Title: Coffee Break

Summary: Hermione has liked Theo for a while, but has yet to make a move.

Rating: T

Pairings: Theomione & Dramione hints / Pansmione brotp :)

Gifted to xxDustnight88 xx

Coffee Break


Pansy reached across and gently pushed Hermione's chin up.

"Seriously, unless you are planning on drooling all over that muffin, close your mouth," she admonished as Hermione threw her a look of contempt, batting her hand away.

"Speaking of that muffin…"

Hermione thrust it towards her with an exaggerated huff. "Just take it."

Pansy smiled with glee, ripping the top off in triumph. "Thank you!" she sang, before pulling the top apart and dropping a piece into her mouth, closing her eyes as she moaned.

"How goes your diet?" Hermione asked, her tone thick with sarcasm.

Pansy glared at her best friend. "My diet is going just fine," she retorted around the chocolate cake.

Hermione rolled her eyes in disgust. "Seriously, stop that. You look like Ron."

"Take that back!" Pansy cried, feigning hurt.

Hermione smirked. "No."

Across the otherside of the Ministry cafeteria, Theo turned, laughing at something Draco had said as he sat across from him in the booth. Catching Hermione's eye, he held her gaze until Hermione looked away, blushing.

"Seriously, make a move already," Pansy whined as Hermione brushed a stray curl behind her ear nervously.

Her head snapped up at the comment. "What?"

"You heard me," Pansy laughed, playfully smacking Hermione on the arm. "Come on, I need this!" she continued, the whine returning to her voice.

"You need this? What about me? I need this!" Hermione complained, chancing a glance back at Theo who was animatedly telling Draco a story.

Hermione groaned. "I'm telling you girl, I just want to crawl into his lap."

Pansy smiled, taking a sip of her coffee.

"I want to climb that man, Pansy," Hermione confessed in a whisper. "I want to climb him like a tree. Like. A. Tree," she emphasised.

Beside her Pansy snorted, almost choking on her coffee.

"What?" Hermione cried, her voice carrying across the cafeteria a little louder than she had planned, causing Theo and Draco to both look around, confused at the girls antics as they fell about laughing.

"Look, all I'm saying is make a move. Theo is smitten, I can tell. Plus Draco is pretty certain too," Pansy waved away her words as Hermione's jaw dropped.

"You told him?!"

Pansy rolled her eyes. "Girl, I didn't need to. The only person unaware you are drooling all over Theo is Theo," she explained as Hermione's face coloured like her House.

"Right, I'm going back to my office," Pansy stated as she gathered her things.

"You don't have an office," Hermione replied, confusion etched across her face as she stared up at her best friend.

"That's right," Pansy chuckled, "I guess that means I'm off to Draco's office," she winked.

"At least have the decency to soundproof the room this time, my office is right next door," Hermione complained as she too gathered her things.

"You love it," Pansy laughed, jabbing Hermione in the ribs.

"Er, no I do not," Hermione retorted, as they made their way out of the cafeteria and back towards the MLE offices.

Pansy threw Hermione a sidelong look, her eyes dancing with delight. "Make a move and then you can get us back," she chuckled.

Hermione gave Pansy and exasperated look. "Shut up! Anyway, he said he might pop over tonight…"

"Oooooo get you!" Pansy cried, clapping her hands excitedly.

"Don't get over excited, he's just coming over to use my laptop. I am going to show him how to order Muggle gifts for Christmas on Amazon Prime," Hermione explained as they turned into the elevator, pressing the number for the MLE floor.

Pansy's eyes went wide as she grabbed Hermione's arm. "Oh my god," she whispered.

"What?" Hermione asked, suddenly growing concerned at the serious look Pansy was giving her.

"He's coming round for Amazon Prime and Chill, Mia! AND CHILL!" she cried, laughing so hard her eyes watered.

"Oh my god, I'm dying," Hermione replied, laughing. "But seriously, it's just an innocent thing. Like when he came over before. Although I was sat next to him, leaning into him like this," Hermione moved closer to Pansy, until they were pressed up against the corner of the elevator.

"Saucy," Pansy mocked, one eyebrow raised. "Well if he comes over for Amazon Prime and Chill, you need to up your game from leaning," she replied with a wink.

Before Hermione could reply, the elevator pinged open, revealing Harry stood holding a thick file on his way for a meeting with Kingsley. Looking up from the file, his eyes darted from Pansy to Hermione and back again, a mix of shock and confusion on his face.

"Um, hello. Anything you girls want to tell me?" he asked, nervously.

Pushing away from the wall and the compromising position, Pansy swished her hips in an exaggerated manner as she strode sexily over to where he stood. Leaning in, she just grazed his earlobe with her lips as she whispered, "your head would explode if I told you what I get up to."

Harry gulped at her words saying nothing as Pansy turned and waved at Hermione.

"Catch up with you at the Leaky later," she called.

Hermione shook her head. "So incorrigible," she murmured as she exited.

"Yeah, well I blame Malfoy," Harry complained, as he strode into the lift trying to regain his composure.

"You blame Malfoy for everything," Hermione chuckled, rolling her eyes.

Harry gave her a curt not just as the lift door started to shut. "Yes, and for good reason!"