The plan here is to write fifteen drabbles, each for a color prompt over at Caesar's Palace. The first prompt is 'red.'

The marbles clink against each other on the counter as Anna rolls them under her finger in thought. It's almost her birthday. She knows her friends are planning something, knows that Totsuka in particular will try and do something really meaningful, but she doesn't pry. She doesn't wish to ruin the surprise.

She holds a marble in front of her eye, transforming the bleak world around her into shades of red through the glass. It is the only color she can see and therefore the prettiest. Her gaze falls on Mikoto who sits at the bar beside her and she blinks and removes the marble, clutches it in her hand. She doesn't need it when she looks at him. His red is vibrant, too powerful to need amplification. Even when he doesn't use his power, she can see it and it is comforting.

"What?" Mikoto says, his voice a lazy mumble.

"When will Tatara be back?" She wants Totsuka to play a song for her.

Mikoto shrugs.

Anna sighs and places the marble back on the counter where it reflects the lights from the ceiling back at her.