancers." Declan said.

"Come on, Leo President, its obvious that the guy is too scared to fight Duel Academy." Raptor said. "What'd you say?" Yuya asked looking offended. "Gong don't like when someone insults his friend." Gong said glaring at the dino man. "How dare you insult my sweetie!" Aura spatted. "Oh I'm shaking." Raptor said in a mockery tone.

"What's the matter Yuya, you were brave to go up against Katt, Yuto, and I, now you're backing out on joining the Lancers." Leonardo added in amuse. "I guess you are a coward."

Yuya turned around angrily. "What did you say?"

"Did I hit a nerve?" Leonardo asked amusingly. "Argh." Yuya growled angrily. "You want a piece of me?" Leonardo asked with a glare. "Bring it, Xyz Punk! Yuya shouted with an angered look. "Ding-dong clown!" Leonardo shouted back angrily.

The Dueltainer and the Blue haired Xyz Summoner grabbed each other by their shirts. "Grrr." They growled.

"Hey you two quit fighting!" Aura called. "Break it up you two." Gong said getting the between his friend and blue haired Xyz Summoner.

"Look Yuya, are you duel me or not?" Declan asked as the Dueltainer turned to face the Leo president.

"Yes Declan, I'm ending this now!" Yuya declared with Yuto speaking alongside his counterpart. "Everything that happened to my friends is all your fault, you set us up and now I'm going take you down, if you're so willing to battle then duel me!"

Yuya: 4000

Declan: 4000

"I use Scale 4 Performapal Trump Witch with Scale 8 Xiangsheng Magician to set the Pendulum Scale, I'm taken control of this duel starting now, swing far Pendulum, crave the arc of victory, my monsters are ready to swing into action, wield your wizardry Stargazer Magician!"

Stargazer Magician Level 5 Defense 2400

"Splash to Performapal Splashmammoth!"

Performapal Splashmammoth Level 6 Defense 2300

"Pendulum Summoning already, Yuya really does mean business." Dennis said. "(Like when he dueled against Yuto, Katt, and I.)" Leonardo thought. "(This guy is so naive.)" William thought to himself.

"With that I end my turn." Yuya said.

Shay turns to look at Celina. "Why would Zuzu risk her life just so you can meet me?"

The Fusion look alike Zuzu didn't respond but she did look at Shay.

"Its my turn, I draw!" Declan declared as he looked at what card he drew. "Using the special ability of my D/D Surl Slime, I will fuse it with D/D Behemoth, your powers have grown to be quite impressive but as you see I'm capable to waring off anything you throw my way, I Fusion Summon: D/D/D Flame King Gengsis!

D/D/D Flame King Gengsis Level 6 Attack 2000

"This is starting to heat up, if this is anything like the last duel they had, we're in for some fireworks." Gong stated. "Wait, they dueled before, I didn't know that." Aura said looking surprised. "Yes, back at You Show they dueled there." Gong explained. "Who won the duel?" Dennis asked. "We never got to find out on the count that Declan ran off but Gong doesn't think that Yuya would've won." Gong replied frowning.

"I think I add another veridity to the field by summoning D/D Night Howl!" Declan declared.

D/D Night Howl Level 3 Attack 300

"Whoa, is that a Tuner Monster?" Dennis asked. "That's right, Declan has mastered different types of Summoning methods." Gong explained. "Once I successfully summoned Night Howl, I can Special summon a D/D Monster from my graveyard as long at that D/D Monster's attack points are reduced to 0." Declan explained as his Behemoth appeared from Night Howl's mouth. "Like D/D Behemoth!"

D/D Behemoth Level 4 Attack 0

"I tune Level 3 D/D Night Howl with Level 4 D/D Behemoth, observe such as the power we shall wield together when we divide the forces of Duel Academy, I D/D/D Gust King Alexander!"

D/D/D Gust King Alexander Level 7 Attack 2500

"Impressive, he certainly knows how to keep on your toes." Dennis said looking very impressed. "When I summon another D/D/D monster such as Gust King Alexander, Flame King Gengsis can resurrect a D/D monster from my graveyard, arise once again D/D Surl Slime!":

D/D Surl Slime Level 2 Attack 200

"Now Gust King Alexander's ability activates when a D/D Monster is summoned I can Special Summon another D/D monster from my graveyard." Declan explained. "D/D Behemoth return to me!"

