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Oh, and just to warn you, by the end of this, I definetly earn my 'M' rating.

Jaune Ryu-Long, the Dragon Contractor by azndrgn. Summary: Jaune, formerly known as Arc, is banished from the family. However, in his blood legacy, is something powerful. The power to form a contract with the most powerful of Remnant. Dragons. Watch as Jaune Ryu-Long rises from banishment and show the world his power and legacy. Jaunexharem. A really enjoyable fic that's good for a quick read. Although, I haven't read it in a while, but it does upload fairly regularly.

[Beacon Tower, Dice POV]

I would do anything for Cyan.

He's my best friend, always had, always will be. I know that if I asked Cyan to do something then he would immediatly do it in a heartbeat. But still, this was one request that I was having trouble obeying.

I was standing at the very top of Beacon Tower, waiting for Cinder to come and try to claim the other half of her stolen powers. The problem with that plan was the waiting. As much as he may seem to be, Cyan has never been a hero. Something he has told me himself many times. Cyan considers himself to be a protector, a guardian, not a hero. A person who protects those closest to him and no one else.

I, like everything else when it came to Cy, was on the other end of the spectrum. I considered myself a hero through and through; I wanted to help people. That's why I've been studying medicine in my spare time as well as robotics. It's why I've been experimenting on my own body to see if I could replicate the regenerative properties of 'Gamer's Body'.

So, I had to wait when there were so many people down in the city that needed my help. Don't get me wrong with my superior vantage point I could take out a lot of the opposing side, but not as much as I'd like. I understood Cyan's plan and it was a good one, surprising coming from the hothead.

Cyan needed to be the one to take care of the Grimm Wyvern. He was the only one out of the two of us who could use 'Modification' to turn into a proper opponent for it. I had tried to use 'Modification' like that before, but I just couldn't do it. The extreme change in size messed with my head too much for me to be of any use. I could, of course, take the Wyvern down at my current size, but it'd take too long and speed was definetly factor in that.

To sum it up, I hated the waiting.

All of a sudden, a flash of movement below caught my eye. The red dress, amber eyes, and arrogant smile tipped me off to who was finally entering the field of battle. The fire bitch, Cinder Fall, was walking along the Beacon Courtyard towards the tower where the other half of the Fall Maiden rested.

Time to get some action!

I make a few mental calculations as I slowly stepped away from the ledge of the tower. Once I double checked my work and saw that everything was correct(as it always should be). I ran as fast as I could and jumped off the edge of the tower. I immediatly started falling at increasingly-fast speeds. When I neared the ground, I pulled my fist back and detonated some of my ice magic at the ground causing an explosion to cover my fall. I landed in a kneel with my fist placed on the ground.

Heh, superhero landing! Cyan would be proud.

I looked up from my stance to see the shocked and equally-pissed face of Cinder. I drew my revolvers instantly and fired off a few shots.

Cinder wasn't take surprise by my attack and waved her hand, causing a wave of fire to come into existance. The flames melted my bullets before they could touch her making me slightly nervous. All of my bullets were made of titanium, which had a melting point of more than 3,000 degrees fahrenheit. That she can so casually turn them into molten piles of goo was. . .concerning.

Cy owes me big time for this!

"Get out of my way!" Cinder snarls at me, flames dancing around her clenched fists. "I will have what is rightfully mine!"

"No way in hell," I retort cooly as my body starts emanating an icy-mist.

"That can be arranged," she tells me with a dark tone. The half-maiden throws a stream of flames at me in an instant.

I guard the attack with a shield of ice, but it was failing fast. With one hand bracing the shield, I use my other to summon a Gaster Blaster to blast the bitch. The flames quickly subside, so I assume my ploy worked.

I step away from my shield to see Cinder standing beside a foot-wide trench in the ground. I was slightly annoyed that she seemed to have dodged instead of getting hit, but it was to be expected. With a sigh, I create two falchions made of ice and beckon Cinder with the left one.

"We going to do this or not?" I question in a monotone. A flash of irritation appears of Cinder's face as she brings her glass bow into existence. I get into a battle stance as a thought goes through my mind.

