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Ever since the battle of the undead army, Gaius had insisted that he be allowed to tutor Nareena, after she showed her prowess at caring for the soldiers wounded by the skeleton soldiers. So for an hour every day Nareena could be found in Gaius chambers, leaning over an old book, learning from the old physician and laughing with the young man with the black hair. And this was where she could be found when a knight came barrelling into the room, calling for them all to attend the king.

Once everyone was gathered in the thrown room, Arthur entered looking grave. Uther beckoned him forwards.

"This morning we were delivered a message." the prince told his father and the room.

"What message?" demanded Uther and Arthur held out a scrap of red material. It was the emblem of the knights of Camelot clearly having been ripped from a cloak.

"Cenred sent this. His men attacked a patrol last night. He said that they crossed into his lands as an act of invasion and an example had to be made. All were slain. Sir Alyor, Sir Megra all of them.. n-including Sir Leon."

This brought gasps and murmurings from all in attendance. Whilst most stared horrified at the King, Nareena was watching Morgana with a kind of fascinated horror. The kings ward should have been heart broken, crushed at the news of on her oldest friends death. So why was the beauty of Camelot clearly (to anyone looking for it) trying to suppress a bigger smirk than the cat who ate the canary.

After a few more moments the assembly was dismissed. Nareena left quickly and waited in one of the corridors until she saw a familiar figure walk past. Grabbing hold of an arm she yanked them into the alcove with her before whispering in a voice of fear and confusion


Merlin gulped as he looked down at his small friend, the one word statement enough to let him know that she too had either been warned or worked out that Morgana was Camelot's traitor.

"I didn't want to endanger you. She's the kings ward, she's practically untouchable. There's little we can do." he explained sadly.

"You should have told me Merlin."

"I'm sorry." he said regretfully but Nareena just sighed and said


"Leon's one of the toughest knights to have ever protected the king. I have to hope that maybe, somehow he-" but Merlin couldn't finish the sentence. Now resting in a sad silence the two friends walked back to Gaius room's together and unenthusiastically began at there work again.

"How can he be alive Gaius?" Nareena asked quietly. Gwen was attending to Morgana and so she was eating with Merlin and Gaius, a delicious meal of lamb and potato soup. They were all still a little shocked at the miraculous reappearance of a strangely unharmed Sir Leon.

"The cup they were speaking of, I believe it to be the cup of life." Gaius began and Nareena did not fail to notice the stiffening of Merlin beside her, though she did not mention it.

"The legend says that once, on the eve of a great war, one of the anient kings took an enchanted cup to his armies. Each gave a drop of blood to the cup and each drank from it. From that moment on no sword could wound them, no weapon could kill them. The cup healed them, not just of injuries but permanently. They became immortal." Gaius said ominously.


And immortal army.

Though she had not been in Camelot more than a few months Nareena knew of Cenred, knew of his cruelty and ruthlessness. The thought of him getting his hands on the cup frightened her and she knew it terrified the king. Terrified him enough to send his only son and Merlin n a quest to find it. She watched from the window in the early dawn light as Merlin and Arthur shrank into the distance on their horses.

"Be safe." she whispered to herself.

On the other side of the castle, another young woman watched as the prince and his servant travelled away from the castle. another pair of eyes watched them disappear into the distance. And another voice whispered a very different set of words.

"Good riddance."

And with that Morgana turned on her heel and stalked back into the slowly awakening castle.

The whole castle as afraid.

When Leon came back, bruised and bloodied with only a few of the knights he had left with, no one could have been prepared for the story he told. No one except Gaius and Nareena, but that did not make them any less afraid.

"Mount any defences we can, summon all the guards." ordered Uther but Leon quickly shook his head.

"I fear it will do no good Sire. The army, those soldiers- our swords could not cause harm. I stabbed a man through the heart ad he just kept fighting. They cannot be killed."

There was an echoing silence. Nareena could hear her own heart beat in her head. She shot a quick glance at Morgana who was staring unflinchingly at Uther's back with the upmost loathing.

"Leave us. Let the war council convene at once." Ordered Uther and people scurried from the room. Gwen took Nareena's hand in her open and the each could feel the slight tremble in the other.

"It's going to be a bloodbath." whispered Gwen as they walked away from the throne room.

"What do we do?" asked Nareena, thankful that her soft voice did not crack from fear. Gwen looked at her friend as they walked and gave the smallest of sad smiles.

"We pray. And we help in whatever way we can."

But even as Gwen's words washed over her, Nareena's mind drifted to thoughts of a dark cavern, under the Western part of the castle.

And what she knew she could not leave there with an immortal army at the gates.

Se was broken from her reverie by the abrupt halt of Gwen beside her. The older woman gasped her hand to her mouth as she stared out of one of the high castle windows,

"Dear God." she whispered in terror and Nareena stood beside her gazing out at the fearful sight of an unnaturally large army marked only by a massive black shape moving steadily nearer and torches, glowing in the night stretching as far back as the eye could see.

"I don't think he can help us now Gwen." she said calmly.

And Gwen couldn't help but agree.

The battle was bloody and quick. The immortals cut through Camelot's soldiers like melted butter, leaving only the knights, defeated but alive. Gwen had not left Morgana's side. Not when the fighting began. Not when Morgana had openly embraced the blonde haired sorceress that the knights referred to as Morgeuse. Not when Morgana had forced Uther to kneel before her as she was crowned queen.

And it saddened Nareena more than she could say.

Because it was not Gwen who stood beside the treacherous Morgana. This woman was a shell, gazing on blankly unemotional and unaffected by her mistresses treason. The only clue to the true Gwen still being resent was the simmering fire in her deep brown eyes. And Nareena knew that Gwen was simply trying to stay alive, was biding her time until she could do something to help. She only wished that she could afford to do the same.

But she couldn't.

Morgana was still in the throne room, having just been crowned, she was establishing the new law and order of her reign. This left the rest of the castle deserted. It meant that Nareena was not stopped or impeded as she carried a basket of food down through the tunnels, into the cavern.

"I told you I would be back. Look, look how much food I got you. I have to leave."

this was met with a hiss as she set the basket down.

"I'm sorry. I'll come back I promise."

Another vicious hiss.

"I'm sorry." she whispered once more, slightly teary eyed as she reached into her pocket and pulled out a vial that she had taken from Gaius chambers. Biting back a small sob, she poured the contents of the vial in a long, thick line that spanned the entrance to the cavern. She heard one last hiss from the darkness as she ran, not back towards the castle this time, but out one of the old passages, out into the woods. She was ready to travel. She had stolen a pair of trousers that Gwen had for travelling and wore a dark cloak over a dark blue tunic, which she was pretty certain was one of Merlin's, designed for winter, as it was far thicker than the material her clothes were usually made from. Hoisting her pack, a little higher onto her shoulders, she sped off into the night and dark of the woods, her soft brown boots, leaving hardly any trace into the earth.

She needed to find Gaius. Find Gaius and she would find Merlin, Find Merlin and she was guaranteed to find Arthur.

Find Arthur and well, she may have just found Camelot's last hope.

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