D/D Behemoth Level 4 Attack 1400

"Behemoth's ability activates which doubles a D/D Monster's level like Surl Slime!"

D/D Surl Slime Level 2-4

"With that I take both Level 4 D/D Behemoth and Surl Slime I built the Overlay Network, prepare to face a trio of sobering warriors because there's a 3rd king on the way, I Xyz Summon: D/D/D King Caesar!

D/D/D King Caesar Rank 4 Attack 2400

Dennis gulped in amazement. "I don't believe he can do three summoning methods."

"Looks like you need to get our nose out of your textbooks Mr Macfield, I thought all students knew that Declan has mastered the top three summoning methods?" Sylvio asked. "Is it common?" Dennis asked. "Well there's nothing common about it though." Sylvio replied.

"You forgot one!" Yuya called out as his friends looked at the Dueltainer. "Declan knows how to Pendulum Summon!"

"Amazing, he know all four summoning methods!" Dennis proclaimed looking amazed. "I'm sure he wants to test them out against Duel Academy." Yuya added. "So you came here to challenge Shay?" Katt asked. "How did you find out that he defeated Sora?" William asked. "I overheard him talking about it when he's getting examined." Celina replied. "Second I did come here to track down Xyz's that escaped from the Xyz Dimension, by taken you down I'd show the professor what I'm capable of, I believed his words about uniting the four Dimensions together but after what Zuzu told me I'm starting to have serious doubt, she said that your people were attacked including ones that weren't duelists."

Celina turned her head away. "Its hard to believe that the Obelisk Force could do something so horrible, so was Zuzu telling the truth or was she was filling my head with lies?" She asked looking at Shay and his comrades.

"It is all true." Shay said firmly. "Yes, your Obelisk Force was merciless, they took out anyone that wasn't duelists including my little sister who was carded in front me." William said. "Including my family and cats, meow." Katt said sadly. "They chased anyone in their path wether they were duelists or not." Raptor added as his eyes turned into dinosaur eyes.

Celina began to shake.

"Gust King Alexander on Stargazer Magician and blow him off the field!" Declan commanded as his Gust King swung its sword and unleashed a gust like tornado and destroyed the Stargazer.

"King Caesar is next, now splash that mammoth back into extinction, tidily torrent!"

King Caesar swung its big sword and creating a water stream and knocked away Splashmammoth then creating a fire. "Yuya you're in a duel that you can never win, so feel the wrath of Flame King Gengsis!"

Flame King Gengsis swung its sword and unleashed a fiery fire blast and knocking Yuya down a stairway.

Yuya: 2000

Shay and his comrades remembered began to remember the screams of their friends and family including the laughter of the Fusion Warriors. "We still remember the laughing of the Fusion Warriors." Shays said closing his eyes with sadness. "I remember my family and cats crying for help but I was too late." Katt said as tears formed in her eyes.

"I got separated from little my sister but I found her in frontyard of our house but I was too late she was carded by Fusion Warrior right in front me, my parents were also carded." William said making a canine whimper. "I remember my father's scream at my house and I found that he carded as well." Leonardo said gritted his teeth. "As for me I went to find my family at the house but they were wiped out by the Fusion warriors too." Jenna said sobbing. "Yes, my sister and my mother were also carded in front me." Maria said shrugging her shoulder in anger.

"We also remember the screams of those people who tried to get away." Sibella added hissing with anger but she was in tears as well.

Celina was shocked by this.

At the Leo Control room.

"Declan is flawless, he's got Yuya on the ropes, his dueling a complete mis-match." Mrs Akaba said.

"I place one card facedown and end my turn." Declan said. "Of course nothing I've done hasn't surprised you yet."

Yuya crawled to the top of stairway. "I know what you're thinking now, that you think you have chance to make a comeback, you've mastered your Pendulum powers well, so use them against me."

"When comes to dueling you don't miss a beat, do you? Yuya asked struggling to get up on his feet. "No wonder everyone thinks you're a genius, I bet you knew about what would happen in the Battle Royal too, like how many would fall and how many would make it, so it turned out what you predicted, so it means you think of us nothing but puppets!"

The gang looked at him with worry expect for Shay and his comrades. "well I got news for you, you're not pulling any strings not when I get through with you, someone has to take you down a notch and that someone is me!" Yuya proclaimed as he drew from his deck. "Its time the duel to swing my way, its showtime!"