You better hurry, you overgrown blueberry!

[Outside of Vale, Cyan POV]

Why do I suddenly want to punch Dice? In the face.

Putting aside the thoughts of hitting my old friend, I took a look at the Atlesian airships surrounding Vale and scowled. I brought my scroll out of my inventory and made a call. It rung once and then it was answered.

'Hello, Blue.'

"Roman," I return the greeting to the former theif. "How's the takeover of the ships going?"

'Pretty good, Blue,' Roman told me. 'The brats and I have already taken over the first ship. I'm in the bridge of the ship now, while the other three procure the other two ships.'

"Good," I nod, although the ex-theif couldn't see my face. "How'd they get taken over in the first place?"

'From what I can gather,' Roman paused for a moment, I'm guessing he was taking stock of his surroundings. 'They were taken by surprise when the colisseum got blown to shit. A single White Fang airship sunk in onto each ship and silently took over from within. They also uploaded that 'Queen Virus' thing Cinder had into the mainframe. So, unfortunatly even when we regain control of the ships, we won't have control over the robots.'

"Not the best case-scenario, but they should be able to handle it," I refer to my friends and fellow students that were fighting. My face twisted into a scowl as I brought up my next question. "Did the tin man follow my advice at all?"

'From the multiple dead bodies littering the ship,' Roman paused again and then spoke again in a deadpan. 'Doubtful.'

"Goddamit, Ironwood!" I growl out through clenched teeth. If I wasn't focused on flying, then I would've facepalmed. "When the others gain control of the last two ships tell them to remain in standby until the battle is over. The weaponry on those things is went from proventing things from getting in, not from getting rid of the ones that are already there."

'Roger, Blue,' Roman told me, before the line went dead.

As I put my scroll back into my inventory, I looked towards Beacon. There were flashes of light going off every couple seconds over there. I realized I needed to kick it up a notch and started flapping my wings extra hard.

It still took a few minutes given the distance, but I still got there in time. It looked like Dice was stuggling against the half-maiden, which made sense. Dice's ice kept getting melted and his bones turned to ash, it was an unfortunate match-up, but he managed to keep going and for that I was grateful.

I dispelled my wings midair and started falling towards Cinder with my hand outstretched. Dice caught sight of me and immediatly understood my plan and also dashed towards the fire bitch. At the exact same time, Dice grabbed Cinder's right arm and I grabbed her left, while we both shouted.

"Create ID!"

The sky turned red as the three of us entered 'The Gamer's pocket dimension. Cinder let loose a ring of fire that Dice ducked under as he jumped away and hit me in the chest sending me into a nearby wall. I groan as I removed myself from the wall, while Cinder started screeching; apparently she had noticed the changes to her enviornment.

"Where have you taken me!?" The half-maiden eyes were glowing with barely-restrained fire. "What is this place!?"

"This is one of the main abilities of 'The Gamer'," Dice answers, since I was trying to get the rubble out of my mouth from going through that wall. "An exact copy of reality with no living beings in it, except for the three of us. You won't be accomplishing your plan while you're here and you can't get out unless one of us lets you or the both of us die."

Cinder sneers at Dice, and I don't have to be a genius to realize she's taking the second option rather than the first. Not taking a chance, I 'Shave' towards Cinder with my fist drawn back, only to get thrown back by an invisible force. I ended going through another wall, which was quite annoying.

"The maidens do not control just one element," Cinder intones darkly. "They control the seasons themselves and all they represent."

She must've hit me with a burst of wind then. . .This just got a whole lot more difficult.

"I, honestly, must thank you, Cyan," Cinder's face twists into a sadistic and, partially, insane smile. "Without your repeated and rather aggravating attempts at sabotaging my plans, I would have never considered actually trying to master the powers I was given rather than rely on the plans I worked so hard on."

I was cringing slightly at that, while Dice giving me the mother of all glares. I did not expect my involvement with canon to give Cinder a power boost. I was already wary of her and now that wariness had been upgraded to slight fear.

