"Where are those guys?" Jack murmured, his skin prickling, bringing along the feeling of being watched.

"Do you think they're okay?" Jimmy asked.

"Maybe, maybe not, but as long as the Doctor's there they should be fine," he aimed his gun around the TARDIS corridor before whipping around the corner.

"You do have a plan right?"

"I'm just winging it at this point."

"If we get a power source as bait we may be able to draw it out... If it absorbed the life rafts in our cargo hold. We may be able to slow it down."

Jack's face slowly grew into a grin, "Handsome and brilliant!"

Jim raised his eyebrow, "I'm married."

"I won't tell, if you won't tell," he winked.

Jack moved on leaving Jimmy to gape at him. Finally Jimmy shook his head and moved on. They heard a noise in front of them and aimed their guns to see a black cat jump out of a box, "What the-?" Jack lowered his gun, "How the hell did a cat get in here?"

It meowed at them before licking its paws, "What-?"

"There is no way a cat should be in here," Jack aimed his gun at the cat. It hissed at him and arched its back, its black fur standing on end. He shot the box next to it.

"What the hell are you doing?"

"That's not a real cat. Look," Jack motioned the gun in its direction.

Jim looked back at the cat and stepped back, the cat was gone, what stood in its place was a tiny little stunned blob. Jack walked over to it and squat down next to it, he poked it with his gun and sighed, "Another clone. The main blob shouldn't be far behind."

"But- it looked like a cat!"

"As a form of self defense a newly fragmented blob can take on the form of anything from the predator's memory."

"What-!? B-but!?"

"We have to keep moving. The main blob isn't too far away," he picked the thing up and pulled a container out of his coat pocket. He turned it on and sucked the blob up like a vacuum before shoving it back into his pocket and continuing down the hallway. James stood there for a moment before shaking his head and following.

They followed the path the TARDIS led them on until they came upon a door. Jack put his hand on it slowly turning the handle; he opened it quickly and found a mostly empty room with large containers standing in the center. Jack's eyes lit up as he rushed over to inspect them, "Are these what I think they are!?" He quickly looked them over praising and kissing them every few moments, "Oh these are beautiful!" he looked up to the ceiling, "Thank you! These are just beautiful!"

"What are they?"

"Individual Z-Neutrino Energy Capsules! And look!" he pulled one of the things up into his arms, "They even have trapping shields! It's rare to get ahold of one of these babies! They go on the market for around," he hissed through his teeth, "75 million credits. Give or take," he added smirking, "She's brilliant! These are just perfect!" The TARDIS hummed with approval. "Here! You stand guard while I set these up!" he handed him his gun, "It's set to stun, two shots oughta' do it." Jack set up the devices; each one making a whir and hum as it buzzed to life. He stood up and motioned for his gun, "Okay. We just need to wait. "The capsules will attract him while the trapping shields will temporarily hold him in place, that's when we stun him!"

The two waited patiently until they heard a slithering, gurgily, sucking noise echo up the halls. Jack positioned his gun, leaning back further against the wall. The gurgling crept closer and closer until the blob was in sight. Jack readied his gun, and motioned for Jim to do the same. It crept closer before stopping to inspect its surroundings. Jack held his breath as the thing stood next to him behind a partial wall. The blob resumed its sliver towards the capsules, making Jack release his breath and give a silent thanks to the TARDIS for shielding their heat signatures. It just kept creeping ever so slowly to the capsules making Jack's trigger finger itch. Without warning the blob turned and sped off in the other direction faster than Jack could shoot. He cursed, "What!? Come on! That was perfect!"

"What happened?"

Jack rubbed his hands over his face and growled, "He must've suspected it was a trap and ran off! I keep forgetting he was a high ranking military captain! Of course he would suspect something!" He growled as he stormed off after it.

Donna coughed, "I thought I wasn't gonna make that jump," she shivered as the water crept into her bones.

"She's gone Donna..." He growled. "She's gone! Someone took her!"

Donna shook at the intensity of his voice, pale green lights revealing a look of pure hatred on his face. She swallowed hard; thanking God she was not on the receiving end of his wrath. "We'll get her back Doctor..."

