Theme 101- Goodbyes

100 words

"You're going!?" Keima spoke disbelievingly. Chihiro and Eri were equally shocked.

"In three hours, actually," Tenri nodded.

Keima knew he'd said they'd be going their separate ways… but now!?

His eyes drifted to the two girls at his table, then back to Tenri.

"You can't go…"

"It's only two weeks…" Tenri laughed.

"I know that! You can't leave me alone with these people!" he indicated to the table, "at least take me with you…"

With that, Chihiro put Keima into a headlock, before waving Tenri off.

"Have a good holiday…"

Though she was pretty sure it was more than that…

No need to riot Shawn... for the epilogue is here... and it stars Tenri. Looking back at my document, I did not have a single chapter about her, and that's kind of unreal for me, coz she's the Kaminomi girl I think about the most, after Chihiro. Stupid me... stupid!

So yeah... this is my goodbye to this story... after looking at my document, it's been edited for 23.5 days, has 12037(dammit, why couldn't it be 11037?) words, and now, I will not open it again... because that's what goodbyes are.

So this drabble was based just after the end of the manga, where Tenri is going on a holiday... well, it's easy to call it that, but in the end, if anyone deserves a break to heal, it's her...

Relationships are one of those tricky things... it takes some work to get going, but it takes a lot to keep it there, and because 'status quo is god' is the least realistic trope to exist, they will change with time... whether it's having to pull away to stop people from hurting... whether it's people becoming closer... or whether it's having people being ripped from you, without even being given the chance to say goodbye... even if it's painful, you have to keep moving forward, right?

Eight years, huh... it's been a while...

So yeah... this is the bittersweet end of 'The Gamer and the Guitarist'... It's been a real ride for me, and I'm pretty sure I've changed from when I first started it. With regards to my story, I'm about 60% done with the next DMT chapter and 70% done with the Overboard chapter, so I'll definitely have one of them posted up this Thursday.

Peace out!