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Chapter 1:

An Unexpected Encounter

Roaming the passageways of the castle Harry realized he was the only 3rd year who wasn't in Hogsmeade. With a sinking heart he realized he wouldn't get to visit the village anytime soon. Not if his Uncle (and he used that term extremely loosely) had anything to do with it. His only goal in life was to deny Harry as much happiness he could. While thinking about ways to tricking Uncle Vernon into signing the form for next year Harry came upon a curious sight. A first year was on the floor trying the pick-up parchment and quills that seemed to have fallen from her split bag. Without giving it a second thought Harry bent down and started helping her to put her supplies back into the bag. Looking up and seeing the green trim on the edge of her robe Harry realized he'd just been helping a Slytherin. Except this Slytherin didn't try to hex him. Or curse him. Or call him names.

She simply smiled and said, "Thank you, Harry"

"How'd you know who I was?" Harry asked.

She giggled. "Everyone knows who you are, Harry Potter!"

"Oh yeah. Right… I'm sorry but I don't know who you are."

"Astoria Greengrass. I'll see you around?"

"Umm, sure."

Astoria gave him a smile and started walking away towards the library. Harry shook his head. That was a weird encounter. He honestly hadn't expected Daphne Greengrass' sister to be this nice. While Daphne had never taunted him like Malfoy was wont to do, she wasn't exactly the paragon of warmth. There was a reason she was known as the Ice Queen of Slytherin. Pushing the encounter to the back of his mind Harry walked towards Gryffindor tower. Although he didn't know it, that encounter was the start of a long and beautiful friendship.

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The first few chapters will be short as they're mainly snippets focusing on Harry's third year. The main story, and longer chapters will start from the Quidditch World Cup