Hey guys, this is my second fanfic, and if you read my first you will notice that they are both very different. Do not be confused. This is a weird format. it is half written script and half story. I find it easier and even more fun to read a script so you can use your imagination with what the charactors are doing, but with what I had to make sure you knew about what my story says they must do. Make sense? I hope so.I don't own any thing related to Hey Arnold. (if I did, this would be an episode.) Read and reply. Cya! (Classroom) SIMMONS: Now class, this weeks creative writing assignment will be a bit more complex than last weeks. It will be worth more points and its due on Friday. This week's subject will be '3 things I want the most.' (Class disperses in talk. Discussing what they want the most. Like candy, money Etc. Helga glances at Arnold. Who doesn't look too excited about the upcoming project.) (Bell rings) SIMMONS: Okay class, have fun at recess,and, oh Arnold! Helga! Could I see you for a moment? (The last of the class shuts the door) ARNOLD: yeah Mr. Simmons? SIMMONS: Well Arnold, Helga, why I asked you here is this. Helga, you have extraordinary grades when it comes to language and poetry. (Arnold looks at Helga surprisedly. She rolls her eyes, nervously.) SIMMONS; and arnold, your grades are very well in math,science, and history, but you seem to be having trouble with creative language arts. That's why Ive decided for Helga to be your tutor ofr poetry and language arts/ (Arnolds eyes widen. "what have I done to deserve this?!" he thinks) (on school bus.) GERALD: Man, arnold, stuck every day after school with helga G. Pataki... I feel for you man. ARNOLD: yeah. But its only for about a week. Ill survive it. I hope. (at busstop) ARNOLD: Uh, hi helga. HELGA: What do you want football head? ARNOLD: Well,its about our tuoring session. Is this week from 3;00 to 500 ok? HELGA: whatever. Even though in my opinion thats two hours minutes too much. ARNOLD: Hey, it wasnt my idea. HELGA: hmmph. ( HELGAS HOUSE.) HELGA: (by arnold shrine) oh, great fortuna, at last the time i have spent my life waiting for, The chance to show you how much i truly love you... and yet, in fear the side affects of my forbidden love.oh. (next day on bus) GERALD: So arnold, ready for the most anticipated day of the year? ( arnold glares at gerald.) Gerald: Sorry man. I couldnt help it. ( bus stop) Arnold:Hey helga.Ready? Helga:As ready as im gonna get, you wing haired spit wadd now lets go and get this over with. (at arnolds house) Helga: alright, so the subject is 3 things you want the most. What an easy subject... Arnold: I guess i could use a new skateboard. Helga: no, no, you big oaf. Thats why your failing. What do you really want? What do you need more than any thing else in the world. Arnold. Wow, helga, i never knew how good you were at this. Helga:And you speak one word of it and youll be spittin teeth for a week. Arnold: ( shruggs and studies his paper.) Helga: well wile you glare at your blank peice o nothing, Im gonna finish mine.( takes a peice of paper and starts writig.After a while, Arnold still isnt done, she starts doodling an alot of papers.) Well arnold its five. Ill see you tomarrow. Maybe then, youl get to the second word.( stuffs papers an her bag , the writing assignment lay forgotten on the floor. She leaves. Arnold turns around to get ready for dinner. Sees paper reads.) (it reads: Okay, Mr. Simmons, as usual, completely CONFIDENTIAL!!! My three things By: Helga Pataki three things i watn most are these. Numbr one i could use parents who actually treat me like there daughter. Who actuallly pay attension to me who actually remember my name. Instead of comparing me with tmy perfect sister, olga. Number two. I wish i wouldnt have to be so mad all the time because of my parents, and take it out on people i realaly do care about. I wish i knew how to be kind, but growing to this age like i have it is really hard for me to act kind. I know i take it out on the people really like, and i wish i wouldnt, i wish i could help it. Number three . I wish the one person who i treat the worst could see through my disguise, and not see me as i appaer and know the real me. And to know that all my tauntings are actually hallo cries for affection. It si ithre only way i know how to cope with feeling s i ve never felt or been felt about bfrore, those oare my hopes. Which i know ill never get.) Arnold read the peice of paper again. First n disbelief, and then with a sense of sorry for her. As he looked back, he hadnt really ever seen her and her parents getting along. No w that he thinked about it, hed never seen her, well, happy and nor grumpy ezcept for a few vry quick ocasions. Just then the phone rings ARNOLD: hello? HELGA: h, hey football head, who i hate, did i leave my essay over there? ARNOLD: um, i think so.. HELGA: did you read it?! ARNOLD: n.n o of course not... HEKGA: a lright good, ill be right over to pick it up. Reciever down, Arnold looked at the paper once more then put it with the others on the floor. He rushed down saiers to his grandpa. ARNOLD: grandpa, helga left her report ovver here so shes on her waY to pick it up. PHIL: alright but were gonna start dinner alrady maybe she can... oh never mind i almost forgot who i was talkin about here. ARNOLD: actually, grandpa i think thatd be a good idea.! Ill call and see if she can stay for dinner. Arnold calls no one answers.he sees it raining out side. Moments later the doorbell rings, he answers it to a driping and col helga. HELGA: g got m my rep p p ort arn n n old? ARNOLD: yeah, why dont you come inside. PHIL: you must be freezing... HELGA: yeah... PHIL: ill go get you a towel. HELGA TO ARNOLD: he doesnt have to im gonna be leavig again real quick. I ARNOLD: well actually maybe you could call your parents, see if you could stay for dinner... HELGA: stay? For dinner? Me,? But i, stay? ARNOLD: well...yeah...heres the phone. HELGA: They wouldnt care... really. PHIL: id still fell better if you called, heres a towel.

HELGA: alright if youu say so.(dials the phone and Arnold can hear no one picking up. Helga sighs and hangs the phone up) HELGA: No answer. They arent home. I think they might have went to my granmas. Im not sure though. (Arnold thinks.) ARNOLD: Well, when will they be back? (Helga snorts) HELGA: I didn't even Know theyd be gone! PHIL: well, I don't want to be responsible for leaving you alone, so why don't you just stay for dinner and well try your house again after we eat. HELGA: No, Gramps, its fine. I just. ARNOLD: Oh, come on Helga! My granma made pizza.. HELGA: oh.okay, if you insist, footballhead.