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"The troll has been dealt with. If it hadn't been for Mr. Scaletta's quick thinking, then Ms. Davis might not still be with us right now." Almost every head in Slytherin turned to stare at Harry, who shrugged, "I award him twenty points. Now, if you all follow me, we will continue the Halloween feast in the common room." Professor Snape turned and ignored the pain in his leg while he led his House back to the common room. He had no doubt about it now, Harry Scaletta looked like a miniature version of James Potter (albeit with hair that was actually tamable), with Lily Potter's anger and eyes. He needed to talk to Dumbledore.

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Strolling up to the gargoyle, Professor Snape growled out, "Lemon Drops." Watching it step aside, he hurried up the staircase and knocked on the door. Hearing a murmur from inside, he entered and saw Professor's McGonagall and Dumbledore in conversation before the two looked up at him. He nodded to McGonagall, who crisply nodded back before addressing Dumbledore, "Headmaster, we have to talk."

"About what, Severus? Please, sit down. Can I interest you in a lemon drop?" The Hogwarts Headmaster had his eye twinkle on full blast and a grandfatherly smile on his face. He stroked his beard somewhat as he watched Professor Snape begin to pace, "Severus, what's bothering you?"

"Well, it's the Scaletta child. I've noticed some similarities between him and some past students." Professor Snape began, "He looks exactly like..."

"Like James Potter, with Lily's eyes." Dumbledore interrupted, his grandfatherly smile widening as he saw Snape stumble somewhat, obviously surprised. "I figured it out the second day I saw him. Quite remarkable that he is adopted to a Vito Scaletta, who's married to Adalina Zabini."

"Remarkable is hardly the word I would use for it." McGonagall huffed out before she rubbed her forehead, "He hardly looks anything like James, with the way he dresses and styles his hair! However, he does have Lily's eyes, that's for sure."

"You knew and didn't tell me? You didn't think that I'd like to know that I would be having Potter's spawn in my house?" Professor Snape questioned, eyes narrowed as he stared at Dumbledore. He crossed his arms, exhaling deeply through his nose. He felt a headache coming on, and an urge to have a shot of fire whiskey.

"I knew that you would figure it out soon enough. I figured it would take you a shorter amount of time, but oh well." Dumbledore said joyfully before he stroked his beard again, "And I wasn't sure how you would react, knowing that you would have the child of James and Lily Potter in your house. So far you have treated him like all of the other Slytherin's, but now that you know who he is exactly, will that change, I wonder?"

"No, that will not change." Professor Snape shook his head, "He's not arrogant nor brash like Potter was, and just like Lily, he has a knack for Potions. That, and he's been unifying Slytherin for the most part."

"For the most part?" McGonagall questioned, an eyebrow raised.

"He's... he's been unifying the Slytherin's, as I said, but he also seems to be alienating Draco Malfoy from the rest of his peers," Snape explained, before rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Are we going to tell the boy?"

"No, we are to keep it hidden, because no boy deserves that kind of burden on his shoulders," Dumbledore said, the twinkle in his eye dimmed somewhat.

"Burden? Or fame?" McGonagall questioned.

"While the fame could be potential, it's best for the boy to grow up as he is now, loved and not being sought after by political powers, or ogled at because of his scar. And the burden of having Voldemort," he ignored their flinches, "after his blood."

"But the Dark Lord is gone!" Snape exclaimed.

"You know as well as I do that, that isn't true." Dumbledore gazed at Snape with such intensity that the Potion's professor looked away. "I wish it were, but he's not gone. When the time comes, Harry will be ready to defeat Voldemort once again."

"But how will he be ready if he doesn't know about his role in the Second Wizarding War that is to come?" McGonagall rose an eyebrow, not seeing the connection.

"Well, that my dear," Dumbledore smiled, "is a secret. Trust me, I have everything going according to plan." And everything was going according to plan. His plan, of course. Dumbledore would keep Harry in the dark for the most part about Voldemort and Voldemort's "death". However, the elderly wizard had some assumptions that Quirrell was helping the Dark Lord, and so he placed the Sorcerer's Stone within Hogwarts, waiting and watching Quirrell. The man was twitchy, seemingly scared of his own shadow, but Dumbledore didn't buy the whole story of a troll just wandering into the Hogwarts dungeons. That and the faint seemed faked from Quirrell.

