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Seth was dissatisfied. Very dissatisfied. And when the high priest of Egypt was dissatisfied, that meant trouble, and lots of it. He lay back on the many cushioned sofa in his chambers. Because of his high rank, his chambers were large and grand. The silk tapestries on the very walls seemed to quiver with his intense anger. He gazed up at the rotunda that was his ceiling, sighed, and glanced out the window at the large sun-dial in the middle of the reflection garden. His intense thoughts were interrupted by a short, winded little man running into the room.

"You're late," Seth said in such a hateful way that even his words seemed to steam. Obviously, the man's appearance had been long expected by Seth.

"A thousand apologies," The man gasped, (who on the contrary wasn't that short or little, just dwarfed by the towering Seth).

"I expect at least an explanation," Seth said. If looks could kill, this poor man was done for.

"I know you do sir," the man then began to wring his robes in his hands and stare at the ground, his eyes half lidded. "And about your servant boy." The man faltered.

"Well, what about my servant boy?!" Seth shouted, very loud, but soon to prove he could get much louder. "You did bring him, did you not?"

"Not exactly sir.You see." The man got quieter with every passing syllable.

"Not exactly!" Seth shouted. 'Shouted' was kind of an understatement. Those two words could (and might have) set the Nile off course.

"I did bring you a servant, though." The man tittered, hoping not to get further on Seth's bad side than his tardiness had already made him.

Seth put a hand to his forehead. Of this, he did not like the sound. Not one bit. The chastised man stepped aside, to reveal a girl.