Waking up in a dark foreign location with her arms bound by rope did little to ease her tension. The disgusting thing in her mouth nearly chocking her could only be described as a gag.

Panicking, she started to try to move around but she was stopped by the compacted area in which she was kept. Her head banging on the surface of some dark wall, while her legs were against something. There was only little room for her to the side, not even enough for her to completely roll over and lay on her stomach. She was staring up with her arms bound behind her, her body putting pressure on her arms.

Internally cursing, due to her mouth being gagged, she darted her eyes across the dark scene trying to pick up any clues as to where she was. It was dark and stuffy and really compact; it was amazing that she even fit in wherever she was. She cursed her short statue, and started trying to move her arms. Maybe if there was a way she could break through the rope…

She tried to move her arms only to be met with surprise rough resistance in the texture commonly recognized belonging to rope. She tried to move her arms in different ways hoping that some way would have the rope give. Meeting the same amount of failure, she internally cursed again.

Okay there's still hope, maybe she can still try something else. Her legs were blocked from being pushed against by some wall. But there was enough space in between her and the 'ceiling' that she could raise her legs toward her chest. She could gain a little bit of force to try to break the wall that was in front of her legs. She raised both her knees toward her chest and then after a brief pause slammed her legs against the wall. The sound renovated across the small area in which she was in. Surprised by the pain her teeth clenched into the towel-like gag inside her mouth that was wrapped around her face.

Gritting in pain she tried again, and again and again. She did this multiple times until her legs started to go numb from pain. The wall never so much as giving up and the sound of hitting something metallic continually repeating in the area. Exhaling deeply from her nose, she took a small pause.

Up until now, she had been trying to ignore the gag but she drifted her attention to it and the uncomfortableness and sheer disgust the feeling was giving her reeled back into her mind.

She hated this.

How the hell did she even get into this situation?

Sure she he lived in a bad neighborhood but she never expected something like this, to just be abducted one day while walking home from school. It was only a short walk from the bus stop but someone had managed to get the jump of her. The scary thing was that she had no memory whatsoever of how exactly they managed to get her.

She had a better idea as to where she was now, she was clearly in the trunk of a car or truck or some vehicle. And she was clearly going to be transported somewhere or maybe she was already there. But where and for what purpose she had no idea.

Was it just this city? Was Brockton Bay really so terrible that something like this could happen in broad daylight?

Then Kuroko Shirai truly started to begin to give into the hopelessness.

Child trafficking? Sexual slavery? Or just regular rape? Is she actually going to die here? The possibilities made her dizzy.

She felt sick, if it wasn't for that gag she's sure she would've thrown up.

She wanted to call out to her mother but her phone was out of reach, safely stored in her backpack in order to not get caught with it while at school. Her backpack was obviously not in the trunk.

In the silence of the dark cramp space her thoughts occupied her attention for a gradual amount of time. She didn't know how long she spent in there. For all she knew what felt like ages were actually minutes.

She started smashing her leg against the metallic surface that must be the 'door' of the trunk. More out of desperateness than anything else. She started kicking at different locations on the surface while in the darkness. There must be something that she can hit that would launch the trunk up and give her freedom. Didn't newer models have a button or something like that?

It took five tries before something new happened.

Her feet connected with the metallic surface and then the trunk was yanked open providing her with the splendid yellow sunlight.

Her eyes temporarily blinded from light, she smiled and then-

"QUIT IT!" a loud and rough voice greeted her.

Oh they must've opened it from outside the car.

Her eyes recovering from the light, she managed to make out three outlines at the front of the trunk. They appeared to be in front of a ruined building of some sort.

"You should've wrapped up her legs as well. If my trunk has any dents or any bruises, I'm taking it out on you. "The rough voice said speaking to another outline.

She flinched and looked up to find three boys who were around her age standing in front of the trunk. Two of them seemed to be discussing something while one was continually staring down at her. Upon further recognition she realized that she recognized two from her school while one of them looked slightly older. She couldn't catch their names but she remembered the faces, one of which was in her math class.

Three Asian boys in red and green clothing.

The Azn Bad Boys.

The ABB.

Understanding sparked in her head. The ABB were a major gang in Brockton Bay. Under the leadership of one of the most powerful parahumans in the city, Lung. One of the crimes the ABB were known for were forcing anyone Asian older than twelve and younger than sixty to join or pay tribute.

Shirai was of Asian ethnicity with tawny hair tied into two curly pigtails. Her mother was one of the refugees from Kyushu. She could see it in her mind's eye. What was probably going to happen now that she knew this information.