Dumbledore had placed the Mirror of Erised in an unused classroom, compulsion charms laid thick on the door. With any luck, Harry would find it and hopefully, the mirror would show his deceased parents, James and Lily. If that were to happen, questions were to be raised, and if Harry came asking, Dumbledore would be able to give answers.


The first Quidditch match was well underway, but Harry wasn't really interested in the wizarding sport. So, he spent his time exploring the castle. He was exploring on the fourth floor, whenever he came across a door. It seemed to call out to him, but it looked like it was just a normal door. His curiosity piqued, he entered and looked around. He wrinkled his nose up in distaste at the dust that coated the unused desks and window sills. The room looked just like an ordinary unused classroom, so why had he wanted to explore this? There were loads of rooms and floors that he had yet to explore within the castle. He turned, whenever he caught his reflection in a mirror. Curious, he cocked an eyebrow and walked forward, his steps slow and silent.

Emerald green eyes stared back at him within the reflection, as an older version of Harry stood before him. The Harry in the mirror had a scar on his left cheek and was holding a Glock. 20 in his left hand. His right was intertwined with Eta's, who stared down at the eleven-year-old with a type of fondness, yet had that 'pureblood air' around her. Beside Eta, stood Blaise and Daphne, with Tracey on Harry's left. Vito and Adalina stood just behind Harry and Blaise; Vito looking a bit older, grayer in his hair, but pride shone in his eyes. Adalina, however, seemed to defy time, hardly aging. The only sign of her growing older were a little more wrinkles around the eyes and a few strands of gray in her hair.

Harry sighed some, wondering what the Mirror had to offer, aside from an apparent glimpse into the future. However, Harry didn't question why he had a muggle pistol in his hand. The future Harry seemed powerful, unafraid of anything. That was something Harry had always wanted. To be powerful, feared, and unafraid. Standing, he turned and began to leave, and was about to open the door, only to hear Professor Snape and Quirrell on the other side. He caught bits and pieces of Snape saying "don't want me as your enemy, Quirrell" and Quirrell's timid reply of "I don't know what you mean-". He cursed silently and the last thing he heard from Snape was "We'll have another little chat soon, as soon as you decide where your loyalties lie." He stepped away from the door, unsure of what that was about, but plopped himself down in front of the Mirror once more, getting lost in the reflection. He didn't know how long had passed, whether it be five minutes or five hours, but he was feeling incredibly tired. He yawned, trying to keep his eyes open on the mirror.

Days passed, and soon it was time to return home for Christmas. However, before they were to leave the next day, Harry had decided to take one last look at the mirror. And then, after their return from break, Harry wouldn't go looking for it again. If he could help it. Plopping down in front of the mirror, Harry sighed as he gazed at the reflections, longing to be the person in the mirror.

"Back again, Harry?" Dumbledore spoke up from behind. Harry whirled to his feet, his green eyes wide and alert, gazing around the room. Dumbledore revealed himself in the corner of the classroom, near an old desk, under a disillusionment charm. How long had he been there? "Do you know what this mirror does, Harry?"

"It shows us what we want. Our hearts desire if the inscription is led to be believed." Harry replied after a minute of silence. Dumbledore nodded, coming to sit beside the boy.

"It does indeed. It shows us something we have, but also something that we can't have. I assume that, in this mirror, you see your parents? James and Lily Potter?" He questioned gently, eyes twinkling as Harry gaped at him. His parents? Glancing back at the mirror, Harry stared into the hardened emerald eyes of his older-self. Realizing he was being played, Harry decided to return the favor. So, adopting an expression of sadness, he nodded slowly. "I remember them fondly, Harry, and I can say that they were very good people. They would be proud of you. Both were Gryffindors, led under Professor McGonagall. However, I doubt they would have minded you being in Slytherin, much."

Harry soaked up the information, taking a glance at the mirror, only to see his desire change. His future self and loved ones vanished. He furrowed his brow, somewhat confused. However, upon seeing Dumbledore beside him, he understood. The mirror couldn't tell the desires of two people. "Professor," Harry questioned, "What do you see in the mirror?"

