Ruby sighed as she searched for Blake. "Blake!" she called hoping her teammate would hear her. The revelation that blake was a faunus was a surprise but didn't matter to her in the slightest. She judged people on what they did not what others said. After all her brother was according to some people an abomination that was sent by the creator of Grimm to destroy them as a false messiah. So she was willing to give Blake a chance besides the white fang may have changed but she remembered when the old leader had personally thanked her brother for his efforts to equalize faunus work conditions.

"Blake!" Yang called out to her partner. Where was that girl did she really think that she cared so little about her that she would judge her for being a faunus.

"Weiss you aren't helping." Ruby said noticing Weiss had yet to call out to Blake.

"You know who could help? The police." Weiss said bitingly. "She is a criminal!" weiss declared.

"Weiss you're being unreasonable." Yang said Weiss opened her mouth to retort but someone else spoke up first.

"You say that like it's surprising Yang." turning they saw Harry standing there.

"Harry!" Ruby exclaimed giving her brother a hug they hadn't seen him all weekend given that they had been searching for Blake. "What are you doing here?"

"Picking up some dust I was running low." he answered before returning to the topic at hand. "And why is Weiss being unreasonable this time?"

"Because Blake is a faunus and a member of the White Fang. She is a criminal and we should be reporting her to the police." Weiss said firmly and unyieldingly.

"No wonder she didn't tell you she was a faunus, why do you think she wears that bow?" Harry asked sarcastically.

It took a moment for them to realize what he was talking about but once they considered what he said they realize yeah it was pretty obvious she was a faunus. "Salutations friends!"

"AHHHHHH!" the girls screamed jumping as they saw the girl from friday standing right behind them.

"AHH Penny! Where did you come from?!" Ruby asked as the girl Penny smiled at them.

"What are you doing friends?"

"Uuuhhh" Ruby considered what to say but Yang answered first.

"We are looking for our friend Blake."

Penny seemed to consider that for a moment before she remembered who they were talking about. "Oh you mean the faunus girl." the trio looked at her in suspicion.

"How did you know that?" Ruby asked.

"The cat ears." Penny answered simply. Making them nod she did like tuna.

"Did everyone know but us?" Yang asked in disbelieve first Harry and now this girl who only met her once. Were they that blind? Or did they just not want to see it?

"So, where is she?" Penny asked, ignoring Ruby's question and stepping closer to Weiss who backed up slightly as the girl got into her personal space.

"We don't know." Ruby said a worried frown on her face. "She ran off on friday and we haven't seen her since."

"Oh no that'a terrible!" Penny exclaimed yet it seemed stunted like she was reading it from a script. 'Don't worry Ruby I will help you." she proclaimed stepping incredibly close to Ruby once more, making Ruby chuckle nervously.

"No really Penny that isn't necessary, we got this right guys?" Ruby turned to the other two members of her team only to notice they were missing likely having bolted the second Penny's attention was off them.

"Traitors." Ruby muttered before smiling at Penny. "Thanks Penny I could use the help. It seems my teammates are busy." being cowards. She mentally added how dare they abandon her.

"Well then I guess you don't need my help." Harry smirked making Ruby turn to him quickly.

"Wait no don't leave me!" She exclaimed to her brother who just gave a wave while walking away whistling a jaunty tune. "Traitor!" she proclaimed once more this time to her brother as he walked away. She turned back to Penny only to notice once more she was standing far too close nearly nose to nose. "Um Penny could I have some space?" she requested leaning away from the girl who was far too close.

"Of course." the girl exclaimed taking a single large step backwards. Ruby let out a quiet sigh of relief.

Harry walked through the town not quite looking for Blake but keeping an eye out for her anyway. Dust flew through the air before landing on his shoulder and squawking, the crow's eyes flashing green for a brief moment. "Hmm okay." Harry nodded, well she wanted to find out if the white fang was behind the attacks that was her business.

"Are you talking to your bird?" Harry turned around and saw one of the older beacon students standing there alongside what he assumed was her teammate.

"Yeah he had a lot of interesting things to say more than most anyway." Harry smirked and the girl laughed.

"Fair enough." She conceded after a moment she spoke. "Thanks by the way."

"Hmm?" Harry hummed looking back at her confused. "For what?"

"Dealing with that ass Winchester." she told him making his eyes light up in recognition.

"You're Velvet's teammate right? Coffee?"

"Coco leader of team CFVY." she corrected before indicating to her silent teammate. "And this is Fox." her silent teammate nodded. "Doesn't talk much." she smirked making him sigh in amusement.

"I believe you do enough talking for your entire team if what I've heard is true." Harry said making her laugh once more.

"Well don't you have some guts." she said a smirk playing on her lips. "You should have more respect when talking to an upper year."

Harry laughed. "Maybe you should have more respect when talking to the King of Grimm." he returned making Fox chuckle.

"He's got you there Coco." he spoke softly.

"Quiet you." she said shooting him a look even though knowing it was ineffective given his lack of sight. "You know I think I like you." she said to Harry throwing an arm around his shoulder and ruffling his hair.

Harry pushed her off and pouted. "What is it with people and my Hair it's already enough of a mess as is."

