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Chapter 2: Extreme


Last week's fallout of Big Show's assault and then decimation by David Redd and Roman Reigns was the talk of WWE as both Hunter and Stephanie were in the ring.

"Once again we had a championship match interrupted by unexpected complications so we're here to announce that at Extreme Rules David Redd will defend the WWE World Heavyweight Championship against Seth Rollins." Hunter announced.

"And to be sure that there is no outside interference the match will be contested inside a solid steel cage." Stephanie announced as the crowd liked that matchup.

I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

Voices hit as out came The Viper Randy Orton who after a successful win at WrestleMania and getting revenge he made his way down with a mic.

"Whoa Hunter, Stephanie! Before you make that match you might wanna make it more than just one on one?" Orton said as he entered the ring.

"You really think you deserve a title opportunity?" Hunter asked him.

"Not deserve Hunter, earned as I last checked didn't I beat your golden boy at WrestleMania one on one?" Orton mentioned his win over Rollins.

"Well let's see then Randy you did beat Seth Rollins at WrestleMania and yes that could give you a title match in the future but if you really want one with Seth Rollins and David Redd then how about you earn it?" Stephanie proposed.

"Actually that sounds like a good idea, how about tonight it's Randy Orton versus Seth Rollins and if you win your added to the championship match at Extreme Rules." Hunter said making the match.

"Oh and there will be a special guest referee for this match…the WWE World Heavyweight Champion David Redd." Stephanie added a stipulation as the crowd loved that addition.


Orton was backstage getting ready for his match until he was approached by David who in referee attire for the match.

"Mr. Orton I'm here to tell you that I will call this down the middle but any sort of shenanigans or if you decide to provoke me I will not hesitate to retaliate." David made clear to his intentions.

"That's fine and just to say you've earned my respect and to that you also broke my record and I'm actually glad it was you but make no mistake when I win tonight and we're locked in that cage you're going to find out why I was the youngest champion for over a decade." Orton also made clear as David nodded and left him.

He then walked to the dressing room of his current challenger as he knocked the door and entered.

"What the hell do you want?!" Rollins spat.

"I just came in to tell you Mr. Rollins and like I said just now to Mr. Orton that any sort of shenanigans or better yet if you look at me in the wrong way, you make a verbal insult or if you dare to strike me then to put it bluntly I will cave your face in." David said as he silenced him and left him there.

He made one more stop.

"I hope I'm not interrupting you." David asked.

"No just finishing my stretch and…done." Paige said as she got to her feet. "You wearing a ref's shirt?" she asked.

"What not good?" David asked.

"No it's a different look just you hate all kinds of authority." Paige said.

"Only if I'm being told what to do or being chased." David said as she rolled her eyes at his response as he chuckled at that.

"I really enjoyed last week." she said referring to their date.

He cupped her chin and gave her a kiss. "Your worth it." he said.

"Better be, as I have something planned for us both." she said as he was now curious.

"Oh and what would that be?" David asked.

"Might want to schedule an MRI ahead of it." Paige said as he raised an eyebrow to that.

"I'm afraid to ask but will I need to bring a helmet?" David asked.

"Let's just say I know how to treat a man to a night out." she said as he was now even more curious.

"I'm just going to go ref this match, then we'll talk more about this." David said leaving her.

"Just don't hit your head, you need some brain cells for driving." Paige called out as he sighed heavily.

"Let's go out I said…it'll be fun I said…what's the worst that could happen I said?…I'm regretting this already." David said out loud to himself.


Second coming hit and that was the entrance of the number one contender Seth Rollins he was not happy being forced to face his arch nemesis once more as he reluctantly made his way out and into the ring and just awaited his opponents arrival.

I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

Voices hit and out came The Viper who was looking to enter the world championship picture and had to go through his opponent to do so as he made his way down not taking his eye off of Rollins who was not doing the same as he entered the ring and they both still not taking their eye of one another awaited the arrival of the official for this match.

New Divide hit as the reigning WWE World Heavyweight Champion made his way out in referee attire as David made his way out and into the ring and asked both men to come forward as he explained the rules and the stipulation for the match as he signified to ring the bell.