"Yes. Yes we will!" he growled as he stomped in Cassia's direction. Donna followed, sloshing through the chest deep water.

She opened her eyes slowly, hearing raspy voices around her. She jumped when her eyes landed on one of three strange-looking humanoid creatures. Their skin was a dark yellow with faded black and blue tattoos snaking their faces and underneath their collars. One of their eyes landed on her, its slit, cat-like pupils narrowing on her and causing her to shiver. It nodded over to her causing the middle one to step forward and hiss at her. "Wh-what do you want with me?" they made no reply, "O-once my dad finds me you're going to be in serious trouble!" the third one made a noise which sounded oddly like a laugh, "I'm serious! You're going to regret it! He's the Doctor! A Timelord from the planet Gallifrey and survivor of the Great Time War! Destroyer of the Daleks!" Two of the aliens shifted nervously looking between her and apparently their leader. "Y-yeah! Once he finds us you'd better run!"

The leader, she assumed, stomped over to her and leered mere inches from her face before hissing, "Quiet!" His eyes shimmered with a vicious gleam as he stared into hers, causing her to release a whimper. "Good."

"Doctor wait!" Donna swam after him through the thick sickly green and black algae barely seen by the dim light of the fays above. He continued on ahead in a possessed manner, unable to hear her. "Doctor!" she sighed as he ignored her again. She released a screech when something slithered over her calf.

"Donna!" The Doctor came back for her, "Donna are you okay?"

"There is something in here with us!" she shouted. The Doctor rushed to her side, "Do you think it'll try to eat us?"

He looked away for a moment, "No, probably not..."

"Oi! Don't lie to me spaceman!"

He reached behind him a moment and pulled up a ball of gunk; algae and other unknown remains dripped from it in large clumps of sludge each making a sickening plop as it landed in the water. Donna shrieked as sockets and missing teeth stared back at her through the murk. "We need to go!"

"Bu-but Cassia!" she started.

"I know. We need to go now!" he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the other end of the cabin.

"Doctor! Its got me!" she screamed. He weighted himself in the water and pulled her toward him, nearly slipping as it yanked her harder. "Do something!" she shrieked, "Please Doctor! Help me!"

"I know Donna, give me a moment," he grasped her wrist tighter as he reached into his coat pocket.

"Doctor! I'm slipping!"

"I know give me a moment!"

"Doctor!" she shrieked getting a mouth full of water as she was dragged underneath.

"Donna! Donna!" He scanned the area with his sonic screwdriver, he could barely see bubbles heading deeper through the water through the dim light. He got the sonic on the right setting and put it in between his teeth before jumping in after her. Some of the fay followed, helping to light his path a mere foot ahead of him. Barnacles spotted the bottom surface of the cabin like sharp spiny teeth surrounding a large gaping maw. He scanned the area, picking up a signal before swimming to it, grabbing the side of the hole to avoid being swept away by the currents. He flinched as a barnacle cut into his palm but continued swimming. He found his way to the bottom of the cavern and swam up to see a dilapidated coffin on the rocky shoreline with a skeletal arm hanging out the side. He scanned the area again before jumping back in and being swarmed by the sea monsters who swiped at him before darting back and swiping again. A searing pain bit into his side and he sonic-ed the creatures skull causing it to screech and make a temporary retreat. The creatures soon frenzied, bloodthirsty for their new victim. He grabbed the monsters fin before sonic-ing its head, forcing it to drag him further under the water with it. At the bottom the Doctor saw Donna's body surrounded by them, he sonic-ed sending them all scrambling in different directions before going over to her and swimming back to the surface with her. He put her on the ground next to the coffin, "Come on Donna!" he said before giving her CPR it took several attempts but finally it stuck as she sputtered up the remaining water before partially coming to her senses and glaring weakly at him, "Did you just kiss me!?" she demanded.

"See if I ever save you again," he joked lightly before she started a coughing fit. He tended to her wounds; pulling a small package out of his pocket and taking out a small cloth. He wiped her wounds down with the small cloth and then her face, "Come on Donna. I gotta find a way to get you back to the TARDIS."

"What was that..? Tingly.."