That fear was well founded when Cinder sent a burst of fire towards me. . .and it put a five-inch hole through my torso. It immediatly healed, but I was completely shocked. That was the first time someone had seriously injured me in a long time. I wasn't sure whether or not to be excited or terrified.

I settled on a mix between the two as I charged Cinder with electricity crackling on my skin. I throw a high-speed punch at Cinder's face, but my fist is stopped by more wind which is an odd feeling; like when you try to put two magnets with the same charge together. Cinder pushes me back with her abilities making me go flying once again.

Dice, apparently, hadn't been sitting idle while I had been struggling, firing ice arrow after ice arrow at the half-maiden. Cinder didn't even need to do anything as just her very presense was melting the arrows before they could touch her. I was confused as to why Dice was doing this he was the smart one of us wasn't he? That was, until I saw the steadily growing pool of water at Cinder's feet.

Not needing a signal to go for it, I run towards Cinder and jumped upwards. The half-maiden seemed to think that I was aiming for her and looked like she was about to counter my aerial attack. Fortunatly for me, and unfortunatly for her, that wasn't where I was aiming.

"Lightning Dragon," my fist sparked with electricity as I landed on the ground and slammed my fist into the edge of the water puddle. "Iron FIST!"

Cinder noticed the water at her feet too late and got shocked because of it. She screamed the same time a smoke cloud came into existance from the lightning hitting the water. Dice and I stopped our attacks for a moment, we know she was still alive due to her name still appearing in our vision, but we couldn't tell how injured she was.

Judging from the fact that I was vaporized soon after by a giant pillar of fire, I would have to say 'not very'. When my body reformed itself, I saw that Cinder looked perfectly fine except for some singe marks on her clothing and that she was incredibly pissed.

I decided that if I was going to fight my all, I would need music. Although, it wasn't really the time nor place to come up with a good segue, so I just gave a mental command.

[Playing 'Fire Fades' by Miracle Of Sound]

Well, that's not the most uplifting song I've ever heard.

Being too occupied to change it, having to need to dodge more fire pillars, I just stuck with the song. Cinder has switched to her bow and was firing glass arrows at me over and over as well as Dice. I kept trying to break the damn things before they hit me, but they just kept reforming leaving me looking like a pincushion. Dice had any easier time with the arrows, he could just freeze them and they would fall to the ground, no longer being able to attack him.

Dice's strategy changed when Cinder switched to fire arrows instead of just glass ones. No he was dodging like crazy, which I couldn't do as well. I have high numbers in all my physical stats, but with how high my VIT is it makes me incredibly slow. It's why I have to boost so often to increase my speed, being a tank is fun but not very mobile.

"Lightning Dragon ROAR!" I fire off an electricity beam at Cinder after I kept getting skewered by arrows.

I did not expect Cinder to grin and jump towards the side showing that Dice was directly behind her. I immediatly shut my mouth, but the attack was already well on it's way to hitting Dice.

"Ice Dragon ROAR!" Dice fired off his own breath attack to counter mine.

Ice and lightning met in the middle causing an explosion that blinded the two of us. When the flash faded, Cinder was right in front of me scorching my face with her flames while she shot an arrow through Dice's throat. Even as I was regenerating I managed to make a punch towards Cinder, who jumped back to dodge it. Once my head reformed, I was quite pissed.

"That DOES IT!" I shout in a rage. Lighting and shadow start forming around my body, eventually combining together into a black lightning. "Dark Lightning Dragon Mode!"

"Dice Style," Dice followed my lead and was also boosting his attack. A giant skeleton formed around 'The Gamer' followed by an icy-armor. "Ultimate Gashadokuro!"

Between an unholy demon of lightning and a giant ice-covered Yokai, I thought we had this fight in the bag. Oh, how wrong I was.

"Dark Lightning Dragon Iron FIST!" I attacked with a fist cackling with dark energy.

Cinder jumped over my fist, used my shoulders as balance, flipped over me, and kneed me in the back. I actually think that she used her flames as a booster, because her knee actually broke my spine and it took a second to realign it.