Coco hummed in thought grabbing some of his hair. "You know if you grew it out I bet it wouldn't look so messy." she told him. Harry's hair always had been longer then most boys not quite a bowl cut as Yang would have killed him for having such a horrendous hair style but it was definitely longer than most.

"Really?" He asked looking at his hair curiously.

"Oh yeah, I bet you would have to beat girls off with stick then." She teased as Harry blushed slapping her hand away.

The playful atmosphere vanished when an explosion went off in the direction of the docks. All three beacon students exchanged glances before dashing off in the direction of the explosion.

"The White Fang." Coco cursed before jumping down Fox and Harry following in suit.

"You are not the brightest banana in the bunch are you kid?" Torchwick asked the monkey Faunus.

"At least he doesn't mix up metaphors." Harry and Fox swept in using legion as a rope to trip up Torchwick and the members of the White Fang.

"Well well well, if isn't , if it isn't red's little friend. Listen right now isn-" a black blur raced through the docks slamming into Torchwick.

Harry smirked. "Well I'm listen what were you going to say?" he asked.

"I think he is a bit busy." Coco said casually smacking down one of the White Fang members trying to sneak up on her. "Why don't you deal with these guys while me and Fox make sure these shipments don't get away?" she told him as they walked towards the bullheads filled with White Fang members and shipments of Dust.

"Stop them!" Torchwick ordered as he got up before deflecting a blow form Blake.

"Wanna dance Kitty?" he asked swinging his cane at the cat faunus.

She ducked under his swing and went at him with gambol shroud's blade but predictably he blocked it with with cane. With an angry growl she wrapped the ribbon of Gambol Shroud around his cane and jumped back taking his cane with her.

"Hey!" he whined. "That's mine." he growled before snatching one of the staff hybrids of one of his White Fang followers from their hand.

Torchwick launched himself at Blake swinging his new weapon but Blake deflected it. Before slicing him across the chest with her blade. "Watch the jacket brat!" he growled, before rushing her and unleashing a flurry of blows but Blake managed to block them all by the sheer fact that Torchwick was unfamiliar with the weapon in his hand, and as any truly experienced huntsmen could tell you using an unfamiliar weapon could be just as dangerous as having no weapon at all.

Torchwick noticed a shadow off to the side and moved just before the monkey Faunus came down on him once more. "Annoying kid!" he grumbled only to roll his eyes as the teen brought out a staff nunchuck shotgun combo. "Dear Monty you know just because you want to use three different weapons doesn't mean you should just mash them all together." he told Sun leaning back to avoid his staff only for Blake to slam into him and send him tumbling to the ground… right next to his cane.

"Ah there you are beautiful." he said picking up cane and tossing his substitute weapon to the side. He gave his cane a few experimental twirls. "Now let's teach these kids a less-" he moved to dodge a strike from Blake. "Hey I was talking, what are they teaching you kids in school nowadays?" he asked rhetorically before rushing both Blake and Sun.

Harry twisted out of the way of the sloppy swing of a greatsword before catching the edge of the weapon on his scythe and knocking it out of his hand with twisting of his scythe before slamming the bottom part of his scythe into his opponent's head knocking him down and out.

One of the white fang members slammed his club into Harry's back sending him tumbling but Harry managed to turn his tumble into a roll recovering quickly. Turning around he blocked the follow up blow with scythe which he quickly changed into a spear. Seeing his weapon change so suddenly allowed him to break the deadlock and push his advantage. Harry swung his spear with simple but quick moves allowing him to quickly push his opponent back and a kick to the chest sent him flying into a crate.

A much bigger goon came at him and swung down without hesitation but instead of trying to block it Harry launched himself at the goon's head kicking it and jumping off it at the same time before he grabbed another one and threw him while flipping through the air.

A large explosion went off once more and he heard his sister call out. "Hey!" turning he saw the leader of team RWBY standing on top of a roof for some reason she turned her attention away form Torchwick but whatever that reason was it allowed Torchwick to attack her by surprise. A shot hit her directly in the sternum knocking her back. "Ruby!" he exclaimed both in worry and in anger at Torchwick. He turned around his eyes literally blazing green and caught a sneak attack on what was now a sword before moving around a follow up swing and grabbing the attacker's wrist and pull her forward before slammed his elbow into her temple knocking her out. Twisting around he put away Legion brought out his pistol firing several shots into her the chests of several white Fang members catching them off guard by the sudden change in battle tactics. As soon as the last White Fang member fell he turned his attention to Torchwick only to be blinded by a bright green light as a powerful energy beam tore through the air and several bullheads as well.

Well that's my cue to leave." torchwick said dashing for a small bullhead off to the side. "See ya kiddos!" he called pulling out several fairly large dust crystals and throwing them at the pursuing teens. He turned back around only to be smacked into the ground by a large brick like object.

"You weren't thinking of leaving were you?" Coco asked standing over Torchwick.

A small girl with her hair pigtails jumped down and knocked down Coco before taking off with Torchwick. Blake rushed the girl only to find that when she hit her she shattered like glass revealing both she and Torchwick were gone.

Done so we see a bit more action this time then before and Neo has had to reveal herself earlier than planned meaning now they have a basic idea about what she can do.