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Chapter 3: Risk

Triple threat Steel Cage match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship

David Redd (c) vs. Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton

Last Man Standing match

Big Show vs. Roman Reigns

Divas Championship

Nikki Bella (c) w/. Brie Bella vs. Naomi vs. Paige

Russian Chain match for the WWE United States Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Rusev w/. Lana

WWE Tag Team Championship

New Day (c) vs. Tyson Kidd & Cesaro w/. Natalya

Kiss My Arse match

Dolph Ziggler vs. Sheamus

Chicago Street Fight

Dean Ambrose vs. Luke Harper

Neville vs. Bad News Barrett

The night kicked off with The Man That Gravity Forgot taking on the man who brings Bad News as Barrett was keeping the high flyer grounded but Neville was able to surprise the bare knuckle fighter with quick moves and after missing the Bull Hammer he got a huge kick and a Red Arrow for the win.

The Chicago Street Fight literally spilled out into the streets of Chicago as both Dean Ambrose and Luke Harper who were both insane in their own right took their fight in and outside the ring, into the back and then onto the motorway but then returned to finish the fight later as Dean Ambrose got the win with a Dirty Deeds.

A first time ever for both men and the WWE as it was a Kiss My Arse match between rivals Dolph Ziggler and Sheamus as the animosity spilled to this point with both men taking it to one another but in the end Dolph Ziggler got the win with a Zig Zag but as he went to humiliate him Sheamus with a sneak attack and a Brogue Kick and turned the tables on his rival making him kiss his arse.

The New Day have been on a massive roll and but so have their challengers as Tyson Kidd and Cesaro looked to take back their titles but even with Natalya's interference and Woods getting involved the match went to the champions as they retained.

The rivalry between both John Cena and Rusev had gone to new height and it wasn't just about the United States title it was about revenge for Rusev and it was about keeping the title in the United States of America for John Cena as they fought in a Russian Chain match with both being as physical as possible as each endured the hits from the chain that they were attached to but after all was said and done John Cena with an STF with the chain retained his title for himself and America.

The Bellas continued their reign over the Divas division as Nikki was defending her title against two challengers in the form of the former champion Paige and with her new attitude was Naomi who was as hungry to be champion as all three battled it out but with the constant interference of Brie, Nikki was able to retain with a Rack Attack to Naomi.

For weeks now Big Show has been a thorn in the side of Roman Reigns and now it was all down to now a Last Man Standing match as The Big Dog wanted revenge for The World's Largest Athlete's numerous times of interference and costing him the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, both men took it to one another but after a few Superman Punches and a Spear then burying The Giant underneath the announce table as Roman Reigns was the Last Man Standing.


David was preparing himself for possibly his biggest match to date to prove he deserves to be champion.

"How's the eye?" it was his girlfriend Paige and both had gotten through a very awkward few days with her family.

"It'll heal but I still can't believe it happened." David said.

"Yeah Mum and Dad were okay with us and they only kept us apart to win a bet?!" she said.

"I know I mean they only bet a pound, I feel so cheap." he said feeling a little insulted and confused.

"I'm just glad it's over and no one got hurt." she said as David rubbed his eye. "Well us who didn't get injured while getting a midnight snack." she joked.

"A tin fell out of the cupboard and hit me in the face!" David complained.

"You know it's a dangerous part of the kitchen, everyone's gotten hurt there, just surprised you forgot about that." she said as he sighed knowing she was right.

"I always get caught by that somehow." he said as she grabbed some of the face paint from the side and put some in her hand and spread it across his eyes covering his black eye.

"There no one can see what the bad tin of spaghetti hoops did to you." she joked as he chuckled at that.

"Do I get a kiss for good luck?" he asked.

She went up to him and pecked him on the nose.

"You're really making me work for this aren't you?" he asked.

"Where's the fun in not making you?" she said.

He chuckled knowing her game.