They locked up as both began a battle of headlocks, armlocks, and into hiptosses but it ended with Orton getting the upper hand having Rollins in a headlock on the mat as he was grounding the high flying style of Rollins as he brought him up to a vertical base he nailed him with an uppercut and followed it up with a second one taking him to the corner but Rollins used some quick thinking and git in between the ropes as Orton tried to get him out from there David had to intervene and break it up.

He backed Orton a couple of feet and told him why as they argued Rollins came from behind and blindsided Orton and began to stomp on him and then got Orton up and threw him shoulder first into the steel post as the loud thud was heard as Rollins was now in complete control.

Raw came back from commercial break and Rollins was still in control as he was working on the torso of Orton with an abdominal stretch but clubbed him across his exposed body with one blow after the other as David asked Orton if he wanted to give up he said no and the match continued as Rollins let Orton out and covered him, 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

Rollins not letting up began to stomp on him then went up to the top rope and from there he was measuring Orton who got up slowly and turned into a knee off the top rope, 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Now beginning to feel the frustration Rollins started slapping Orton across the head a few times while berating him as he let Orton get back to his feet and hooked him into a powerbomb position looking to drive him into the corner as he had him up and ran full force but Orton got free and quickly ducked a clothesline attempt by Rollins he countered into a Powerslam.

Orton was now fired up as he threw Rollins through the ropes and then grabbed him on the outside apron in-between the second rope and DDT! 1-2-THR-NO HE KICKS OUT! Rollins was almost pinned as Orton was going to that place and was on the ground stalking his prey as The Apex Predator was about to hit his signature but Rollins quickly rolled to the outside.

Knowing him too well Rollins had to distance himself from the finishing move but Orton pursued him and threw him back in the ring as he entered Rollins quickly nailed a swift enzigiri to the head of Orton and then on his knees he hit a wicked super kick to the face and got him up and had him positioned him and ran full force with a power bomb to the corner back first and KIRB STOMP! 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP BEFORE THREE!

Rollins was not believing that as frustration began to set in and he knew who was causing it and went right up to David and began to berate him as he'd already violated one of David's rules and got in his face then began to poke him in the chest as he saw the look of irritation on David's face and knew he had made the worst choice and began to regret his actions as he backed away…INTO AN RKO! 1-2-3! IT WAS OVER!

David raised the hand of now his second challenger as Randy Orton will be added to the championship match at Extreme Rules.

However David turned his attention top Rollins who was slowly getting up and looked up to see an irritated Red Dragon who just took the ref's shirt off and he just wrapped it around Rollins's neck and choked him with it then threw him around the ring and laid the boots directly into his face as he promised earlier and brought him up hooked his head DROPS HIM WITH THE KINGSLAYER!

David stood over his fallen challenger…HE TURNED INTO AN RKO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE!

The Viper has struck showing he was ready and will do whatever it takes to once again be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as Raw went off the air.


"Saraya seriously where are we going?!" David complained as he was blindfolded and being led to an unknown location.

"You'll see we're almost there." she said leading him to their destination.

"Why am I doing this?" he asked himself.

"Because you said I'm worth it." she reiterated his words.

He sighed. "Ok are we there yet?" he asked.

"We're here." she said as they stopped.

She took off his blindfold and he was greeted by a sign.


"A demolition derby?" he said as he was handed a helmet by her.

"A place where I can drive and wreck a car, possibly injure someone and myself and I won't get arrested?" David said as she smiled nodded.

He had a look of joy on his face and threw on the helmet as she also had one. "Well what are we waiting for?" he said as they made their way to their car which was a run down Chevrolet.

He opened the passenger side door for her. "Your carriage awaits." he said letting her in as he got in the drivers seat.

The contest was about to begin. "One for good luck?" he asked.

She went up to his face and pecked him on the cheek. "You'll get one when you win." she said as he shook his head and smiled as he revved the engine and they were off.


