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Chapter 13


Silence fell once again between the elves in the Great Hall. Legolas sat down hard on one of the many chairs filling the large hall.

"I can't believe it." Was all he could say after awhile.

"You may as well. There is nothing else to believe, that is reality. Yes, Lindo, I attacked Aragorn."

"But- you already cleared yourself of that. You were in my room when I heard Aragorn cry out!"

Mornaeg snorted softly. "I merely imitated him. I was surprised you so easily fell for it. After attacking him, I came down the stairs, mimicked his call for help, and snuck into your room. And you, of course, thought I'd been in there awhile. I changed into one of my spare tunics, already in my room, of course, and the spilt red ink-bottle I was 'writing your apology note with'. It was a perfect excuse for the red stains on my hands. Stains caused by your friend's blood rather than ink."

"But why?" Legolas' voice was quiet and hurt, barely above a whisper.

"Why." Mornaeg shook his head, and sank into a chair as well. "Many nights have I wondered how I would answer that very question, should it be asked of me. Very well, Lindo, I shall tell you why." Mornaeg took a deep breath, and looked across the hall, towards the east wall. But he wasn't looking at the wall, but somewhere else. A completely different place, situation, and moment. "Several years ago, my brother and I, as well as several other elves, went on a hunting trip into Mirkwood. By some misfortune that I still don't quite understand, we were tracked by a pack wolves. That night, at our encampment, the wolves attacked.

"We did our best to fight them off, but one, the one that must have been the leader of the pack, managed to lock his teeth around my brother, Minaeg's, shoulder, and began to drag him into the underbrush. I shot several arrows at the beast, but he was too fast, and disappeared into the woods. So I chased him.

"I ran through the forest for what seemed like hours, though it was but twenty minutes. I finally found where the animal had decided to lie down and enjoy his 'meal'. I shot an arrow directly into his chest, but in his stunned pain, he lurched forward, landing on top of Minaeg, and digging his teeth into my brother's leg. His bight sank deep, so deep into his knee, and Minaeg cried out with a scream unlike any I've heard. And I never care to hear anything like it again." Mornaeg paused a moment, shuddering at his vivid memory, and then continued. "I kept up the fight with the wolf, shooting arrow after arrow into his evil hide, and then finally attacking him with my dagger. But every time I tried to approach my brother, the horrid animal would lunge forward, slashing Minaeg's flesh with his claws again.

"At last, I managed to thrust my dagger into the wolf's throat, and he lay dead before me. Reaching my brother, I found him barely alive. He tried to speak, but the blood from the runs on his cheek chocked him. He *couldn't* speak- he cou…" Mornaeg swallowed hard, trying to keep his tale moving. "I trekked through the forest, dragging my wounded brother with me the whole way, and at long last, found our hunting party again. We all made our way back to these halls as quickly as possible.

"Upon reaching the Halls, we tried to burn Bengwiil for Minaeg to dull the pain, but it did not work. So we- we fed him a leaf of the plant instead. And he rested in peace that night.

"But as I'm sure you know from Bodruith, that dwarfen lord you met in Gabil Gû ndu, the peace did not last. But an hour later, he was not himself. After awhile, I couldn't stand being near him. I couldn't bare seeing my brother's vacant eyes staring at me whenever I tried to speak to him. He kept shouting that I looked upon him in anger, and he would hide his eyes from me. And many times, he could neither see nor hear me.

"And then, a fortnight after his Bengwiil dose, he died. Alone. Believing that all, even his own brother, had turned against him. He died so confused, so alone…" Mornaeg shook his head, and looked down at the floor.

Legolas didn't know what to say, and so for awhile he said nothing. Then, he rose from his seat, and walked towards Morneag. "Why Aragorn?" His voice was firm and wounded.

"Because I wanted to see it. After I gave up on my brother, I couldn't bare anything. So I began to burn Bengwiil constantly, trying to rid my heart and soul of this pain. I would remain in my tower-room for hours and hours, burning leaf after leaf. I remember nothing of those days. Once your father outlawed all Bengwiil, I had nothing to dull the pain in my heart, and I could think of nothing but my brother for years. Finally, I began to dwell on Minaeg on purpose. I didn't try to forget, but fought to remember, and it was the only thing that eased my pain. As long as I dwelt on it, I could bare it. So for years I have been desperate to find any information of what happened in the last days of my brother's life.

"I would stay up in my room, and write for hours on end about all I could think of regarding the Bengwiil. These writings were the ones your friend found. I would write for so long, I'd start to write unintentional rhymes, or I would write so fast, I'd miss words constantly until not even I could understand my writings.