"You know they have something planned for you right?" Paige pointed out the obvious plans of The Authority.

"As always but whatever they throw." David then brought out his weapon of choice. "I can break it." he said.

"Like you broke my dad's car?" she reminded him of a time ago.

"Just like that only I don't need a car to beat my opponents." he stated.

He heard the call for his match and grabbed his championship.

"Destiny calls, can I make one more attempt for luck?" he asked hoping for another chance.

She went up to him as she leaned in only to kiss his crowbar. "No." she said leaving him.

He sighed as he looked to his weapon. "Even you get more action than I do and why do you ask I put up with this? Because I've been hit in the head enough times to withstand the insanity of this woman that I…" David realising what he almost said out loud and just sighed as he threw his hood up and headed out to the ring.


I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me…

Voices hit as that was the entrance of Randy Orton who was focused on the cage that was in front of him as he just stared at it the entire time making his way down to the ring and as he entered the door he looked around and then entered as he awaited the arrival of his opponents.

Second coming hit and that is the entrance of Seth Rollins along with his security team made their way out as Rollins looked at the cage and who was waiting inside for him and cautiously approached it then entered it and stayed as far away as he could from Orton who had not taken his eyes off of him as they awaited the arrival of the champion.

New Divide hit and that was the arrival of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion as The Red Dragon made his way out with his championship draped across his torso and wearing his hoodie he made his way down and approached the cage as he looked up to it and entered the ring as he looked on at both his challengers with introductions were about to be made.

"Introducing first the challengers from Davenport, Iowa weighing in at 217 pounds, Seth Rollins!" Rollins boasted as he was announced.

"Next from St. Louis, Missouri weighing in at 250 pounds, The Viper Randy Orton." Orton stood there giving the cold look he always had.

"Next from Cardiff, Wales weighing in at 236 pounds he is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, The Red Dragon David Redd!" David held up his title as he handed it over to the official.

The title was held up signifying it was a championship match and the official on the outside locked the door and chained it as the bell rang and the match was officially underway.

Rollins began to trash talk both men as they both looked at one another and then they glared at Rollins who then realised what was about to happen as he quickly tried to scale the cage but was dragged down by both David and Orton as he was back down in the ring and now on his knees and trying to weasel his way out of his predicament but it was met with a boot to the face by David as Orton then brought him up and got an uppercut to him as he staggered towards David he got him with a dropkick as he staggered towards Orton who also got a dropkick in as both men were working together and took Rollins by his head and just threw him head first into the steel.

With Rollins down David and Orton were now able to make this one on one as both men locked up and went hold for hold until Orton got over him with a side headlock and transitioned into chinlock as he worked on David's neck and head David began to get to his feet as he was on his knees and began to elbow Orton in the gut a few times and that got him off as David countered with fists to the head of Orton as he kicked him in the mid section he got in a snap suplex 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! He brought up Orton and got him into the front full nelson and drove the knees into his abdomen as it wore him down he was then thrown into the ropes and came off them to be taken quickly down with a lou thesz press bringing the fists down as the champion was already in control.

He brought Orton up and was looking to suplex him again but Orton countered into an uppercut as he took David into the ropes and dropkicked him as David got up he was met with a hard clothesline then grabbed by his neck and got him with an inverted backbreaker as now The Viper had taken control he then started to stomp on any exposed limb he could find going for his wrists, ankles and his torso but it was then interrupted by Rollins who wanted payback for the assault earlier.

Taking Orton to the ground he stomped all over the body of Orton and began to berate him as he brought him up to his feet and took him by the head and just dove him into the steel head first as he then went for David berated him and by his head threw him into the steel head first as the momentum now shifted to Rollins who threw Orton into a corner and laid the fists into his head and laid more boots into him as he was slumped in the corner.