While I was trying to reconnect my bones, Dice was going on the offensive. Pulling back the fist of his giant minion and immediatly throwing it. Unfortunatly, despite it's large size Dice's Gashadokuro is still made of ice and bone. Two things that aren't the hardest things in the world to burn. Cinder's fire burned the Yokai to it's elbow eliminating it's attack.

My body finally fixed itself and I re-entered the battle. I jumped into the air to deliver an Bruce Lee-worthy drop kick, but before I made contact that winds changed and I was forced off course making me kick the ground. I quickly removed my leg from the ground, but not fast enough to avoid Cinder fire-blasting me through a couple walls.

Admittedly, I was quite annoyed at that, when I recovered from being blasted I exploded in a burst of electricity. I quickly made my way back to the battlefield to catch a rather worrying sight. Cinder was using that move she had used against Ozpin in canon the one that apparently killed him.

In a flash of fire, Dice's Gashadokuro was incinerated and 'The Gamer's charred body fell to the ground. I dashed over to him, noticing he needed a healing potion and fast. I quickly picked him up and dashed towards the school for cover. I grabbed one from my inventory and practically shoved it down his throat to get him to drink it.

Dice's body slowly turned back to it's normal skin color. As Dice's body healed, I was seething from my rage. I considered myself to be a dragon in many ways, Alice turned out to be a dragon for a reason, one of those ways was that I hated running away from anything. I honestly didn't expect Cinder to be this strong and I was paying the price for it.

She really shouldn't be this strong! I tried thinking of any reason she got such a huge power boost, but I couldn't think of anything made sense. . .Unless. . .No, it couldn't be-

"It's the season," Dice tells me numbly. I jumped slightly as I hadn't expected him to be up yet. I put him down, then we both start running. "It makes sense when you think about it. The maiden's powers are directly related to the season they're aligned with, so it makes sense that during their season they'd be stronger."

"Think she planned this?" I ask him, a slight dread filling my being.

"Not sure to be honest," Dice answers. "I don't know exactly how long she's had these powers or if Salem would actually know and told her. Doesn't really matter at the moment, we're still up shit's creek without a paddle."

"Oi, stop being a pessimist!" I nag him. I was always the more positive one out of the two of us; logic does not go well with optimism.

Although, I honestly couldn't fault him this time. We had both used some of our strongest attacks and they did jackshit against Cinder. Our respective finishing moves could possibly take her down, but they took quite a large time to charge and were really only used if the opponent was already half-dead. Sadly, that left me with only one option. . .

NO! There has to be some other way! I promised myself I would never use it!

But, there was only so much arguing I could do with myself before I finally caved. Even the greatest Shonen MCs broke their promises at some point to win a fight. I just wished Dice wasn't here with me while I did it.

"Dice," The other Gamer turned towards me. "I may have a way to be her, but it's risky."

"We don't really have many other options, Cy," he told me honestly.

"I know, trust me, I know," I intoned gravely. "I need you to get as far away from here as possible. And don't come back until you know for sure that you know the fight's over, got it?"

"Okay, I'll trust you on this one, Cy," he told me.

"How's your trace PSI, by the way?" I question.

"I can get into the head of everyone I've met so far," Dice tells me, looking slightly confused at my question.

"Good, you're going to need," I say vaguely. Before he could ask why, I pointed off into the opposite direction of where Cinder's heading was. "Now, GO!"

Dice didn't say anything and instead just started running off into the direction I pointed. Meanwhile, I sighed and started making my way towards Cinder. It didn't take long to get to the half-maiden as she hadn't moved from the courtyard.

"Oh, have you finally decided to accept your fate?" She questions cockily. Then, she makes a show of looking around. "Where's your friend? Did he run away?"

I didn't bother to respond to her. I just opened up my 'Settings' menu and pressed on a particular setting that I needed changed for the moment. A screen popped up in front of my face.

Would you like to disable 'Gamer's Mind'?
[Yes] [No]

Without hesitation, I pressed the [Yes] button, which made another screen pop up.

Are you sure? Disabling 'Gamer's Mind' activates the following perk:
'Slender's Madness'
[Yes] [No]

This time I hesitate slightly, but it passed and I pressed the [Yes] button once more. As soon as I did, everything went black.

