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Chapter 23: Deal


The fallout of BattleGround was still being felt as Raw opened up with both Commissioner and General Manager of Raw in the ring about to address the state of Raw and last night's main event.

"Welcome to Monday Night Raw." Mick Foley said getting a pop from the crowd.

"And because we are in a new era of WWE I believe the first episode of the new era of Monday Night Raw begins tonight...right here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania." Foley said getting a cheap pop in.

"Now I would like to do right now is to introduce you all to the entire roster of Monday Night Raw." Foley said as the entire roster showed up atop the stage.

"As Raw General Manager I'll be working hand in hand with each superstar to bring you all the most physical, the most action packed episode of Raw and I'm going to do it each and every week." Foley stated.

"And Mr. Foley will have complete authority to do just that but let's talk about what happened last night at BattleGround in the triple threat main event match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship when Roman Reigns lost it for all of us...that's right now the WWE World Heavyweight Championship is on SmackDown Live my brother's show...Seth Rollins our number one pick had it in the bag until you screwed it up for all of us Roman and as far as I'm concerned you're not a good guy, you're not a bad guy, you're just a loser." Stephanie said insulting Roman on costing Raw the championship last night.

"In 10002 episodes of Raw there has always been a heavyweight champion, the WWE Universe demands a WWE Heavyweight Champion on Raw, the world demands it and by god that is what they're going to get!" Stephanie stated there will be a champion on Raw.

"After much deliberation me and Stephanie have decided that-"

They were interrupted as Seth was assaulted from behind by David Redd who sent Rollins tumbling down the ramp as David did not stop his attack.

"STOP THEM NOW!" Stephanie shouted to the roster as they all converged to break both of them up.

Both men wanted to rip each other apart as they were held back by the Raw roster but David got loose and went right at Rollins as David was again restrained but then Rollins got loose and went after David but ended up getting restrained as they started shouting insults at one another getting them more riled up until David got loose again and jumped up to the apron and went up the top rope ...A SPLASH! He took out the entire pool of guys that was holding back Rollins as he went on the attack of Rollins once more laying more fists into him as they rolled around getting shots in on one another until the remaining Raw locker room separated them.

"GET THEM TO THE BACK NOW!" Stephanie ordered as they dragged them both off.


As Raw came back from commercial both David and Seth were finally separated and David was immediately dragged to Stephanie and Mick's office.

"Alright David you had your fun now tell us what this is about?" Stephanie asked.

"Well first off, hello to you both and second you know why this is happening." David said referring to last month.

"David look we know why and I get it but you interrupted our big announcement and that does not sit well with us so if you have anything to say in your defence you better say it now." Mick said demanding an answer from him.

"You both know what I want and when you do make that announcement." David brought out an envelope. "Think about this, the contract that both Shane and Daniel have offered me to go to SmackDown." he said as they looked at it.

"I'll await your answer." he said leaving them to look it over.

As Raw went on both Stephanie and Mick had looked over the contract offered to David to go to SmackDown.

"Steph I think we're going to have to do it." Mick said as Stephanie sighed knowing he was right.

"Let's call a meeting in the ring and get extra security." she said as Mick went to do it.


Both Commissioner and General Manager were in the ring with full security as they had a huge announcement.

"Before we get to our announcement can we please have both Seth Rollins and David Redd out here." Mick Foley said.

As then Seth was brought out first by a small hand of security and led inside the ring as he was boxed into one corner.

Then David came out also and was led into the ring also boxed into an opposite corner.

"Ok now let's get down to business." Foley said.

"This feud, this rivalry, this animosity between you two needs to be settled and I can't think of a better way to do it than at SummerSlam." Stephanie said as the crowd loved that idea.

"Now David you gave us time to think and you gave us your demands and we've decided to give you what you want." Stephanie said as she presented a Raw contract and handed it to David who looked it over quickly.

"Have a look it's all there, corporate added it all in and on top what you wanted." she informed him that his demands were met.

David then took the pen from the folder and signed it as he was now an official member of the Monday Night Raw roster.

Mick took the contract as now they could continue.

"With that done let's talk about SummerSlam where we will crown a new champion for Monday Night Raw and that will be in Raw's main event for SummerSlam when Seth Rollins will face David Redd and it will be for the World Heavyweight Championship." the place came undone as not only a main event was set for SummerSlam but the World Heavyweight title was returning to Monday Nights.

As then Foley brought in the title hidden in it's sleeve and unveiled it to the world.

The strap was black, the main template was round, at the top the word "World" was there below it was a winged eagle and at the centre was the WWE logo and below was the words "Heavyweight Champion" the rest of it was a regal design and the side plates were blank as they would be reserved for the winner.

"So gentlemen I say this good luck to you both and may the best man win." Foley said as then both men stared each other down as then Seth threw an insult at David who also did the same and they both just broke through security and they picked up where they left off at the beginning of Raw.

The fight was once again on and neither held back as this rivalry had such bad blood the security teams were having trouble keeping them apart for more than a second but once again they both broke free and the fight was back on as both men continued the fight Raw went off the air to this scene.


After the huge announcement in which the World Heavyweight title would return at SummerSlam the wrestling world has been talking to who would walk out as the new champion and who would be the one to win this rivalry.