"I'm bringing back Stargazer Magician!"

Stargazer Magician Level 5 Attack 1200

"Performapal Splashmammoth!"

Performapal Sphashmammoth Level 6 Attack 1900

"But I'm not stopping there, come on out Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Level 7 Attack 2500

"Splashmammoth its time for you to splash into the center stage to add bubbles to this battle by activating your special ability which lets me Fusion Summon without using a Polymerization." Yuya declared as his Mammoth unleashed a bunch of bubbles.

"Now I'll fuse Splashmammoth with Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon, by fusing the fiercest of my dragons and the ancient might of my mammoth, I'll create a new powerful monster, I Fusion Summon: Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Level 8 Attack 3000

"Rock on, that monster is so powerful that it took Gong out in the duel, so its going to destroy Declan." Gong said. "I activate Stargazer's special ability it can bring back one of the monsters that were used to Fusion Summon Beast-Eyes, welcome back Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Level 7 Attack 2500

"Now I activate Peformapal Trump Witch's Pendulum ability, she lets me Fusion Summon without using a Polymerization card." Yuya explained. "She'll give a little hocus to my Odd-Eyes and lend a dash of pokes to my Stargazer Magician, I Fusion Summon: Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon!"

Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon Level 8 Attack 3000

"Beast-Eyes and Rune-Eyes are more than just my allies they're my friends, I wouldn't have summon them if weren't for Zuzu." Yuya said. "Cause she learned to Fusion Summoning from Sora."

Yuya remembered when he was told that Sora was training Zuzu to Fusion Summon on the day at the warehouse.

"Zuzu studied with Sora, interesting I never expected her to learn Fusion Summon from a student from Duel Academy." Declan said looking impressed. "Wait so you knew Sora came from Duel Academy?" Yuya asked.

"Of course, his Fusion Summon powers were powerful than the LID, I'm finally beginning to understand that Zuzu and Sora opened your eyes to power of Fusion Summoning which let you to take Pendulum Summoning to the next level." Declan said adjusting his glasses.

"That's right, it doesn't where friends come from, we help each out and together we'll take you down!" Yuya declared. "I'll forward to seeing you try." Declan said. "Since I fused Rune-Eyes by using Stargazer as Fusion Material, it can attack you three times." Yuya explained as his dragon power up its three triangle parts.

"Go Rune-Eyes take out his Kings with Spiral Sky Shot!"

Rune-Eyes launched bright light stream at Ceasar."

Declan: 3400

Then Flame King Gengsis was destroyed.

Declan: 2400

Finally Gust King was destroyed.

Declan: 1900

"Your sister Lulu was captured and taken to Duel Academy?" Celina asked. "Yes, it also hurts looking at you cause you look like her." Shay replied firmly. "Now Beast-Eyes go, Blazing Spiral Storm!"

Beast-Eyes fired its fiery breath at Declan.

"There's no way Declan can survive since his life points are lower, he's finished." Gong stated as the Leo president gasped in shock.

The blast made its mark causing a explosion and smoke.

Yuya stared where Declan was realizing he won but then he noticed something as the smoke began to clear.

Declan stepped out of the smoke. "What gives?" Gong asked. "I kept myself from feeling the burn by activating my trap: D/D/D Contract Change."

Yuya gasped. "By banishing a D/D/D Monster with the highest attack points like Gust King Alexander, the damage I take from your Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is zero." Declan explained.

"I was so close." Yuya groaned in frustration. "That's not all I add a D/D Pendulum monster to my hand that's level 4 or below." Declan explained. "your strategy failed, you wanting to get revenge for what happened to Zuzu got you this far but not far enough, a duelist can't win with passion and emotions alone but if you believe that you can defeat a master duelist then you're sadly mistaken, dueling against Obelisk Force is no game they're ferocious but I know you and your friends had what it takes to go deck to deck with them."

"I'll never join your Lancers." Yuya remarked. "Oh no, not even to save your friend Zuzu?" Declan asked as Yuya and gang gasped in shock. "Are you saying we can save Zuzu?" Yuya asked.

"Then he must've saw her get capture by Obelisk Force!" Celina exclaimed. "(If he saw Yuri capture Zuzu then he might put two it together which blow my cover big time.)" Dennis thought worriedly.

"If you want to save Zuzu then let's see you defeat me first!" Declan stated as the Dueltainer gritted his teeth.

end of chapter.