Prompt: Orange

The sun is setting. It illuminates the sky in brilliant orange, painting the underbellies of the clouds in numerous shades.

Tomorrow is the day.

Totsuka is sure he has the song down perfectly and he can't wait for Anna to hear it. And in addition, he has a plan he knows she'll love. He's given out a red rose to each member of Homra and at her birthday, they'll take turns giving them to her.

She loves the color red.

But now, with preparations complete, Totsuka takes his time returning home. He might even be out after dark. He wants to catch some footage of the city at dusk, the city with all its lights like stars.

And that sunset.

"Just in case you guys missed it," he says, aiming the camera to catch the oranges and pinks and golds in the clouds.

There is movement in the sky and he zooms in on it but it's just the Silver King's zeppelin.

Totsuka lowers the camera so he can take in the sky without the lens.

"It really is a nice evening," he says.

He turns, his back to the setting sun, but he doesn't head home, not yet.

He wants to get a better vantage to film the city.

He wants to see the lights.