"Well, I see myself holding a pair of fuzzy socks. I keep saying that I want them for Christmas, but no one will gift them to me." Dumbledore replied with a smile, his eyes twinkling like mad. Harry merely blinked at the man, shaking his head with a grin. "Now, I have to warn you to not come looking for this mirror again. It will be moved to a new home, soon. Go get some sleep, young Harry. The train leaves bright and early tomorrow." Harry got up and bid the Headmaster goodnight. "Goodnight, Harry." He replied joyfully. Soon, it was just him and the Mirror. He frowned to himself, a question on his mind 'Why hadn't Harry asked how his parents died? No matter, the plan still continues.'


"Harry, Blaise!" Their mother called. Two pairs of footsteps were heard along the platform as the boys enveloped their mother into a hug. "Oh, Vito and I missed you so much! You boys look healthy, so that means you haven't been starved at Hogwarts. No sign of extra body mass, so you've been keeping up with your training." She doted on the boys until Vito walked up, a grin on his face.

Harry broke away and hugged his father tightly, the elder Scaletta returning it. "Heya, kiddo. Did ya miss me?" He asked, stroking Harry's raven locks, the boy merely nodding into his father's chest. "Well, we have a whole month to relax." Upon seeing his wife's glare, he cleared his throat, "I mean, we have a few weeks to relax, and then we have to get ready for that fancy dinner party...and dance." The boys groaned, only to quieten at the disapproving glance their mother sent them. He chuckled and winked at the boys, "Dancing won't be so bad. From what Blaise tells me, Harry, you've got quite the group of lady friends." Harry blushed and froze Blaise with a frown, the boy merely grinning innocently in return.

"In fact, father, here they come now. Daphne, Tracey!" Blaise called out, the two girls coming up to them. "Girls, these are our parents. Mom, Dad, this is Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis."

"It's a pleasure to meet you, girls. You two are welcome over to the manor for Christmas, as we're having a ball soon." Adalina explained kindly, with a smile.

"How do ya do, girls?" Vito smiled brightly at them, the two girls returning the smiles.

"Yes, Father explained it to us, and we'll be able to attend," Tracey responded, while Daphne nodded enthusiastically. "Speaking of which, we have to be going. See you guys come Christmas!" The two girls hugged the brothers, bid goodbye to the family of four and ran off to their parents. Vito chuckled at Harry's blushed face, drawing him in for a hug and ruffling up his hair.

"Dad!" Harry whined, fighting to get out of his grasp. "C'mon, can't we go home now?" He pleaded.

"When you say go home, you mean go home and unpack, and then go train, don't you?" Adalina questioned with a perfectly raised brow. Harry and Blaise merely exchanged grins and nodded. "Boys." She mumbled to herself, although she didn't bother to fight the smile that graced her features.

The days passed, with Harry and Blaise falling into their normal routine of practicing spell work when they could, training at Trinity and writing to their friends. Adalina was subtly (or not so subtly, according to Vito) was dropping hints that they would have to invite a girl to the ball, 'and dance with them' their mother added as their groan. So now Harry and Blaise were contemplating on who to ask. Or rather, Harry was.

"So you've narrowed it down between Eta and Daphne?" Blaise asked, amusement shining in his eyes.

"Yes." Harry groaned, rolling his eyes as he ran a hand through his hair. "You act like I can just ask one without the other being mad. Girls..." He dropped his head down into his hands, "Woe is me!" He said dramtically.

"Yeah, woe is you, Casanova." Vito said from the doorway, his arms crossed as he leaned against it, a smile on his face. "Between Eta..." he cocked an eyebrow, "Hang on, Eta Malfoy?" At Harry's hesitant nod, Vito nodded some. "Well, I'm not going to say no, as she seems like a decent girl, however, between the other three Malfoy's, they are not invited. Understand, boys?" They both nodded and Vito continued, "Now, between Eta Malfoy and Daphne Greengrass, Harry, whom would you rather go with?"

"Well, that's the thing, Dad." Harry said with a slight huff, "I can't choose between the two. They're both amazing, both really good friends, and if I take one or the other, then whomever I don't take, will be mad."

"Ah, the joys of growing up and having crushes." Vito chuckled and shrugged. "Why not take both of them?"

"What? That's not possible!" Harry shook his head.

