Prompt: Pink

Neko shivers in an alley. Her pink fur is dirty and clings to her small frame. She is on constant lookout for the people in blue and does all she can to avoid them.

She was almost caught the other day. She doesn't know why they are so interested in her. She isn't very interesting, not at all.

But she's hungry. She needs to find food. There is a vague smell of fish in the air and she tentatively comes out of hiding, her nose in the air, whiskers twitching.

There is an island separated from the mainland by a long bridge over which cars come and go. The island is home to a school, she thinks, but it's inviting. Isolated.

Maybe the people in blue can't get her there.

The bell at her throat jingling, she trots off toward the bridge with a new determination.

Maybe there will be food.