"My most beloved of these pages, though, was the ink drawing of my brother. When I came to my room, or the room I had suggested Thranduil lend to Aragorn, I found the pages missing. I had intended for your friend to stay in my room, for I needed somewhere secluded to attack him when the time came. But I had not expected him to raid my writing desk. So when I attacked him, I tried desperately to discover what he'd done with it, but he would not tell me. Or perhaps in his panicked state, he didn't know what I meant."

Legolas shook his head. "I still don't understand. Why Aragorn? Even with his infection of Bengwiil, he doesn't understand it. Why would you choose a mortal boy for your filthy experiment? He knew nothing!"

"He didn't have to. My intent was not to understand Bengwiil better, oh no. I wanted to *see* my brother's last days, all the horrors intact. You, Lindo, are me, and your friend is Minaeg. Everything has gone according to plan. Down to every detail. Every slash on your human friend's body is identical to the ones caused by that foul wolf on my brother. The rip down his shoulder from getting dragged through the woods. The gash in his leg from the wolf's frantic attacks. Every scratch, cut and scar is exactly as they were on Minaeg."

Legolas' blood boiled at this. "You did all this just to *see* that misery all over? What madness is this! Why, Mornaeg? Why did you spring your disgusting experiment on my friend and I?!"

"My plot was nearly ruined, when you tried to make a break for Rivendell. But the Salab darts stopped you well enough, thank goodness. And then your friend became sicker, exactly as he should have. Though, he would not speak to me, and I had to hit over the head again." The elf made a glum sigh. "It made an extra bruise that wasn't upon Minaeg's head."

Legolas shot to his feet, furious. "Why? Why, Mornaeg, why?! Why have you done this to us? Why Aragorn? I will take no more of your filthy madness, so tell me why!"

"It is a pity he struggled so when I attacked him. The cut in his shoulder was not meant to run *that* deep. But oh well. He really screamed then. A scream that nearly surpassed my brother's. And that satisfied me at least. Your friend can really scream, when put through enough pain, Lindo."

In a lightning motion, Legolas' bow was strung, and the arrow pointed unmistakably at Mornaeg's heart. "If you dare make so light of Aragorn's agony again…"

"What will you do. Shoot me?" Morneag's laughter was neither humorous nor pleasant. "You will not kill me, Lindo. It doesn't run in your blood."

"Stop calling me Lindo! I don't know *why* you do it, but I cannot stand it!" Legolas stood, chest heaving for a few moments. "Why." He said finally, his voice dangerously quiet.

"Why what?" Mornaeg asked audaciously.

"Why Aragorn and I. You have a reason, Mornaeg, and shall go nowhere until I hear it."

Mornaeg did not hesitate, but for once he didn't looked pleased with his words. "Because it is *your* fault, Lindo, that I was not there when my brother died! By the time I heard of his death, his body was already cold. I never got to say goodbye, Lindo, and it is all because of you."

Legolas shook his head. "I don't know *what* you are talking about!"

"Well," Mornaeg's eyes were as cold as his tone. "Perhaps you should ask your father."

The two elves were once again silenced. Legolas walked forward a step, a new question in his head. He didn't know *what* Mornaeg was trying to say with that last comment, and didn't want to know right now. "Why are you telling me all this? You have basically revealed what a serpent and a coward you are. My father will have you exiled from these Halls, yea even Mirkwood , that is sure!"

"As if I care now. For everything is still going exactly as I planned."

"What do you mean?" Legolas asked quietly, uncertainty leaking into his words.

Mornaeg shook his head. "Lindo, Lindo, Lindo." Legolas gritted his teeth. "Have you heard *nothing* I have said? Distracted by hurt that had haunted me for days and nights, I was not there when my brother died."

Legolas felt suddenly ill inside, and a pure terror suddenly flooded his mind. "Mornaeg, umach-"

"Say what you like of me, Lindo, but you are wasting time as we speak."

At the moment, the pounding of footsteps echoed in the corridor outside. Legolas turned to see Tirniel's assistant healer running down the stone stairs towards him. "Your highness! Come quickly! Aragorn-"

Legolas whole body went numb, and a cold sweat overtook him. The healer didn't have the courage to finish his sentence, so he only added, "Noro!" and ran back up the stairs.


Legolas shot a look of pure fury and anguish at Mornaeg before loosening his bow, and running after the healer. Legolas' naturally nimble feet went twice as fast, and he nearly passed Tirniel's assistant up. He reached the bedroom door, still shaking with fear, and entered swiftly.

Tirniel was standing beside the bed, bathing Aragorn's forehead with a wet cloth. Thranduil stood by, and when he saw Legolas come running into the room, he was forced to look away.