"Oh, I'm sure it is. Dance with one girl, then the next song, dance with the other." Vito shrugged, "It's not rocket science, Harry. Besides, it's not like you're dating either of them anyway." He walked over and gave both of them a hug, "Now, I'm going to go pick out some things for your mother that she insisted we need for the ball." He rolled his eyes lightly, "Hope you figure out your girl problem soon, kiddo. Blaise, I'm assuming you have a date?" His other son nodded and Vito flashed Harry a grin, "See? If he can do it, why can't you?" Harry scowled at both of them before going over to the desk in the room, pulling out parchment and a muggle pen, despising using a quill and ink well outside of Hogwarts.

Blaise walked over, peering over Harry's shoulder as he wrote. "So, who you going to ask?" He inquired.

"Both of them. Might as well, I mean, it is just asking two friends to dance. However, as that old saying goes, 'Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned'. Here's hoping they both understand." Harry muttered.

Dear Eta,

As you know, we're having a Christmas ball of sorts at the house. You're invited to come if you wish. However, Daphne will be in attendance as well. I cannot, for the life of me, choose between you or her, as I don't want the other upset. So, I'm doing the next best (although not logical) thing. I'm asking both of you to be my dates. However, if you cannot come or do not wish to attend, I understand completely. Hope to hear from you soon. Happy Holidays.



Blaise hummed, as Harry wrote a similar letter to Daphne. "If this works, you know that you'll have a lot of attention on you and the girls at the party, correct?"

"Yes, Blaise, I know. However, I think it will be fine." Harry shrugged.

The following day, he received a confirmation from Daphne that she would be attending and that yes, it would be fine if he had both girls as his date. Eta, however, wrote back and said that her father forbade her from coming, much to both of their displeasure. However, he had a date in Daphne Greengrass, so that was a plus. Everything was ramping up to the day of the Christmas Ball, with Harry and Blaise helping with what their mother asked them to do, along with keeping up with their schoolwork and training.


"Harry, Blaise, where are you?" Their mother called, irritation clear in her voice. It was the day of the ball, and those two were no where to be found. They only had a few hours to ensure the finishing touches, almost everything in place. The ballroom was located just inside the foyer, a few steps forward and entering the giant mahogany doors to the left. There was a Christmas tree in the corner, a stage for a band (which Adalina insisted they had), tables where guests could sit lined throughout the room. Three tables filled with steaming hot food, finger foods and drinks. The ballroom floor had the imagery of snow covered grounds, glittering under the lights.

"We're upstairs, Mother!" Blaise called back, rolling his eyes. "Harry, hold still!" The sound of slight scuffling was heard before Blaise let out a grunt, "Alright, alright, fine, we're not going with the yellow tie."

"Yeah, we aren't." Harry grumbled, swatting Blaise's hands away. "You know I prefer-"

"Red, purple, dark blue, black or grey." Blaise rolled his eyes, finishing his sentence for Harry, "Yes, I know. But all you wear is dark colors. Figured some bright ones would do you some good."

"No." Harry said firmly, "I wear the dark, and you wear the flashy, bright colors that hurt everyone's eyes." He chuckled at Blaise's pout before he turned on his heel, wearing only shorts as Blaise tried to pick ties out for him. "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to finish getting ready." He entered his room, and his brother shook his head.

"I swear he takes longer than Mother." He muttered.

"Who takes longer than I? Harry?" Their mother called out from behind, Blaise yelping as he whirled around. Her lips were curved up into a smirk, as if begging Blaise to continue his thoughts. Blaise, however smiled innocently and quickly retreated to his room.

"Ah, scaring the boys, are we? What fun." Vito chuckled as he came up behind his wife, wrapping his arms around her. Adalina sighed in contentment, leaning against him. She was wearing a sparkling red dress with a slit on the right side, running up to mid thigh. Her dress showed off all the right curves, her hair curled and framing her face perfectly. Dark blue eye-shadow and matching lipstick graced her features, making the blue of her eyes shine brighter.

Vito, on the other hand was wearing the standard tux, with a red button up shirt rather than the normal white. His hair was slicked back as usual, with more flecks of gray on the sides. He wanted to dye his 'salt and pepper' hair, but Adalina wouldn't have it. She preferred him the way he was. "Yes, I do tend to scare them. Teaches them that their mother is always right." Adalina smirked and turned into Vito's arms, kissing him softly on the jaw. "Now, let's go see if the boys are ready, mm?"

