Time-Displaced Little Head Maid

In the newly-built House of Phantomhive that was destroyed by fire, one Sebastian Michaelis is having considerable trouble with his new job as a butler until she came.

She is a girl from the future because her 'smell' was that 'she doesn't belong here but somehow ended up here'.

Not only that, she is also an unwitting sorceress as she used her magic to get here out of distress and desperation.

'So, who are you, little one?' Sebastian asked her.

He observed the little girl who is around the same age as his troublesome master. She however, is clad in clothes several times her size she's practically swimming in it and she's filthy.

'Uhm, I'm Linnea Potter.' said Linnea nervously.

'You're clearly a runaway...what did you run away from?'

'M-my relatives...' Linnea stammered out. 'My parents died when I was a baby...so I ended up with them.' she said. 'They took me in but when I grew up, they made it clear they took me in just to look good to the neighbors when they're anything but. I sleep in a cupboard under the stairs. I was made to clean the house and weed the garden. I just recently learned how to cook basic dishes. I was forbidden to outshine my cousin in school even if I learn faster than he does...and s-sometimes strange things happen around me...and anything wrong that happens is always blamed on me! I rarely get to eat, and if I fail to finish my chores on unfair times, or if I score higher in school I get a beating...I'm tired, OK? I ran away after school let out!' she cried desperately. 'I tried to dumb it down but I scored ten and he scored zero in our math test! I'll get a beating again! I don't want a life like that forever!'

'I see...then, in return for being a paid maid in our household, you are free to excel as much as you like in your studies.' Sebastian offered. 'You see, I'm a newly-employed butler but Cooking is currently not in my expertise and the young master is hungry. And since you're clearly competent, you have no fear of punishments. And servants have free room and board.'


'Really. Now, come and show me your expertise in the kitchen.'

And in the kitchen, Linnea cooked with what's available in the pantry. Pizza wheels(strips of pizza dough with tomato sauce, cheese and toppings and rolled up to bake), Minestrone Soup, Sunny-Side Up Eggs and for dessert, Apple Pie.

She was also required to help out with the baths in regards to the Hot Water.

"...really, does this guy know nothing about caring for kids and he's a Butler?" Linnea sweatdropped as she was the one who heated the water to likeable levels.

'So you're the new maid Sebastian picked up? I have heard about you from him.' said Ciel. 'What year are you from as you're clearly...not of this time. Something we'll have to keep secret.'

'Y-you mean you're OK with it?!' Linnea choked. 'And when is this?! I'm from year 1990!'


Linnea's eyes rolled backwards as she fainted, and fell backwards too.

'...first a Demon bound to me with a Faustian Contract and now a girl from the future.' Ciel chuckled in wry amusement. 'Glean information from her mind using your powers without harming her. The future should have developments I may get interested in.'

'Sir.' and Sebastian partially changed into his true form to obtain information...and life in the future is different indeed but what he could glean is limited due to her abusive treatment under her relatives. The most he could glean is what she sees and reads.

Thus, she became a maid of Phantomhive Manor while Sebastian handles what she could not reach.

She is valuable to the young lord, due to her educational standards. She knows English Language and Proper Grammar, Math, Science, Music, Art, History, Geography, PSHE, Citizenship, and at least, one Foreign Language in which she knows French. And to avoid her bully of a cousin and his gang, the school library was her sanctuary. Thus she spends her time studying instead, apparently preparing for a runaway plan in the future!

And despite how terrible her start was, it had been her motivation thus as a Servant, she doesn't even need basic education and maid training!

However...she needs training still...in magic arts and being a member of the Phantomhive Army.

'Huh? Magic? I have magic?'

'Well, its how you got here.' Ciel told her. 'You got here on your own and Sebastian senses it off you. And strange events happen you say?'

'Uhhh...' Linnea gulped. She wouldn't be thrown out would she?!

'You need education because if something happens and you lose control, power-greedy people will definitely come after you and your life.' Ciel warned her. 'So Sebastian will train you in the basics and the rest, you learn from books while still doing your duties. Understood?'


'By the way Linnea, what do you believe an Aristocrat should know?' Sebastian asked her. 'You see, as the Young Master is an Earl in Rank, not to mention his duty is to solve crimes and cases that's beyond the power of the normal police...'