[3rd Person POV]

Cinder Fall was quite happy. She didn't start that way, of course, but after working out her anger by continuously destroying the two constant thorns in her side has been rather soothing. Although, now she was minorly confused.

She had been gleeful when that asshole, Cyan, had stepped out of his hiding spot. Now though, now she was confused. He hadn't responded to her taunts whatsoever, not even a glare, then he just started tapping at the air.

After that, Cyan started screaming bloody-murder. 'The Gamer' was clutching the sides of his head as he just kept screaming. Then, just as suddenly as it began, it stopped. Cyan was still standing but he was slouching with his head down as if he had fallen unconcious. The half-maiden was about to move towards her opponent, before she heard a sound.

"Heh heh."

Cinder froze, somewhat startled. But, she soon recovered.

"What's so funny!?" She snarled at him, but Cyan paid her no mind.

"Heh heh, ha ha ha," Cinder's confusion was slowly turning to anger at the fact that he just kept ignoring her. "Hahaha hahahaha!"

The half-maiden was just about to go and burn the blue-haired huntsman to a crisp, but she was suddenly restrained by something. Cinder looked behind her and her eyes widened considerably, she was being held captive by her own shadow.


You see, Cinder had done a lot of research of her greatest obstacle and Cyan made it easy for her by broadcasting his abilities without even needing to be asked. His 'Shadow Manipulation' was an ability Cinder knew quite a bit about considering how often Cyan and his sister used it. One thing she had noticed about the ability was that it didn't seem able to control a person's shadow. The siblings only used it to control the shadow's of inanimate objects, but never a person's own shadow.

What Cinder didn't know was that the reason for that was that neither Cyan nor Alice had the power for controlling another person's shadow. A person's shadow was a huge part of someone, especially in Remnant where the power of the soul conquered all. As a facet of the human soul, the shadow held great power and it took even greater power to contain. An ability only held by beings of near-godlike power.

That's when Cyan went from snickering to full-blown cackling, while he finally lifted his head up and Cinder saw his eyes.

'The Gamer' was crying, tears of blood. His eyes were wide open showing a complete lack of sanity and a sense that he was going to enjoy what was about to come. And, of course, his mouth was twisted in the most disturbing smile that Cinder had ever seen.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Cyan just kept laughing harder and harder as Cinder's shadow started to strangle her. Then, all of a sudden, Cyan stopped laughing and turned around and looked at something that Cinder couldn't see or. . .wasn't supposed to see. "Ladies and Gentleman of the audience!"

[Playing 'Ladies and Gentleman' by Saliva]

"I welcome you to the Cyan circus! A place of wonder, amazement, and pure, unadulterated, terror! On this stage, you will see many a brutal and violent acts. So, I implore you, do not avery your eyes and enjoy the show!"

Cinder felt a shiver of fear run through her body at the unknown aspect of what was happening. She needed to get out of this situation and fast. Coming to a quick solution, Cinder exploded.

Not an explosion of fire, mind you, but an explosion of light. The extraordinary light caused her shadow to lessen in strength allowing her to escape. The maiden immediatly started to retreat towards the Emerald Forest through the school, so that she could come up with a better plan.

"Oh, are you running away?" Cyan's voice sent shivers down her spin, making her start to run faster. "Well, that's not fun."

Then, Cyan sunk into the shadows. 'The Gamer' reappeared at the corner Cinder was about to pass, before she did Cyan stepped into her line of sight and swung out his left arm. Now, usually, Cyan would've attacked her with a cross or a hook, but not this time. This time, Cyan grabbed her face with his hand and smashed her head into the nearby wall. He let go right after her face went through the concrete, causing the half-maiden to go flying through the air.

"HAHAHAHAHA!" Cyan started to cackle again as Cinder roughly hit the ground with bits of rock and concrete in her hair. "Now that's how we have fun!"