However after last week's altercation David was told to be at work while Seth was forced to stay at home but David was summoned to the office.

"You called for me?" David said as he entered.

"Yes and first off as General Manager of this I'd like to welcome you to the Monday Night Raw roster and to tell you that even though you're here but Seth Rollins is not here under strict orders by us." Foley said.

"That's good and everything but again why am I here?" David asked asked again.

"Well as SummerSlam is two weeks away and you've not competed since Extreme Rules we both decided that you and Seth will participate in a Pick Your Poison matches." Foley said.

"Let me guess Seth has already picked my opponent and I'm facing that individual tonight?" David said stating the obvious reason he's there.

"Tonight David you will face in your first match back The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman." Foley informed him as David knew Seth would stack the deck against him.

"Once I take care of the big man I'll give you my decision on Seth's opponent for next week." David said as he went to prepare for the match.


New divide hit and out came David who knew what he was walking into as he made his way down

the ramp and entered the ring and took off his hoodie as this was his first match back in a while he hoped there wasn't too much ring rust.

I am stronger hit as out came The Monster Among Men, Braun Strowman who since splitting from The Wyatt Family has been on a tear and is looking to prove his dominance on Monday Nights as he gave his signature roar and marched to the ring and just stepped over the ropes and got in David's face as David was not intimidated.

The bell rang and both men locked up but David was immediately powered into the corner but quickly turned it around on Braun who then turned it back on him but the referee got in between them and broke it up as he tried to get some order back in the match as they came back to the center of the ring and locked up with Braun as he just threw him across the ring but David got up and came off the ropes and got a dropkick in but that unfazed him as he tried to throw fists but that seem to not do anything to him and he just grabbed him with both hands by the neck and lifted him off the ground and just dropped him to the mat.

Braun just roared as David got back up slowly and knew he needed to take a different approach to this and went off the ropes again but this time he ducked a clothesline attempt and quickly went to chop block the knee but he was still up and David got in a huge dropkick to the knee as that brought the big man down to one knee as David came off the ropes and got another dropkick to the face as that floored him but he knew that wouldn't keep him down and went up high and from there A DIVING HEADBUTT! 1-NO HE POWERS OUT!

Strowman just threw David off him as he got up to his feet quickly and now he was annoyed as he just darted after him as he hoisted David up and into a sidewalk slam 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Strowman then waited for David to get up and just grabbed his right shoulder and began applying pressure to it with a nerve hold of sorts as he then applied his left hand to really put more pressure on his shoulder but David began to try and fight off Strowman but however Strowman showed his power off once more and had just threw him halfway across the ring by his shoulder.

David got himself up in the corner and Strowman came at him but David got out of the way and he went in between the corner ropes and went shoulder first into the steel post with a thud as he clutched his injured shoulder David saw his chance and A SUPERKICK! It brought Strowman to one knee as David came at him again A SECOND SUPERKICK! The Monster Among Men was still up as David got fired up A THIRD SUPERKICK! That sent Strowman to the outside as he was trying to get a breather as David looked to him on the outside and went off the ropes A SUICIDE DIVE! But Strowman was still up as he went back into the ring and came off the ropes again A SECOND SUICIDE DIVE! He was groggy but still up and for a third time A SUICIDE DIVE! That time it took Strowman down as David brought him up and slowly got him back in the ring as he went up high and from there A MOONSAULT! 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT!

Strowman refused to stay down as he was already getting up as David went right for him and was looking to end it and was trying to go for the Kingslayer but he didn't have the strength to as he was thrown off immediately by Strowman who then just roared as began to club David into the mat with his huge arms as he wasn't stopping until he grabbed David off the ground and with both arms A CHOKEBOMB! 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Strowman once again grabbing David by his heck with both hands and got in his face. "I'M NOT FINISHED WITH YOU!" he yelled at him.

He hoisted David up onto his shoulder looking for the running powerslam but he got free then staggered towards the ropes as Strowman came at him but he pulled the ropes and he tumbled to the outside as David followed him and began to try and mount offence but he was then stopped with a huge boot to the face and thrown into the barricade back first as but then Strowman took a few steps back and just ran full force at David...HE GOUT OUT OF THE WAY AND CRASHED THROUGH THE BARRICADE!

"HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!" the crowd chanted as Braun was left in a heap of what was left of the barricade as the referee began to count.

"1...2...3...4..." David slowly got himself up and began to slowly head into the ring. "...5...6..." Braun was beginning to stir as David was in the ring but barely standing. "...7...8..." Braun was out of the wreckage but was on his knees. "9..." he got his hand on the apron. "...10!"


"Here is your winner by countout...David Redd!" as David was given the win Braun was livid and began to trash the outside of the ring area while David walked out in one piece.


David was now backstage and was being interviewed.

"David you requested this time to make an announcement."

"Yes i'd like to first commend Seth Rollins on his choice of opponent for me, Seth that was a challenge and a great way to shake off the ring rust but now that that is dealt with I've been thinking about who should be your opponent and I've decided to put you through the same thing as me so next week It'll be Seth Rollins versus...Finn Balor." David made the announcement.

The World Heavyweight Championship returns,David gets what he wants and survived a monster's wrath but now the tables may have been turned. What will happen? What you think? Reviews please!