It's OK, Omega is here(still making that joke), and he has brought about a new story for you all to either love or hate. Now, this is a RWBY/The Gamer fic that I'm quite proud of, the entire seiries is just one big otaku-fueled reference, so enjoy. Oh, and you may notice that the beginning has similarities to Yoshtar's Gaming for Glory(a fic that if you haven't already, I suggest you read), and before you call me a copycat. I asked for his permission and he said I could use it.

There are two things I really hate, number one is bright lights, and number two is cold. So, when I woke up to both I was not pleased.

I wake up sitting in a chair in room that was so pure white, that it could've been the size of a football field, or the size of a broom closet. A quick look around from my seated position reveals that the room was no bigger than a police interrogation room. The music in the room was piano, it was dark, yet somewhat calming. The whole atmosphere of the room made me feel like Morpheus was about to appear and offer me a red or blue pill.

I also notice that I was holding a book in my left hand. Must have fallen asleep reading, again. Which book was I reading. I check the cover and see that it was volume 1 of Psyren. My clothes are the usual comfortable sleeping type, sweatpants, long-sleeve shirt, and a T-shirt underneath. I nearly drop my book as a bodieless voice fills the room I'm in.

"Hello, you have been chosen to be a beta tester for Future Tech's new program 'The Gamer'. This program is based off a korean webtoon of the same name. It will allow you to live your life as if you were in a video game, an RPG to be exact. This will include features such as leveling, inventory, instant skill learning, and more. You will not however, be able to respawn, you have one life, there are no do-over's. Unfortunately, your world is not compatible with this program, and you will be transferred to a new one that is. As an apology for this inconvenience, we have modified certain aspects of your appearance that we feel you will appreciate."

After the female sounding voice finished, a mirror appears in front of me, seemingly suspended in thin air. I look into the mirror and see they had indeed modified my appearance. The first thing I notice is that I didn't have my glasses on yet, I could see perfectly. The second was that my skin, that previously was full of freckles and acne, was now perfectly clear. The most shocking things of all were that my previously dark hair and irises, were now a bright blue. They were right. I do appreciate these changes!

The mirror disappeared as the voice started speaking again. "You will need these letters to start off your new life without a hitch." Two letters appear before me, once again suspended in thin air. I take the letters in my hands, seeing that one of them was slightly larger than the other was. "You will now be transported to your new home, have a nice day."

So, I'm going to a new world, huh. Can't say there will be many things I'll miss besides the few family members that I have.

The room suddenly got progressively brighter, getting to the point where I had to close my eyes to avoid being blinded. I get the sensation of falling for a few seconds, before I feel myself land on something soft.

Story quest gained: A New Life Grab the letters [X] Deliver the letter [ ]
Reward: 500 XP

You are now rested! HP, MP, and SP are restored

Opening my eyes shows me a bunch of words in my vision, similar to a RPG quest log. I also see that I landed on a red carpet, I attempt to get off the ground, but a foot planted roughly on my back forces me back to the ground, it also tells me that I am not alone.

The pressure that forces me to the ground is starting to inhibit my ability to breathe. Whoever planted there foot on my back seems to notice this and lifts there foot off my back. I flip myself over to get a glimpse of whoever I shared the room with. My vision is met with four young girls in what I assume to be either pajamas, or a very odd fashion statement. Each one seemed to be themed a different color red, white, black, and yellow

red, white, black, and yellow... why does that seem so familiar.

My thoughts are interrupted by the yellow-themed girl who looks pissed as hell.

"Who are you, and why the hell are you here?!"

I quickly try and think of an explanation, feeling that I would be completly annihilated in a fight against these girls. A "Ding!" echoes throughout the air, as a small box appear in my vision.

A new skill has been created: Dangersense(passive) This unque terran skill from the core world automatically alerts the use to potential danger, allowing them to avoid traps, ambushes, and pick fights that they can win.

I quickly get back to my explanation, finally deciding on a good one. "My name is-" I try to same my name, but the words die on my tongue. Another textbox appears before me.

"Invalid entry. Name must be different from the original."

New name, huh. I notice that the area around me has frozen in time. Must be so I won't be interrupted while I'm picking a name. My mind immediatly goes to one in particular, seeing as how it would work very well with my new appearance. Time resumes as I confirm my new name.

"My name is Cyan F. Matu, and I was kidnapped and brought here against my will. They gave me to two letters tied to together by string, that they said would explain somethings."

The red one spoke up "Do you mean the letters over there, that have your name on them?"

I look over to where she was pointing, and see the letters that were given to me, except now they had my new name on them. I decide not to question how they knew about Cyan, and take the letter that had my name on it. I grab the letters, this causes me to notice I was no longer holding my book. I frantically look around and seethat my book had landed to the right of me, right next to the black-themed girl.

"Could you hand me my book?" I ask, pointing to the book. The girl looks down and notices the book next to her. She picks it up and hands me my book. "Thank god" a breath of relief escapes my throat.

My concerns for my stuff satisfied, I turn my attention back to the letters. On the other side of the letter were the words "READ ME" in red print. I start to sing under my breath as I open the letter.

"We follow, like Alice, and just keep diving down the hole."

"What was that?" The one in black asked.


As I read the letter, I notice that the girls like very familiaras well. Although, I still couldn't figure out why. The red one speaks up as I finish reading the letter.

"What does it say?" She asks.

"It says that I have to find someone named Ozpin, and deliver the second letter to him. It also said that he would explain most of what's going on." I say, handing the letter to the red girl.

"You mean the headmaster, Ozpin?" The white haired one asked, I get somewhat frightened when she speaks to me. As if she was deciding on what way to eviscerate me.

Danger sense has leveled up by 1

Not now. I say to basically myself, before answering her. "Maybe, it just say's Ozpin."

"And you expect us to believe you!?" The white-themed girl pratically screams at me.

"Not really," I admit "but do you think you can lead me there anyway, I'm unarmed and you all outnumber me four to one."

The red girl pauses to think before happily replying. "Sure! Team RWBY would be happy to escort you."

"I'm sorry, could you repeat that?" I ask, while doing my best impression of a fish.

The red one looks confused for a moment, before coming to a realization. "Oh, we forgot to introduce ourselves. My name's Ruby, and that's Weiss, Blake, and Yang. Together we're Team RWBY!"

As the smaller girl finishes her speech, only one thought is present in my mind. HOLY SHIT, I'M IN RWBY!

I really hope you guys enjoyed it, and if you did remember to read Yoshtar's Gaming for Glory. See you later, OK is out.