Some of you maybe wondering what has happened to our favorite Gamer. You see, all those months ago during Cyan's first halloween, some of you may remember that Cyan had made a deal. A deal with Slenderman. This deal exchanged the powers of Slenderman for Cyan's sanity. Cyan had thought that he was protected by 'Gamer's Mind' and he was right. . .for the most part.

'Gamer's Mind' only stopped their users from being 100% insane or any other mental illness. But, this doesn't mean that they get out unscathed. Cyan, at all times, is 99.9% insane. Being so close to the edge that just moving a centimeter would make him fall off it, but still being in the realm of sanity.

Now though, with 'Gamer's Mind' turned off, Cyan has completely fallen into madness and with it gained extraordinary power. Slenderman is more than just some horror story, no, he is much more than that. The Slender's power is equal to that of an elder god and, as such, is practically unkillable and all-powerful. And with how powerful Cyan is, making that deal with Slenderman also gave him extraordinary power when he finally let go of his sanity.

So, in short, Cinder is fucked.

"Come on then," Cyan says with more cackling as Cinder got to her feet. "Run some more, chasing such a scared little thing is much more fun than I thought."

"I'm not scared!" Cinder snarls at him, despite the chills running up and down her spin.

Cinder starts throwing fire blasts at Cyan, but they do little. The blue Gamer is teleporting like crazy, his 'Shadow Step' being much more powerful with 'Slender's Madness' being active. All the while he was dodging, Cyan was making small cuts along Cinder's skin with everything at his disposal; Cards, lightning, shadows, small rocks, etc. He was making the cuts rather small, just enough for Cinder to know their there and for them to sting a little bit.

The half-maiden finally seemed to crack and used a giant burst of wind to create a huge amount of distance between her and Cyan. Then, when she was far away enough Cinder used the her charge attack(the one she used on Ozpin in canon) and fired at Cyan's body.

The blast of fire created a large trench on the ground that when on for nearly a mile. Cyan's body was nowhere to be seen amongst the blackened Earth.

"Finally!" Cinder exhaled, thinking she had killed Cyan.

"This is starting to get boring!" The very familiar voice made Cinder freeze and slowly looked behind her. Cyan was standing there, completely fine, apparently the half-maiden forgot he could teleport. "I think it's time to start the real fun!"

Cinder really didn't like how that sounded, so she tried to run away. Key word there being tried. The half-maiden found her legs tied together by shadows keeping her from running. She tried throwing fire at Cyan, but her eyes widened and heart dropped when no heat came out of her hand. Now Cinder was incredibly pale and sweating from fear.

"Oh, hahaha, your face!" Cyan was cackling some more at the look on Cinder's face.

With Cyan's shadow powers boosted so much he unlocked the ultimate power of shadow, the power of void. It was the same ability that users of the Yami-Yami-no-Mi have, when touching someone you can seal away their abilities for a short period of time. As long as Cinder was in contact with Cyan's shadows, her powers were completely useless.

"Now," if it was possible, Cyan's smile became even more twisted and malicious. "Let's have some fun!"

[I.D. Vale, Dice POV]

I was getting worried.

I had followed Cyan's instructions to the letter, running all the way to the docks of Vale. I had wondered just what Cyan was doing. Usually, Cyan's more dangerous moves involved a lot of property damage which would've been a good reason for me to leave, so I didn't get caught in the crossfire. But, so far, there have been no explosions, no sounds of things breaking, and that was what was worrying me.

About thirty minutes had passed before I started hearing screaming, funny how far sound travels when there is literally no noise to hinder it. Even as far away from it as I was, I could still tell it was woman's scream, but that didn't make me worry any less. Then, the screaming stopped, and my worrying jumped up enough for me to check what the hell was going on.

I used 'Modification' to give myself wings, then I started flying towards Beacon Tower. The closer I got to the tower, the more anxious I got. I generally wasn't one for gut feelings, but mine was telling me something was off.

When I finally got to Beacon, I searched for Cyan's heading, as well as Cinder's, and started flying towards it. What I saw when I got there made me so glad I had 'Gamer's Mind', because otherwise, I'd be vomiting my guts out.

[AN: Warning! Messed up shit inbound!]