Legolas didn't know what the look was on his own face, but if it was anywhere near what he was feeling, it must have been heartbreaking to see. The prince rushed to the bedside, for what seemed like the umpteenth time this day. Sinking to his knees, and dropping his weapons beside him, he grabbed frantically for Aragorn's hand in the growing darkness.

"Aragorn?" He whispered shakily, trying to figure out whether he was still conscious or not.

"Legolas." Aragorn's voice was so low, and so weak, but Legolas was relieve to hear it none-the-less.

"I'm here, mellon nin. Teera sinome."

//right here.//

Legolas tried to clear his mind. Tried to believe that Mornaeg had been wrong about his predictions. Aragorn couldn't die. He *couldn't* die!

Tirniel leaned over towards Legolas. "Try to keep him awake. If he falls into unconsciousness, he will not stand a chance. We must keep his body awake…or it will fail."

Legolas swallowed hard and nodded.

"I can't see you." Aragorn told his friend softly. "I wish I could see you once more."

"Do not say these things, Aragorn. Please. I need you here with me, and I will not lose you. You can make it, you are strong."

Aragorn smiled sadly. "I can't Legolas. I can't be strong for you as you were for me. That night you nearly died of Bengwiil, you pulled through. But you are an elf, Legolas. We have been friends for so long, I guess we lost track of this fact, but it still remains. You are an elf, but I am only man, Legolas. Erwe, erfier." Aragorn shook his head, with a slight shrug, as if in apology. "Only man, only mortal."

"I don't care, Aragorn. You *know* I don't care. Would you be a dwarf, I would not care. You are my *friend*. You, in of yourself. I- it matters not *what* you are, I care only for *who* you are. You know this."

"I know, Legolas. But it does not alter the fact that I am mortal. I am not as strong as you. I cannot pull through for you as you did for me."

"You *are* as strong-"

"No, no I'm not. Legolas, listen. When you were infected with Bengwiil, you knew, somewhere in the back of your confused mind, you *knew* that what you saw wasn't real. You *knew* you had to know comfort. I didn't understand what was wrong until it was upon me. The Bengwiil completely tricked my mind to the point that I believed myself healed. Completely healed. But you were right, Legolas. And my deceived mind has carried me here. This I know at the least. You were right…I" Aragorn's body tensed, and his breath quickened with the Bengwiil-caused headache. He gritted his teeth as the spasm passed, and sighed in exhaustion. "You were right…and I am going to die."

"No, Aragorn, no. I was *not* right. I was wrong, so wrong. You will make it." Legolas whispered desperately, squeezing Aragorn's hand in the dark, and using the other hand to rub the suffering ranger's shoulder. "Take courage, and remember the hope you were named for, Estel."

Aragorn smiled again. "I cannot see you, Legolas. But I know what you look like. I can see your face in my mind's eye. That look of determination you often wear. Never give up on that, Legolas. Never."

Legolas shook his head. These sounded too much like last words to him. "Aragorn, don't go. I- I don't want to lose you." Legolas could remember a day not that long ago when Aragorn had said those same words to him. But Legolas had made it, though things had been so dark. Aragorn would make it. He *had* to. He had to…

Aragorn was obviously remembering the same thing, and stared in Legolas' direction with a look of deepest sympathy. He was about to speak again, when the door swung open, and Mornaeg stepped in.

Legolas rose slowly from the bedside, his eyes slits, and his lips tight across his teeth. "Leave here, wretched snake! You have *no* right to stand in this room after what you've done."

Mornaeg raised an impudent eyebrow. "But, Lindo, I wanted to write everything down." He raised an ink-quill and several pieces of parchment. "I want to remember exactly what my brother's cold, lifeless body felt like."

"Be gone, Mornaeg! Leave!" Legolas stood and watched as Mornaeg completely ignored his command, and instead took an extra step into the room, and began scratching down details on his parchment. In an instant, the arrow was notched and aimed. Legolas didn't have to think before letting it go.

Mornaeg screeched in pain, and fell to the floor, gripping his knee which had an arrow protruding just above it. "Remove him." Legolas said flatly to Tirniel's assistant. The elf nodded shortly, and hauled Mornaeg out of the room, closing the door swiftly behind him.

Legolas returned to Aragorn's side, and to his horror, found that the human's eyes were closed. "Aragorn!"

The young man's eyes fluttered open, and he looked around blankly. He still couldn't see anything. "Legolas, I am falling."

Legolas' throat closed up almost completely. "No." Was all he could say, through his tear-chocked voice.

"I have to go, Legolas. I want to stay, but I- I can feel it…I am falling, and I- am so sorry…"

"No, don't leave me, Aragorn, please. Don't leave me."

"I don't want to, my friend. I don't want to leave you. I don't." Aragorn clenched his eyes shut for a moment, swallowing hard. "Legolas?" He said finally. "Promise me this…this. Do not despair for me. I don't want you to die of a broken heart. You des- deserve better. Do not despair. Please."