'What he should know? Humm, according to several famous novels I've read,' she said in a thinking pose, 'Language and Proper Grammar as well as training to have beautiful handwriting, Mathematics, Science, Manners and Etiquette, Social dos and don'ts, Laws of Society and its pros, cons and loopholes, Intimate Knowledge about Noble Families and their Rankings as well as Privileges, Social Studies of Social Classes and their Way of Life, Latin, at least two frequently-used Foreign Languages...' Ciel's jaws dropped as she's laying down a lot of workload on him because as he refused to hire tutors, Sebastian will do for now. As for Sebastian, his eyebrows are raising all the way to his hairline from the numerous subjects she's mouthing off. Yes, that's apparently what Ciel needs to learn but Sebastian has to learn too because he's teaching it!

'Famous Literature in said languages, Music and playing musical instruments, Dance, Mythology, Fields of Art, especially Language of Flowers, Economics, Household Management, Business and Financial Management, Accounting, Equestrian Skills, Fencing, Firearms and Ballistics, Sports Training, Hunting Skills, Survival Skills, Camping Skills, Swimming, Physical Training, and Intimate Knowledge in making Improvised Tools and Weaponry, Poisons and Antidotes and their sources, Basic Field Medical Skills and knowledge of Illnesses and Treatments, Escaping Skills, Stealth Skills, Investigation and Deductive Skills...'

'The heck did you get all those ideas from?!' Ciel sputtered out, horrified. She just said that he has to learn about more than 20 subjects!

'Well, from novels I read about!' Linnea told him. 'Mastering all that takes from childhood to adulthood if one learns in school by courses and workshops. However since you're gonna be home-tutored, the faster you master these stuff, the faster you'll graduate! Not to mention one hour per subject! Classes start at 8:00, and end in 5:30 but since you're home-tutored, if you want to graduate faster, you'll have to put up with two extra hours of classes after dinner. Exams can be done on weekends.'

'If the young master is willing, that means 12 hours of work at least.' Sebastian mused thoughtfully. 'We can tackle 12 subjects in a year.'

'What about my Asthma?!'

'You have Asthma? But given your job its physically taxing. So at first, take it easy on training, and then only increase difficulty when you are used to your current level.' she told him. 'Once your lungs are strong enough as well as increasing lung capacity through exercise, you can definitely excel in sports, but how the training is done is tricky so Sebastian must fully understand your case so at least be the strongest you can possibly reach despite this setback.' Linnea advised. 'Visit a doctor tomorrow for reliable advice since I just base what I know off novel books...ah, and I'd like glasses too...I'm horribly nearsighted and this thing my Aunt picked, she flatly told me to my face that she picked it off a trash can, good enough for me and I can see better without it.'

'Well, if you'll be a maid of my mansion, the least we can do is get you decent clothing and a uniform as well as glasses for you to properly function.' Ciel twitched. 'Tanaka, our House Steward will train you in things you may not know as a maid. As you are experienced, you will be the Head Maid of this Estate.'


And so, the next day, they went to the market to purchase clothing. She was left to a clothing shop and she is told to pick clothing and shoes for all seasons and occasions. Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring. They would be back for her after Ciel chooses his closet in a boutique nobles go to. She was advised by Sebastian that because right now she is skinny from malnourishment, she at least, buy clothes that are a size bigger for when she fills up healthily, she can still use the clothes until she gets too old for them.

Happy that she'll get clothes that fit her for a damn change, she went all the way as well as purchased a grooming and hygiene set. Then after that, a visit to the hospital to see Ciel's Aunt Lady Angelina Durless who is his physician while she was left to an Eye Doctor...finally, the market to obtain things needed for maintaining the household's cleanliness, and of course, the kitchen and laundry equipment, things a maid needs. However, she's also a sorceress who lacks training.

'In one year, we must become a perfected Earl, Butler and Head Maid.' Ciel told his two subordinates. 'For now, do your work with no uniform since you need to fill out a bit more. You're skin and bones so eat a lot from now on until you fill up considerably before we can give you a maid uniform.'


Thus, everything began for the inexperienced trio.

But one night...Sebastian snuck into her room, smiling, his fangs bared.

He reached for her forehead where her scar is, and extracted a black, mangled soul...and he chomped it down to silence it and not wake her up.

