WARNING! I wrote this story when I was a lot younger... so it probably sucks. But please give it a chance. Please, no hate.

Luna Lovegood walked around the Hogwarts Express, spectrespecs on, her long hair swishing with every step. Her large eyes darted from head to head, surprised at how many Wrackspurts were round and about. Almost every head was filled with them.

I guess it's just the age. Hormones and all, she thought to herself. She tightened her grip on her pile of Quibbler magazines with one hand and felt to make sure that her radish earrings were in place. They kept the Wrackspurts away.

"Quibbler?" She asked Cho and her friends. She had a falling out with Cho last year when Dumbledore's army was caught thanks to her ratting them out, but she couldn't bring herself to hate her.

After all, Cho was relatively polite to her and seemed to have felt remorse about what she did.

"What is it?" Cho asked in her soft voice. She seemed tired and stressed. But who wouldn't be with all the issues with the ministry and all? Harry said that He-Who-Must-Not-be-Named was back and with everything going on, it was becoming more and more likely that it was true.

Not that Luna had been a skeptic in the first place. Harry was his friend and it was the Ministry's intention to keep them in the dark. She believed his return from the beginning.

"My dad's magazine. The Quibbler," The girls around Cho snickered, but she brushed it off. Cho looked around nervously before hesitantly nodding her head.

"Sure. Seems very… interesting Luna. Thank You," she spoke. And with a quick smile, she took the magazine and turned back to her friends. Luna turned around while pulling off her Spectrespecs and continued offering people a copy of her beloved magazine along her way. While most people brushed off the odd girl, some of her friends took the magazine and actually seemed rather kind about it. And she knew that those were the people who mattered most.

She was making her way back to her cart when Goyle came out from behind and shoved her to the side, making her drop a few magazines. Crabbe laughed before walking up as well picking one up.

"Watch it Looney! Normal people come before freaks," Goyle called. Crabbe chortled before tearing the magazine in his hand, in half. They both walked away laughing and snorting while they kicked about the newly torn pieces of her magazine.

Luna just sighed and looked at the pieces of the now torn magazine. There were definitely too many Wrackspurts in their heads, they just couldn't help but be excessively stupid and just excessive in general. Especially around the tummy area.

She went to go pick up the last magazine but before she could lift it, another shoe landed on it. A shoe that was obviously professionally polished and brand new and almost regal looking. She looked up at well-pressed pants and pristine robes. A green and silver tie was the next thing she noticed before her large eyes settled on the face.

Draco Malfoy smirking down at her. When she looked up into his eyes, his smirk faltered for less than a second. Just before she could notice that he was actually noticing the surprisingly lovely blue of her orbs.

He and Luna had known each other as kids, their fathers both worked for the ministry but in completely different departments. Draco took every opportunity to annoy the young girl but she never seemed bothered by him. As they grew older he stopped talking to her since he learned that their families were blood traitors. But he only now noticed how blue her eyes were.

"Draco, I would appreciate it greatly if you could move your foot," she said in her dreamy voice. She stood up noticing how short she was compared to him and how his eyes were a beautiful blue grey despite the dark rings of tiredness that they lay upon. He was quite handsome for sure, but the sadness underneath all the hate made his looks mean almost nothing.

She was the exact opposite with her mismatched clothing pieces. Some of which she has had since she was a child. She was walking around barefoot because someone had once again stolen her shoes. Her pink coat was tattered and covered in patches and she was shivering ever so slightly. Her clothes weren't meant for the current weather.

"And I would appreciate it greatly if you could be normal, but apparently neither of those things could every happen Looney," he scowled.

"What is normal?" she asked rhetorically, "Normal would be everything in order, everyone the same. And that would be awfully boring, wouldn't it? Now may I have my magazine back?"

"Read my lips, freak. No. You shouldn't be allowed to spread this crap. Your father is just as crazy as you. You're worse than Mudbloods," he stated so rudely that even Luna flinched.

"Now Draco, that isn't very polite. Perhaps if you weren't so mean, the Wrackspurts wouldn't have such a full meal with you," she spoke softly. Draco just looked at her small form dumbly. He hadn't noticed that he had moved his foot off the magazine.

Luna scooped it up and was about to turn to leave but she turned back. Draco looked at her curiously. Forgetting that he was supposed to be scowling at her.

Luna picked up the top magazine from her pile and handed it to Draco. He didn't know what possessed him to take the ridiculous magazine but he took it out of her hand. He couldn't help but feel how her fingers weren't as soft as Pansy's or his own. Hers were slightly roughened from not living a charmed life. And he wasn't sure how he felt about it.

"I hope you enjoy it Draco," Luna murmured softly before lightly wandering out of the cart. Draco looked down at the magazine realizing that he had been tongue tied for maybe the first time in his life.

"C-crazy blood traitor," he spat out, though it seemed forced. He absently stuffed the magazine in the back pocket of his robes, convincing himself he was only going to keep it so that he could make fun of her with Crabbe and Goyle later.

He walked into his cart noticing that Pansy was throwing something across the seats to Rachel making fake gagging sounds.

"I still can't believe Looney would wear these to school. What a freak," she snickered. She had a pair of pink, grey and white muggle brand shoes. On the heel of both shoes "Luna" was neatly printed proving that his theories were correct.

Rachel was about to throw it at Goyle back across the large cart but Draco went in and intercepted them. Without waiting for any questions, he walked back out of the room and walked until he reached the smaller, less classy carts.

Draco's father always paid for the top priced carts while everyone who couldn't have them went straight to the back of Hogwarts Express where all the smaller, less worthy people (ahem. Gryffindor) resided.

