Draco didn't bother hiding his annoyance as Pansy pulled him around the ballroom. Damn woman nearly pulled his arm out of its socket. He looked at Blaise who looked like he was having the time of his life with the Gryffindor redhead. They were slow dancing to the lulling waltz that was currently playing.

Of course, at first there were some gawking faces and feral redhead brothers but they quickly accepted it when they saw how happy their baby sister was. Of course, there would be some bumps in the road. They both understood it but they were willing to look past it for now.

Draco couldn't believe how easily this was blowing over. But more importantly, he couldn't believe what an idiot he was. He could've had that. He could've been here dancing with the girl he loved instead of being arm candy for this crazy woman.

He was just about to make an excuse and slip out when the whole ballroom silenced. He looked around, his eyes widening as he saw who had come into the ballroom. He didn't even notice the nervous Gryffindor loser that she had come in with.

Luna had dreamily waltzed into the ballroom looking normal arm-in-arm with the Gryffindor Mudblood who looked very pleased with her work. Her hair was down and curled delicately. Making it voluminous and neat. Not messy and unkempt like it was usually kept. She had a light amount of makeup on, making her face glow. Gold eye shadow and a light shade of pink lip gloss. But what really brought out her appearance was her dress.

Or… the colour of it to be exact. It was green. Like Slytherin. The soft lacy fabric coming down in layers in different shades of the deep colour. She looked like a true Slytherin princess. No one could consider her "Looney". Not while she looked like that. The whispers eventually died down but she continued to get glances from the unsuspecting person who was astounded by her change.

It was when they had completely walked into the room and were talking to Professor Flitwick that Draco realized who she was on the arm of. Neville Longbottom was nervously checking over his robes and trying to stand up taller. Ginny walked up to him and gave him a smile and pat on the back. Apparently, he wasn't really great at social gatherings.

"Draco what are you looking at? She looks stupid," Pansy snorted. Draco's neck snapped toward his "date".

"At least she isn't wearing more makeup than the Weird sisters combined. And they're all men," he snapped before he could even register what he was saying. Pansy stared at him wide-eyed and confused. As did the people that she was talking to.

Draco didn't say a word as he walked out of the room. He felt Luna look at the back of his head as he walked out but didn't look back. His heart would hurt if he did, more than it did right now at least. He also didn't know that someone had decided to follow him.

"You need to get back in there and apologize to Luna," Blaise demanded while holding the little redhead in tow with him. Draco was about to refuse but Ginny spoke up.

"She loves you Draco. She told me herself and… and she was crying when she heard that you were going with Pansy," Ginny murmured. Blaise must have told her a while ago, with them being good friends and all it was no wonder she knew. Draco sighed and glanced back in the ballroom.

Luna was dancing with Longbottom, Granger nowhere to be found. The idiotic buffoon trying to twirl her slowly. She kept the smile on her face throughout dancing with her dear friend but only he could tell that it wasn't her usual dreamy smile, it was sad. Not just that, it was hurt.

And he didn't want that. He walked forward determined, ignoring Pansy who tried to grab his arm as he walked by.

"Luna," making the girl names freeze as she recognized the voice.

"Hello, Draco. How can I help you?" she stated politely. Draco's stomach clenched at her casual words, knowing bloody well that she wasn't being cordial. She was acting like she would with any other Slytherin. Kind with caution.

Neville took a hesitant step in front of her to shield her body from his as though he would harm her. Draco glared at him strong enough to send the most intimidating back to their dens. But despite some blanching, Neville didn't back down.

"I want to dance with her," Draco stated. And with a small smirk, "She is my girlfriend after all."

To say the hall went silent, would be an understatement.

Strange how something that sounded so nonchalant could bring the whole of Hogwarts to a halt. Even the teachers stared in disbelief. Neville was the one to break the silence.


Draco didn't even notice the scrawny Gryffindor, he was too focused on the widened eyes of the Ravenclaw as she stepped out from behind her friend. The stupid trio was making their way to the couple but they paused as they noticed her stepping closer to the Malfoy.

"Luna, what is he saying?" Ron asked. Draco took it upon himself to answer.

"Just what you heard, Weasley. She is my girlfriend and I want to dance with her."

Among the silence, a single pair of hands clapped. Draco turned to see the school headmaster with a smile on his face bringing his hands together in a slow clap.

"Now, if that has been settled. Let us get back to the music." And with a flick of his wand, music filled the hallway once again. Blaise immediately took his date into his arms and twirled her around the hall prompting many others to follow.

Draco extended a hand towards the petit girl who looked back at her former date as he watched her closely for her next move. She silently placed her hand on top of Draco's who took it into a tight grip and pulled her closer before letting his free hand fall on her waist. Luna followed by placing her free hand on his shoulder.

They waltzed in silence for a moment, Luna still unable to look him in the eye, before she spoke up.

"They're all staring," she murmured not looking up. Draco glanced behind him and saw the indeed there was a group of Slytherins who had abandoned their dancing in favour of watching their prince dance with another team's freak. He turned back to Luna who had gathered enough courage to look him in the eye.

"Let them."

As the song came to an end, Luna allowed herself to be released from his grip. She turned around and walked towards the door. Draco took it as an indication to follow. As he walked out, Snape gave him a nod as his only indication of approval.

Snape knew. He knew what he had to do in the future. All the darkness that he will be involved in. But as his godfather, he gave him a chance to follow his dream. His dream being Luna.

Because despite what the future brought, he knew that he was happy now.

When they reached the corridor, Luna had just opened her mouth, when Draco began to speak.

"You and I will… go to Hogsmeade. And to every dance from here on out together. I will walk to your classes and we can hold hands and stuff in public," he began. His girlfriend stayed quiet. With a lower voice, he continued, "I will allow myself to get in trouble for kissing you in the hallways and I will try to remember anniversaries. But I'm warning you now, that I couldn't give less of a crap about them. What I do give a crap about is that if any of my teammates give you any trouble, I will torture them worse than any curse can. So… what do you say."

Luna just stared at him. Which she seemed to be doing a lot of lately. Draco took a cautious step forward and laced the hands together.

"Look, Luna, I know I'm a shitty boyfriend. And to be honest with you, you cannot meet my parents and I don't know what my future is because I am bound. Bound to do what my parents tell me and bound to fill myself with darkness. But I promise that I will be with you as long as I can and… love you for as long as I can. I just need a chance."

Looking down at their laced hands, Luna smiled.

"Let's go dance."

And that began everything.