With the main even now a triple threat match and WWE was live in the United Kingdom tonight David had to try and come up with a strategy going into the cage match at Extreme Rules.

He was alone and looking down at his championship.

You know they're planning something…You have to be ready…

Mentally telling himself the obvious as he was scheduled to sign a contract for the match later on.

But why wait?

He decided to make a pre-emptive strike and go after his main problem as he went to it's source and knocked on the door and entered to find the entire Authority inside.

"Didn't come to fight more like make something clear to you all." David made clear of his intentions of being there.

"What just because you're the champ around here you can do what you want?!" Rollins asked.

"Not just that, to just say that any shenanigans this Sunday from you all…" David then brought out his crowbar and drove it through the glass coffee table in front of them. "…I'll make all my other incidents towards you look like child's play." he warned as he left them to think on that statement.

Hunter turned to them all. "There's always Plan B." he stated as they all nodded in agreement.


"Can't wait to go home." Paige said as both her and David were glad to be back home.

"Yeah sleep in our old beds and see your family again, wonder how they'll be now we're together?" David asked.

"Yeah…ah…about that." she gave him a nervous look.

"I know that look, what did you do?" he asked.

"When I talked to them the subject of us never actually came up." she said as David sighed heavily.

"We have to tell them, I'm not lying to them." he made clear to her.

"I know it's just it'll be James all over again." she remembered a time before.

"It's not going to be like that as for one I'm not a pretentious, lying, two faced bastard as you referred to him." David said recalling her words.

"Wish I hadn't tried to introduce him to my parents, after he decided to dump me for his ex." Paige said still hating that memory.

"Look we're going to do this together and besides it's not like your dad will pull a weapon on me…again." David recalled a time.

"It wasn't a weapon it was a potato peeler and it was all your doing as you took the car for a joyride." she mentioned why it happened.

"Uh as I remember that was your idea and I took the blame." he said as she laughed and he nodded his head at that.

"Oh yeah, took it out to go to Reading, that was an awesome festival." she said as he sighed.

"I remember, you were on my shoulders the entire time." he also remembered that time.

"Speaking of which you know they have something planned for you." she said as he knew she was right.

"And that is why I have to go and find out." David said leaving her.

"Don't even try to get hurt your coming with me after in one or several pieces!" she made clear to him.

"Wouldn't even dram of it." he said leaving.


The Authority were in the ring as Stephanie had a mic.

"This Sunday it will be a Steel Cage triple threat match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship which will feature Seth Rollins." she introduced who was already in the ring being praised by the rest of The Authority. "The Viper Randy Orton." the crowd popped to that. "And the reigning WWE World Heavyweight The Red Dragon David Redd." the crowd again popped to that.

"However before we get to the match we have a contract signing to finalize this match so would both Randy Orton and David Redd make their way down to do so." Stephanie said calling them out.

I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

Voices hit and out came the second man who will join Seth Rollins as The Viper Randy Orton made his way out and his former allies stared him down but he gave that cold look he had and showed them he wasn't intimidated as he made his way down and entered the ring.

New Divide hit and that was the entrance of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion The Red Dragon as David made his way out to an ovation with his title draped across his body he walked down the ramp and into the ring as he knew what would be expected of this.

"Okay guys let's get this over with." Hunter said as they all began signing the contract as it was made official.

Hunter went to speak but had the mic taken from him by David.

"Look we know what's about to happen so let's stop dawdling and get this over with." David said as the time for talk was over.

David threw down his title, Orton took his shirt off, Rollins did the same as The Authority surrounded them both but quickly David drew out from his hoodie his equalizer his trusty red crowbar and was daring them to strike and Orton was wanting the fight but The Authority thought better on that and retreated as both Viper and Dragon stood tall in the ring…DAVID NAILED ORTON WITH THE CROWBAR TO THE GUT!

He had him down and hooked his head and lifted him up…NAILS THE KINGSLAYER!

Looking down on his opponent David grabbed his title and did his primal roar as he was ready for his championship defence as Raw went off the air.

David has his hands full for Extreme Rules, will he find a way to retain? What will The Authority have planned?

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