The boys were indeed ready, their suits pressed and not a hair out of place. Blaise's ponytail was pulled back neatly, and Harry's hair was slicked back like Vito's, although Adalina tried to get him to spike it up. Harry, however, insisted on wearing it like his father's. Harry was wearing an all black suit, while Blaise had a black suit, with a nice baby blue button up shirt. "Uh, Harry, you sure you want to be wearing all black?" Vito questioned with a chuckle, "This is supposed to be a dance, not a funeral."

"Dad," Harry sighed some, shaking his head, "I would have picked out that wine colored shirt, or that grey one, but Daphne is wearing a black dress and wanted us to match. So...all black it is." He shrugged some. "I still don't understand women."

"Oh, you won't understand them for as long as you live. You can only hope to try." Vito winked at him, earning an elbow from Adalina. "Now, let's go greet our guests, shall we?"

"How long do we have to stand here?" Blaise asked through gritted teeth, a smile firmly plastered in place.

"Until we die." Harry hissed back, his smile tight as he shook hands with people. Guests that he nor Blaise knew all greeted them like long lost friends. A 'Mr. Pennyworth', 'Mr. Rhyes', 'Mr. and Mrs. Ricardo', along with many others complimented the boys and all started to mingle. "My hand is about to fall off." He muttered.

"Now that wouldn't do, Harry." Daphne tutted, as she walked up. Her blonde locks were curled, and she had the faintest hint of mascara on, with purple lipstick. "You do know I plan on at least having one dance, don't you?"

"Oh, I suppose if I have to." Harry teased lightly as he walked up to her. "You look amazing, Daphne." The girl blushed lightly under his praise, staying silent as she interlocked their arms and traveled to the dance floor. Slow music played, as Harry placed his hands on her waist, hers falling against his shoulders. The two began to sway easily to the music, Harry leading them.

"You're not so bad on your feet, Scaletta." Daphne teased lightly, staring at him. Harry merely tipped his head with a small grin on his face, glancing around the room. Various adults were doing the same, and in the center of the room were Vito and Adalina, the two hosts holding one another lovingly. "Your parents seem wonderful." Daphne sighed some, as if her parents were anything but.

"They're amazing." Harry agreed, picking up on the small sigh that left her lips, but saying nothing. "They've raised Blaise and myself well enough, if I say so myself." He grinned some, only to look to the left as the doors to the ballroom burst open, two guards carrying in some struggling man.

"Ma'am," the left guard, named Bruce said, "We caught this guy trying to sneak in through the back. Said he's working for Jericho." Vito merely narrowed his eyes at this, while Adalina pursed her lips.

"And why couldn't he walk through the front door?" She wondered, her face bright and cheerful for her guests, but her eyes danced with barely concealed anger. "Vito, be a dear and help escort this man to your study where you two can talk properly." Bruce, Vito and the other guard, named Rico, left with the struggling man. "Sorry about that, everyone. Some uninvited house guest." She smiled warmly to everyone, but caught Harry's eye. She merely shook her head with a quick frown and left, heading over to grab some drinks.

"What was that look for?" Daphne questioned, only for Harry to smile sheepishly.

"Well, you see.." Harry began, being cut off as Blaise and Tracey walked over.

"It's because Harry's ever so curious and can't seem to stay out of trouble." Blaise smiled at his brother's grin, "And knowing him, he'll expect all of us to go and see what's going on." As Harry broke away from Daphne and began to move towards the door, he was stopped by Daphne's hand gripping his arm.

"Your mother said no, and I'm not going to let you go off and eavesdrop." Daphne said firmly, digging her nails into his arm at Harry's innocent grin.

"What about Blaise?" Harry asked, "What if he tries to go?"

"Oh, he won't. He'll be too busy with me." Tracey replied sweetly, "We're about to dance, and so are you."

"I am?" Harry asked.

"You are." Daphne responded as she led him out onto the dance floor. "Besides, Father and Mother would be so terribly angry with you if I came home to tell them that my dashing date left to go investigate." She batted her lashes at him with a sickly sweet smile, "And we wouldn't want that, now would we?"

"No, we wouldn't." Harry sighed some, a playfully grin on his face as the four began to dance once more. However, in the back of his mind, he had several questions. Who was that man, who was Jericho, and why did his father and mother seem a bit tense at the name?

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