Rollins had now complete control as he went after David and again was stomping him then bringing him up and took him up for a front suplex dropping him face first 1-2-NO HE KICKS OUT! Rollins then quickly went back onto the attack as he drove fists into David's head but then looked to scale the cage as he began to scale the cage but was stopped and pulled down by Orton who was back up and began to take it to Rollins with lefts and right and followed it up with an uppercut and a power slam 1-2-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

Orton was now back in control and was stomping on any exposed limb he could see as Rollins was being picked apart like prey to The Apex Predator who used painful wristlocks and armlocks to wear down Rollins then bringing him up and throwing him into the ropes as he came off ran into a lou thesz pres bringing fists down on him as Orton decided to turn his attention to David who was on one knee trying to get back into the match but was grabbed by Orton as he took him by the back of his head hooking him and nailed the inverted backbreaker as he grabbed a dazed Rollins and dropped him with a power slam Orton was all fired up as he could hear the voices and began to pound the mat looking to end this as he stalked Rollins and AN RK-NO ROLLINS THREW HIM OFF!

He then tried to counter but Rollins from out of nowhere got an enziguiri to the back of Orton's head as Rollins was able to get back up and quickly got Orton to the ground and just dropped him with kick to the face as he had him up and dropped him with a front suplex as he looked to climb up he was halfway up the cage David was hot on his heels and met him up there as he bashed his head into the steel but Rollins fell and grabbed David as both landed on the ropes in the worst way possible but for them their luck got worse as The Apex Predator was closing in on them.

Orton was back up and he saw the two men's predicament and took advantage quickly as he got them both in between the ropes by their heads and DOUBLE DDT! Taking both men down he knew what was about to happen and began to make his choice but then backed into the corner and signified he was about to Punt someone's lights out he stalked his prey which was Rollins he then ran full force and THE PU-NO HE RAN INTO A SUPERKICK! David was back up and he brought up Rollins into a front full nelson and just drove several knees into him then went after Orton and began doing the same driving knees into him then David doing his primal roar was all fired up.

He decided to go right after Rollins as he had him up and dropped him with an exploder suplex, not letting him get back up he threw Rollins into the corner and just stomped the hell out of him then bringing him up and then just dragging his face across the steel as he grated the skin against the cold hard steel trying to make him suffer and followed this up with a neck breaker, 1-2-NO IT GOT BROKEN BY ORTON!

David was enraged by that and went right after The Viper and just took him to the ground with a lou thesz press and drove fists into him then bringing him up and throwing him into the steel and like Rollins dragged him across it by his face grating the skin and then bouncing it off the cage, he began to stalk both his challengers and wanted to get Rollins as he had him up on his shoulders and SEEING RED! He wasn't done and HE LOCKS IN TOS! Rollins was in agony as it looked like David would retain his title by submission…IT WAS BROKEN BY ORTON!

Once again The Viper had interfered with The Red Dragon's business as they both faced one another and Orton threw a fist and David came back with one and it then turned into a slugfest with one returning with a much harder fist.

"BOO! YEAH! BOO! YEAH! BOO! YEAH! BOO! YEAH!" the crowd chanted to each shot delivered.

Both did not let up as then they exchanged uppercuts with one rocking the other as David got in a huge uppercut rocking Orton he grappled him into a head lock and took him up KINGSL-NO ORTON GOT OUT! He slipped out of it and ducked a clothesline AN RKO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! 1-2-THR-NO DAVID KICKED OUT! Orton could not believe that as no one else could as he brought David up and was looking for a second RKO but David threw him off as Orton tried to strike but David ducked it and ORTON GOT NAILED WITH A KNEE OFF THE TOP ROPE FROM ROLLINS!

Rollins was back in and both he and David were going at it again with them throwing one shot after the other as David missed a right and got caught with an enziguiri to the back of his head then followed up with a kick to the face as Rollins quickly got him up and with him up on his shoulders and ran full force and just power bombed him into the turnbuckle which set him up for a finishing move but Rollins took the groggy champion up and hooked both arms and A PEDIGREE!? He drove him into the mat 1-2-THR-NO HE GETS THE SHOULDER UP!

