Prompt: Rainbow

Munakata peers out the window at the city. He still wears his blue uniform even though things are winding down.

He already sent Awashima home, though he doubts she's finished working for the night.

The Silver King flies high above the city and Munakata wonders what that's like, to be a part from everything, to take in everything as a whole.

Adolf Weismann thinks it's peaceful, looking down on Shizume, imagining a better world than this and up here, so far from the ground, imagining is easy.

The Usagi have returned and they report that they have not been able to find the new Colorless King. This worries Kokujoji. He wonders if the Colorless King wishes not to be found.

Yukari lounges on an old couch. As much as he wants to find the new Colorless King and Kuroh himself, his king has forbidden him getting involved. He doesn't want to admit he's sulking but not doing anything is just too boring.

Kuroh takes to the rooftops. Any time now, surely, his quarry will reveal himself. And then he will be able to take action. To fulfill the one last wish of Miwa Ichigen and finally be done with his quest.

In an old shed on the edge of school grounds, Neko is curled up. She has found food and now she can finally rest without worry, without fear. It's dark and comfortable and it will do for now.

On his way home from work, Fushimi passes Homra bar. He spares it no more than a glance.

He doesn't regret leaving.

He can't.

Inside, Yata is playing a video game with the volume on low and he tries not to yell at the screen for risk of waking up Anna, who's fallen asleep.

Mikoto sits on the sofa, smoking and watching the gameplay impassively.

Shizume City is peaceful.

It will be a while before it experiences this peace again.