"A medicated healing cloth, very handy... They sell them on Tarazan... I'll take you both sometime."

"Sounds good..." He looked around the area scanning for any way to get back up to the deck above and found the hull of a ship. He scanned the area behind it finding a suitable point before proceeding to bash the boards with a piece of metal salvaged from the coffin. "Wonder what this poor bloke died of."

"Heart attack," the Doctor said without turning.

"How do you know?"

"I don't," he turned to look at her over his shoulder, "But it sure sounds a lot better than death by sea monster doesn't it?"

"Definitely," she sighed in relief, "I nearly died..."

"Not even close, Donna. I wouldn't have let that happen," he pried a board completely off before ripping at another and creating a whole large enough to walk through. "Off we go Donna," he walked over and picked her up.


"You're welcome," he gave her a reassuring smile before it faded from his face.

"Go find Cassia."

"I'm not gonna leave you."

"Yes you can, I can manage on my own."

"No you can't Donna."

"Go find your daughter! I could never forgive myself if she got hurt because of me!"

"It would be my fault Donna. Don't you see, I left you behind, I left my daughter alone, I brought you both out here. It's my fault!"

"Don't you dare!" she glared.

He hiked up a staircase that appeared in front of them making Donna screech as they started to fall again. The Doctor groaned, "Bad place to be walking!" He forced his foot up from between the boards as he leaned against the wall warily. "We're okay," they made it up with no further incidents and found their way to the TARDIS.

"What do you want with me?" Cassia asked again, ignored by the two subordinates. She shivered when a sound reached her ears, a slurping sucking sound slithering through the darkness. "No! What are you doing!? You can't do this! You can't!" the blob appeared through the darkness and meandered to her. "No! Stop!" she struggled in her binds as flash backs entered her mind.

"Mummy!" she screamed, "Mummy!"

"I'm here baby I'm here!" she felt her mum's arms wrap around her and pull her close. Her mum shivered as she saw the creatures standing just inside her window. "Please! Please don't hurt us!" Her mum gripped her tighter.

The smell that reached her made bile rise into her throat along with a crippling fear, "Daddy!" she screamed as loud as her little lungs would allow. "Daddy!" Before they had a chance to move closer her mum shifted her on her hip and ran. The two ran out into a field of grass surrounded by trees and the sound of a gurgling creek. Only stars and a bright moon lit their path as they hurtled through the darkness, running to a small building out in the distance, a faint comforting glow radiating from it. She kept screaming for him, her throat raw with the effort, the air bursting from her lungs as they fell to the ground, her mother crying and begging for them to leave them. "Mummy..." she whimpered. Her mother screamed as they ripped her away from her baby and dragged them off into the night.

When Cassia regained consciousness she was still screaming for her mother and father. She looked around frantically to find the three bounty hunters vacuuming up the blob the same way Jack had done. "Please...!" she croaked, "Please let me go...!" The leader glowered as he walked to her, he stopped a mere inch away from her before releasing a shrill screeching hiss into her face causing her to consciousness again.

"What happened? Where's Cassia?" Jack asked.

"Something took her," the Doctor said as he carried Donna to the med-bay, "We were attacked by sea monsters but she was taken by something else."

"God... How do you know?"

"We're telepathically connected. We have to find her. She's alone, terrified, in pain and it's all my fault! I shouldn't have left her! I shouldn't-!" He buried his face into his hands and tried to stifle his sobs. He felt arms wrap around him, "My little girl...! She keeps calling for me...! I'm a horrible father...!"

"Hey," Jack's hand was on his shoulder, "No you aren't. You're a great dad."

"He's right you know," Donna's chin was on his shoulder.

"My life isn't safe... I should have-..."

"Should have what? Left her with a human father who can't protect her from aliens?" Donna asked.

"Enough," Jack said, "We need to make a plan. The blob's been taken off the map so I'm guessing the bounty hunters are loose. They're angry and dangerous, I bet if we find them we find Cassia."

The Doctor nodded and got up, "You need to rest here Donna."

She nodded, "Sounds like a good idea," she slumped tiredly against her pillow.

"Let's go," the two nodded at him before they set off.