He wandered the carts until he reached the cart with a bottle cap chain hanging on the outside. Sliding the door back, he finds Luna reading a copy of the Quibbler… upside down. She didn't seem to acknowledge his presence.

He threw the shoes on the ground with a thump making Luna look up curiously. She looked down with a smile and jumped up from her chair.

"Wow! Thanks, Draco, I looked everywhere. Where'd you find them?" she exclaimed happily. She fell to the ground in front of him like a toddler and began to pull her shoes on.

"Whatever freak. I just didn't want those stupid things anywhere near our stuff," he grumbled. He still didn't understand why he didn't just throw them out the window or something.

He looked down at her. She was innocent. More innocent than most girls their age. And it was sad that the innocence she had wasn't going to get her through what was coming.

He looked down at Luna and realized that she hadn't gotten up yet. He looked down to see her staring up and him flapping her unlaced shoes back and forth.


"I don't know how to lace them. Harry or Hermione always did it for me," she said dreamily. Draco groaned but nonetheless got down on the ground in front of her.

"Didn't anybody ever teach you to tie your stupid shoes?" He demanded. Luna just shook her head. Draco gently tugged her shoes tight before tying them, completely ignoring the fact that he was on the ground of the lamer side of the train, getting his robes dirty to tie a blood traitor's teenage daughter's shoes.

So basically it was not in the norm for the Slytherin prince.

He stood back up fixing his robe and watching Luna scramble up as well wiggling her pink, white and grey covered feet. She was the same mismatched weirdo as before. Now she was just ½ an inch taller.

Getting up on her tippy toes, she placed a quick kiss on Draco's pale cheek leaving him frozen in his place. Luna smiled up at him, cheeks red and happy.

"See you around, Draco, I believe you need to get back now," She smiled before turning and sitting down in her seat and picking up her book.

"L-Loser," he turned around and rushed out of the cart.

When his friends asked what he did with the shoes, he didn't answer and later when he was having his stuff looked over by Filch, he couldn't help but notice a tiny girl walking with Potter. His nose should have been broken from when Draco hit him but obviously, she had a knack for charms.

She may have looked like an idiot but most knew that she was at the top of her classes. She glanced at him and smiled. But of course, now being in front of all of these people, he didn't even look their way for more than a second. But Snape saw past it.

"Ms. Lovegood is a good choice. She may seem insufferable but she is better than most girls in this school, Mr. Malfoy," he said with the most genuineness he has ever seen. Draco just scowled and ignored him.

But if Snape approved, how bad could she truly be? Hearing it from someone else, he couldn't deny that he actually had a slight infatuation with the strange girl and he didn't know what to do about it. His father would disown him and the Death Eaters would ridicule him. He didn't even want to imagine what the Dark Lord himself would do.

But for once he wanted to do this. Something for himself.

He just wasn't sure he wanted anybody finding out.

Later that night, Luna was in the dining room cutting her food into bite-sized pieces when a sleek black owl came in and dropped a letter off in front of her. Noone paid her any mind though, no one ever really did.

The letter had her name written on the front primly. On the inside there was a simple note on a simple piece or parchment.

Come to the astronomy tower.


P.S. It isn't a trick. Don't show this to anyone.

Luna contemplated for a second before deciding to go up. She had nothing to lose.

She grabbed her book bag and stood up. She had made it out the door without questions asked or many insults thrown.

Climbing up the stairs to the astrology tower she wondered what she was going up to. Draco. The most popular and respected boy on the Slytherin team. Two years above her and calling her a freak for so many years wanted to see her and hopefully not to reinforce his insults to her. But just to be sure, she took her wand out of her hair and prepared to defend herself if necessary. She may be optimistic but she was also realistic.

When she reached the top, she was surprised to see Draco keeping his promise. He was by himself, seemingly not up to anything. Luna tucked her wand back behind her hair and relaxed her posture.

"Hello Draco. You wanted to see me," she chirped. Draco was dressed in his Hogwarts uniform looking regal and smart. For once, Luna looked completely ordinary aside from her patched up book bag and spectrespecs resting in her hair.

"Luna. I have a proposition," he began. Luna looked at him expectantly and waited for him to continue, "From now on you will be my girlfriend."

Aside from Luna's eyes widening slightly, she showed no sign of acknowledging what Draco was saying. It was as though instead of freaking out immediately, she was actually waiting for him to finish his proposition.

"I have… developed an interest in you recently. And I can tell that you have also developed a liking towards me as well."

"My mum says that love cannot be created, only discovered," Luna interrupts airily.

"Yes well, this isn't love just a slight attraction. Now here is my proposition. You will be my girlfriend and I will keep the other Slytherin members from bothering you," he said. He waited for the rejection. What was he thinking? Proposing a relationship. That was like asking Professor Snape to give Potter a hug. Or the bloody weasel to profess his love to the purebloods.


Draco's head snapped up to see Luna moving toward him.

"Are you serious?" the young man asked shocked.

"Yes. Now we should probably do something to seal the deal."

Draco looked at Luna lost. Was she actually serious? He didn't have time to ponder because in less than a second, Luna had his arms around Draco's neck and was on her tiptoes pressing her lips to his gently.

It took an eternity for Draco to respond, but when he did, he was glad. His eyes closed and he drew his arms around her waist, pulling her closer. They broke apart for less than a second to catch their breaths before once again resuming.

As it came to an end, Luna released his arms and stepped out of the embrace.

"Alright I must get going. But see you soon Draco," Luna said casually, like nothing had happened. She got up on her tiptoes again to give Draco a quick peck on the cheek for rushing down the stairs.

Draco just stood there, face red and hot. More stunned than flustered.

He had a Ravenclaw girlfriend.

Looney was his girlfriend.