"A soul that reeks of greed, malice, and many traits of the worst humans...delicious...too bad its just a mere piece." he thought as he licked his lips. "Although I do wonder who's this idiot who tore off his own soul and used an unsuspecting girl to host it? Its like eating a single piece of cake!" he thought mournfully and unhappily.

A year later...one afternoon...

'Its been a year since I was here.' 11 years old Linnea Potter mused wistfully.

She now has the privileges of a human being that she lacked. She has a bedroom, can eat good food, take baths, and after her duties as Head Maid, she's free to do what she wants and since she excels in studying, she does just that. Besides, it will be her duty to educate future servants anyway. But until Tanaka comes out of Hospital, Sebastian subjected her to an Intense Physical Workout for females because she is not just a maid...but also a part of the Family Private Army. Once Tanaka leaves hospital, he would be training her in combat skills and must decide on what kind of offensive skills she would like to have so she has one year to think about it. Not only that, while Tanaka's still in hospital, she has to study the spells Sebastian deems useful.

She studied the limits and rules of magic, relations with magic, how to access her powers, and books about Transfiguration, Charms, Potions, Jinxes, Hexes, Curses, Defensive Spells, Healing Spells, and Protective Wards and Barriers. But only about its rules. He actually gave her 'a notebook of spells worth the time learning'. Thus she's proficient with her powers but once Tanaka comes, she would have less time as she would be training in secret...somehow.

Despite her title as Head Maid, she's more of an 'All-Purpose Maid' as its just her and Sebastian currently with a damn good reason.

Ciel is still under education and pressure to master as many subjects as possible within the year before the Queen summons him to Decorate him into his status as Earl Phantomhive before he starts his duties. Sebastian is also struggling to be the perfect Butler as he's FAR from perfect.

Due to this, she has loads of jobs for a maid as she is also the Gardener and Chef!

Her day starts as early as 5:30 in the morning. She studied books about duties of a Chambermaid, Parlour Maid, and House Maid. Those are apparently, three different things when in her era, its 'just House Maid' and one person can do all these jobs in one day. She cooks breakfast for both herself and Ciel as Sebastian does not need food. He is clearly not human she really wonders what story they'll use to future servants as they won't even tell her what he is. However, there's stuff a man clearly must do himself so Sebastian does the manly parts, but once a week for his own training and education. With magic, her job is TEN TIMES EASIER. Not only that, she has to get used to the fact that money here, is different.

Its Pounds, Shillings and Pennies. As Head Maid, her yearly salary is 30 Pounds. She was taught how money works in this era and apparently, compared to her era, money here has really high value that spending above 50 everyday is considered 'the price of an aristocrat's clothing' already and one of Ciel's outfits is worth as much. So her monthly salary is 2 pounds and 5 shillings. But as a Commoner who shops in shops she can afford, she requested that her Salary come in Pennies instead to avoid getting scammed until she's used to how money works in this era. So she gets 45 Shillings per month on the first half of the year, 540 Pennies on the second half of the year. On the month of July which is her birthday, she gets a bonus of one pound and she gets said bonus in said coin.

She gets along well with her Lord and fellow Servant.

In terms of relationships, Ciel is kind to her because she's a fellow orphan and she treats him like a normal person and they became fast friends. However, should people be around, their relationship must that be on professional terms. Ciel has a great deal of respect towards her as she is competent and well-educated, an efficient servant.

With Sebastian, Sebastian's relationship with her is that of part-time magic tutor, and fellow servant on professional terms but he too, respects her due to her competency at a very young age that taking her in, was their boon. And she also treats Sebastian like a normal person and it didn't matter to the young which whatever he is. She once said 'You can be a vampire or werewolf for all I care you're still Sebastian. I'm not into racial prejudice!'

She remained home most of the time as sometimes, her young lord and Sebastian goes out.

She asked them once where they were going.

'Oh, we will be going around to renew profitable relationships.' said Sebastian. 'Take care of the house. No intruder shall leave alive.' gulping nervously as that means she must kill anyone who dares intrude the manor, she nodded.

'Yes, sir.'

Because she is no ordinary maid.

She is also the Watch Dog of the House as is Sebastian, and future Servants to come here will too, protect this house.