"I shall try." Legolas whispered, feeling a salty tear slide down his face, and he grabbed both his friend's hands.

"But don't forget me, Legolas. Don't forget me. I am leaving, but estel remains. Hold onto hope, and do not forget me. Don't f- forget me…don't…Legolas…" Aragorn's eyes shut, and slid into unconsciousness.

"His pulse is fading…" Tirniel's eyes shut, and he shook his head. "He will not awake. Hiro îth ab 'wanath"

"No!" Legolas leaned over his friend, and unable to hold the tears back any longer, he collapsed on Aragorn's chest, and sobbed. "No, Aragorn, please! Come back! Come back. Friendship does not waver at a wind."

"Fion..." Thranduil walked towards him, laying a hand on his shoulder.


Legolas shook his head bitterly, and tried to keep whispering. "And a friendship like ours lasts forever."

"Legolas, stop."

"Forever, like an everlasting- everlasting candle. Aragorn, keep the candle burning. Please, Estel. Come back. Come back! C- come…"

"Legolas." Thranduil said not harshly, but firmly. Legolas looked up, his silver eyes flooded with unshed tears. "I am sorry, my son."

Legolas' heart fell. Everything around him went blank. All he could see, think or feel was Aragorn. Aragorn. "Aragorn." He whispered, and climbed up onto the bed beside his friend. He wrapped his arms around the human's shoulders, and cried softly. The most bitter tears he had ever cried.

Thranduil left his son's side, and walked up beside Tirniel. "Will you send a messenger to Rivendell?"

"Of course, your majesty. What shall I have him say?"

Thranduil cast one last look at his weeping son, and his still friend. "Inform Lord Elrond that his son, Aragorn…is dead."

And for the rest of that night, the only sound in the dark room was a brokenhearted prince weeping and gently singing a song between tears.

"The Road goes e-ever on…and on. Down f-from the- the door where it began…Now…Now far away the road is go-gone, and I must f-follow if I can…"

To Be Continued…


::soft flute music::

(slow motion) Legolas holding Aragorn's hand

(voice-over) Legolas: "I see him."

(slow motion) Aragorn's hand slipping out of Legolas'

(voice-over) Legolas: "I hear him in my dreams."

(slow motion) Legolas climbing out of bed

(slow motion) Legolas standing in front of a window, watching the sun rise

(voice-over) Legolas: "I awake in the night, thinking- hoping he will be before my eyes."

Aragorn lieing in bed, his eyes closed, his face pale, his head sweaty

(voive-over) Legolas: "But I know better. He is gone. Dead."

Legolas looking up at someone, tears in his eyes

Legolas: "Oh, Edren. I miss him so."


(voice-over) Legolas: "Will he *never* be back?"

::music gets louder::

Edren standing in front of someone

Edren: "Legolas, stop. You musn't *do* this to yourself!"

Legolas staggering into a dark room, walking towards Aragorn, who is lying on the bed

(voice-over) Edren: "Over and over you go into that dark room, sit for hours, and dwell on his death."

Legolas sinking to his knees next to Aragorn's bed, looking defeated

(voice-over) Edren: "There are other things,"

Thranduil collapsing onto his bed

(voice-over) Edren: "Other people who are alive, and need their prince."

Edren looking at Legolas, desperate

Edren: "Please, Legolas. Will you not help?"

::music stops::

Legolas staring at nothing, breathing hard

(voice-over, flash-back from Erfier) Aragorn: "Do not despair for me. Do not despair." (whispery echo)

(slow motion) Legolas looking up, tears running down his cheeks

::music breaks::

Legolas jumping onto Lint, and steering him around

Close-up on a pen writing on parchment, spelling out the word "Bengwiil"

Legolas shaking his head

Legolas: "Mornaeg..."

Tirniel looking up sharply

Firelight shining into a dark cave

Legolas stumbling back against a wall, and closing his eyes

Legolas: "Es- E- Estel!"


::music stops::

Legolas standing, with his eyes closed, breathing heavily

(voice-over) a soft voice: "What do you fear, Legolas?"

Legolas opening his eyes, his heavy breathing is loud, and echoy

(voice-over) soft voice: "What do you fear..."

Legolas standing straight, tears in his eyes, nodding slowly

Legolas: "Ea nefredal im."

//I am unafraid.//

(stone letters with the shadow of trees reflected on them) Nefredal (letters crumble, and disappear)

(stone letters with the shadow of trees reflected on them) Unafraid (letters crumble, and disappear)


(stone letters etc) Coming to 2003 (letters crumble and disappear)


Namarie until then, mellhyn nin!

~Chloe :)