Hey guys, PoeticPillock here!

I just wanted to give you guys a quick update because college is going to start again in a couple days for me, so the story updates are going to come to a crawl, again. In fact, writing for this story, while great and fun at times, is basically what I spent my entire summer doing. Spending nights going mad and sleeping late because I decided to spend extra hours for a single writing session. It has become mentally and physically draining at times, and I simply do not need that kind of baggage going into the beginning of the school year. So, I may need to take a break from writing for this story until I get the rest of my life sorted out and my mental health isn't completely in the shitter.

I was working on a chapter that I wanted to release this weekend to give you guys a going away gift, but I believe the chapter's quality in its current form is not worthy of a submission. So, I'll post the next chapter when it's ready and not a big pile of shit.

I'm really sorry to anyone disappointed by this news and I really regret this it how it had to be presented. I really wish it could've been any other way, but life and my own incompetence have said otherwise. I hope y'all will understand that I need to make my real life priority, first. I haven't been doing a good job with that, recently, so it may be a good idea to start soon.

Until we meet, again!

PS: I will be deleting this Update post when the next chapter is ready to be uploaded. I don't want this page sticking around too long.