To start off, Cinder was practically naked with her red dress in tatters nearby, but she was still wearing a black bra and panties. Her body was covered in cuts, I don't think there was a even an inch of unmarked skin on her body right now, although it was hard to tell through all the blood.

She also seemed to be missing both of her forearms, as well as both of her calfs. A quick look around showed that the limbs were lying in a pile a few feet away. Judging from the fact that her hands and feet were not attached to those limbs said that they weren't the first thing to be seperated from her body. I could also see that Cyan had ripped off Cinder's nails and probably chopped off her fingers and toes after the fact. My medical knowledge told me the villainess should be dead from her injuries by now, but a closer look showed the answer to why she wasn't.

Every single placed where something was cut from her body was also cauterized, most likely from Cyan's lightning. There were also a bunch of empty glass bottles all over the ground, just enough to keep her stable, but not so much that it'd fully heal her.

What was left of her limbs were being held by tendrils of shadow. These tendrils were also keeping her eyes open, so she had no way of avoiding what was happening. I wondered why wasn't screaming, but then I noticed that her mouth was wide open. Giving me a perfect image of the inside of her mouth, which let me see that her tongue had been ripped out.

As for Cyan, he looked like he was enjoying Christmas, his Birthday, and sex all at once times infinity. Which is a very disturbing image when he was holding a rusty hacksaw.

[AN: Okay, you're good now. . .sort of.]

"Cy, what the fuck!?" I knew Cyan could sadistic at times, but he would never actually go this far, no matter how much of a monster they were.

"Oh, hello, Dice!" I'd have to be blind to not see that the look in Cyan's eyes clearly showed insanity. "Are you mad cause I haven't played with you yet? Don't worry, as soon as I'm done here we can have some fun!"

As Cyan turned back towards Cinder's struggling form, I immediatly flooded my Trace PSI into his brain. Thankfully, Cy's earlier hint pulled through as I had no resistance going through his thoughts. It took me just a couple seconds to fully understand what was going on.

Goddammit, Cy, you reckless bastard!

I didn't want Cyan to become anymore of what he hates, so I poured more of my Psionic energy into Cyan's mind, giving me control of his mind. Although, it really wasn't easy, insanity made the mind a maze that looked like an abstract painting. So easy to get lost and lose your mind within it's walls. But, my INT was my highest stat for a reason and I managed.

"Turn 'Gamer's Mind' back on," I ordered Cyan, or whatever he was right now.

He seemed hesitant at first, but I used more PSI and Cyan moved his arm. With a few taps on a screen and Cy's face went from completely insane to a blank expression.

[Cyan POV]

My mind had been in a fog for a while, I had no idea what I was doing, couldn't even see it. But then, my vision cleared and I caught sight of Cinder's mutilated body and Dice's uneasy form.

"I'm fine now," I tell him, keeping my face blank to try and avoid what I was feeling about what I had done. I still managed to smile at my old friend. "Thank you, Dice. You always manage to help me out."

"Anytime," he tells me, looking relieved. Then, he looks at Cinder who was still struggling to escape her bonds. "What do we do about her?"

"I'll finish her off," I say coldly. Apparently, I started this, so I needed to finish it.

I walked over till I was about a foot away from Cinder and then lifted my palm in front of her face. Then, I charged up my electricity.

"Cyan Style," unlike most times when I did this, my voice was cold and in a monotone. "Kaiser Reqiuem."

Cinder's Body started glowing yellow with the power of my electricity. Then, ever so slowly, her body started to disentegrate. Starting from her knees and elbows and moving inward towards her chest, before finally getting rid of her head as well. With that done, I look over at the pile of Cinder's body parts and fired a burst of lightning at them too. After the job was done, I gave Dice a tired look.

"Let's get out of here."

So, yeah. . .that happened. Told you I was going to earn my 'M' rating, actually set my story to that rating purely for the chance that I would have to use a scene like this at some point. Also, let it be known, that Cyan did not rape and/or molest Cinder, it was purely torture. Even I'm not that messed up in the head to write something like that.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed and I will see you next time, OK is out!