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Jaden heard Andrew call out to him but the young light blond haired male just wanted to get to class even though his heart was telling him to turn back and see what the dark purple haired beauty wanted from him. He hated it when his heart and his mind start fighting when it comes to his feelings. Jaden sighs as he walks to his creative writing class with Mrs. Lisa, the librarian, as the teacher thinking about how similar Andrew and Sinbad were. As he was walking, Jaden did not realize that he was about to run into one of UT's most troublesome students, Daryll Tsukumo, or as he liked to be called Shark. He has white hair that is spikey on the top of his head. The spikes go out in the back as well and flowing down his shoulders are slightly longer strands of his spikey white hair. He was wearing a black t-shirt that does not cover up his shoulders so you can see the dark-skinned male's muscles as he moves his arms up and down. Over top of his t-shirt is a dark green jacket that he allows to slip off his shoulders. His pants are a black color and he has a silver chain hooked on to the front left belt loop then it hangs as it curves to the back left belt loop. His eyes are a piercing ice blue that can make anyone scared. Shark's feet are covered by a pair of gray converse tennis shoes that have a little bit of green streaks lining the edges of the bottom of the shoes. These were given to him as a present.

Jaden was so lost in thought about the battle between his heart and his mind that he did not realize until it was to late that he was going to crash into Shark. The blond gasped as he slammed into a hard body making him fall to the ground losing all of his books. Jaden looks up and sees that shark is looking at him with an angry look on his face. Jaden whimpers gently as he ducks his head down towards his knees and covers his head with his arms, waiting for the beating that comes with running into Shark. He waits for a few seconds and when he feels that he was not going to get hit, Jaden looks up from the fetal position he was in and sees that Shark was looking at him, while his fist is up in the air like he was going to punch Jaden, but his had a far away look in his eyes, just like Jaden when he is having a memory flashback. Though Shark's memory flashback was not a long as his are. As soon as Jaden was able to figure out what was up with Shark, the albino broke free of his trance. Said albino looks at Jaden and speaks only one word, more like asks, as he lowers his fist.

"Jafar?" This was the one word that Shark asks Jaden. Jaden's eyes widen to the size of dinner plates, metaphorically, when he heard that word get uttered aloud by someone who he did not know.

"H-H-How did you know that name!?" Jaden asks.

"Its me, Sharrkan." Shark says to the confused blond.

Jaden gasped as he heard the name of someone that he has been daydreaming about for the past 5 years. Jaden looks, stares actually into Shark's blue yes and he sees that he can look through this version of Sharrkan and see Sharrkan the prince of Heliohapt. The Sharrkan that he knows was also a general of Sindria. Seeing the resemblance made the former assassin very happy.

"Sharrkan, Oh My Gosh! I am not the only one who remembers our lives in Sindria!" Jaden exclaims loudly as he jumps at the albino and then hugs him.

Shark smiles gently as he sees Jaden jump at him and when the young male hugs him, Shark decided to hug him back. Jaden was so happy that he was not the only one to have been reincarnated from the time of the Djinns and Kings of many countries that might not even exist anymore. What Jaden does not know, same for Shark, is that Andrew remembers about his time as King Sinbad of Sindria and being a dungeon capturer. Jaden hopes that Andrew is Sinbad though even if he does not know about Andrew being reincarnated as well.


Jafar and Sinbad were sitting in the King's room resting. Sinbad had his arms wrapped around Jafar's waist since the King's Advisor was sitting in Sinbad's lap with his head leaning against said male's strong chest. Sinbad kept his arms where they were because he, and Jafar, wanted to be touching the other male in the romantic moment that they were sharing.

"Hey Sin?" Jafar asks quietly.

Sinbad heard what the smaller male, and one of his household vessels, ask. Jafar is also one of his most beloved people in the world since they have been together since Sinbad was only 15 years old.

"Yes Ja?" The King responds.

"What would you do if we got killed in battle and then were reincarnated into different bodies? If that happened, would you come looking for me?" Jafar asked his beloved King Sinbad.

" Of course Ja. I never want to lose you to someone else or be reincarnated into a different timeline from you. If we do get reincarnated into different bodies but the same timeline, then I promise that I will try to come after you so we can fall in love again. If I get reincarnated into a different timeline than you then my heart will just break into pieces." Sinbad explains.

Jafar smiles gently up towards his beloved king and closes his bright emerald green eyes, that have definitely softened since his time as an assassin, and tells Sinbad that he will always love him. Jafar has been in love with the dark purple haired king ever since they met when Sinbad was only 15 years old and was first starting out as a dungeon capturer. Jafar also wants to be reincarnated into the same timeline as Sinbad because he does not want his heart to break into pieces as well since he is truly in love with Sinbad.

(Memory Ends)

Jafar was shaken out of the wonderful, in his opinion, memory of him and his beloved Sinbad by Shark. While Jaden was in his memory of the time that they were discussing reincarnation, the two white haired males were standing in the empty hallway with a hall monitor coming over to them. Shark did not want to leave Jaden alone in his trance like state so he decided to stay with the former assassin/ advisor and decided to get in trouble along side him. As they were standing there, the hall monitor came over to them and starts asking Shark what was going on with Jaden and why they were just standing in the middle of the hallway. Shark was telling her what was going on as he shook Jaden out of the memory to have him tell the hall monitor what was going on. Jaden saw the hall monitor and then he told here that this happened to him all the time and that the teachers know about his little episodes. The female hall monitor nods and then gives them both a pass each to go to their respective classes so that they are not counted tardy. The two boys take their passes and they go their separate ways for their classes. Shark towards CP English II and Jaden towards his Creative Writing class.

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