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Water. Fire. Earth. Air. In this society, these 4 elements are the key to success for the future and future generations. Everyone is born with one of the 4 elements and it's mandatory to master the element. Everyone must get along as well or yet another war of the elements will begin. This society depends on teamwork with other elements to get the job done. There are a few rivalries between some elements such as water and fire but a punishment will be set. What could it be? Who knows… one thing for sure is that it won't be good. These 4 elements will soon face a great threat that will cause them to hate one another but they will realize teamwork is the key in order to defeat the threat.

A sunny day was forecasted today. Another regular day for the citizens of Elemenville. Everyone was hard at work except for the young ones studying more about their elements at school. Nothing big ever happened in the community except for random, small disasters made by the young children practicing their powers. Teenagers were still in progress with their new jobs while adults were experts. But, elders were the masters as they were wise and have experienced many events back in their time.

Children are raised loving everyone no matter what element they are from. But sometimes things don't turn out the way you planned. A well-known group of elements that have despised each other since kids have never changed their P.O.V towards each other and it was no surprise seeing all of them in a certain punishment late in the day or early in the morning. Let's meet the group…

Water: Sonic and Amy were born under this element and both have managed to successfully control their powers at the required age. They both had a deep sister-brother relationship that can never be broken and the two always had each other's back when they were in trouble. They were a great duo that didn't need any other element to join them.

Fire: Knuckles, Shadow, and Blaze were born with the element of fire. The trio met when they were just 4 years old and remained best friends ever since. They were a strong trio for they had quickly mastered their powers. This trio was once close with the water element duo but a sudden event changed all of that. They disliked the other elements and can't imagine themselves ever joining other elements except their own kind.

Earth: Cream and Silver were both born with the Earth element. They have a deep connection with the earth and that only made their powers stronger. Honestly…this duo cannot be taken seriously for they were too kind hearted and didn't believe in fighting. But, after an event that happened at a young age, they learned that relying on other elements only causes havoc when they've been told teamwork with all elements was key to a better society and for the best of Elemenville.

Wind: Tails, Sally, and Rouge were born with the air element. The trio had a strong belief that each element should live separately instead of as one. They didn't believe anything their teachers had taught them when they were young. The 3 were enough and they didn't need anyone else. They loved each other's company and were often seen everywhere practicing their powers.

The day had quickly come to an end and it was time for all the citizens to head back home and be well rested for another day of work. Amy and Sonic were walking home after spending a whole day by the lake practicing new techniques with their powers.

Amy was walking with her arms crossed. She had failed a challenge made by Sonic and it didn't turn out well. She was soaking wet and Sonic laughing next to her wasn't making the situation any better.

"Sonic. I'd appreciate it if you stopped laughing. You know you messed me up." Amy spoke, frowning at Sonic.

"Haha sorry Ames. It's just that you should have seen the look on your face when you fell almost 100 meters into the lake. I wish I had a camera." He replied, placing both his arms behind his head.

Amy growled and extended her arm out forming a small water ball. She flicked her wrist towards her but released the water ball towards Sonic, hitting straight to his face. He gasped and groaned.

"Amyyyyy. That wasn't necessary!" Sonic cried. She proudly smiled to herself and gave him a thumbs up. Sonic rolled his eyes.

"So what's the plan for tomorrow?" Amy asked.

"Don't you remember? We start our first day of working with the adults and teach us more advanced tricks with our water element."

"Aw man…that's right. But we mastered our element already! What else is there to learn?" Amy whined.

"There's one thing we don't really know much about." Sonic pointed, as he stopped walking.

"Oh? And what's that?" She asked, stopping a few inches away from him.

"The mark of the element. Haven't you seen the elders? They all have it on their left upper shoulder." Sonic replied.

"You mean the water drop? I know a little bit about it. You earn your element mark by achieving the key of this society. Even though it's a lame one, that's how you get your mark."

"How do you know this? Not even I knew that much about it." Sonic asked, surprised at her sudden knowledge.

"I was at the library once and read about the mark. Sadly I didn't get to know more about it because someone ripped out the page that explained the origin of it all. But I would like to see what the adults know since they still haven't received their element mark yet. It would be cool if we were the first teens to get our mark at 16." Amy explained.

"Yeah! I hear receiving your element mark makes your natural element powers even stronger. Not that I'm already strong as it is." He smirked, receiving an eye roll from Amy.

"Yeeeeeah. Suuure. Keep telling yourself that." She sarcastically replied.

"Anyway, have you gotten into any trouble with any other elements?" Sonic asked.

"No…well, okay…yes. 2 days ago I was waiting in line to get something for my mom when I quickly stepped out of line to throw away a piece of trash and I didn't notice that Rouge was behind me and as soon as I tried getting back to my spot, she practically almost blew me away with her dumb air power. I wanted to throw a water ball at her but someone from the fire element threatened me so I had no choice but to go all the way to the end of the line. I was so annoyed that day." Amy sighed, as recalling that day made her upset.

"Wow. Typical air element people. I can't believe we were all friends once…"

"I know. But we're better off as a duo. We get along and have been super close since we were young. Water works well with water and that's it." Amy exclaimed.

"Agreed," Sonic replied. "Now, let's go home. It's late and we have to wake up early tomorrow. Race you there!" Sonic took off.

"Hey! You cheater!" Amy yelled, running after him.

The duo were gone in a flash and out came a figure from the trees. She sighed and looked up at the sky.

"They just don't get it. This is not what we have taught them at their young age. But they will soon learn and change their views. I just know it."

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