Were they going to forcibly recruit her into the ABB? Were those two going to pawn her off in order to turn her into one of their prostitutes? 13 years old was a little young for one but she never knew what kind of tastes a sick bastard would like.

No, her mom thought that they would be safe. That they weren't close enough to ABB territory in order to be affected. She'd been foolish enough to believe that. Or maybe she really did want herself to believe that.

She realized that she was shaking. She tried to stop herself under the gaze of those boys, she didn't want to show palpable fear to them, but her body wouldn't listen and her mind continued to race with terrifying thoughts.

There was also another factor that was rattling her, excluding the obvious gang reason. It was the gender of those who had committed these actions.

Shirai was always wary around men. She never knew her father, so her only experience with men was with those around her, in her terrible neighborhood, in the schools, and the various warnings she had been given in general from her mother. She wasn't afraid of them so to say but she always just felt a little unnerved at the negative possibilities that men could do to her. She didn't trust them would fit more along with her thinking. This is part of the reason why she took a few classes in self-defense a year ago.

Well those self-defense classes were really useful the one time she needed them.

Her arms were bound and they outnumbered her, three to one. She was defenseless and she could see the visible bulge in the older boys' right pocket. A clear outline of a handgun.

The disgusting feeling of involuntary vulnerability enveloped her.

"Alright" began the one with the rough voice. She linked that voice with the oldest one who held the gun. "You two pick her up." He continued.

She tensed up, they were going to bring her to their bosses, whoever they were besides Lung, and then her fate would be fixed. There would be nothing she could do if they manage to bring her to their destination.

As four hands reached out to grab her she tried to kick at them with both her feet. But her feet were subsequently grabbed and held by one of the boys. She tried to roll, move her body, do something in order to escape the hands grabbing her.

In the end, she was forcibly grabbed and yanked upward her head hitting the ceiling of the trunk. She saw stars and she belatedly realized her feet where on the ground, solid concrete to be exact.

She had a quick second to see that they were in the front yard of an abandoned building, they were close enough to the road and there appeared to be no one arou-

But her observation was cut short when one of the boys pulled on the small opening in her right arm that was still tied behind her and her center of balance was briefly unkempt. Her feet stumbling a bit, she quickly regained her balance and tried to move her body away from the pull. One of the other boys, the one who had held her feet, walked toward to assist his friend.

In the middle of the futile struggle she saw something. The car that brought her here was behind her, with the trunk facing the building, and the boys were pulling her forward right toward the abandoned building. But the something that caught her attention was on her left.

It was just a simple patch of sidewalk. It wasn't at its best appearance, there were cracks in it and general wear and tear that showed that it had been long since it has been maintained. The other boy touched her back and she felt a surge of force push her forward.

But the meaning behind that simple patch of area brought tears to her eyes.

That space.

That freedom.

No. this wasn't fair.

She was lurched forward and the boy was steadily pulling, he also had a better grip now so her effort was overwhelmed. She was being dragged forward. He was definitely making progress in leading her toward the building, but she still had a view.

She looked at that spot of clear land, just a few meters away from here. It was so close but oh so far away.

She needed to be there, if only she was there.

That's when something changed.

Kuroko Shirai faltered and caught herself.

She felt different and she felt something odd with her perspective.

She wasn't supposed to be seeing this. Glancing around she noticed that the street was to her left. That wasn't right. The sidewalk was supposed to be on her left.

She looked down, seeing the familiar sidewalk and her foot on the cracks.

Flabbergasted and out of words she could only stare at the area where she suddenly appeared like magic.

Was she a-

"CAPE!" was the alarmed shout that completed her sentence.

Glancing behind her she took notice of the area she was in not even a minute ago.

The three boys were just as surprised as she was. Different reactions were brought to her observation.

One boy took a step back away from her and was watching her nervously. Another boy made a turn and started to hustle toward the abandoned building, he was probably running for reinforcements. The last boy, the oldest one, made a more pressing action. He quickly reached into his right pocket.

Jolted, Kuroko looked around for some form of cover.

She noticed the car in the driveway, the one in which she was brought to. The boys were on the rear side near the trunk.

Thinking quickly, she reached for that same peculiar feeling that was now in the back of her mind.

And the she moved.

This time she really did fall, her chest slamming into the warm ground.

She didn't have time to groan before an explosion of sound rang out. Her ears straining, she realized that it was probably a gunshot.