Once again the champion refused to die as that frustrated Rollins who was complaining to the ref about it as turned around RKO FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! 1-2-THR-NO IT WAS BROKEN BY KANE?! The Director Of Operations had made his way into the cage as on the outside the door was being guarded by Noble and Mercury and Triple H and Stephanie were on the outside as now the odds were stacked for both Orton and David.

Kane was assaulting Orton as he brought him up with one hand wrapped around his throat and took him up for A CHOKESLAM! He drove The Viper into the mat but he did not realize that behind him was David who was at the corner ringpost and from it he pulled out his crowbar and Kane turned to see he was armed and went right at him but got a shot to the ribs and then across his back which sent him retreating out through the door.

David knew they were going to try something so that is why he had his weapon hidden in case of this very scenario, he then got hit from behind by Rollins who was trying to then hook his arms once more but David quickly countered and had him up on his shoulders but Rollins got out and LOW BLOW! Out of desperation Rollins had taken him down as he looked to escape with Noble and Mercury on the outside holding the door open for him, he was about to walk out DAVID COUNTERED WITH A LOW BLOW OF HIS OWN!

Rollins was also down and David went for the door but it was shut in his face by Noble and Mercury as he knew he only had one way out as getting the pin or submission would not work so he began to climb to steel cage as Rollins was attempting to leave via the door but Orton was stopping him but in came Noble and Mercury to take out Orton who was overwhelmed by them both as Rollins saw his chance to leave.

Meanwhile David was halfway up the cage as he was nearing the top and was almost out as Rollins was crawling out but still a bit away Hunter who was barking orders on the outside ordered his minions to stop David from escaping as they waited for him at the bottom as he looked down from the top to see what awaited him below then looked to see Rollins almost out and Orton was still down from the assault he only had one option as he looked down once more and stood atop the cage…A MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP! David came crashing down on top of the entire Authority as the referee went to make the call as Rollins was out and thinks he has won.

"Here is your winner and still WWE World Heavyweight Champion David Redd!" it was announced.

Rollins was besides himself as once again the title slipped through his fingers and David making his way out of the carnage he created was up holding is title up but was limping but tonight he walks out still WWE World Heavyweight Champion.


Backstage David was refusing any medical attention as he tried to limp away but was stopped by the only thing that could.

"David…why are you hopping away?" it was Paige and she was baffled to why he was trying to get away from something.

"Trainers want me to go to the hospital for a sprained ankle and I said no I'll walk it off." David replied.

"And I'm telling you to go to the hospital." she told him her opinion.

"I'm fine I just need to keep it iced and besides it's not like it's-"

"GO TO THE BLOODY HOSPITAL YOU MORON!" she shouted as he stood there frozen.

"Fine I'll go." he muttered and reluctantly went back as they took him to a local hospital.

David was lying on top a bed in a ward with Paige while they waited for his X-ray results.

"Dave you know it's just a precaution." she assured him.

"I know but I didn't need to come here." he complained.

"Just because you're afraid of hospitals." she said as he gave her a bit of a look.

"You're afraid of hospitals." David replied in a childish tone.

"Like talking to a five year old when your like this." Paige said just rolling her eyes at his childish behavior.

The doctor then showed up and had in his hands his results.

"So doctor can I go I really think this all a waste of ours and your time and that-"

" you may need stay where you are I have news regarding your X-Ray."

David was now confused as he heard him.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship winner: David Redd

Big Show vs Roman Reigns winner: Roman Reigns

Divas Championship winner: Nikki Bella

United States Championship winner: John Cena

WWE Tag Team Championship winners: The New Day

Sheamus vs Dolph Ziggler winner: Dolph Ziggler

Dean Ambrose vs Luke Harper winner: Dean Ambrose

Neville vs Bad News Barrett winner: Neville

What could the news be? What will happen from this fallout?

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