It actually worked. She glanced around. To her left was a mass of metal and wheels to the right were ruined building and houses that continued as she looked forward.

"W-where the fuck did she go!?" the older boy shouted.

She managed a small smile, she managed to move to the front of the car.

Hearing a loud clash and yelling voices, she guessed that one of the boys is calling for additional help.

She glanced up at herself through the reflected image on the front of the car. She had seconds to think of something before they found her. She could clearly see that her hands were still rope tied behind her back.

Dammit, this along with the gag that was still in her mouth were such a pain.


Having an odd thought, she tried something.

Looking up at herself in the reflected mirror, she focused on the ropes around her arms. She focused and tried to replicate that same feeling imaging it was somewhere in the air above where her arms her.

She felt something move. And heard a light sound of something dropping.

And suddenly she felt exhilarated when her arms moved without resistance. Bringing it to her sides she tried to both quickly and silently crouch up a little while utilizing the front of the car as cover.

As an afterthought, she moved the gag to her side. And heard it hit the ground while enjoying the sudden elevating freedom over her mouth.

She peeked over her cover to see where the boys where.

She met face to face with the boy with the gun.

Both of their eyes raised in surprise and both of them acted automatically.

The boy raising his pistol in her general direction were fast but her touch was faster.

The only thing she had time to do were to touch his arm with her left hand and activate her feeling.

One second he was right in front her, his face tensed up and he raised his right hand to-

The next he was momentary in the air a few feet above her. The next brief instant she noticed his body rock back a little by some odd influence.

The next second his back slammed into the concrete ground, his head bouncing against the concrete and his body skidding to a stop as if he'd been pushed.

One of the other boys noticed and started to run toward the fallen comrade. The combination of the sudden move plus whatever force that was had been enough to move the boy a meter or so from the front of the car.

It was the first time she really tried to automatically move something without having a clear idea as to where he was going. She just had a vague-ish idea that was slightly farther away from her based off on what she was seeing.

He must've heard the sound from the rope and gag falling on the ground. She was such an idiot.

Glancing over her cover, she saw one of the boys approach the fallen comrade and check to see if he was alright. The fallen one appeared to be knocked unconscious.

She felt kind of bad, not because of what she did, but because she did not feel any regret whatsoever. She chalked it up to her current mood and not a degradation of her morals.

Hearing multiple new voices and the sound of footsteps exiting the building. She estimated that the reinforcements would be on her any minute now.

She needed to think. Her power was teleportation, that she was sure of.

So logically she'd just need to teleport out of here.

She imagined her home, a clear picture of her living room in her mind's eye, and then she reached out for that strange feeling that was now permanently in the back of her mind.

She did not sense that strange feeling when something was moved.

She was still in front of the car with the raising voices getting closer and closer to her.

Okay that wouldn't work.

She glanced up at one of buildings to her right, she focused on part of the roof that she could see from her. The voices were getting dangerously close. She reached for that strange feeling-

"Little bitch!" the voice of a boy interrupted her, the Asian boy who had been checking on his fallen comrade was right where the previous boy was. Right in front of her.

He reached out for her and-

She desperately reached for that strange feeling and glanced at that roof just as his rough hand touched her shoulder.

Rushing air.

She initially felt rushing air on her skin, the air pushing her forward. Shirai looked around to find a worrying sight.

She didn't make it to the roof.

She was still in the sky.

She was around 3 floors up and at least 30 meters away horizontally from her initial position. Away from the white car that she could barely make out from this distance.

In the seconds it took her to realize that, she realized another thing, the air was now pushing her downward.

She was falling.

Freefalling to be exact.

While on instinct flailing her arms in surprise she realized something else.

Of course the bad news didn't just end there.

She wasn't the only one who was moved.

The boy who had touched her just as she activated her power had been teleported as well.

He was screaming something incoherent while flailing his arms and legs about.

Looking down she saw the ground rapidly approaching.

How the hell was she going to get out of this?

End of Chapter 1-

Here's an author's note- I had this random idea of Kuroko in Worm, so I decided to write a small story about it. I guess she would be a mover/striker in this universe. Since raildex teleport is basically dimensional movement I thought I should've added some form of kinetic energy to her teleportation. I figured this was a nice idea to test my writing skills. If you have any tips or constructive criticism, I'd be glad to hear them. If you're some awesome writer who likes this concept and think you can write it pretty well, I'll encourage you do to so. I don't have the greatest confidence in my writing ability. But don't worry about that, I'll still try to rewrite or add more chapters if you guys want me to.